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Public Service Announcement

I'm a very meticulous creature. As a writer I have always treated all of my characters as though they are living and breathing. I don't expect all writers to feel the same, nor do I expect them to understand the lengths in which I dare take myself in order to fit myself properly into the shoes of those I portray.

Some of you have expressed how excited you are to be among my presence, there are others who have spoken confidently in their beliefs that I will do this character justice. To those of you who feel that way, I extend my most sincerest gratitude. You lot are the fire which fuels me on days when I'm exhausting my resources beyond explanation while slaving over my character studies. Whilst I do have an immense passion and drive for Niklaus Mikaelson, he is, without a doubt, out of my comfort-zone. I'm a person who falls more easily in line with characters like Camille O'Connell; the characters with gentle and kind hearts who seek to fix the broken and damaged-beyond-repair.

Despite that fact, I have been drawn to Klaus ever since the moment he first appeared in TVD. Do not doubt that I have every intention to write and interact with people, here. But bear in mind, also, that I am a perfectionist who does not take character portrayal lightly. I hold myself to high standards which are quite demanding of me. I do so, not because I wish to be the best nor to impress anyone. I study and agonize over character portrayal as much as I do, because (as previously stated) I respect the character(s) as if they are living and breathing. I want to honor their image and do them justice - as if the characters themselves are able to look upon my work and smile with satisfaction and approval.

To give you a glimpse through the scope of my work, I spent weeks studying and writing down notes for the sole purpose of understanding Klaus' unique speech pattern, before attempting to replicate it myself. With that being said, if it took me several weeks of obsessing over his speech patterns, you can imagine how strict I will be in my writing practices. I do hope that those who have added me, seeking to write, understand and respect my need for lots of patience.


➤ NOTE: Information below based upon my Head Canons for Klaus.

786 AD
➥ Freydis Mikaelsdottir is born.

787 AD
➥ Finnr, son of Mikael is born.

791 AD
➥ Freydis is taken by Dahlia.
➥ Elis, son of Mikael is born.
➥ October 13th, 5:00 a.m.

803 AD
➥ Nikulás, son of Ansel / Mikael is born.
➥ May 15th, 9:00 p.m.

804 AD
➥ 364 days apart from Nikulás.
➥ Henrik, son of Mikael is born.
➥ May 14th, 7:30 p.m.

805 AD
➥ Kollr, son of Mikael is born.
➥ January 21st, 6:00 a.m.

805 AD
➥ Begga Mikaelsdottir is born.
➥ December 30th, 2:45 p.m.

806 AD
➥ Elis goes on his first expedition at 15 with Mikael.

808 AD
➥ Elis makes a name for himself as a warrior at 17.
➥ Elis hinn Mærr (Elis the Noblest).
➥ Elis discovers that Nikulás is the son of Ansel, and keeps this secret to himself.
➥ Elis spends more time playing swords with Nikulás and teaching him playful battle tactics, such as sneaking via hide-and-seek, etc.

809 AD
➥ Henrik shows more interest in magic than becoming a Viking warrior.
➥ Henrik teaches Nikulás how to make the grass and flowers grow.
➥ Nikulás uses this ability to grow plants to use for his paints.

813 AD
➥ Nikulás is denied the personal freedom in choosing what he will be.
➥ Mikael expects Nikulás to start learning the ways as a Viking Warrior; hunting and fighting.
➥ Henrik begins real training as a witch under Esther, with Finnr as her assistant.
➥ Kollr, also fond of magic, chooses to learn under Esther.
➥ Esther finds Nikulás in the woods, hiding from Mikael.
➥ Ester gives him a Starling Necklace; it would protect Nikulás and remind him that she was with him, “always and forever.”
➥ The Starling Necklace’s actual purpose being to suppress the supernatural abilities of Nikulás’ werewolf side, making him weak.

814 AD
➥ Elis recognizes that Mikael’s training is not beneficial for Nikulás.
➥ Elis begins his own private lessons with Nikulás.
➥ Nikulás gives a whittled viking warrior, which he originally made for Mikael, to Begga when she’s scared during a storm.

815 AD
➥ Mikael gives Nikulás the title: Nikulás hinn Ómakligr (Nikulás the Undeserving) after a particularly brutal training session.

818 AD
➥ Nikulás is found making wood carvings with Mikael’s knife.
➥ Begga intervenes, threatening Mikael with a sword when he beats Nikulás.
➥ Begga attempts to take a knife to Mikael’s throat in his sleep; Elis stops her.

