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basic information

✗ FULL NAME: Avis Genine Hawthorne
✗ MEANING: Avis, Latin for "bird".
✗ DATE OF BIRTH | AGE: December | 10th
✗ OCCUPATION: Survivor, robotics engineer, bartender
✗ GENDER: Female
✗ EYE COLOUR | HAIR COLOUR: Brown | Dark Brown
✗ BIRTHMARKS OR SCARS: Small birthmark on her left ribcage, no scars.
✗ FAMILY: Laura Anderson ( mother ), Jack Hawthorne ( father )
✗ PHOBIAS: Death
✗ ADDICTIONS: Modafinil (used to treat excessive sleepiness)
✗ MENTAL DISORDERS: Depression from childhood, insomnia

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switching to manual

my love

✗ STATUS: Single
✗ BY WHOM: unknown
✗ SINCE: xxx
✗ COMMENTS: Avis is not a multi LI character. Seeking either Conner, Hank, or Robotnik.

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Characters: OC, Katherine Hawthorne
Verses: Games, Detroit Become Human, Supernatural, Horror, Crime
Playbys: Nina Dobrev
Length: Novella
Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Human, Psychological, Video Game,
Member Since:August 08, 2019

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The Beginning

AAvis Genine Hawthorne is a 26-year-old girl who resides in the heart of Detroit. Personality-wise, Avis is a witty, sarcastic, and snarky girl to those who are just meeting her. To the ones that are brave enough to stay, they find Avis to be compassionate, soft, and a kind human being. While she’s all these things, she is also very cunning and resourceful. As a little girl, Laura Anderson, her mother, and Jack Hawthorne, her father, had an Android as a housemaid. Its name was Alyson with blond hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion. Both Avis and her mother thought Alyson to be a part of the family, Jack, however, did not. Avis's father hated Androids, calling them “overpriced scarps of metal that take over jobs and sh*t.”. It was true that an Android took over Jack’s job as an inspector for airplane parts, the reason being that Androids are faster and better at finding issues that, in the end, would be safer for passengers. One night, in a fit of drunken rage, Jack ended up destroying Alyson to the point of no return before trashing it. Both Avis and her mother watched helplessly, then eventually deciding enough was enough. Her parents divorced, leaving Avis to stay with her mother until adulthood.

Shortly after Avis and her mother moved to Detroit, Avis had a serious incident that nearly killed her. One afternoon while she and her mother were out and about, Avis collapsed, hitting the back of her back hard on the concrete. Scared she may have had a concussion; Avis was rushed to the hospital. Upon further testing after explaining a few various symptoms she had previously, it was revealed that Avis had a rare genetic disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia. As described by the doctor, this disease causes difficulty walking, slow but progressive paralysis of the legs and arms, and impaired speech. It is also known to damage parts of the brain, spinal cord, and heart. There is no cure, only treatments that could only buy her more time. The best Avis was offered was treatment in hopes that they would help, like physical and IV therapy, and a plethora of medications. After realizing the severity of the disease, Avis became more and more fearful about the concept of death, eventually having it turn into a phobia. She did everything she could to live a healthy lifestyle, trying to extend her shortened life span as much as possible. There were times when her legs wouldn’t move, her hands wouldn’t grip, her skin became noticeably paler at times, but she manages to pull through.

When Avis turned 21, she built up the courage to move out on her own, promising her mother countless times that she would get herself her very own medical Android to help her in case her health took a sudden decline. Androids, especially the ones made for medical reasons, were extremely expensive, more expensive than both her and her mother’s money combined. In desperation, she took a job as the only human bartender at the Eden Club, an erotic spot where humans would go to rent Androids out for pleasure. Usually, Avis would have more self-respect to work at such a place, but the pay was way higher than any other place hiring close to her. This was also the only place she would be able to retrieve bits and pieces of other Androids to build her own; though this was illegal.

How It's Going

After half a year of working, Avis eventually collected enough pieces to build her own Android. She studied the science, the wires, everything she needed until she got one to work, its model being KTMD001. It looked and sounded identical to her. After KTMD001 became a success, she wondered what else she was able to do. Because of her fear of dying, her primary focus was to see if she could transfer her own consciousness to another body. That way, she could live on forever, or at least until she lived the life she wanted to have. Of course, this requires a lot more science than just merely making Androids. Whenever Avis isn’t working at her job, she’s working at home, desperately trying to achieve success with her idea with fear being the only emotion that drives her.

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