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Characters: Kai Parker, Malachai, Cobra Kai
Verses: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies
Playbys: Chris Wood
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Gore, Horror, Supernatural,
Member Since:November 21, 2019

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Aug 18th 2020 - 10:37 AM

Hayley blinked her eyes several times after reading the note that her shaking fingers held. She sniffled and glanced up at Kai again when she heard him speak and his questions were running together. The stinging sensation in her leg from where he had removed the key was making her extremely lightheaded and a bit disoriented, but she tried her best to keep herself calm and focus on the most important thing that they seemed to be dealing with, surviving.

Hayley shook her head at his questions and chewed on her lip out of habit, when her nervousness kicked in she normally did that. “I… I don’t know…”  She mumbled quietly, feeling her voice crack as she answered him. “I don’t even know how we got here in the first place..”  She cried quietly and she was beginning to feel a bit more frustrated than before. But honestly, everything was Hayley’s fault one way or another; so the only thing she knew to do was apologize for what was happening to the two of them right now.

Hearing the laugh after hers made her shiver, she knew that Kai was already sadistic and the sounds from him was just making him seem like he was even more crazy. Her smile leaving her face when she listened to him talk about how much he didn’t love his sister. She didn’t know what that kind of love was because she was always an only child; bouncing around from one foster home to another she didn’t know what it was like to have a family.

To be loved in a sisterly way.“Of course, you’re just looking out for yourself, you don’t care about anyone because you know what you want and you don’t care who you hurt to get it. Just like Klaus.”  She shook her head with a laugh and her heart sunk into her stomach. She didn’t know if Kai knew but he sounded exactly like the hybrid that fathered her daughter. Hayley’s eyes stung with tears when she thought about Hope and she didn’t know if she’d ever see her again, but something had to give. There had to be a way out.

Glancing down at the syringes that was resting in the box on the chair she blinked a few times before glancing back up at Kai when she heard him speak once more. She laughed again, and another shake of her head came along. “So it’s true. You don’t give a goddamn about anyone else except yourself. If I die you’re f***ed, if I don’t and something else happens you’re afraid that /you/ won’t escape.”

Of course. Hayley has to look out for herself, it’s the way it always had been even when she was younger. Even after her parents were killed she didn’t know how to take care of herself but she had to learn the hard way that nothing else mattered but her if she couldn’t take care of herself. But at the same time, she was one of those people who cared more about others than she did herself.

Hayley looked back over at him while he held the box with the syringes hearing that he had an idea. Nodding her head as she listened to him she chewed on her lip again; this time out of nervousness. Rolling her eyes a bit she sighed hearing Kai say that she would be left there in a heartbeat which shouldn’t have surprised her as much as it did, but her senses were heightened due to her pain and it just made everything worse. Gasping lightly and she groaned feeling him grip her arm and she winced a little bit before she calmed down, she was shaking and she could tell that Kai could feel it in the grip of his fingers.

Nodding her head she realized that the idea he had come up with was probably better than she could ever think of herself. She studied both of the syringes and when she felt the poison being drained from her body she knew she only had a few minutes to make her choice.

Picking up the syringe on the left she didn’t know yet but was filled with poison, she closed her eyes and pierced her neck with it and pushed the liquid into herself. Coughing almost immediately she felt the poison immediately seep into her veins but then almost as quickly as it went through her body, it flowed into Kai’s and she could tell that it was making him extremely sick.

“Okay, okay. I think I got it.”  She mumbled shaking, reaching for the other syringe and quickly jabbed him into his throat and pushed the antidote into his bloodstream. “I think I got the right one.”  She added, watching as the medicine flowed out of the syringe and disappeared into his body. A rush of a relief washed over her like warm blanket and she felt as though they were headed in the right direction, she just hope her feelings and intuitions were right about the situation that they found themselves in.

“Do you think this is the end?”  She asked quietly, her voice shaking when she realized that the door of the cell they were standing in were even budging, and they were still locked. What if they had been tricked; what if whoever was holding them captive knew Kai was going to try to siphon the poison from her as a loophole. What if they were both meant to die?

