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My name is Adam,at least that was the name given to me as a baby to represent te merging between human and White Walker and now I am also a vampire but I will get to that later. Now to those that do not know of our kind we can be conciderd zombies in a way but I am not like the rest and never was.

My father was a Wildling that beleived that if he gave me away to the Walkers he would be left alone and so a silent bargan was struck between the Night king and my father and I was left in the cold crying with no one can hear me.

I was taken to the Night King like those I have come to call my brothers before me and the Night King used his magic on me,but something was differnt about me from the moment I was born and when he did this my eyes changed to icy blue but I was also able to change them back to the normal brown color by choice,but I didn't figure that one out until later in life.

We were raised as his generals and to become the commanders of his armies when at war with the human world and as such I learned to fight from the moment I was old enough to walk and talk. They tought us how to use the sword,arrows,crossbows and any other weapons we could find,though I always liked the sword the best.

Growing up I was the only one that could think without the Night King ordering me to in my mind and I always ventured further than most as a curious teenager. When I was 16 I saw some human boys playing and so I changed my eyes to brown and went to play with them but when my 'siblings' told the Night King where I was they attacked the village and killed everyone and so from that moment I fell back in line and did as I was told.

We attacked many villages and our army grew stronger with every attack. When Jon and the others first came across my siblings I wasn't there for I was spying on another village using the fact that I could hide my icy blue eyes to my advantage but then I met Ingra and the moment we met my human side knew she was special and we fell in love.

I protected the village from those I once called family and used my undead warriors to do so. I had a life there with her and we liked it but then a Red Pristess came to the village and could tell what I was so she cursed me to not only be a Walker but also a monster of the night that feeds off the blood of others and so I fled the village I once called home and went back to the Night King who accepted me back.

Because of what I am and my curse I am immortal and water and fire has no effect on me,though I do have weaknesses like anyone else but I will keep that to myself as well. I can walk in the sunlight but I rather the night time.

When my people attacked Winterfell with our king I was there fighting the enemies alongside my siblings and our king but then when he was killed I stayed in Winterfell for a time and then left to the frozen wastelands that were once my home and now I have become the new king of the undead but unlike the Night King and his armies we do not bother the living and live far beyound the place the wall once stood.

I have seen many centuries come and go and am now in the modern day and age as well, this place is still new to me but I am slowly getting used to things and yes I am still a Necromancer/White Walker/Vampire strange combo I know but that's just me.

Now that you know my story come to get to know me if you can.

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ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴇs ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇɪɢɴ

May 7th 2021 - 6:14 PM

She drummed her fingers against the arm of the throne, “hm, let’s start with who are you and where do you come from?” Her eyes landed on him inquisitively, “you’ve given me your name, yes, but who are you really?”
She was curious and why wouldn’t she be? Not everyone who encountered a band of hunters could dispatch them all and live to tell the tale. An elder vampire or lycan, yes, and most of the dragon populace but last she checked he was not a dragon.

Every now and then her attention would return to the castle servants ferrying items around the room as they readied for the festivities later in the evening. Giving her opinion as she pointed out that something looked better in a certain place, although it was more of a command than a suggestion.
She turned to him again and flicked her gaze over his attire, noting the blood spatter staining the fabric, “my servants will find you something suitable to wear.”
Lilah beckoned two of them over and asked them to escort Adam to the bed chambers to change whilst she disappeared to her own.

Parties were something they all liked to partake in for no other reason except that they were privileged and could do so. Blood flowed freely thanks to the castle’s own supply of humans who were imprisoned in the dungeons below, being drained, disposed of and replaced as if they were running their very own human factory, and in a way that’s exactly what it was.

After changing Lilah left her chamber dressed head to toe in seductive red, the train of her dress pooled behind her as she walked. She re-entered the grand throne room to find it now filled with the people of Navarr, at least those important enough to be invited.
As she waited for Adam to resurface, she delighted in drink and conversation, brushing off their concerns of hunters having ventured too close to their walls again.
“There is nothing to fear, I assure you. The hunters have been dealt with, and the humans would be foolish to attempt another raid on our kingdom.”
She sipped at the blood in her cup, so thick that it barely moved when she raised the rim to her lips.
“How can you guarantee that the youngest and weakest of our kind have a fair chance at survival? They are always the ones after all that the hunters take.”
Unconcerned, Lilah lowered her goblet and delivered an unfeeling response, “perhaps if they were not so weak then they would not be captured. Are you suggesting that we take a stand against the humans and risk wiping out our own source of food and for what? To save the weakest of our kind who are perhaps liabilities to all of us. I don’t think so.”

