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Mate to Julianna after turning her and thus making her his progeny. Friends are always welcome.

116 years old
Seattle , Washington
United States

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June 22 2021

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Here for:Friends,
Body type:Athletic
Characters: Lestat Nomad
Playbys: Nathan Persons, Ian Somerhalder, Luke Grimes random gifs
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense,
Member Since:January 10, 2020

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About me:
Lestat is an original character vampire, not to be mixed up with Damon Salvatore or Lestat from 'Interview with a vampire'. {Mature/18+} // {NO CHILD ACCOUNTS NO ACCOUNTS UNDER 18, IT WILL BE DELETED} // {Some Dark Theme} // {Blog RP ONLY}
Who I'd like to meet:

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Lestat's Friends Comments
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May 4th 2021 - 12:21 AM

Leaving you with a sweet but passionate kiss, so you will never forget me. I love you me handsome Lestat.

Apr 14th 2021 - 9:57 AM

Julianna smiled as she looked into Lestat's eyes. "We're both lucky to have one another in each other's lives." 

Apr 4th 2021 - 1:03 PM

Julianna smiled as she heard Lestat's words. "Then we're both lucky, and I love you so very much Lestat." She said smiling into his eyes.

Mar 15th 2021 - 3:24 PM

Julianna smiled as she heard Lestat's words and she nodded. "And I am the luckiest woman alive, and wouldn't change anything, because I am so glad we have each other." She said with sincerity.

Feb 20th 2021 - 12:07 PM

Juli moaned some into the passionate kiss that she shared with Lestat, when it broke naturally she smiled as she heard his words. "Good, because you're the best thing that has EVER happened in my life." She said sincerely.

Jan 29th 2021 - 2:05 AM

Juli saw the look on Lestat's face, and she knew that he went back into the past, she moved closer to him, and placed her hand on his cheek, and caressed it as she looked into his eyes. "Does this feel wrong?" She asked as she then took his hand and placed it on her heart; asking him again. "Does this feel wrong?"

She saw the look on his face, as if saying 'no it doesn't feel wrong'. She smiled softly as she c*cked her head to the side. "I love you Lestat; you gave me a life and I am grateful for it. NEVER look back in the past and think otherwise." She said softly as she leaned into him and kissed him softly but passionately.


Jan 20th 2021 - 1:20 PM

Juli smiled as she looked into Lestat's eyes. "Yes, it was yellow; I am honestly surprised that you remember." She said smiling. Granted with them both being vampires their memories were perfect. But she knew the day they first met, wasn't one that Lestat wanted to remember.

Nov 28th 2020 - 12:29 PM

Juilanna had pulled away from the embrace and smiled happily as she heard Lestat's words, she nodded as she looked at Lestat. "I believe we do; and I think that is perfect for our wedding."

Nov 17th 2020 - 12:43 AM

When Julianna heard Lestat's words about getting tomorrow she couldn't contain her excitement as she literally jumped into his arms.

"Do you mean it Lestat?" She asked her voice muffled into his neck, as she felt more tears of happiness falling from her eyes.

Nov 11th 2020 - 9:03 PM

Julianna smiled as their foreheads were leaning against one another, the kiss having left her breathing erratic. She smiled as she heard his words and she looked up into his eyes. "Whenever you're ready. I've waited centuries for you Lestat, I can marry you anytime."
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