Only time would tell.

Jul 14th 2020 - 8:34 PM

Emery McCullough
I feel as if I'm living in a fantasy world. I may not know what I am but come on, werewolves? Witches? Vampires? These things don't exist.. they can't!
Emery May McCullough

I used to be your typical mean girl at a normal high school. Then my parents split up. My father took full custody of me while my mom didn't even want me. As any normal teenager, I started to act out but that's where my life really just altered. I was healing myself, I could heal others... When dreaming it felt as if I was leaving my body completely to go somewhere else. I had major aggression and ended breaking someone arm before throwing some teachers against the wall who tried to stop me. It was just weird.

What made it weirder was when this older guy named Alaric visited my dad to have me go to some kind of boarding school. As if my life wasn't already a sh*t show. This school though.. I've been there before. In my dreams. I remember it so clearly. Freaky, right?

While at the school for several months I began to piece together what I really am. A Chameleon, a very rare supernatural species. I ended up with my parents powers and my ancestors powers. So I'm a little bit of a witch, fae, werewolf and vampire. I'm able to alter my brain pattern to whatever species bets fits the situation I'm in. Which explains the healing, the aggression and even dreamscaping. My mother was a human, my father is an inactivated werewolf, and he doesn't even know it. Freaky right?! How can someone just go from living a normal life to living the life of a monster?
Anyway, I would love to write with you. Feel free to comment or message me.

「ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ᴀᴛ ʜᴇʀ ꜰᴇᴇᴛ」

Jun 27th 2020 - 6:43 PM

Hey there, I'm Hope Mikaelson. 
Thank you for accepting my request.
Would you like to discuss a roleplay?
Maybe toss around some emotional headcanons?
I'm down for anything really.
Hope you're having a great day, and to hear from you soon!

Apr 14th 2020 - 10:43 PM

Hello there and welcome to my friends list, 
I wanted to try something new out with the
whole trying to make friends, so I hope this
music video triggers a desire to write with me.

I actually kind of like it and think we could do
something amazing with it. 


Dec 31st 2019 - 12:39 PM


This year has proven to be a rough one. However, I'm grateful to be a part of the [BL] family with you. I look forward to our harrowing journey together. Here’s to a bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.


Dec 30th 2019 - 3:04 PM

This was wrong. He couldn’t get to her. By some invisible force, Enzo was sealed far from his beloved witch. There was no greater punishment than to be forced from his witch’s arms. The world felt like it stopped turning in that moment. Life was at a standstill as panic set in. After multiple attempts to step over that threshold that he had seamlessly walked over once before sent the blood rushing to his brain and back down into his fists, turning them a fiery tint. “It’s no use!” Enzo aggressively barked, slamming his rock fists against the door’s frame. Something was up and they both needed to get out of there as soon as possible. Bonnie insisted grabbing the cure first. And like the gentleman he was, Enzo obliged, but not without his reservations. His heart raced within his chest, the anxiety eating away at him the longer he paced on the front porch like a lovesick pup waiting for his owner to feed him attention. His last memory of that day was peering into the empty foyer of the home Bonnie purchased, his hands glued to the frame of the door with a bolt feeling within his chest. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t speak or move. Enzo was helpless as the grip around his lovesick heart squeezed tighter only to be thrusted from out of his body. Lifeless. His body fell to the wooden boards as if abandoned by a stranger.

And now, now the British vamp was confined in another prison, much like Augustine but far worse beyond on compare. He had spent years under torture- living through the most unbearable feats one could even imagine- all without any coping mechanisms other than hope. Hope that one day all the poking and prodding would cease, and vengeance would heal his metaphorical wounds. He was no longer a science experiment, but one of the many monsters residing in Hell. Enzo St. John was no different than any creature here. He was a monster after all- a vampire. There was no way out. Hell was a prison. And this prison was much different than Augustine. It most certainly strived to find every angle imaginable to eat away at one’s soul if one was lucky enough to even cling onto such a thing. Having spent nearly a century in captivity, he was used to the peeling of flesh and ripping of organs from his body right before his very eyes. Hell was certainly inventive when it came to physical forms of torture, but the worst were the mental mind games. Enzo was strong but sooner or later Hell would break him. It would only be a matter of time.

