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Characters: Rey
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Rey, a Force-sensitive human female, was a scavenger who lived on the forlorn frontier world of Jakku during the New Republic Era. Toughened by the harsh environment of her homeworld, Rey lived in solitude until events drew her into the galaxy-wide conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. After discovering her connection to the Force, she sought out the legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in hopes of saving the Resistance and learning to control her new powers. Her unconventional training as Skywalker's apprentice would set Rey on the path to becoming a Jedi in a time when the Jedi Order was virtually extinct.

Born in 15 ABY, Rey grew up alone on Jakku, working as a scavenger in order to survive on a barren desert world. As a child, she was abandoned by her junk trader parents; but, having suppressed the memory of her abandonment, she spent years waiting in vain to be reunited with her family. Nevertheless, life on Jakku shaped her into a survivor, allowing Rey to develop various skills as a gifted mechanic, pilot and warrior. During the waning days of the cold war, a fateful encounter with the astromech droid BB-8 brought Rey into contact with the Resistance in 34 ABY. Along the way, she encountered the Rebel war hero Captain Han Solo, who confirmed that the legends of the Force and the Jedi Order were true. Shortly after the destruction of the New Republic, Rey was captured by the First Order warlord Kylo Ren, Han Solo's estranged son who turned to the dark side of the Force after destroying the new generation of Jedi Knights. By then, Rey's strength in the Force became more pronounced as a side effect of the mysterious connection between her and Ren, granting her access to certain abilities such as mind trick and telekinesis.

After the Battle of Starkiller Base, Rey journeyed to the lost world of Ahch-To, the ancient birthplace of the Jedi Order, where she located Luke Skywalker. However, instead of rediscovering a legend, she found an embittered hermit, disillusioned by failure and intent on dying in exile as the last of the Jedi. Although Rey remained at the Jedi Master's side, hoping to change his mind about training her, she found herself increasingly drawn to Skywalker's nephew, Ren, with whom she could communicate across the stars through the Force. The bond between them allowed Rey to glimpse the light within Ren, leading her to believe that he would renounce the dark side if she came to him in person. As a result, they joined forces to overthrow Supreme Leader Snoke, only for Ren to usurp his fallen master's throne as the new ruler of the First Order. Disappointed by Ren's choice, Rey rejected his entreaty to rule together as leaders of a new galactic order, and managed to save the Resistance from the armies of the First Order during the Battle of Crait.
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People keep telling me they know me, but no one does...
Full Name: Unknown
Nickname/Alias: Rey
Signature: Neat
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: Varies by storyline
Age Appearance: Varies by storyline
Birthday: Date unknown, 15 ABY
Birthplace: Unknown; Jakku (assumed)
Species: Human
Blood Type: O+
Preferred Hand: Right
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Hairstyle: Shoulderlength, triple knot
Skin Tone: Olive
Complexion: Freckles
Makeup: None
Build: Fit, strong
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 55 kg
Health: Excellent
Energy: High
Memory: Sharp, Force-enhanced
Senses: Sharp, Force-enhanced
Status: ---
Whom: Name
Dated: 00/00/0000
Engaged: 00/00/0000
Married: 00/00/0000
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Dec 23rd 2019 - 12:54 AM

I do hope that you don't mind that I sent a comment instead of a message. Just a little bit easier when it comes to sending out mass introductions. Which brings me to the second part of my apology. I know not everyone agrees with mass comments. It's terrible and unoriginal, I know, but considering that this is not only my first time in the verse and the fact that I just created this page... it's just easier. At least in my opinion to send out mass introductions. Doesn't mean that I'm not serious about writing. Quite the opposite. I can't wait to start writing with everyone possible.

Before we start discussing though I must admit that this is my first time in the first. Just recently started watching the series. Though I know some others it's frowned upon but I've been watching them in chronological order. This means that I've watched episodes 1-4. Right now, while I type this comment, I'm watching the 5th. I do know quite a bit of spoilers that does happen. Because I'm terrible and needed some questions answered and somehow I found myself neck deep in the wiki pages.

I do hope this doesn't stop you from wanting to discuss with me! I promise you won't regret it.