820 AD
➥ Begga steals some of Mikael’s blades; Mikael believes it was Nikulás.
➥ Nikulás is beaten half to death as punishment for Begga’s crime.
➥ Begga feels guilty and is particularly kind to Nikulás the days following his recovery.
➥ Nikulás goes on his first raid with Elis and makes a name for himself as a true Viking warrior.
➥ Nikulás hinn einheri (Nikulás the Champion), given to him by Elis.

821 AD
➥ Elis & Nikulás return from their expedition; Mikael hears of Nikulás’ new title.
➥ Nikulás and Begga catch up after months apart; he gifts his sister with a shield used by shield maidens.
➥ Nikulás is ridiculed by Mikael; Nikulás challenges him to a duel.
➥ Mikael is nearly killed when Nikulás’ Starling Necklace is cut off his neck.

821/822 AD
➥ Mikaelson clan leave Europe and venture to/stumble upon North America.
➥ Ansel is supernaturally drawn to his blood; he abandons his pack to pursue his son, eventually finding him in North America.
➥ Tatia is introduced.

823 AD
➥ Nikulás and Henrik sneak off to watch the werewolves transform.
➥ Henrik is killed by one of the transformed werewolves.
➥ Mikael demands Esther to perform dark magic to make their children immortal.
➥ Mikaelson children are turned into vampires.
➥ Nikulás triggers his werewolf curse.
➥ Ansel is killed by Mikael; Mikael demands Nikulás have his werewolf side suppressed.
➥ Elis accidentally kills Tatia.
➥ Esther tells Elis to “put it out of his mind,” and takes care of Tatia’s body. She divulges this incident in confidence with Finn.
➥ Esther has Mikael help her restrain Elis with vervain to prevent him interfering with the Hybrid Curse ritual.
➥ Finn and Mikael restrain Nikulás as Esther performs the ritual.
➥ Esther reveals to Nikulás that she killed Tatia; Nikulás kills Esther and tells his siblings it was Mikael.
➥ Always & Forever vow is made.
➥ Nikulás removes his arm ring and tosses it upon the ground; symbolically burying his attachments to his human life.
➥ The Mikaelson children flee to the Old World, away from Mikael.
➥ Mikael carves the tale of The Originals upon the cave wall, including Esther’s death by Nikulás.
➥ Despite everything, Nikulás safe keeps the Starling Necklace his mother gave him.

Mid 900s AD
➥ They discover Christianity's influence upon most of Europe; in an effort to blend in, the children of Mikael adopt new identities.
➥ Mikaelsdottir and son of Mikael become: Mikaelson.
➥ Finnr becomes Finn, Elis becomes Elijah, Nikulás becomes Niklaus, Kollr becomes Kol, Begga becomes Rebekah.
➥ Growing weary of Niklaus’ increasingly bad behavior, and Elijah constantly defending him, Finn tells Niklaus that Elijah was the one who killed Tatia.
➥ During a slight altercation, Finn accidentally shares his memory of his conversation with their mother with Niklaus, which convinces Niklaus that he was telling the truth.
➥ Niklaus confronts Elijah.
➥ Elijah has no recollection of killing Tatia; a wedge is created between the brothers.

1002 AD
➥ The Mikaelsons arrive in Southern France, pretending to be children of the Count de Guise.
➥ Tristan & Aurora de Martel and Lucien Castle are introduced.
➥ Niklaus discovers his vampire blood can heal others and grant immortality.
➥ Mikael catches up with them; the Mikaelsons must flee.
➥ Elijah compels Tristan, Aurora and Lucien; they are compelled to believe they are Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah - to thwart Mikael perpetually while they flee across the world.
➥ Eventually Klaus proposes that more vampires are made, in order to make Mikael’s job in finding them far more difficult.
➥ Finn develops a slow burning resentment towards his siblings for condemning innocent people to vampirism, for the sake of their own selfish survival.

LATE 1002 AD
➥ After Aurora, Niklaus reaches rock bottom with betrayal and deceit; his downward spiral begins.
➥ Niklaus assumes the identity “Klaus,” and seeks to become the most feared creature of all time.
➥ Kol and Klaus serve as one another’s enabler for misconduct and nefarious crimes.
➥ To teach his siblings about compulsion, Elijah compels a random human in front of them and pretends it was his first time.
➥ Several months after leaving France, Elijah encounters a man who mentions, “other Mikaelsons,” passing through. Elijah compels the man to forget he had met the de Martel decoys before his siblings find out. Over the years, he continues to do this to keep his secret hidden.