With his back aligned against the stone wall of his holding cell, his body battered and beaten in a shape he couldn’t call his own, the vamp attempted to rest in between torture sessions. This place certainly stripped him of his entire identity, even his true physical form. However, his soul was the only thing that remained constant in this dark and dismal place. To say that he was miserable would be an understatement. This was Hell. Of course, he was miserable! At least he wasn’t only in his misery. There were other tormented souls there in the cell- suffering at the hands of devils similar to him. Mostly other vampires that clung to their innocence like it would guarantee their freedom someday. Trouble was, their bestiality would always tear through the cracks, eating at them like bacteria on flesh. Little by little the monsters in Hell would go mad only to receive a sliver of hope just to be torn down again. Enzo knew better. He couldn’t lose hope. That’s not what Bonnie would have wanted for him. If there was a way out, he’d find it.

As the days dragged on, that hope that he once firmly believed in began to fade like the sinking sun behind the horizon. The promise of tomorrow buried underneath the never-ending piles of affliction and pain; he was well on his way to succumbing to the demons that tortured him daily. That was until an unlikely fellow caught his attention. Did he know this man? Nothing about him seemed familiar. Yet, everyone in Hell was different. It impossible to tell who exactly this stranger could have been. Intrigued, Enzo encouraged his interruption nonchalantly. “Pardon?” he interjected, side eyeing him from where he sat against the wall. He certainly was a chatty lad. More so, Enzo wanted nothing to do with him. Of course everyone who landed in the fiery pits of Hell wanted out. That wasn’t a shock. “You can look all you want, mate, there’s no getting out of this one.” Nothing more than a side glance to the boy as his head hardly lifted from the wall where it rested. He didn’t intend to come off too insensitive to the kid. Considering his environment, it came off practically neighborly. And really, what could this kid do that he hadn’t tried a thousand times before?

If he had truly been here for months, as he claimed, why hadn’t he seen the kid around before? It wasn’t exactly like Enzo had a calendar to keep count of how long he had actually been incarcerated. Something was suspicious, but he couldn’t quite place what or how. Caving into the boy’s chatter out of curiosity, Enzo decided to play along. Maybe the kid could see something he missed. “Name’s Enzo.” His palm causally slipped into Mason’s for a firm shake.


Dec 23rd 2019 - 6:24 PM

Lol I never knew your display name was siphoned psycho.. I’m mobile so to me I see iPhoned psycho xD I genuinely thought that was your display name
blood legacy members,

Dec 21st 2019 - 9:13 AM

Happy holidays from Blood Legacy, and thank you for participating in Blood Legacy's secret santa gift exchange! Santa has come forward and made sure that you have a gift underneath the tree from Josette. 

We hope you have a happy holiday, no matter how you celebrate it or when you celebrate it. 

- Freya and Alex. 

✗вαву ωιηgѕ.

Dec 13th 2019 - 11:59 PM

"Roadtrip to hell"
"Well, I'm two. Enty. I'm Twenty. Two. I'm Twenty Two!"
THEN“Get away from him!” He screamed.

Jack Kline’s eyes lit up a bright golden color as his hand rose up to fire a blast of energy at the direction of the Hellhounds that were surrounding his friend, Christoph. The blast blew three of them away from him, but missed one of them. He had to avoid hitting Christoph with his powers, after all. The Hellhound that didn’t get blasted turned its attention from Christoph and charged the young Nephilim that just blew its brethren away from their prey and pounced at him with ferocity. The hellish beast was too quick, even for Jack, and was on him before he could counter it’s attack on him. He felt the Hellhound’s sharp teeth dig into his shoulder as he fell backward onto the floor; the beast’s heavy form pressing down hard on him to keep him pinned down and from getting back up as it sunk those same sharp teeth deeper into his shoulder.