If you're interested just shoot me back either a comment or a message; either one, whatever you prefer. Can't wait to hear back from you!
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Crimson Survivor

Dec 2nd 2019 - 3:15 PM

The inevitable answer came from the girl and Qi’ra smiled. She knew how Rey was going to answer before she did because she had known a dozen Reys over the course of her life. The girl, this scavenger from Jakku, was proving to be everything Qi’ra thought she was, and if that trend continued onward it seemed as though Crimson Dawn may be helping the Resistance sooner than Qi’ra thought. She still had to pull off the job though. Qi’ra still needed to be sure.

“I need you to travel to Nar Shaddaa,” Qi’ra said. “The job is on the Smuggler’s Moon. Chewbacca is welcome to accompany you, of course, in fact I recommend bringing along as many people as you feel you’ll need. The only member of your crew I must insist on is that you bring a representative from Crimson Dawn with you to assure that everything is going as it is supposed to.”

Qi’ra crossed the room again and stood behind the sofa Rey and Chewbacca sat on. She had one hand on the hairy shoulder of her old friend and one on Rey’s. She had a gentle, almost grandmotherly way about her even as she was forcing them to jump through hoops.

“There is a man hiding on that moon,” she continued, “A man who owes me quite a bit of money. This man is connected so he’s not something that’s easily attainable through a member of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, and it’s not something I trust non-guild members with. You see, I need this man alive. Go to Nar Shaddaa, retrieve this man, and bring him back here in one piece. Easy as pie, is it not?”

Crimson Survivor

Nov 27th 2019 - 4:46 PM

Qi’ra stiffened as Rey confessed all she believed about what happened to Ben, about what twisted him. She remained upright and stiff the whole time Rey spoke, listening to every word but drifting at the same time, almost lost in her own thoughts. She waited for the child to say what needed to be said before responding.

“If Ben is as gone as you say he is, if he’s determined to burn everything around him, I’m afraid he won’t last very long,” Qi’ra said.  “Am Emperor who only wishes to rule over ash will be struck down before the entirety of the galaxy can burn. Besides, I’m not sure if the reality of the worlds around us reflect your vision. The First Order has been sweeping across the galaxy taking over worlds since the fall of the New Republic, many of these worlds may be under the rule of fascism, but they still exist. He hasn’t started burning worlds like this one, or even Corelia for that matter. Is that not the past? The homeworld of his father? Corelia is a First Order world now—is it not—it’s not a graveyard.”

Qi’ra stood up and returned to her window where she could gaze out at those vistas again. A storm was building up over the distant mountains. Dark clouds gathered, clustering into one mass that created a shadow over the faraway stone. The clouds flashed from time to time with lightning, as storm clouds did. 

“You’re venturing down the wrong path here,” She said after a short pause. “Do I have a soft spot for Han’s boy? Perhaps. But you said it yourself, only Ben can save himself. I survived the Empire, I can survive the First Order. I do not need a reason to fight. What I need is a reason to believe that you and your cause are worth investing in. I saw what the Rebel Alliance had in spirit and gusto. What does the Resistance offer?” She turned away from the window to face Rey.

“I need a reason to believe in you, Rey,” Qi’ra said, “More than exaggerated stories. You want my help, earn it. Prove to me that you’re worth backing. Prove to me that I should risk everything I have to side with you. I have a job… you complete it, then we can talk about how I can help the Resistance. Sound fair?”

Crimson Survivor

Nov 25th 2019 - 12:44 PM

A careful and thoughtful smile arced Qi’ra’s face. This girl was clever—very clever—but still a girl. “You nearly got all of it,” She said , sounding impressed even if Rey didn’t make it the whole way. “I am a survivor, that’s the key, that’s the black hole in the center of all my stories that keeps everything tethered together with the strong pull of its gravity. I am a survivor. But it’s not war that tires me. Life is a war. War, believe it or not, is good for business, war has made me rich, and I suspect that this war will continue to do that. No, you have slightly missed the point.”

That same thoughtful smile remained.

“I show you these things to tell you that I cannot be trusted,” she said. “I shouldn’t be trusted. I am a survivor, I do what I need to get by, war or no war. I trade with those in need, I help when I can, sure, but I mostly help those who can prove useful to me at some point in the future.” There were a few exceptions to that rule but bringing those up right now would only hinder Qi’ra’s point. It wasn’t worth it. 

