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“Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.”

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May 10th 2020 - 8:51 PM

pleasure to see you again my friend.
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 10th 2020 - 8:15 PM

“What would you do?” Her voice dropped, teeth grazing her lower lip as she watched him move about the kitchen as if he’d done it several times before. She blindly reached for the glass of wine, bringing the glass to her lips to hide the wide smile that bloomed.

She would jump at the chance to spend another day with him. Wynn couldn’t explain it. The minute he got close, her heart pounded so hard she was sure it would jump out of her chest. Heat rose to her cheeks, and all she could focus on was how right it felt to have him close.

Like it was fate. She was drawn to him.

Wynn was so deep in her thoughts, she had almost missed his question. She blinked at him, mind going blank for a second until she realized just what he had asked. “About as good as I could be while being stuck in the house.”

After what happened, Dean had rarely let her out of his sight - until now.

“I haven’t been allowed to do much. If I go out somewhere, someone has to go with me,” Sliding off the top of the table, Wynn finished the rest of her glass, setting down the glass and grabbing the bottle, “But if I were to leave with a friend - they wouldn't be able to say anything.”

The silence that followed that sentence made Wynn grin impossibly wide, resisting the urge to peek over at the man sitting right next to her. Was it too forward of her? Maybe the awkward flirting was only wanted if they were both half asleep.

Like when you sat on his hips looking like he just fu--

“Anyway!” Wynn spoke loudly, coughing to hide the dark blush that bloomed suddenly over her cheeks, eyes widening when she noticed the one, vivid white flower growing out of the floor just behind his chair.

“Want a tour of the place? Or do you want to do something else?” Way to sound suggestive, Wynn. Good job.
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 9th 2020 - 8:57 PM

Her hand patted her pockets, heart stopping until she realized why they felt weird. Sh*t, my phone!

Bouncing off the step and back in the house, she bound quickly down the stairs, grabbing her phone off the counter where she had left it in the middle of her quick cleaning. Just as she reached the top of the stairs, the doorbell sounded loudly.

Wynn grabbe the handle and threw open the door without a second thought, smiling brightly when her gaze settled upon him once again, this time without Meli, she noticed. Taking his free hand, she pulled him inside and closed the door loudly behind him, making sure to lock it before pulling him down the thin, winding stairs.

“Honestly, I’m just glad you’re here,” She spoke honestly, leading him into the kitchen, gesturing to the large table, enough to fit twenty comfortably. “You can set your bags down here, you didn’t have to bring dinner, but thank you.”

I swear, everytime I speak, I’m thanking him for something. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes and turned, heading towards a set of drawers to grab cutlery and some plates. “Was the drive okay? I know after you hit the dirt roads it gets really bumpy.”

Walking back to the table, she got in close and set the plates down with the take out containers, her stomach growling loudly the minute she smelled what he had brought. Laughing brightly, she took a few steps back and hopped up to sit on top of the wooden table, cheeks pink with embarrassment.

“I’m so hungry, I don’t actually think I’ve eaten today now that I think about it… ” She chewed innocently at her bottom lip, trying to think of the last time she had eaten anything resembling food.

Hmmm. Yesterday at dinner. Two sandwiches, and a handful of peanuts. Even then, that wasn’t enough to keep her going for the day. The colour of her cheeks darkened, glancing down at the wine bottles to distract herself.

“You came with a feast, I’m a little impressed.” She mumbled honestly, taking a peek up at him through her lashes.


May 9th 2020 - 7:34 PM

woof woof...
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 9th 2020 - 4:12 PM

Received 9:20 pm: May I see you again, Wynn?

She read that text, and re-read it again, feeling her heart flutter as a rush of warmth filled her cheeks. Dozens upon dozens of wildflowers erupted in the grass around her, reacting to her sudden warmth, and filling the air with their sweet, calming scents.

It had been almost two weeks since they first met. Two weeks since he’d stumbled into her life, two weeks since she had spent the night with him in that hotel room, alone…

… and two weeks since she had said goodbye.