The male withdrew from the conversation, awkwardly drinking from his own goblet and clearly wishing he had not challenged the queen in such a way, especially now that she was staring daggers at him.
ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴇs ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇɪɢɴ

May 4th 2021 - 3:29 PM

Lilah’s eyes flicked around the scene, blood spray decorated the snow and some unfortunates had been separated from their limbs, the carnage was undoubtedly delightful, and she could not hide the faint grin tugging at the corner of her mouth.
Comfortingly her hand patted the neck of her horse, the hefty beast growing more restless the longer they remained still evident by it’s constant shifting on the spot and pawing at the ground.
Unbeknownst to the stranger, he had done her a great service by dispatching of these men, now their kind would be a little safer…until the next band of hunters showed up, or Werewolves returned yet again to declare war or the dragons left the sanctity of their dwellings to wreak havoc on the lands. Threats were abundant around here.

“Well, traveller, allow me to offer you a token of my gratitude for saving me the task of dealing with these pesky humans myself.”
She guided his gaze to the towering structure sat atop a hill in the distance, “I would be honoured if you would attend our gala tonight, as my guest of honour of course.” Lilah turned her horse around and then gestured to the man opposite, “please mount the back of my Captain’s horse and we’ll return to the castle.”

When they arrived in the courtyard, Lilah dismounted and walked through the doors of the castle, the other inhabitants gathering in the grand entrance hall to watch as their Queen arrived with a stranger in tow. They whispered amongst themselves curious of him, but even more curious that Lilah had not killed him simply for daring to trespass in their lands.
“Do not concern yourself with them,” she whispered noticing his expression as they gawked at him. “They may be monsters, but they won’t hurt you.”
Lilah unstrapped the sword from around her waist and handed it to the soldier at her side before she climbed the steps to her throne and sat down.
“Where are my manners? I should introduce myself; I am Queen Lilah Drakov of Navarr, welcome to my kingdom. Who might you be?”
After he gave his name, Lilah requested a seat to be brought for her new guest but naturally he placed to sit lower than she.
“Sit,” she said. “We’ll watch and wait as they prepare the room for tonight’s festivities and we can use the time to get to know each other better.”

ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴇs ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇɪɢɴ

May 2nd 2021 - 5:18 PM

News had reached the Queen of a band of hunters traversing the woods of their Kingdom, the men’s intent clearly to hunt and kill their kind. Usually, Lilah would not pay such a thing much attention, hunters were not an unfamiliar threat, and rarely did they ever succeed in taking more than two or three kills as trophies.
However this time these hunters drew considerable attention as they had been stalking their lands for weeks, picking off their kind and returning to capture or kill more, and they were becoming a nuisance. So, Lilah decided to finally take care of them personally.

She rode down from the castle with her soldiers in tow, the shuddering sound of their Nightsteed’s hoofbeats as they galloped out of the gates echoed all around. A blizzard was blowing in from the North obscuring their surroundings but being vampires, this did not hinder their vision too much. Lilah could still see the border of the woods in the distance, the shadowy haunt of the trees as they swayed and moaned in the cold breeze.

As they crashed through the foliage, their mounts snorting in rhythm with their long strides, the sound of commotion nearby caught the group’s attention. Lilah directed her small army to the left, swords drawn they were prepared for a fight but as they drew nearer the sounds died down until all seemed to fall quiet.

Lilah yanked on the reins to slow her steed and then urged it forward to break through the twisting arms of branches in front of them. There in a clearing she spotted an unfamiliar man surrounded by the bodies of several others, the hunters she suspected given that the ground was scattered with spent arrows and bullets from their weapons.