“You come to me for help,” she continued, “And I can help you, sure, but of all the people in the galaxy, are you sure that it’s my bed you would prefer to lie in? You saw my guests downstairs. Are you confident that if I get wedged in a corner I won’t sell you and your friends out faster than a fyrnock flees from the light? Are you sure that my daughter won’t disobey whatever orders I put out there in her own self interest and lead the First Order right to your base to secure her own survival throughout the war? My point is that the collection you see around me is a lesson in why I am not a steady ground to stand on during the times of war. I may want to help you, but I can’t promise you will be the only ones I help in the days to come.”

Then they said his name. Then they said Ben Solo.

Qi’ra’s lips pursed some. She looked to Chewie, curious as to how much he had told the girl, and then back to Rey.

“I don’t believe the Supreme Leader enjoys being called that anymore, from my understanding,” Qi’ra said. She folded her hands again and rested them in her lap. “Did Chewie ever tell you how I first came to the aid of the Rebel Alliance all those years ago? Did the Princess ever tell you how we met? They were desperate back then, not unlike the desperation your Resistance currently struggles with. The princess was escorted her, to this very room, to meet with me and ask for help by a mutual friend.

“I’m from Corelia, you know, originally, I mean. Before all this.” Qi’ra gestured around the room with a limp hand. “When I knew Han he had no last name. He was a scrum rat like me, a street kid with no past, no future… he had nothing. We had nothing together. And it was perfect in the way youthful romance was always perfect. We were children; we were children and we survived on the whimsy of our dreams.”

Qi’ra lowered her head, lost in thought for a moment before she came back.

“Ben Solo had a lot of his father in him,” she said. “He was a sweet boy, a caring boy, but he was a pretender, always off to prove to the galaxy that he was something he was not. It seems his charades have escalated. It seems he has the whole galaxy believing his game now. What is it you think I can contribute to this cause? Ben Solo killed his father. If he’s not beyond saving, he’s beyond my help at least. What is it you really want from me, Rey? Speak true, I’ll listen.”

Crimson Survivor

Nov 25th 2019 - 12:35 AM

She was humble. That was a good quality in a hero, Qi’ra thought, there wasn’t much humility left in the galaxy. Perhaps this young girl would respark that trait and set an example for others going forward. If she was to be a legend, like the Jedi of old, something the galaxy could look up to, it was good that she wasn’t the sort of person who would let it go to her head. Chewbacca tried to puff up the girl’s ego some, adding truth to the humility, but she wouldn’t take any of it. Yes… humble indeed.

“It’s about me, my daughter, and my organization?” Qi’ra repeated back to her, eyebrows knitting together with a puzzled look. “And what exactly do you know of me, my daughter, and my organization, miss… I’m sorry, you never told me your name.”

Qi’ra stood up but held out a hand to tell them that it was okay for them to remain seated. She paced around the back of her couch and wandered over to some of the items she had on display there in her office. Qi’ra lingered between two podiums in particular. The one on her left was a charred bit of gray metal that was frayed on the ends and rusting black. It was twisted and burnt up. The item on her right was the hilt of an old lightsaber, or piece of one anyway. The item was centuries old, silver and gold with a black grip.

“This,” Qi’ra pointed to the charred metal on her left. “This was a gift from General Hera Syndulla of the Rebel Alliance. She was a friend of mine… once. Do you know what it is? No, let me tell you. This here is a tiny piece of the Second Death Star. She gifted me this after the war was over. It was her way of saying thank you. I provided a few funds to the Alliance before the Battle of Endor that allowed them to add a couple of extra B-Wings to their meager fleet.”

Turning, Qi’ra pointed to the hilt on her right. “This, on the other hand was a gift I received from a man named Moff Dargin a month or so before the Battle of Jakku, which, if you know your history was the battle to end the war. He knew I had a vast collection of relics from the past that I inherited from my old master and he thought this old lightsaber would go well with what I already had. It was a gift for simply allowing his battered vessel through space I controlled. He went on to die at the Battle of Jakku, crashed that very vessel into the sand, but he killed a great many New Republic soldiers on his way out.”