Biting her lip, she made the decision she hadn’t needed to think over. She wanted to go to him, but seeing as she was under house arrest and had no transportation into town, she would have to make do with him coming here, if he said yes, of course.

Sent 9:32 pm: Yes!

Sent 9:33 pm: You have my address, come over anytime. I have the house all to myself for the next week.

Was that too forward of her? Gnawing at her lip hard, she shook her head slightly at her own question. Of course it was. But, even if it was, it was too late to take it back now. He had read it.

Plus, her insides did funny things at the thought of him coming to see her. It felt like those butterflies were back.

If he was coming here, she would need to tidy up a bit.

She stood, taking off out of the field and beelined it back towards the main door. Flying down the spiral stairs and straight through the small kitchen area, she ran directly to her room and flung the door open, straightening up until everything was in it’s proper spot.

As she made her way back the way she came, she straightened up little bits here and there; putting away books, throwing out garbage, ect. Nothing was out of place.

Except for the trail of bright pink peonies that she had left behind. Her eyes grew wide, following the line of flowers up the staircase, and straight out the door. Whelp, that was a first.

Her phone dinged inside her pocket and immediately she knew she didn’t have time to sweep up the flowers. They would have to stay. Hopefully he wouldn’t comment on them. Wynn had no idea where the sudden power had come from. It wasn’t her usual thing.

Heading back outside, she sat down on the part of the grass that gave her a good view of the road, again watching the wildflowers bloom in the grass wherever she looked. It didn’t take a genius to realize that the flowers were responding to her emotions.

The vines in the motel room, the blue flowers in the shower, the wildflowers and peonies just now?

She couldn’t say what caused the vines, but the flowers popped up when she thought about him, or he made her feel funny things, or she noticed the way he smiled, or the way the sunlight glinted off his eyes ….

…. Sh*t. I’m in deep.

The flowers, and trees, bloomed bright and vivid with flowers that were way out of season. Wynn only took notice, because the blooms themselves were the colour of ice and snow.

Just like his eyes….
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 9th 2020 - 12:38 AM

His soft knock shocked her, forcing her gaze up. She could see his blurry form through the hazy shower curtain, remembering then that he couldn't see her as she nodded in response to his question. Clearing her throat, she answered, trying to quickly brush the flowers from her hair, "I'm fine, I promise!"

She quickly grabbed the bar of soap and lathered her hands. You got it bad, girl.

She vaguely wondered if he has been just as affected as herself.


Once she was freshly showered, dressed and in a much better mood, she gathered her bags (after making sure all items were inside) and headed downstairs with him for a late lunch.

She felt guilty that she hadn't finished much of the dinner he'd ordered from last night. She would have mentioned it earlier, but everything had been cleaned up by the time she had finished showering.

She awkwardly maneuvered her large bags between the tables and set them down on either side of her chair, checking multiple times to make sure they weren't blocking anyone's path. Satisfied, she ordered a salad, too nervous to eat anything larger.

"My Dad's and Uncle are coming," Wynn confirmed as their meals were set in front of them. She gave the waiter a smile of thanks, immediately snatching up all the croutons and placing them into a nearby napkin, picking at the lettuce in between their conversation.

"Things should be okay. Dad's just really attached to that car. He would never tell me why, bu--," Her train of thought trailed off as he spoke suddenly, anxiety growing. Admission? Was he going to yell at her for this morning?

As if reading her mind, He continued in a hasty explanation, looking almost out of place as he explained himself. Clearly, he didn't often go out of his way to help complete strangers. The fact he had it towed and fixed all within a few hours, and was offering to send it back without a second thought had sent a pulse of emotion through her that she couldn't explain.

She sat back in her chair, eyes wide with that unexplainable emotion. "You didn't… I mean, thank you. Truly," Her words were sincere, genuine. Her smile showed that brightly. "I have no idea how I'm ever going to repay you."