“You there, identify yourself!” she commanded, steadying her unrestful horse. She waited for the man to answer before following with, “are you responsible for dispatching these men?”
The soldiers were wary of the stranger and eager to apprehend him, but Lilah raised a hand encouraging them to relax and not act unless she gave the word.
“What are you doing in my lands?” she asked finally.

⚡️Aella Mary Azrael ⚡️

Oct 25th 2020 - 11:40 PM

Aella walked through the marketplace looking at all the different products that were for sale, Raze was close to her side picking up a piece of fruit here and there devouring it before the merchant knew what was happening. He of course paid for everything he ate but the look on the merchants’ faces when he grabbed anything and ate it was priceless because they didn’t know whether to let him get away with taking their things or risk confronting him about it. She supposed many thought that dying over a piece of fruit wasn’t worth it and would have let him get away with it, yet stealing wasn’t in his nature which was one of the qualities that she admired about him. “If only they knew you were all scales and not bite” she whispered to him with a chuckles as he bit down on a piece of fresh loaf of bread that he had grabbed.
Since she had met Raze when they both were about ten years old she never had the privilege of seeing him grown up from a baby on up. Unlike her sister whom she found out had raised her dragons since they were hatched from their egg, she didn’t know how Raze was even born. Of course she assumed that he must have been hatched too but wasn’t one hundred percent sure since he was half human, and he was no helping changing the subject whenever she asked him about it. She didn’t know if maybe he had a bad childhood or if maybe he was bonded by some secret dragon code not to reveal that sort of stuff but he never wanted to talk about it and she figured the fight that would ensued with him if she pushed wasn’t worth it. Besides there was a lot of stuff about her past that she also didn’t like talking about and kept from him so figured that in that department they were equal. And she had no right to want information about himself that she wasn’t willing to share about herself.
They spent the whole day buying food for them to eat for dinner before going to the tavern that night as well as other supplies that they would need on their travel to the next city. Because she meant it when she had no plans on staying more time than necessary to get that information and that as soon as they received the information that she wanted they were going to leave immediately the following day at first morning’s light. So, once they finished eating she started to get ready being sure that her sword was safely strapped to her back in it’s sheath, not that she planned on using it but if life had taught her anything, it was that you couldn’t ever let your guard down and always needed to be prepared for the worse. Raze also owned a sword but always preferred hand to hand combat which annoyed her, because it felt like he was putting his life and hers as well in danger for no reason. Yet she had to admit that he had yet to lose a fight, so she kept her mouth shut when it came to his use or lack of use of a sword.
When night finally arrived, she was ready and headed out towards the tavern, once again thinking that maybe she had made mistake by pursuing revenge on behalf of her sister. Shaking her head, she cleared the doubt from her thoughts, no she was doing the right thing. “You alright?” Raze asked her as he moved to walk beside her, she couldn’t see his eyes but knew there must be a look of concern in them. This wasn’t the first time that she had doubts about what she was doing and that she wondered if she should quit and just go back home. “You know whatever you chose I will stand with you. But remember if you leave you will have to live with that choice for as long as you breath, and then will have to answer to her in the afterlife which might not be easy to do” he continued as the tavern came into view. No, she couldn’t and wouldn’t face her sister not having at least tried to avenge her murder, she was a Stormborn and the name now was associated with shame. If anything, she needed to be sure that her sister’s name was cleared and that their family name would be raised back to the highest of ranks that it once was.