1100 AD
➥ Finn meets Sage and falls in love.
➥ Rebekah & Klaus mistreat Sage, perpetuating Finn’s loathing towards his siblings.
➥ Sage follows the Mikaelsons wherever they move, meeting with Finn discreetly.

1105 AD
➥ Sage is turned by Finn; they continue to meet in secret.

1114 AD
➥ While passing through a town, Kol hears about other Mikaelsons having visited; he brings this to the attention of his siblings.
➥ Elijah comes clean about his involvement with the de Martels; Klaus is infuriated that he put Aurora in danger.
➥ Elijah also admits Aurora was compelled to reject him. Beks tries to stop Klaus from attacking Elijah; Kol steps in on behalf of Beks.
➥ The Mikaelsons discover the Brotherhood of the Five; elite, supernaturally gifted Vampire Hunters.
➥ Alexander of The Five is introduced; the Mikaelsons linger around The Five to learn more about their plans.
➥ Rebekah falls in love with Alexander.
➥ Finn conspires against his siblings, working with Alexander to bring an end to vampirism.
➥ Finn attempts to renegotiate with Alexander; asks to be spared from death.
➥ Alexander agrees to Finn’s face, but his true intentions remain the same.
➥ The Mikaelsons are stabbed in their sleep with silver White Oak Daggers.
➥ Elijah’s compulsion on the de Martels and Lucien is broken.
➥ Due to his werewolf heritage, Klaus is impervious to the silver daggers and discovers Finn’s betrayal.
➥ Alexander and The Five are annihilated by Klaus.
➥ Klaus revives all of his siblings, minus Finn. Klaus justifies his only reason in reviving Elijah with, “When you die, it’ll be by my hand.”
➥ After killing The Five, Klaus soon discovers the Hunter’s Curse; he endures torturous hallucinations that haunt his dreams and every waking moment in an attempt to make him kill himself, but he is unable to actually do so.
➥ Klaus derails, becoming mentally unstable and dangerous.

1166 AD
➥ Klaus’ Hunter’s Curse ends after 52 years, 4 months, 9 days, 13 hours and 27 minutes (19,073 days in total).

1200s AD
➥ Elijah and Klaus forge several documents based on the writings of several different cultures about the "Curse of the Sun and the Moon."

1492 AD
➥ Katerina Petrova is introduced.
➥ Klaus and Katerina become romantically involved.
➥ Katerina discovers Klaus intends to sacrifice her for a ritual.
➥ Katerina steals the moonstone and flees.
➥ Klaus travels to Bulgaria to slaughter Katerina’s family as punishment.

1510 AD
➥ Klaus catches wind of the artist Michelangelo and his long endeavor to paint a mural in the Sistine Chapel; Vatican City.
➥ Klaus observes the artist at work for many weeks.

1702 AD
➥ Mikael tracks his children down; he puts the head of Klaus’ horse, Theo, upon a pike in the town square in Cádiz, Spain.
➥ Elijah and Klaus leave Cádiz on horseback to find Kol so they can leave the country.
➥ Kol refuses to flee with them; Elijah and Klaus dagger Kol and take him with them.

1810 AD
➥ Klaus meets and names Marcellus.

1821 AD
➥ Growing jealous of Elijah’s relationship with Marcellus, Klaus undaggers Kol.
➥ On Marcellus’ 11th birthday, Klaus gives Marcellus the Starling Necklace Esther had made him.

1835 AD
➥ Rebekah is daggered
➥ Marcellus is turned into a vampire.

1887 AD
➥ Rebekah is undaggered and bears a several-decade long grudge against Marcellus for choosing vampirism over herself.
➥ Elijah takes Rebekah to the city's opera theatre to celebrate her reintroduction into New Orleans society.

1890 AD
➥ Klaus travels with Marcellus to various parts of the world to show him life beyond New Orleans.

1914 AD
➥ A supernatural war begins to brew in New Orleans
➥ The witch community splits into two factions; those who side with Klaus and those who side with Kol.
➥ Kol works closely with Astrid Malchance and Mary-Alice Claire to create a multitude of dark objects.
➥ Kol and the witches plan to make a dagger which could neutralize Klaus.
➥ Kol, Mary and Astrid steal the paragon diamond.
➥ Marcel and Klaus confront Kol and take the paragon diamond.
➥ Freya meets her young siblings at the Mikaelson Family Christmas Party.
➥ Rebekah outs Kol’s plans to create a dagger to Klaus.
➥ Elijah and Klaus dagger Kol in front of everyone at the party.