His kindness and generosity wouldn't be lost on her. Wynn was already thinking up several ways she could repay him for what he had done to help her. And several ways she would like to thank him, but that wasn't important.

'Wynter!' Dean's angry call made her head snap to the side in surprise, shoulders visibly deflating at his angry look. He made a gesture at her that she took as 'get your ass over here right the hell now!'

"And that would be Dad." Wynter sighed, kneeling for a quick second to grab the shoulder straps of her bags and threw them over her right shoulder as she stood straight with the help of his extended hand.

"Thank you, again. I'll be sure to call if I find myself in need of another strange encounter," She grinned playfully, as if remembering an old inside joke.

Reaching with her dominant hand, she plucked the pen sticking out of his breast pocket and quickly scribbled her address on one of the napkins in her perfect, looping script, and tucked it inside his pocket with the borrowed pen in question.

"See you around, Aiden." Wynn cupped his cheek with that same hand and leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to the other. Her touch lingered seconds longer than what was appropriate, but if felt wrong to say goodbye.


Wynn winked up at him before turning to quickly make her way through the immaculate sea of tables, wandering over the large pick up truck that Dea had undoubtedly borrowed from the neighbor down the street.

With one last glance back at him, she opened the back passenger seat and crawled inside, slamming the door behind her. Dean too turned to see who she had glanced at, before turning away to walk around to the drivers side.

Goodbye wasn't forever, after all.


Days had passed since she returned home, and Wynn was already tired of being there. The minute they had walked through the door, Dean had swore up and down, screamed until his face turned red, and gave her the cold shoulder all within an hour and a half.

He was mad, and understandably so. She had gone out, by herself, in a dangerous case. Lost her phone, was attacked, and ran away all within a few hours. And the worst part, she hadn't even finished what she went in to do.

And worse, she had ruined her dad's prized possession. No matter how many times she had explained herself, Dean refused to listen.

That night, the impala had been returned in better condition than when she had taken it. Dean was speechless and immediately demanded to know how she'd gotten the money to fix it. She just shrugged and stayed silent, angering him further.

Sam hadn't said a word to her all week. What else was there to say that Dean hadn't already said?

The same night the impala was returned, Sam knocked on her door, peeking it open enough to stick his head and arm through. "Hey, Kiddo. Your bag was in the back seat, thought you might want it back."

He placed it next to the door and gave her a soft smile before retreating, closing the door behind him. Wynn stared at the bag, confused as sh*t because…. That wasn't her's.

She stood from her bed and approached it with caution. She couldn't hear anything alarming, nothing seemed off with it. It looked, and probably was, just a normal bag. She picked it up and walked it back to the bed, setting it down and zipped it open.

The contents made her grin wide, immediately pulling them out with gentle hands to lay them out on the mattress. New items which she hadn't purchased, but she was sure who had, had been inside. Smiling for the first time since then, she plopped onto the floor and picked up the smaller box, opening it with practiced hands and began setting it up.

Once all settings had been adjusted and things put in her name, she'd pulled up the contacts and made Him the first one, putting in the number he'd given her, from memory of course. She had started at that card so many times she could recite it in her sleep.

She typed out a quick message to him before turning the phone off to be properly charged. Unboxing the laptop, she went through the same routine as she had the phone.

Sent, 4:14 pm: Thank you for the phone, you're making it nearly impossible for me to pay you back at this point.


A few days later, Dean and Sam set off on the case she had been sent on originally. The nest she was supposed to go after had grown to impossible numbers in a matter of a week and needed to be dealt with.

Until they returned, she had been placed on mandatory house arrest. Dean didn't want to risk her running off and putting herself in danger again…. Or risk losing her in general.

It took all Wynn had to not scream at him; instead, she gave him the silent treatment, and held it up until she heard the impala squealing angrily out of the driveway.

She had the entire bunker to herself. She spent hours cleaning up most of the rooms, including the kitchen, her room and the three bathrooms they frequented. The bunker itself was massive and there were wards placed on certain rooms, restricting her simply because she was of magic origin.

