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Characters: Piper Stone
Verses: Manifest, LOST, OUAT, any cross overs
Playbys: Molly Quinn
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Custom, Drama, Fantasy,
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Piper Stone is the 25 Year old Cousin of Ben and Micheala Stone, She was on the flight they had been on which had lead to the Mysterious Callings, Now Piper aids them in discovering what these callings are all about In the Mean time She helps out at a Precinct figuring out Murders and that sort of thing, Sometimes known as Step Moms girl, She is closer to Her Step Mom then she is her own mother, She is also close to her cousins. (Character is very loosely based on Alexis Castle from the former tv show "Castle) More Information to come.

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𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎 𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓃𝑒

Jan 4th 2021 - 8:34 AM

Michaela was wondering how much more family she was left to find and if her Dad and brother knew about all of this, then again this was something else that she was going to have to deal with at another point. Finally, though she knew why she hadn’t ever felt alone, why she felt the was something that had been missing from their family, at least now they were going tore able to get close to someone else, have another girl she could relate to, sure she and her brother were close, but the closeness she was going to get with Piper, was going to be different, two females who could relate to the bad luck that had befallen them,  maybe they’d help each other out more often with cases.

She couldn’t help but smile and nod, “I mean the is only a few people who know about the callings for me and Ben, one being Grace, Ben’s wife then the other being Jared, my partner I guess…” she and Jared hadn’t really spoken about what they were now, sure they were work partners but also kind of back together again, that was not something to worry her mind on right now “I get it though, Grace and Jared thought we were crazy when we first told them but now it appears they believe us but having someone else to confine in about all of this is a blessing, honestly any time of the day or night you need to talk call me, those things can be scary” she smiled softly and nudged her arm back gently.

Mick really understood the whole feeling like your having to look over your shoulder constantly, it made her feel like she wasn’t alone in all of this “ I understand that so much, the whole feeling like you being watched or followed is unnerving” she shook her head she hated that feeling “It gets better though, I do have an idea of who may be following you, especially if they have realized you are related to me and Ben.” She bit her lip a little she always felt nervous meeting new people in her own field, she really didn’t feel like she belonged in her current job role. She couldn’t help smile at the remark about her being family and nodded, and was relieved when she was offered to be shown the files “That sounds perfect, I have copies of the files from my place in my bag, I’m sure if we work together we can find where they overlap and investigate from there? Might be good to get a fresh pair of eyes on these cases right?”
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