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I travel throughout realms. I meet new people. Who is not the same species as me. ...Do not be shy! Accepting any Friend Requests. Because I feel more alone without you. Crossovers and all that cool stuff are welcome! Feel free to add me whenever.

15 years old
Norrköping, Östergötland

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GeneralGenres: Anime (Any). Medieval. Medieval-Fantasy. Modern. Modern-Fantasy. futuristic. futuristic-fantasy. Greek. Demonology. Spirituality. Fantasy. Sci-fantasy. Sci-fi mixed with sci-fantasy. Sci-fi. Aliens. Tactical warfare. Alien warfare. Supernatural warfare. Technological warfare. Wild west. Slice of life. Friendship. Alien encounter. Alien invasion. Crossover Monarchies. Realms and dimensions. League of legends (theme). Magical warfare. World-war-3. World-War-2. Ancient. Technology. Heavy and depression themes. Dark-fantasy. Powers and Magic/Spells. History. Horror stuff. So pretty much anything! :)
Groups: Planet Aurora.,

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Average
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Nesy Celvius/The Dark Warrior - (I have many other versions of my OC)
Verses: Crossovers welcome! Transformers ,Enders game , Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the rings. (etc)
Playbys: Open for anything, even demonology , mythology and all that fun stuff.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 18, 2019

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About me:
Hello! Nice to meet you and I came here to get inspired by writing and roleplaying. I came here to do story-driven roleplayings that are cool or awesome to do. I want inspiration and I definently love to roleplay with any roleplay partner. I am up for anything and no limits at all! Feel free to go crazy if you wish. I am an open-hearted person anyway. This OC down below is one of my OC's so I hope you'd like it! :) I love feedback! I love to be thought about things. My real age is: 14 (not 15). Yet, I am an ehthuthiastic roleplayer constantly friend-requesting people for roleplayings. Hehehe... However, there are a potential issues you need to know about me. I have atypical autism and life is not easy. But I learn and I become better so why does that matter?
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Discord: nesymerp1#7100
Who I'd like to meet:
(Presenting you this OC!) In-Character: The Dark Warrior.


...My Darkest Warriors, this is what I was born for. Welcome to my profile! I hope you'd find yourself suited. Up for any kind of roleplay that's around here. You may have found your ultimate roleplayer! We... Destroyer of the dark gods and the annihilators of the darkness and their lies! We will annihilate them once in for all. So who is with me!? Send me a friend request! I accept anyone to be my friend. Because that's what we do here.


I fought for hours and hours. Broken bones everywhere and I feel my body screaming for battle. What else can be out there? What awaits me beyond the horizon? My destiny is coming and I will make sure it's fufilled.

Time to show this world that we are the best!

Nesy's age: 18 (Timeless. Still able to be killed! Not indestructable and can be beaten depending on your strength and abilities. Just clearing that out here so no people think that "Semi-immortality" is actually being immortal towards everything.)

Nick name(s):The Dark Warrior

Name: Nesy.
Date of Birth: 24th april. Astrological Sign:Taurus . Gender: Male
Planet of Birth: Celvestia

Race: Celvestian (Alien/Extra-Terrestrial)

Genetic info: Resembling as a human with a Celestial demon counterpart with a hexa-helix configuration. Which is binded together by some sort of magical ability that is passive. So this means that their shape of their DNA resembles as a coiled up piece of wire.

Current Residence: ???
Parents: ???
Siblings: ???
Children: ???
Relationship Status: Single
Past Relationships: None
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Children: None
Education: Finished.
Hair ??? Eye Color: Multi-coloured: Green and Pink.
Height: 163 cm Weight: 125.0 lbs
Tattoos or Piercings: None
Smoke/Drink or Drugs: Never.
Background:/b> Nesy is an multiversal alien, born a member of the Celvestian race. They are complicated and intelligent beings with hexa helix genes. Nesy has multicolored eyes, meaning they appear green and pink, fluctuating often in an extraordinary manner. The race of aliens that Nesy was born to are known for being exceptionally intelligent. He is very skilled at working with technology, and is passionate about art too, among other things that he enjoys..He's an martial marts master as well.. Born on Celvestia to a kind and noble family that treated him well to the point of spoiling him at times, he had a very happy upbringing before going off on a quest to try and explore the universe. It's here where his multiversal adventures are truly beginning... He is a soilder and he saves realms and planets with his warriors. He has saved countless of universes across the multiverse with his special forces. He may be a regular soilder but he is part of an alliance called: The Dark Warriors.

Likes: Motivation, Goodness and friendly people.
Dislikes: Darkness,Corruption and hate. Terrorism too.

Personality: Nesy is a high spirited warrior who has a reputation of a legend for saving countless people on the fields. His reason for saving people is that he had dreams once of becoming a hero because he wants to prove himself. He has slayed many foes on the fields and he copes with the killing because he usually fights the dark forces that want to harm the multiverse. He wants this multiverse to be safe and restore it's balance so that it wont be disturbed by these forces.

Weapons: Railgun

A heavy weapon using heavy projectiles, launching them at such immense speeds that the recoil has to be offset by an energy absorption mechanism. The weapon can switch firing modes, and use stored recoil energy from the heavy shots to generate multiple forked bolts of electricity at once from its barrel in shotgun mode.