After cleaning, she decided to sit outside and watch the sunset. It was one of her favorite nightly activities. She was forever the girl getting excited over the pretty colours sunsets would show. Her absolute favorite came after.

Star gazing.

Wynn had always felt drawn to the stars, even as a small child. The stars had been her friends for as long as she could remember, giving her comfort when she had no one else to turn too.

But that wasn't the case anymore. She had him.

Biting her lip, she pulled out the sleek phone he'd gifted her and finally checked the messages app to see if he'd sent anything.

Her eyes widened, smile growing impossibly wide.

Four new messages.
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 8th 2020 - 5:45 PM

After she’d fallen asleep the second time, her dreams hadn’t come as easily. The images were blurred, swirling around as if trying to decide what shape to take. Just as she felt she was gaining clarity, they faded. Her eyes broke open sleepily, not yet realizing that she was being woken up.

She forced her eyes to close and turned her head, burying her nose into the pillow. The hard, moving pillow? She froze as the events rolled back into her memory, realizing that the pillow she was trying to nuzzle into was in fact a very hard chest.

Wynn registered the movement his hand was making, making her break into goosebumps as his fingers grazed the small patch of bare skin where her shirt had ridden up. Her back arched automatically, making her eyes widen as another realization made itself known to her.

Arm thrown across his waist, torso thrown over his chest, leg tossed over his hips … she was practically on top of him. Breath held, she was scared to move in case she woke him up. Would he be mad that she joined him?

’ … Good morning.’

She quickly sat up, half straddling his lap with how she had been laying. Her hair was in utter disarray, looking like a birds nest. Her cheeks were lit up a brilliant pink, eyes sparkling with the warm joy she felt with the gentle intimacy that surrounded them.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to latch on, I --” She was rambling, she knew, as she tried to uncurl herself from his limbs and the blanket that had wrapped around their legs. By curling up with him in her panicked, half asleep state she hadn’t stopped to think about what it would look like in the morning.

Let’s face it, you’re hot for him. That stupid little voice in the back of her mind sounded smug, and sounded an awful lot like her uncle. She repressed a shudder and ran a hand through her messy curls, wincing when her fingers caught a nasty knot.

“What time is it?” She mumbled, having suddenly given up in her quest to free herself from his lap, eyes widening when she caught a glance at the time. She was supposed to have checked in five and a half hours ago.

“SH*T!” She had no problems flying off his lap then, quickly tugging down her shirt to cover any skin that had been exposed and flew to the communal phone that was on the other side of the room. She picked up the receiver, pressed the code to dial out then quickly pressed a sequence of numbers, recalling by memory the number for the bunker.

“Pick up, pick up, pick up…” She mumbled again to herself, fingers nervously twirling around the phone cord as the phone rang in her ear. Three minutes had passed when she was about to hang up, when the call connected.

She froze, breath held, until she heard the voice on the other side. ”Winchester.”

It was her Uncle, thank god. Letting out a relieved sigh, She spoke clearly in a /forced/ happy tone. “Uncle Sam! It’s Wynn.”

”Wynter!? Jesus christ, where the hell have you been!? Dean’s been going crazy!”

“I’m sorry, I’ll explain everything I promise, just … I can’t right now.” Her eyes glanced to the side, peeking at the man she had left in a heap on the couch, looking utterly confused. She bit her lip to keep from giggling at the sight.

”What do you mean? Wynn, where are you? Are you in trouble?” In the background, she heard a loud clatter, then an angry voice, ”Is that her!?”


”Wynter-Rose Amelia Winchester, you get your ass home right the f*** now!” Dean had taken the phone, and had yelled so loud she flinched back from the receiver in surprise. She was sure Adien had heard that one.

“Yeah, about that… I can’t come home yet.” She mumbled, dropping into a seat and shrinking into a ball. Angry Dean made her nervous. Since he still had the mark of Cain, he was unpredictable when angry, not that he would ever hit her or anything.

