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Last wrote as Phyllis on myspace 2009 Not aware of any copycats. But just making sure its known. I am the first and original from myspace days. Never wrote as Sharon so don't bring me any of her drama please.

29 years old
Sacred Heart, Minnesota
United States

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December 03 2020

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How does one look back?

When all they wish to do

is simply look forward.

For time does not stop

Life never stands still no matter if ones heart and mind chooses too

And with that being said

Everyone still needs to know something right?.

The Beginning of my creation

Phyllis and Sharon were both the embodiment of Phoebe and Dra though the two us where never close not really. We were always more like rivials that just never said anything openly. Since we both had been in love with the same man. And he never could seem to just simply choose one or the other. Our very creation was to cast a spell to divide Phoebe and Dra. And it actually works. So kids don't dabble in dark magics they are not joke. And they always come with a price. But what was the price we all pay? Well, some might say its just existing and others might say its to simply end up the last of the last. Left with no one we once knew. And forced to procreate or turn others. Just so we simply do not have to walk this earth alone. But as I recall I had always done my own thing any how. I was never one to show face to just do so. Something gets my interest or it doesn't. I know am far from perfect. And I have had so many of those. If I knew then what I know now moments. The fact remains we can't turn back time. And its not like I actually knew I was being used for a spell when I was asked. But it does make one ponder on the thought. Why anyone would ever take fitting into one group so seriously. Or what drives anyone to such a level. Envy? Rage? Sure its easy to start naming off sins as a reason. Then too on a side note, I ask myself. What if someone went to all that trouble for me. I would be flattered and scared sh*tless all at the same time. Cause we all know if someone is standing outside your window blaring a radio with romantic songs. If we love them too. It is sweet and romantic but if we don't love them. It seems crazy and stalkerish. I mean really just think about it. Its always more about how we already feel about someone than what things that someone does to show us how they feel about us. And for some odd reason many writers just seem to be on the losing ends side. So they try to dellude us with seeing crazy actions in movies as romantic ones. And this in turn also is what drives crazy people to try these crazy things. Its truly a vicious cycle

That is all anicent Myspace History

And as you can tell. When ever I try to write a bio about myself. I tend to babble
Its like I just write whatever one thing makes me think of. Instead of that one thing. I am trying to tell you about myself. So just ask.




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Characters: Princess of Devils Phyllis
Verses: A Story still being told. The book isn't over until I am dead
Playbys: MS
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Member Since:October 07, 2019

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About me:
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Princess Of Devils Phyllis

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Nothing compares

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˙spunoᴚ ʇlɐS uoɹI

Nov 21st 2020 - 5:18 PM

I'm not sure. I haven't been Dean since the old myspace days. So I'm a little rusty.
˙spunoᴚ ʇlɐS uoɹI

Nov 21st 2020 - 5:09 PM

Well I didn't know I was doing that. 
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