1916 AD
➥ Against Klaus’ orders Marcel enlists in World War I.
➥ Marcel is assigned to the 369th Regiment, also known as the "Harlem Hell Fighters" or the "Brotherhood of the Damned," and deployed to Séchault, France.

1918 AD
➥ Klaus tracks down the trench where Marcel and his regiment are fighting.
➥ Klaus compels a soldier to summoner Marcel to the regional headquarters and tries to persuade Marcel to come home; Marcel refuses.
➥ Furious, Klaus returns to New Orleans.

1919 AD
➥ Marcel returns home to New Orleans, after World War I; Klaus and Elijah throw him a welcome party.
➥ Still embittered towards Klaus about daggering Rebekah, and his treatment of Marcel over WWI, Marcel sends word for a powerful dark witch.
➥ Papa Tunde arrives in New Orleans and becomes leader of the French Quarter Coven.
➥ Klaus studies Papa Tunde for weeks before striking and killing Papa Tunde.
➥ Marcel admits to Rebekah that he had summoned Papa Tunde to chase Klaus away, so they could be together.
➥ Rebekah schemes with Marcel to summon Mikael to New Orleans to chase Klaus away.
➥ Rebekah has a witch, Genevieve, cast a spell to summon Mikael.
➥ Once Elijah and Klaus restore peace in New Orleans, Klaus gives Marcel and Rebekah his blessing to be together.
➥ Mikael arrives in New Orleans.
➥ Marcel meets Mikael in a bar in the French Quarter; Mikael takes Marcel hostage.
➥ Elijah is confronted by Mikael at the compound.
➥ Elijah rejects Mikael’s offer to team together and kill Klaus; as a result, Mikael stakes Elijah to temporarily neutralize him.
➥ Mikael heads Klaus off at the opera house and compels the entire audience before Klaus arrives.
➥ Klaus is confronted by Mikael.
➥ Elijah and Rebekah catch up; the three siblings fight off Mikael together.
➥ The Opera House goes up in flames, Marcel is believed to be dead.
➥ Elijah orders Klaus to take Rebekah and flee New Orleans, and then offers himself up as a sacrifice to buy his younger siblings time.

1922 AD
➥ Klaus and Rebekah find themselves in Chicago, Illinois.
➥ Stefan Salvatore is introduced.
➥ A romantic relationship sparks between Rebekah and Stefan.
➥ Klaus, missing Elijah, seeks a familial bond within Stefan.
➥ Mikael discovers Klaus’ whereabouts; Mikael arranges for the Chicago Police to help hunt Klaus.
➥ Klaus compels Stefan to forget both him and Rebekah, until someday he tells Stefan otherwise.
➥ Rebekah refuses to leave Stefan; to protect his sister, Klaus daggers Rebekah.

1933 AD
➥ Klaus meets August Miller, a facist vampire artist; he develops an immediate aversion for him.
➥ Elijah traces Klaus to Germany; they reunite and Elijah warns him of Mikael’s whereabouts.
➥ Werewolves are being massacred across Europe, Elijah suspects it to be Mikael, but Klaus believes otherwise.
➥ August admits to the murders; Elijah quells Klaus’ rage
➥ Not wishing to draw attention to Klaus’ whereabouts, Elijah spares August; Klaus feels betrayed.
➥ Klaus admits to Elijah that his inaction with August had him contemplating whether or not to dagger Elijah, as he had Rebekah; Elijah is outraged upon learning that Klaus had been lying to him about their sister for years.
➥ Klaus expresses that he feels Elijah is ashamed to have a werewolf-hybrid for a brother and claims he never loved him. Despite Elijah’s denial, Klaus tells him to leave and never come back.
➥ Klaus slaughters August and his followers, sparing only his immediate family.
➥ Before he leaves town, Elijah is confronted by Klaus again; Klaus offers a fake apology before daggering Elijah.

Personal Information;

➤ NOTE: Information below based upon my Head Canon for Klaus.