”Give me one good reason why.”

She gulped, licking her lips with a hurried whisper, “Thecargotdestoryed.”

” …. What did you just say?”

F***, here comes the tears. She took a shaky breath, feeling the familiar burn of tears in the corner of her eyes. “The car. I, uh… someone came after me, and they kinda… destroyed the impala.”

Dean went silent on the other side, as did her Uncle. Her heart pounded as the anxiety rose, waiting for something, anything out of him. It was several minutes before an angry sigh sounded loudly in her ears, it was then she knew she was in trouble, despite it not being her fault.

”Where are you?” His tone left no room for argument. She rattled off the address of the hotel quickly, hand tightening painfully over the phone.

”You stay there, we’re coming to get you, and I swear to god Wynter if you run, there will be hell to pay.” The call disconnected and it was then she hung up the phone, slamming it a little harder than she intended too.

She hated when he acted like she was still a child and not like a young adult. She was almost thirty, and he was acting like she had barely entered her teens. She never lied when she told people Dean loved the Impala more than her.

As if remembering where she was, Her glassy eyes refocused on Aiden. She almost wanted to apologize to him for having witnessed the call, but she couldn’t bring herself to speak, knowing that if she did, she would cry again. He, her father, always made her so angry when he got in one of his moods.

In lieu of talking, she stood silently and padded into the bathroom. She closed the door so that it was open enough for steam to escape and turned on the shower. Not too hot, but not too cold. She needed a moment to calm down. The anger was making her stomach churn uncomfortably, and the last thing she needed was to have stomach issues in the presence of an attractive person.

The hot spray of the water immediately calmed her. Happily humming, she worked her fingers gently through the wet, tangled hair, blinking when her fingers pulled the wilted soft blue petals from the brown locks.

The bottom of the shower was literally covered with the tiny dying flowers. Something similar had happened last night when she had been attacked, but they were more lively than this. Her brows furrowed in confusion, watching the flowers swirl with the draining water.

Why are they dying…. ?
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 5th 2020 - 12:26 AM

It ready has. She thought to herself, allowing a sleepy smile to grace her lips. As much as she didn't want to, she couldn't deny what her body craved. The adrenaline had long since worn off and the fatigue was just making itself known. Wynn hadn't realized just how exhausted she truly was until she allowed her body to relax.

She was safe here, tucked against him. She was safe, knowing no harm would come to her as long as he was near. She wasn't going to be attacked again, or chased out of another room in the middle of the night. She could sleep knowing she would be okay.

"M'not sleepy." Came the muffled mumble against his neck, looking like a pile of goo in his arms. She had already passed the line of unconsciousness when he finally placed her in the bed and tucked her in, knowing deep down she didn't imagine the way his knuckles lovingly grazed her cheek.

Happy and content, she was out within seconds. That night, her dreams strayed to three headed dogs, pomegranate trees and the smell of rain.


It was late morning when she finally woke. She couldn't tell what had happened, peeking around with blurry eyes trying to find what had startled her out of the most restful sleep she'd had in weeks… when it happened again.

A loud crack of thunder rolled through the room, startling her enough to jump out of the bed, hand placed firmly to her chest like it would put a stop to the painful thumping.

Thunderstorms were her one true fear. She could never explain why, but for as long as she could remember, they scared the crap out of her. It didn't matter what time it was or who she was with, the first crack of thunder was enough to send her into a frenzy.

Wynn spun around, noticing that she had been the only one occupying the bed. Meli had stretched across the foot of the mattress without a care in the world, seeming to be unbothered by the storm.

Another glance around caught the form of the one she's been looking for. Aiden's form was stretched out comfortably along the plush, and rather large, couch. The blanket he had covered himself with pooled around his hips, making it look like he'd kicked it off at some point in the night.

He seemed unfazed by the storm, just like Meli. She had almost forgotten about the oncoming panic attack as she observed him, until another loud crack of thunder sent her bolting over to the couch, climbing up to curl against his side, back against the cushions.