Further information

Nesy is among one of the most feared warriors on his planet. He is considered legend and he might as well be a myth at this point. This was due to him saving countless of lives on the fields and on other planets his warriors have done warfare on. Nobody has seen Nesy ever since he was 18 years old when he had ventured onto the multiverse. But ever since then the people of Celvestia consider Nesy one of the most famous warriors imaginable. There may be other warriors much more powerful then Nesy himself. But everyone has their flaws obviously. Nesy has a pshychological weak side and that's the part of his rage that gets him out of controll sometimes. Depression, is not a good thing and that's for every warrior out in the fields. Nesy had been sent out on a SOLO-mission to find out what's out there.

Race information:

Celvestians are complex beings and their DNA resembles as a human but it's vastly different. Their complexity is mostly in genes. They are a multiversal race that has control that's equaling to 1% of the multiverse. They are a democratic society as well just like on Earth. Their planet is very different from Earth and it's more technologically advanced in any possible way. Celvestians are other class of human and their genes range from hexa-helix to quad helix. They are an considered to be a gem for those who work around with souls but also a gem for angelic/demonic beings due to their high abundance of soul energy. Their soul energy produces from their own mytocondria located in their each induvidual cells of their bodies. Some Celvestians range from being half-Celvestians or Half-Celestial demons. Celestial demons are considered to be demons from space that are classed as any alignement. These demons do not follow the same nature from Earth or any other location. Celestial demons are very different from other Celestial demons so just because of their race doesn't mean they are necesserily bad at all. So many veriations of Celvestians at this point that there may be as well undiscovered ones. Their intelligence come from their genes, but what else? Nobody knows, find out yourself. :)


1. |-| Soul energy production |-| This is the base of all of his abilities and grants him his semi-immortality. A passive ability. That is the base his abilities to do the energy based abilities and grants him his enternal youth and to stop aging fhysically at 18-years old.

2. |-| Conjuring of Energy-based weapons|-| Nesy is able to conjure energy based costructs of weapons. From firearms to swords and spears so it's pretty much that. These weapons have a shock duration which is about 1 turn. (Maximum voltage: (100 volts) -- 0.05AMPS) ((Cooldown -- 4 turns)) -- ((Duration -- 4 turns))

...The battlefields are filled with death and fury. Fire and explosions everywhere I see. Seeing countless of people die is painful during a war but nothing is more painful then losing your loved ones and your close friends. This felt like a arrow to the chest and as if a railgun aimed towards my chest wasn't enough to kill my emotions. As I feel my tears run down my cheeks I say that I love you and I hope I'd see you once I die. When I fall to the ground I will always remember your name and what you have sacrificed for me, dear love. Including others who done the same. I fight for glory and I fight for freedom! So does all of us! One day, we'll win this war and our names will be in the hall of fame! Those who died will be remembered and those who survived will remember their last words before death. ...This is what I was made for... War for peace and freedom! Even my darkest parts of my heart is as bright as gold and I know even our darkest warriors have a heart of gold. We are... The Dark Warriors, we fight for our rights,freedom and including other people's rights in this world. We are the only hope left to fight the darkness once in for all. Just because we're Dark Warriors doesn't mean we fight against the light. We fight against the darkness that rose to feed on us...The end! Feel free to PM me! I love to roleplay with anybody here!

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Jul 2nd 2020 - 2:21 PM

((Thanks for the add. If you ever want to rp or chat let me know.))
Sky [Warped]

Jul 2nd 2020 - 12:03 AM

ooc Thank you for the add/request. I would love to get a story going with you. No rush, whenever you are ready maybe we can discuss and/or I can send a starter. Either way, let me know what works best for you. Thank you again.

-Admin for Sky
Thundercracker [Alliance]

Jun 29th 2020 - 2:49 PM

((Thanks for the add if you ever want to rp or chat let me know. I would be honored to discuss or send you a starter if you prefer.))

Jun 29th 2020 - 2:36 PM

Thanks for the add honey.

Jun 29th 2020 - 2:00 PM

ooc Thanks for adding me. Its nice to meet you. I am a Transformers rper but I'd like to expand my horizons and do some crossover military style rp's if you are up for it. Please let me know I would be happy to send a starter or discuss.

Jun 29th 2020 - 1:56 PM

*It was supposed to be a quick recon mission. The Cybertronian femme flew overhead with her fellow seekers. Her position was as medic, assist should things go horribly wrong. One badly timed banked turn by one of the conehead fliers sent the base below into full alert. Jemini was cursing internally as she opened her weapons bay. By the time the smoke cleared her fellow seekers had managed to flee and she was the one shot down. Oh the irony, the medic is the one injured? Seriously? The femme had landed a few miles outside of the base but her radar picked up humans on approach. The seeker struggled to try and transform back to route mode, her transform was stuck,her receptors then heard footsteps followed by a jump. A humanoid had jumped onto her wing, this being had beat the others to her landing site. The medic spoke to the sentient through her comm system.*

Easy on the wing, you want to maybe get off? You made your point....can you just detonate me and get this over with?

(OOC: Hello sir, glad to meet you. Just thought I would drop a mini starter and say thank you for the add. I hope to write with you soon.)

Jan 13th 2020 - 3:10 AM

(OOC: Thanks for the add. I hope we can rp soon. )
Lady Galadriel

Nov 21st 2019 - 3:23 PM

a brain with code systems.

had seen it from first instance becouse is similar to my logo in rl
Lady Galadriel

Nov 21st 2019 - 3:06 PM

well the ID pic you have right now is like sperm just finishing.
Lady Galadriel

Nov 21st 2019 - 2:59 PM

I meant the ID Pic, how are you feeling, I never believe in rl pics. 
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