BIRTH NAME Nikulás, son of Mikael

TITLES Nikulás hinn Einheri ("Nikulás the Champion," given by Elijah)
Nikulás hinn Ómakligr ("Nikulás the Undeserving," given by Mikael)
Klaus Mikaelson: the Great Evil (legendary title)

ALIASES Niklaus Elisson || Niklaus Mikaelson

PLACE OF BIRTH Beyond the Danevirke in Hedeby || Denmark

DATE OF BIRTH May 15th, 803 AD at 9 p.m.

➥ Thurisaz "ᚦ," symbolic meaning: the plug (defense and attack), the enemy of adversity, the defense, the hammer, the brute force. [Rune of brute force, which can be good in the hands of a positive person, as bad in an evil, the same goes for the Giants (the thurse they recall), in the same way, the hammer, depends on its user, and the plug defends unconsciously.]

➥ Ingwaz "ᛝ," symbolic Meaning: The God ancestors, the God of the earth, heart-expanding fixation. [Rune of responsibility as parents, not limited to giving birth to new lives, but also in their hands to deliver a world where we can live, or that is worth living.]



SPECIES [former] Witch-Werewolf Hybrid; [current] Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid

ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral



HAIR COLOR Dirty-Blonde

EYE COLOR [normal] Blue-Green [hybrid] onyx sclerae, silver irises

➥ A woad coloured, geometric pattern with thick square lines; it spans across his shoulders and wraps around, similar to an Egyptian Pharaoh's collar.
➥ A left shoulder tattoo overlaps the aforementioned; a large black feather with pieces breaking away; the floating follicles morph into ravens which extend beneath his clavicle.
➥ On his back there is a depiction of Fenrir with a raven clasped between his jaws; using a raven in place of the sun, the tattoo remains a symbol of Ragnarök, where Fenrir is meant to swallow Odin.
➥ Hidden beneath a full head of hair, upon his scalp, various tribal markings can be found.

PARENTS Esther (mother) || Mikael (step-father) || Ansel (birth-father)

➥ Freydis (Freya)
➥ Finnr (Finn)
➥ Elis (Elijah)
➥ Henrik (Klaus referred to him as "Rik," when they were kids)
➥ Kollr (Kol)
➥ Begga (Rebekah; Klaus refers to her as mjúkr, affectionately)

EXTENDED FAMILY Hayley Marshall || Marcellus Gerard

CHILDREN Hope Andrea Mikaelson (dýrs-hjarta or littlest wolf, affectionately)

-- Nikulás hinn einheri;

"There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter; those who persevere, despite all they've been through."
About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard.


Klaus has a very commanding presence. When he speaks, he demands to have complete attention. With little to no effort he can captivate any audience with his domineering or beguiling speech. His pride knows no bounds, an energy which carries over into every relationship he has.

It takes someone of extraordinary character to humble the Great Klaus Mikaelson enough to subdue his ego.

Relationships, of any kind, with Klaus are both demanding and challenging on many levels. His crippling paranoia makes it near impossible to get anywhere close to him.

The epitome of an Alpha Male, Klaus does not respond well to authority of any kind, especially when any sort of demand made would put him at the mercy or rule of another. Any efforts to control or manipulate him are a clear-cut way to incur his wrath, which is without equal. Any threats or harm directed towards his siblings is another sure way to incite this lethal rage.

Whether an individual or material possessions, Klaus is extremely possessive and territorial. Whenever he claims something for himself, Klaus has been known to react vindictively, impulsively or violently in response to any that dares to encroach upon who or what is his.

Overall, he has an eminently fragile temperament with an abounding list of triggers. The majority of the waking world has heard of the legendary wickedness and ire of Klaus Mikaelson: the Great Evil, thus persuading most to walk upon egg-shells when directly in or near his presence.

Klaus can be incredibly devious and diabolical. His paranoid mind, coupled with his brilliant intellect, ensures that he remains at least two steps ahead of his enemies or anyone he suspects to be plotting against him. He has an intensely guarded personality, being suspicious of everyone, including his own flesh and blood.

Because of this, Klaus remains constantly observant of those around him. His mind often churns with possible scenarios and outcomes based upon the behaviors and actions he gleams from others, thus allowing him to mentally prepare for any possible betrayals or deceits.

While he is notoriously known for being the most evil and powerful immortal, there is a side to Klaus which the world never sees. Buried deep inside is the faintest desire to escape the miserable existence he lives. A part which yearns to be free from the pain, loneliness and anger he has harbored and nurtured for over a millennium. To be free from playing the role which Klaus believes was designed for him by his parents. The role of an unlovable, bastardly monster; an abomination which must be scourged.