Qi’ra cast Chewie a sad look, a look of steely regret, but one he deserved when she was airing her honest sins.

“What’s the lesson here, girl?” She paced back around to the couch. “Hmmm, care to guess? What do you pull from the two stories I just told you?” she pointed back to the objects and sat back down.

Crimson Survivor

Nov 24th 2019 - 6:50 PM

Qi’ra’s focus narrowed on a valley several kilometers off from the ship. She stood by the large window and watched the sun dip closer toward the mountain ranges in the distance. This world had a beauty hidden under its apparent uselessness. The First Order had no value placed on beauty and would stay far away from a world that offered little else. But that allowed Qi’ra to conduct her business with relative peace. Though the leader of Crimson Dawn was old enough to remember the time of the empire, and she remembered the empire’s thirst for power too. The First Order was only getting started. It was only a matter of time until Qi’ra began to run out of beautiful useless worlds to work in peace. Maybe that was why she agreed to Leia Organa’s most reason move of desperation.

The doors to the lift opened with a loud whoosh and three distinct sets of footsteps walked out. Qi’ra kept her focus on the valley outside the window.

“The guests you’ve asked for, mother,” Emilie said.

“Thank you, daughter,” Qi’ra replied. “You may return back to the party.” Qi’ra turned away from the window and Emilie nodded. Her daughter gave the Wookiee and the girl a party glance before retreating to the lift. Qi’ra waited until Emilie was gone before she drew closer to her guests, greeting Chewbacca with a wide smile that scrunched her eyes closed, and open arms looking for one of those famous Wookiee hugs. “Hello, old friend, it has been far too long since I have seen you.” She leaned into his furry chest during the embrace and closed her eyes. For a moment she was a young woman again.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly, not needing to mention what she was sorry for. The news of Han’s death hit her hard, but she knew what Han meant to Chewbacca, and that was a pain that couldn’t be quantified or put into words. All one could say was ‘I’m sorry’.

Pulling away from the hug, Qi’ra turned her focus on the young woman behind the Wookiee. She looked her up and down, taking in the cut of her garb and the harshness of the way she stood. She was a young woman who was not used to luxury of any sort, not even comfortable being this close to it. But that was something that could be learned. When Qi’ra first came to the Crimson Dawn she had never seen a dress before. Humans were remarkably pliable and quick to change. The smart ones were anyway.

“You must be the young women I’ve heard so much about,” Qi’ra said. “Yes, I see you’re as impressive as the stories. Is it true about what you did on Crait? Is it true that in the wake of the legendary Luke Skywalker’s death you rescued what was left of the princess’ rag-tag group of freedom fighters by throwing a mountain at the First Order?” 

That story was no doubt an exageration, and Qi’ra’s smirk showed that she knew it to be so, but she mentioned it anyway. Doubling back across the room, she gestured to a pair of couches that sat across from one another. A lifetime ago Han sat there, coming back into Qi’ra’s life after she never thought she’d see him again. She took a seat across the way and folded her arms, and waited for the others to sit. “Please. Make yourself comfortable.”

There were a few appetizers on the table between them, finger food they were welcome to take, though Qi’ra didn’t bother with any.

“So, let’s not waste time, shall we,” Qi’ra said. “You’re here for a reason. Give us the pitch. What is it exactly that the Princess thinks she can get from me?”

Crimson Survivor

Nov 23rd 2019 - 3:35 PM

34 ABY


There were many things that could be said about Crimson Dawn—they were cruel, vicious, dangerous by every definition of the word—but one could not say they didn’t know how to throw a party. Emilie Moyes once hated her mother’s parties. She hated being poked and prodded by the dressing droids, being paraded around as a pretty young thing that her mother could use to disarm her business associates. Time changed things, though, and now that Emilie was over thirty, she didn’t much mind the dressing up and lounging around anymore. But only a fool would ever tell her mother that. She’d sooner be shot down dead in the street in a duel before letting her mother know that.