“JACK!” Christoph screamed out in horror as the other three Hellhounds got back up to their feet and began digging into his flesh. “JAAAACK!!!”

“NO!!” Jack shouted as he used another blast of energy to blast the Hellhound off of him. This time, however, the hit completely obliterated the Hellhound. It’s body completely disintegrated as it flew up into the air and was completely gone, nothing but ash, before it even had a chance to come back down. The young Nephilim, still on his back...in pain from the Hellhound wound on his shoulder, threw a hand out in his friend’s direction to blast one of the three Hellhounds with a powerful force of energy. That Hellhound exploded into ash just like the one he killed a moment ago. The entire building began to shake as Jack’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, his power building as he summed the strength to fight his pain and save his friend, and then aimed his next attack at the last Hellhound. “GET OFF OF HIM!”

The energy blast he fired at the Hellhound obliterated it upon impact.

The remaining Hellhound turned away and ran off. It vanished into the shadows as Jack climbed up to his feet. His eyes had gone back to normal and the building stopped shaking, his wounds from the Hellhound began to passively heal on its own, as he made his way over to Christoph. However...it was too late. He didn’t stop the other three in time. He could tell that his friend was already dead by the time he knelt down next to him. His body had been torn to shreds. Blood everywhere. Jack placed a hand on Christoph’s chest to try and find any signs of life anyway; unable to accept the truth that he had just lost one of his best friends. Nothing; as he expected. Jack’s heart sank as a surge of emotional pain swept through him when he brought his hand back up to see it covered in his friend’s blood. His other hand quickly grabbed at his chest; wretched by heartache. His entire body buckled under the pressure of the emotional state he was in and fell on top of his friend’s lifeless corpse...tears streaming from his eyes like waterfalls.

He had lost one of the best friends he’d ever have in his life in one of the most horrific ways one could die in this world. Ripped to shreds and dragged to hell by the only Hellhound Jack couldn’t stop...all because of him. All because Jack had messed with something he shouldn’t have. His friend was gone because of him. He was dead.

It had been nearly a month now since his friend had been killed and his soul dragged to hell, and Jack had not once stopped trying to find a way to save him from that fate. He and his other friends worked tirelessly to find ways to bring him back. Jack even tried using his own powers to do so, but found himself useless in that regard. It wasn’t something he knew how to do, not even with help from Rowena and Castiel, but hoped one day he would be able to achieve the ability to bring someone back from the dead. His father could do it. The other Archangels, like his father, could pull off that miracle. So, he knew that he should be able to as well. He could do anything they could do. If not better than them. He believed that wholeheartedly. Until that day came, though, he and his friends had no choice but to find another way to save their friend from the undeserving fate he had gotten.

When Jack and his friends finally found something that they believed would work and bring Christoph back to life...it sparked a new adventure. A new quest. According to the texts they had found on a pit with mystical properties that could resurrect the dead...they’d be able to reanimate the corpse of anyone placed in its waters. However, the soul would not be brought back with the body. So, as they realized, in order for them to bring Christoph back fully they’d need to get his soul out of hell. Given that his friends were all human...it left Jack with the sole responsibility to go to hell and save their friend’s soul. To bring him back to the world of the living so they could reunite his soul with his body once they resurrected it with the mystical pit; which they had already found and taken Christoph’s body to before Jack descended into hell.

His descent into hell was easy, a lot easier than he had expected actually, but finding who he was there for was going to be a lot harder. It would be like trying to find a needle in a seemingly endless haystack. Hell was impossibly vast and filled with countless souls and other horrors that Jack would have to try and avoid as much as possible while he was here. It would take a miracle to find Christoph. However, he didn’t let that fact deter him from his mission. It was his fault Christoph was down here and he wasn’t about to let his friend suffer eternity in hell...even if it wasn’t his fault. So, he’d stay down here as long as it took to find him and bring him home. Even if he had to face off against every last demon, tormented soul, and whatever other dark horrors lie down here to do so. Luckily for him, he had a very personal item of Christoph’s with him that Rowena thought would help him find Christoph a little easier.