His fragile heart remains buried beneath the layers of his paranoia, fear and anger. At the very center of his unseen heart lay a sense of desperation to love and be loved, by any means. There are very few throughout the ages who have witnessed varying pieces of the gentler side of Klaus. In most cases those who have seen this part of him either met their own demise or have been compelled by Klaus himself to forget any acts of kindness he might have shown.

There are very few individuals who have ever been given full access to the man behind his beast; privileged with the honor of seeing behind the mask. The two most notable souls to have accomplished such a feat being his brother, Elijah, and Camille O’Connell; the latter of which Klaus has discussed at length his past and even telepathically shared personal memories which he had never divulged before.

However, not even those deemed most special are exempt from the ticks of his paranoia.

Every action and reaction performed by others is measured with scrutiny. Klaus’ metaphoric finger rests upon a very sensitive trigger. One tiny miscalculated step is all that is required of others for him to pull that trigger.

He expects to be disappointed. So much so, that he is often the architect of the disappointment and betrayal which people display. Klaus’ own actions manipulate how he handles each relationship, until those closest to him feel as though they are backed into a corner. And then, left with little or no options, these people are generally forced to play into the roles which are designed for them through Klaus' paranoia.

The ever lingering fear of being abandoned or rejected keeps Klaus on his toes. He remains on edge, ensuring that his guard rarely drops. Therefore, at times he can be cold, callous and rather insensitive. The very idea of being vulnerable, even for one second, is too dangerous for him to entertain.

For centuries he has lived through experiences which conditioned him to believe that kindness and compassion are a weakness. This makes it very difficult for him to ease up and allow himself to indulge in sincere interactions with others. In order to protect himself, Klaus holds everyone at arm's length, masking any soft impulses behind his snide, flippant or vicious attitudes.

All in all, Klaus is incredibly mercurial, which makes it very difficult and frustrating for those who seek to have some semblance of a relationship with him. One minute he’s making grand speeches about friendship, loyalty and trust, the next he’s lashing out in extremely volatile, diabolical ways.


➤ NOTE: Some information below may be based upon my Head Canon for Klaus.

Immortality Klaus does not physically age and is immune to all illnesses, toxins, poisons and human diseases or physical conditions. Regular stakes, decapitation or heart removal cannot kill Klaus.

Blood Healing Like any vampire, Klaus' blood can heal the injuries of human beings and most ailments, though it was discovered that his species' blood cannot cure Cancer. An additional and unique perk to Klaus' blood (apart from his daughter, Hope) being that it can cure any vampire from the lethal venom of a werewolf bite.

Invitations As an Original Vampire, Klaus can be invited into a home by any human standing inside, regardless of ownership or whether they live there or not. As long as the intent of being let in is there. It does not even have to be vocalized; a simple head nod would even suffice. Originals cannot compel a person to give them an invite, it must be of the person's own free will.

Enhanced Emotions Vampires, in general, experience emotions more powerfully than humans. Emotions like love, joy, and happiness, etc., are intensified, allowing them to live life more intensely. This ability allows the vampires to feel emotions at their peak, regardless of their age. They have been shown experiencing emotions as powerfully in their present lives as they did 1,000 years ago.

Mind Compulsion Original Vampires can control and influence the thoughts, emotions, behavior, actions and memories of humans, Non-Original Vampires and non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids. They cannot compel witches, immortals, werewolves or evolved werewolves.

Sire Bond Although rare among them, Sire Bonds can be formed when a human is turned with the blood of the vampire whom they had strong human feelings for.

Telepathy Original Vampires have the ability to enter the minds of others as long as their mind is stronger than their target. Although, Original vampires are known to have the strongest minds in the world. Normally, this ability works in a tactile fashion and the vampire requires physical contact in order for it to work successfully. However, Klaus' brother, Elijah, has been shown to mentally communicate with others from a short distance, sending distress calls and mental images. Klaus and Elijah on separate occasions have shared their memories with others.

Dream Manipulation Original Vampires can control dreams and subconscious. They can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the ability to distort perceptions of reality and being able to trap someone in their dreams.

Illusions Original Vampires have the power to trick the minds of others into seeing/feeling things that aren't actually happening.