Here is where she felt the safest. The bed was too large for her alone, managing to convince herself that something would go wrong if she were to crawl back into it.

Wynn tucked her shaking form against him securely, head tucked just under his arm, face hidden against his shirt. She patted around for the edge of the blanket and tugged it up over them, effectively hiding herself.

The exhaustion took over one again, immediately lulling her back into an uneasy sleep, clinging tightly to the unsuspecting male beside her.

Outside, the storm grew worse, louder, as if expressing it's rage at her actions.
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 4th 2020 - 9:53 PM

"I'm a little cold, but… I don't need the coat."

She sat forward suddenly, her arms dropping her legs, dominant hand picking up her fork, taking a bite of the cooked eggplant with a satisfied hum. She gently placed her fork on top of the plate and lifted it with her as she stood, making her way over to his side of the table ….

…. And plopped herself directly on his lap.

She didn't think about it as she did it. It felt wrong to it across the table, to not be near him. It was effortless. She curled up in his lap like she belonged there, leaning her back against his chest, the perfect height that if her head were to tilt back, it would be on his shoulder.

Which is what she did. It was rude to talk to him and not make eye contact. Tilting her head back, she peeked up at him, completely content.

"My parents moved me around a lot. We've been all over the States and all over Canada," She nibbled her lip, thinking of where else Dean had dragged her.

"I was in Europe as a child. It…. Wasn't a good time," She broke away from his gaze, eyes on the far corner of the room, but she wasn't seeing anything beyond the memory replaying in her mind.

"Anyways," She said suddenly, breaking from her thought with a soft sniffle, tilting her head back to peek at him with a bright smile, "You moved here from Greece? I've always wanted to visit, it seems like a beautiful place to live. Why did you move here?"

She curled up, feet resting on the other side of his lap. His body heat was irresistible, drawing her in like a siren. Keeping her head on his shoulder, she could feel her eyes start to droop. Fighting to stay awake, she sat up a little, pressing her nose into the curve of his neck.

"My parents settled here last year, but… I hate it. I hate it here." She whispered then, sharing what she had never shared with her family. She didn't know why she told him, but deep down, she felt like he could relate.
ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀs,

May 4th 2020 - 10:17 AM

She kept her eyes on him, ignoring the curious glance she received in passing from the waiter. He was in his element, and she wasn't missing a moment of it. It could be her only chance, after all. But it won't be, and you know it.

Meli hopped off her lap just as he turned and made his way over, extending a hand to her. She felt like her stomach had erupted in several butterflies as she took the hand without hesitation, "I would love too." And allowed him to lead her to further into the lavish suite, instinctively leaning into him like she belonged there.

Her eyes glanced over the extra items he had ordered, feeling a pang of guilt thinking about how much he had spent - she would never be able to pay him back. He didn't seem concerned about it, so she pushed it to the back of her mind and decided she could worry about it later.

His sudden movement caught her gaze, and it resulted in more butterflies, making her feel fuzzy and warm. She took the offered seat, automatically bringing her legs up to hug them to her chest. It was warmer this way.

"Lucky guess," She grinned wide, eyes moving from him to inspect the bottle of white sitting near her. "I love wine. I lean more towards white, it's sweeter."

As she spoke, her hands moved to open the bottle. She reached for the glass and poured just a little to start with. She had a feeling sleep wouldn't be coming for a while, and she wanted to spend time with him before she passed out. She had also decided that she would call her parents tomorrow. Hunting would have to wait.

She had other things occupying her mind that were worth checking out.

Lifting her glass with him, she smiled wide, "To new friendships." Today didn't turn out as bad as it started …. I got to meet you. It was the perfect ending.

"Do you just move here?" She asked, taking a small sip of wine. She was going to ask every question she could think of while she had the chance. She picked up a piece of steamed carrot and popped it in her mouth, watching with genuine curiosity.

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