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TelevisionFULL NAME: Eliot Ness GENDER: Male BORN: April 19, 1903 DIED: May 16, 1957 BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois STATUS: Deceased OCCUPATION: Prohibition Agent https://picasion.com/
Heroes Castiel, often shortened to Cass,[1] is a powerful angel of the Lord who was responsible for saving Dean Winchester from Hell,[2] on the archangels' command. It was his job to help prevent Lilith from breaking the 66 Seals that, once broken, would release Lucifer from his cage[3] in Hell. Once Castiel learned that the angels wished to free Lucifer anyway, he defied his angelic brethren and died trying to help Dean prevent Sam Winchester from breaking the last seal.[4] After he was killed by the Archangel Raphael, Castiel was resurrected by God and joined Sam, Dean, and Bobby Singer in a quest prevent the brothers from becoming the vessels of Michael and Lucifer. Castiel would later be killed by Lucifer but his actions allowed Sam to trap both Archangels away. With the Apocalypse averted, Castiel was again resurrected by God with new powers,[5] being promoted to Seraph. He then started a civil war in Heaven to prevent Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse,[6] Thinking he could not be outsmarted by a demon, Castiel teamed up with Crowley to claim the souls of Purgatory.[7] He ended up betraying Crowley and absorbed all the souls, resulting in his powers reaching the level that is much higher than an archangel, but at a high price: the powers that the evil souls granted him had warped Castiel's mind, causing him to proclaim himself as the new God.[8] Castiel later agreed on the advice of Dean to release the souls back into Purgatory. While seemingly successful, it turned out that the one of the most powerful entities, the Leviathans, from Purgatory held on to Castiel, and overpowered and took control of him.[9] When the Leviathans leave to take over new forms, Castiel was presumed dead, but survived – apparently resurrected by God yet again. Dean later accidentally finds Castiel as an amnesiac healer called Emmanuel.[10] After taking on Sam's madness and experience in Hell in order to save the Winchesters and redeem himself for what he did to Sam, Castiel had become insane and fell into a coma. However, he awakens and his sanity is returned to an extent when a signal was sent to all angels upon the discovery of the Word of God and the appointment of a new prophet.[11] He then aids the Winchester brothers against D*ck Roman, only to be transported to Purgatory with Dean.[12] While Dean returns, Castiel has not returned with him. While his condition is initially unknown, it's revealed that he spent most of his time running from Leviathans and that he didn't escape Purgatory with Dean as he had planned to stay as a form of penance. However, he was eventually released from the monster realm by an incursion of angels under the orders of a mysterious but powerful angel named Naomi and would rejoin the Winchester brothers and tried to become a hunter himself. But after a long while, Castiel learned that Naomi has been controlling him ever since she got him out of Purgatory and compelling him to find the angel tablet, at any cost, even going as far as killing Dean. When he almost did so, after that, Castiel then teamed up with Metatron when the angel convinced him to help him close the gates of Heaven. So after collecting the heart of a nephilim and the bow of cupid, Metatron is eventually captured by Naomi but escapes and kills her, only for Cass to discover Metatron's betrayal and plan to cause all angels in Heaven, even the imprisoned ones, to fall to Earth. After being stripped of his grace by Metatron in order to expel all angels from Heaven, Castiel spends the next three months on Earth as a human. After being captured and tortured by an angel named Malachi, Castiel steals the grace of Theo and returns to his original status as an angel (previously being promoted to a Seraph). Castiel later assists Dean with expelling the angel Gadreel from Sam and heals Sam's wounds. After Dean leaves with Crowley to find a way to defeat Abaddon, Castiel also leaves to begin a search for Metatron and Gadreel while being pursued by other angels and eventually kills rebel leader Bartholomew and assumes command of his faction but a deception of Metatron's makes him lose his army but instead teamed up with angels Gadreel and Hannah to infiltrate Heaven and destroy the angel tablet, cutting off Metatron's power to allow Dean to kill him. Though successful, Dean and Gadreel were killed, while Castiel locked up Metatron. He has currently left Heaven as he doesn't want to be a leader and was dying due to his burning-out grace before Crowley saved him with Adina's grace. He has since reclaimed the last of his own grace and restored to full power and being a Seraph once again. After the release of the Darkness and the trauma he suffered under Rowena MacLeod's spell, Castiel agreed to act as the vessel for Lucifer to walk the Earth once more so Lucifer could battle the Darkness. Castiel would remain Lucifer's vessel for months, only emerging briefly to save Sam's life and convince the angels to help against the Darkness. At the end of the conflict with the Darkness, Lucifer was exorcised from Castiel by the ancient being, leaving Castiel in control of himself once more. During this time, he finally found God who returned to defeat the Darkness as well which was accomplished by Dean. Following Lucifer's exorcism from him, Castiel would dedicate himself to finding the fallen archangel and locking him away, blaming himself for Lucifer being free upon the Earth once more. This task caused Castiel to reluctantly work closely with Crowley who also desired Lucifer gone. Following Lucifer's apparent defeat, Castiel dedicated himself to hunting down Lucifer's son Jack, a dangerous Nephilim. After a battle with Dagon that resulted in Castiel's brief empowerment by the child, Castiel became convinced of the child's supposed goodness and chose to become his protector and guide, forsaking the Winchesters in the process. While trying to lock Lucifer in an alternate reality, Castiel was killed once more by the Fallen archangel. Following his death, Castiel was then sent to The Empty, where all angels and demons go when they die, to sleep for eternity. He was awoken from his eternal slumber when Lucifer's son Jack called his name. He was soon expelled from The Empty by the realm's guardian The Shadow, due to interfering with the latter's slumber and demanding his release, allowing him to be resurrected as a result. Castiel soon reunited with the Winchesters and Jack to help them out in their hunter cases. He later met with Lucifer who returned from the other world and warned him about the invading Alternate Michael. While in debate over recruiting Jack, Castiel and Lucifer were captured by Asmodeus with Castiel being used as bargaining chip for the Winchesters. Castiel escaped and was betrayed by Lucifer who nearly killed him but he retaliated before the latter fled and Castiel returned to Sam and Dean to warn them about the impending threat. Castiel was also reunited with his brother Gabriel who wanted no part in the conflict as Castiel set out to locate him to get him to help in restoring Heaven. Very soon, Gabriel joined the team and after they capture Lucifer they are travel to Apocalypse World and find Jack and Mary. The group are also aided by Lucifer after he escaped and decided to help out. Castiel evacuated with the others back to Earth but at the cost of Gabriel. They faced a new problem as Michael made his way there and Castiel finally met his enemy who tossed them aside. However, Jack wounded Michael while Lucifer extracted Jack's power but Dean agreed to be Michael's vessel and killed Lucifer, at the cost of losing his body. Castiel's legacy has seemed to have become legendary among angels and demons alike, as many recognize him as the only angel who defied God's rules and cooperated with humans due to his own decision, which he is either loathed or respected for. He is also the only angel to have been killed, and been resurrected multiple times. He is the only known angel who has repeatedly been resurrected by God so he could help Sam and Dean Winchester.[13] https://picasion.com/