As soon as she stepped into the tavern, she realized that she had done the correct thing by bringing her sword. With the exception of the tavern wenches and the occasional whores she was the only female in there. Holding her head up high she moved to a table towards the back of the tavern figuring that perhaps her informant hadn’t arrived yet, so she could relax a bit and gather her thoughts before he arrived. Ordering a mug of beer, she saw Raze take a seat towards the front of the tavern, probably figuring that way if trouble arose, he could help her make a quick exit. Time seemed to slowly tick away and after she finished her first mug of beer, she started to get a bit angry figuring that she had been stood up.
Yet just when she was about to stand up and call it a night, she saw a man enter accompanied by three others. All of them were dressed with dark clothes and carried swords on their sides, giving off an aura of authority with a hint of fear. One of them looked around the tavern and quickly spotted her making his way to where she was in a few quick strides while the other three stood a few steps behind him. He smiled at her and pulled out a chair that was directly in front of her, immediately making her back stiffen and her body tense up. She didn’t look at Raze not wanting to give away that he was with her in case things took a turn for the worse, she smiled at the man and held out her hand introducing herself as merely Aella not revealing her last name. The man’s smiled grew wider as he took her hand and turned it over kissing her palm and commenting on her beautiful, she was. A shiver passing through her body at feel of the man’s warm lips against her skin which by the smirk he gave her he mistook as one of excitement instead of disgust, which is what he was provoking in her. Wanting to waste no more time than it was necessary she immediately brought up the reason why she was meeting with him, asking about the information that he said that he had in regards to the person that murdered her sister.
The man let out a laugh as he called the bar wench over and ordered a pitcher of beer saying that the night had just begun and that they had plenty of time to talk about that. That put her on edge and once again she made it clear that the only reason that he had chosen to meet with him was because he claimed to have information that she wanted. She told him that if he didn’t have the information then there was no point in her staying or speaking with him any further. She was trying so hard to keep her temper in check but he was really pushing all her buttons, and she hated the way that he kept looking at her as if she wasn’t even human but a piece of meat or an object. The man glared at her and demanded that she stay and have a pitcher of beer with him, to which she declined and started to stand up. Yet as soon as she did he pushed the table to the side and immediately grabbed her arm pulling her against his chest. The motion catching her off guard and causing Raze to stand up as well revealing that he came with her.
Apparently the man had forgotten about Raze because he seemed surprised when he pushed through the men three men that come with him and in one swift moment grabbed the man by his collar pulling him off her and throwing him almost halfway across the tavern. She saw as he landed on top of a table breaking it and immediately pulled her sword out knowing that they would now have to fight their way out of the tavern. Raze stood by her pulling his sword out as well and taking on a fighting stance while holding on tightly to it. The man having recovered from his fall already stood up and joined his three friends or bodyguards their swords also drawn out. “You know for someone so pretty you lack manners, seems nobody taught you any manners. Don’t worry once we kill your lap dog I will teach you some manners before selling you to one of the local slavers, you’ll fetch me some bags of gold” he said with a leer on his face as she glared back at him. She internally reprimanded herself for having been so foolish as to trust so easily and having put both herself and Raze in danger. She let out a deep growl thinking that if she were to die she would make sure that she would take the leering bastard with her. Slowly she saw all of them approach as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, once again wondering if all of it was worth it.
Mσтhɛr ơf Drαgσηʂ