Enhanced Healing Any injuries procured will heal faster than those of supernatural hunters, any supernatural creature and humans. Klaus also heals much more quickly when exposed to vervain or wood than any other Original, Non-Original Vampire or werewolves. He is also immune to werewolf venom. Klaus can heal, recover and regenerate from practically any injury in a matter of seconds. Vervain-laced liquid can weaken him briefly, but he recovers from the effects swiftly.

Super Durability Being an Original Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid means that Klaus can endure far more trauma than supernatural hunters, nearly all supernatural creatures, and all humans without much discomfort or injury. No Original Vampire has ever been successfully dismembered, but if they were the body parts would need to be separated and kept apart to prevent regeneration. Wood is ineffective at weakening Klaus, though being stabbed in the heart with it will often incapacitate him for a short duration until he recovers.

Super Senses Klaus has an extremely keen sense of hearing, sight and smell that far exceed that of any living creature, due to his Original Hybrid nature.

Super Agility Original vampires possess more superhuman agility, flexibility and dexterity than immortals, supernatural hunters, supernatural creatures and humans. They can move quickly, jump very high, climb and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. Being a hybrid makes Klaus far more agile than his Original Vampire siblings.

Super Speed Original Vampires are much faster than immortals, supernatural hunters, almost all supernatural creatures and humans. They are able to stop other supernatural species in their tracks, run miles in mere minutes and can easily catch up to many species of creature, supernatural or not. Their reflexes are similarly heightened. It is unknown if they grow faster with time. Due to Klaus' hybrid nature, he is the fastest of the Original Vampires.

Super Strength Being a hybrid makes Klaus one of the strongest immortals on the planet. He has considerably more strength than most immortals, all supernatural hunters, all supernatural creatures and humans. Even when immensely outnumbered Klaus has proven time and again that he can ultimately maintain the upper hand in fights, regardless of any struggles he may face, having on several occasions annihilated more than twenty enemies in a fight single-handedly.

-- Klaus Mikaelson: The Great Evil;

"You will associate my name with fear and pain! And perhaps the dull realization that you are nothing to me."
About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard. About a bastard.


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Sep 11th 2021 - 7:45 AM

Well if it isn't the devil himself. Klaus, good morning. I am reaching out to see if you would like to discuss or even just banter to see where we vibe. I have discord, if that is easier. Hope to hear from you soon.
Mᴀʀʏ Sᴀᴠᴀʀᴇsᴇ ᴊʟᴜ

Aug 12th 2021 - 10:27 PM

Mᴀʀʏ Sᴀᴠᴀʀᴇsᴇ ᴊʟᴜ

Aug 12th 2021 - 10:21 PM


Jun 2nd 2021 - 3:26 PM

Have a nice day, mister~ ♥

May 28th 2021 - 2:43 PM

I found it on google. But. Someday, I would make it. 🙃😊 and thank you. 🖤

May 28th 2021 - 2:36 PM

gonna leave this here

Tumblr media

Youre cool. ♥
Cᵣᵢₘₛₒₙ Fᵤᵣy.

May 15th 2021 - 4:08 PM

Hi! Just stopping by to remind you that you're awesome. 

Apr 29th 2021 - 8:59 AM


Introductions. Such horrible little things, aren't they. But since we aren't mindless zombies that bump into one another with disgruntled wordless gestures, I suppose that they are needed, si? -hands mimic all about-

Name is Adelina Lopez. But please, call me Addie.

Sorry no big grand gestures nor parades for introductions. No time for the clean ups afterwards. And couldn't find the little poodles that would dance dance in a tutu on one of those giant balls either. -crinkles nose in thought.- Shame someone would even think to put an animal through such a thing. Anywho.... -shifts in Converse with a crinkle of brow before tripping slightly over the laces then righting herself, clearing her throat.- You saw nothing....

//Let's face it, intros blow donkey balls :rofl: dear Addie here is quirky and awkward af. Just her character. Also know character profile is lacking majorly. Brief rundown is a twist on Sleeping with the Enemy past (killed -or so she thought...?- husband, triggering her werewolf gene, and moved to a small town. Father was sheriff of a big town. Clumsy as all get out Latina with a bit of sass. Very fresh to being a werewolf but writer is not new to writing a werewolf. Honestly having fun with this character all in all. Look forward to getting creative flow going with like minded writers! Hope to hear something back soon!

Apr 23rd 2021 - 9:29 AM


Apr 23rd 2021 - 9:28 AM

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