“Alright, Chris, where are you?” he questioned quietly; speaking to himself as he held up a small necklace medallion that belonged to Christoph. It was very important to him. Which meant it would be the best tool to use to find him. Jack’s eyes began to glow a bright golden color as he recited the spell Rowena had given to him and focused his energy into the medallion in his hand. Before he knew it, the medallion lifted into the air and aimed in the direction Christoph was most likely located. The young Nephilim’s lips curved into a hopeful smile as he walked off in that direction. “I’m coming, Chris…”

After what seemed like hours upon hours of walking around and following the Medallion’s directions...it stopped working. The Medallion dropped out of the air and just quit. Jack was in the middle of nowhere. There were no signs of other souls around, no demons, no nothing. Just stone, jagged rocks, hellfire, and darkness. There definitely wasn’t any sign of Christoph. So he knew that this couldn't have been it. This couldn’t have been where the Medallion was taking him. So, he shoved the Medallion back into his pocket as he took a seat on one of the large stones around him and looked over the small piece of paper he had just pulled out of his other pocket. It was the instructions for the spell Rowena had given him. Everything was right. He did everything right. As far as he knew, he pronounced everything in the incantation correctly. So, either something was blocking his spell or spells like this had a limited lifespan in Hell...and he’d have to re-cast it.

Before the young Nephilim could pull the Medallion back out of his pocket to try re-casting the spell, to see if that was what he needed to do, someone had approached him. A soul? Demon? He wasn’t exactly sure. He had just wandered over him out of the darkness and Jack hadn’t seen him coming until the guy was pretty much on top of him. He watched the stranger sit down next to him and look around, as if making sure no one was eavesdropping on what he was about to say to Jack, before asking what he was. He could sense that Jack had power, apparently. He then queried about the idea that Jack may have been trying to do what he was trying to do...get out of hell...and even tossed out the nugget that he heard rumors of a way out of there. He wanted Jack to come with him. But why? Was this so-called way out dangerous and this soul...or demon...just wanted him for cannon fodder? Or maybe even because it was safer in numbers? Jack wasn’t sure.

“I’m Jack,” He responded when the other gave him his name. “I’m not trying to find my way out Hell. Not yet, anyway.” He then pulled out the Medallion from his pocket; ready to re-cast the spell. “I came down here to find my friend. He was killed by Hellhounds and dragged down here. He’s not supposed to be down here.” He stood up and moved away from Kai, by only a couple of steps, and then turned back to look at him. Whoever, or whatever, this Kai Parker guy was...he was a possible ally. Sure, it was more than likely he was going to turn out to be an enemy...he was in Hell after all...but Jack hoped to try and make an ally out of him. He’d even be willing to help him get out of hell if he could aid him in finding his friend. “Once I find him I’ll look for a way back out. I’ll even help you find a way out too...if you help me find my friend. His name is Christoph Nauhaus.” He held up the Medallion. “This is his Medallion. I’ve been using a locator spell to help me find him using his Medallion, but it must have run out of juice or something. I was thinking about re-casting the spell when you showed up.”

"I don't like to lie. It makes my stomach hurt. Like when you have to burp. but you can't burp!"
Created by Patriot
MOVED /392890

Dec 13th 2019 - 1:20 PM

Hello, my name is Stefani Salvatore. I am indeed the daughter of Elena and Damon. And this is my story, I am a witch but I am also a werewolf....yes you heard that correctly after the doppelgänger curse was broken the werewolf curse was revealed through me from Titia's child when her husband was one of the local wolves in the village at the time of her death. I may only be mentioned a few times by Jo Saltzman but I am around lurking in the shadows trying to help save the day.

Wanna know more about me I am happy to tell you the little love and tragic story about my life.
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