Aug 30th 2020 - 5:10 PM

Daenerys looked at him for a moment, there was this air about him she couldn't explain. There had been so many airs that were threatening but with this particular man she felt almost nothing. Just the thought sent chills down her body like a warning signal. A small sigh escaped her while she sat there thinking about her options. There weren't many she could actually go through with; without consequences. Viserys was vicious and cruel and it showed even before he placed.

She forgot about the fact that the marriage between her and a Dothraki war lord wasn't mutual. She was even more terrified of the Khal than she was her brother.  "I don't think I could leave. they'd probably hunt me down for fun if I tried to leave the Khal.." feeling hopeless all over again she shook her head "I can't leave them...There's no where I could go." For a moment she felt her world collapse, knowing that the end of the world or death were her only options.

For a while she was quiet, thinking on what else she could do, it wasn't until he lifted her face that she even began to pay attention. "I have no power. the only thing that being a Targaryen has gotten me is sold to a Dothraki and mentally and physically abused by my brother Viserys. Nothing good comes from being a Targaryen." she cast her eyes to the floor below believing that she was completely trapped by her fate as a woman. "I think i should go back...they're probably looking for me."

⚡️Aella Mary Azrael ⚡️

Jul 31st 2020 - 2:06 PM

Aella Stormborn once again woke up with a jolt, the morning sun peeking out amongst the twin mountain peaks that she saw right outside her window. She raised her arm up to her eyes to cover the rays of the sun that were peeking through the curtains and hitting her face. Looking around her it took her a few minutes to get her bearings and remember where she was. She had been to so many towns and so many places that she has lost track of where she currently was. Rubbing her eyes, she remembered she was in the city of Myr and had been there about a week. Having arrived during the night and found lodging in the middle of town. Her only reason for having stayed this long was because her companion Raze has heard from someone at the local tavern that he visited that there was someone who once had known her twin sister Daenerys Stormborn and could provide information on what had happened to her. She of course wanted to meet with this person immediately so she could move on but like with everything there was a price, time and place that this person would set at their convenience to meet her. And so after he had sent word to Raze on how much his information would cost she had spent the last couple of days gathering the money that she needed and waited on them to set a time and place to meet. 
If she were to be honest, she didn’t mind the city since it was more  quiet and peaceful than most of the other places they had visited with most of the people keeping to themselves and minding their own business. They hadn’t even given Raze and her a second glance when they entered town which was nothing compared to the city of Tyrosh which is where they had previously been at and  where it seemed every man within a twenty feet radius had smelled her as soon as she had entered the city. She remembered how a lot of men had surrounded Raze and asked right in front of her how much he wanted for her services or if he would be willing to sell her for a few crates of fine wine. Never before had she wanted to kill so many people at the same time and it took every ounce of self control to not request that Raze transform into his true form and burn the whole city to the ground. Yet she knew that it wasn’t right and kept her composure as she dragged Raze to find a place to spend the night and suggested that they both leave by morning’s light. All through the night they had kept watching fearing that someone might break in and try to kidnap her, sleeping in shifts and leaving as soon as there was light. She had been very grateful once they left although Raze whined and complained the whole trip to Myr saying that Tyrosh hadn’t been that bad a place, but she knew that he only said it because there were so many women throwing themselves at him and so many men offered him free wine. If she hadn’t threated to walk into the middle of the town square and tell everyone that in reality, he wasn’t human at all but a drago she doubted she could have ever convinced him to leave. Just like his kind she fully understood how stubborn and temperamental he could sometimes be although she was use to it by now and knew how to handle him. 
The only reason that she was even traveling all over these places was because she wanted answers as to what happened to her twin sister Daenerys. Ever since she had become of age she had left her home and had gone looking for the family that had been stolen from her long ago. Her older brother Veserys she found out soon after arriving in the city of Pentos had been killed by a group of Dothraki warriors because he either had failed to pay them something he promised or because he had disrespected their leader Khal Drogo. Whatever the case she really didn’t care after having heard many stories of  how he had mistreated and sold their sister Daenerys to the leader Khal Drogo in exchange for an army. An army that he had planned to use to regain the Iron Throne and becoming ruler of the Seven Kingdoms just like their father had been for many years before. Something which to her held no value as she saw the Iron Throne as being cursed and the reason why she had lost her whole family. All she had wanted was to know that her sister was safe and happy and so had followed her throughout several cities in hopes of meeting up with her but always seeming to fall a few days short of catching up with her. 