The party had been going on for about an hour and already it was off to a dashing start. There were a few dozen people in attendance, beings of all shapes and sizes mingling together, flirting, doing business, trading secrets, all while the Rodian band that Emilie’s mother hired tooted their songs from the dais in the center of the viewing platform where the party took place. Smugglers chatted with pirates, crime lords talked with representatives from the First Order, it was a who’s who of elbow rubbing all around. Emilie, however, was content sitting at her table where she could smoke her death stick and chat with the two handsome bounty hunters who had sat across from her.

“Flattery will get you far in this galaxy but it won’t get you far with me,” Emilie said after one of the bounty hunters suggested that Crimson Dawn would be in good hands once she took it over from her mother. Emilie had her mother’s smile but her father’s coarse and rugged accent. A gold and red A-LT Utility Droid rolled past the table and she plucked a grape from its server dish and popped it into her mouth before continuing. “I have not been groomed for leadership. Nor do I want it.”

“I find that hard to believe,” the Zabrak bounty hunter said, leaning in. The other—the human—was too busy scanning up and down Emilie’s gold and white dress to participate in the conversation. “The daughter of Qi’ra doesn’t want power? That must be a joke.”

“Oh, I don’t joke,” she took a drag of her death stick. “I wasn’t bred for that either.”

The bounty hunters both laughed and Emilie was about to enjoy another drag of her smoke when one of her mother’s Hylobon guard approached her and whispered in her ear that her mother would like to speak with her. Emilie gave the viewing platform a once over and realized that her mother wasn’t there, though that wasn’t much of a surprise. “Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me.” She ashed out her death stick, stood up, and gave the bounty hunters a nod. They nodded back and she walked off to the lift where GL-OT15, a black and gold vendor droid who operated the lift controls, took her up to the top floor where she could visit her mother in her office.

The lift doors opened with a loud whoosh and Emilie stepped out into the office. She expected to find her mother staring out of one of the wide bay windows up there, taking in the vistas of the desert planet they were on—her mother loved her vistas—but instead she was behind her desk looking down at a security feed of the party.

Even in her advanced age, Qi’ra of the Crimson Dawn struck an imposing figure. Her black and white striped jacket was decorated with a Crimson Dawn pin on the lapel and her white hair was styled short, showcasing much of the beauty that still lingered on her face. Emilie meandered over toward her mother, curious as to why she was called up.

“What did I do now?” Emilie asked.

“You did something?” Qi’ra didn’t look away from the monitor. Her accent was clipped and friendly, though there was always the undertones of severity whenever mother and daughter spoke.

“If I didn’t do anything why am I being summoned?” Emilie rounded her mother’s desk and got a better look at what she was looking at on the monitor. “Who’s that?”

Qi’ra’s lips stretched into a smile. “An old friend, and the trouble he brought with him by the looks of it.”

On the monitor was a big hairy wookiee. Emilie recognized him after a minute or so of staring. He was Chewbacca, her paths crossed with him a few years back when she was trying to track down an old friend of her mother’s, Han Solo. There was a girl with him though, a kid, and she looked vastly under-dressed for the party. 

“I’d like them brought up here, please,” Qi’ra said.

“Alright,” Emilie nodded. “Why not send one of the guard?”

“I’d prefer not to draw too much attention to them,” Qi’ra explained. “Approach them. Be subtle. Bring them here.”

“They’re Resistance, aren’t they?”

Qi’ra didn’t answer. She turned away from the monitor and went to the window. Emilie didn’t need an answer. They were Resistance. She returned to the lift and the lift droid brought her back down to the viewing platform where the party was. She ventured out, smiled at those she passed, and zeroed in on the giant fur ball and the young girl who were stuffing their faces by a serving tray.

“The Mighty Chewbacca,” Emilie said, addressing the wookiee to get his attention. “And guest… How good of you both to make it.” She turned her focus on the girl. “My name is Emilie. My mother would like to speak with the two of you, if that’s okay. In private.” She eyed some of the First Order officers at the party and gave the two of them a knowing look back. “I suspect that’s in everyone’s best interest. Come, she’s expecting you.”

Emilie turned her back and returned back to the lift, expecting to be followed. If they followed her she’d authorize the lift droid to take them up to the office again where the Resistance could meet with who they came there for.

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