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Manhattan, New York
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Post grad
Characters: Carrie Bradshaw-Novak
Verses: Carrie/Castiel shipping
Playbys: Sarah Jessica Parker
Length: Para
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Supernatural, Undead,
Status: Married
Member Since:December 02, 2019

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The New York Star
New York, New York
Title: Page 7 Column Writer
Division: New York Star News

Date Employed Eternity
New York Stock Enchange
Manhattan, New York
Title: Bell Ringer
Division: NYSE

Date Employed Temporarily
Vogue Fashion Magazine
Manhattan, New York
Title: Fashion Writer
Division: Vogue

Date Employed Temporarily

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About me:
Were you a fan right from the very start?: Yes Whose your fave Brother?: Dean What's your fave episode?: 4 why is it your fave epsiode?: Castiel first saved Dean what's you least fave episode?: 3 why was it your least fave epsiode?: The angels fell to a specific song that Dean played on his radio Who was your fave Female quest star?: Samantha Smith Who was your fave male guest star?: Misha Collins Which actor would you like to see on the show?: Mike Myers Do you consider youself obsessed?: Yes
Who I'd like to meet:

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Rogue Angel Cas (M&L) EDLT

Jun 16th 2020 23:03

Oh okay sorry that happened but do i need to beat his ass
Rogue Angel Cas (M&L) EDLT

Jun 16th 2020 19:52

Who I can't see the name
ꜱᴀᴄʀᴇᴅ ᴡɪɴɢꜱ (EDLT)

Jun 16th 2020 14:30

Yes I know, he's my real life brother so is Guns and Pies EDLT us three are brothers.

Apr 23rd 2020 00:34

hey good for you girl. no judgement, you have your guy, i have mine, ande we're both happy, that's what matters... and if memory serves me right, youre either related to richter only as well, or both him and hotch too. because if youre his sister, technically makes us family too now, and family is everything to me. i'd jump and take bullets , protect them, etc if it came down to it. always been that way

Apr 22nd 2020 19:05

//harley added you a heads up, we're all rp/rl friends have known each other a long ass time, you'll be fine with any of us hun. harper is pregnant irp and not as talkative, only to certain people at the moment , so her pregnancy moods don't go off, is careful, she'll talk when she feels like it tto you., no pressure, just hang in there

Apr 22nd 2020 04:44

thanks carrie
𝕭𝖗𝖆𝖛𝖊 & 𝕽𝖎𝖘𝖎𝖓𝖌

Jan 14th 2020 00:19


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// Hooves Founders

Jan 1st 2020 07:04

Happy New Year, darling! Sorry, got a bit caught up with the festivities. 
Rogue Angel Cas (M&L) EDLT

Dec 13th 2019 20:14

Oh yes definitely, I'm a little busy myself so I don't mind. 
Rogue Angel Cas (M&L) EDLT

Dec 13th 2019 19:51

I understand babe you rest up and take your time.
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