This was something that had started to frustrate and wear on her hope of ever meeting her sister, and although she was not alone in her journey with Raze accompanying her, she still remembered how several times she felt like just giving up and going back home. Especially after hearing so many contradictory stories about how great her sister was and how she had freed so many enslaved people and then hearing how awful, tyrannical and power hungry she was becoming and how she needed to be stopped by any means necessary. It was sometimes too much for her because she didn’t know which of the two sisters portrayed she would eventually meet and what decision she would be faced with if indeed she was as awful as some said she was. In her mind her sister was as close to perfect a person as there was, yes she understood that she must possess some flaws as nobody was without flaws but overall she would be good and kind. All those stories had given her the push that she needed to find her sister before someone else did and to perhaps find a way to fix her if indeed she had gone as mad as some said she was. Perhaps she thought that seeing her and knowing that she wasn’t alone in the world would help snap her out of whatever state of mind she was in and she would find her way back to whom she use to be. With that hope in mind she kept pushing herself thinking that in the next city or village she would find her and her journey would be over. In her dreams she use to see them both meeting each other and embracing with both of them crying and talking about everything that they had gone through. They then would go off to talk and plan on a future of them always being together and never separating again. She had even thought and considered that if Daenerys had wanted the Iron Throne so badly, which seemed she did at least if she were to believe the stories she heard about why she was traveling to all those cities then she would help her get it. 
Of course, dreams don’t always come true as she learned one fateful day when Raze and her came upon the destroyed city of King’s Landing. While walking around in the rubble wondering what in the world had happened she came upon a few survivors of the destruction and found out that it had been her sister Daenerys who caused all that destruction and that she had done it even after the city had surrendered not caring that innocents which included countless children were going to be killed. Per their retelling of what happened it had seemed that she was so determined to get the Iron Throne that she was willing to do it by any means necessary without caring whom she hurt or what she destroyed. They told her that she had used a dragon which she rode on to get rid of those she saw being in the way of her getting what she felt she deserved. Aella couldn’t believe that her dear sweet and caring sister would be capable of everything that she was told she had done and even though she was standing in the proof of what Daenerys had done and looked into the terrified eyes of the people as they recounted their tale of horror to her she couldn’t bring herself to fully believe it. Still thinking she could help change everything around she had asked those survivors which way her sister had headed after destroying King’s Landing  and yet again was met by another harsh blow when they told her with wide smiles on their faces that her sister had been killed although she would be more apt to say murdered, not by a survivor of the destruction but by someone whom she had trusted and loved. They had all praised this person saying that he had been savior to everyone by destroying the “mad queen” as they now called her. Hearing and seeing them so happily describe in detail how her sister had been murdered by a treacherous coward had angered so much that she almost took out her sword and slit their throats but thought better of it wanting and needing to know exactly what happened. She was especially interested in finding out the name and location of this savior so that she could now personally thank him for what he had done but all she could gather was that he was known as the king of the north and that nobody knew where he went to after he murdered her sister. After she left them and moved on to another city she thought about what they had told her and she had felt that regardless of what anyone had thought or said about her sister, she wasn’t that far gone because she still possessed the ability to love and someone and could have been saved. 
 The more that she processed everything that she had heard and seen she decided that she wouldn’t go home but instead take on a new mission to find out what really had happened to her sister and punish every single last person who had caused her harm including and especially the one who had murdered her. For that person she had a special form of torture in store for him because killing him would be too good for him, no once she was done with him he would begging for death to come and take him. She had even thought that if had family he would find every single one of them and kill them just so that he would know what it meant to be alone in the world. And so she spent the next several weeks backtracking through every city that her sister had been to in hopes of getting names and information on anyone and everyone that had come in contact with her. And although some seem unwilling to talk about her sister not even wishing to say her name for fear that somehow she would return from the dead most had been very willing to talk….for a price that is. 
Soon after she had found out about her sister’s death the dreams had started and they weren’t the nice pleasant ones that she had before. These dreams were filled with rivers of blood and blood curdling screams that had her waking up with a jolt and disoriented. She hardly remembered the dreams after a few minutes once she woke up but did recall seeing a dragon and whom she thought was her sister riding it but wasn’t sure. She also could recall seeing a strange man lurking nearby from what she thought was a ship close to shore watching the destruction of King’s Landing but everything faded so quickly from her mind that she just couldn’t be sure. She had so many questions running through her head not only about her dream but what she wanted to ask this person she was going to meet soon when Raze suddenly had burst through the door almost breaking it talking about how the person was ready to talk. Raze said that he of course would accompany her because apparently they wanted to meet at night and at the local tavern and wanted to be sure it wasn’t a trap. He then went on to say that it was late he was starving and needed her to give him some gold coins so that that he could get something to eat before he became scales and bones which made her laugh. Forgetting her dream and everything else she stood up and prepared to get one step closer to getting revenge for her sister.
Mσтhɛr ơf Drαgσηʂ

Jul 23rd 2020 - 8:06 PM

She couldn't bring herself to believe that she had any sort of powers, especially because she was technically still seen as a child in many eyes. No matter what she seemed to do, this poor timid girl would always fall back to her brother Viserys. It wasn't like she could stand against him even if her brother mysteriously disappeared like she'd pray would happen.

The intent of this unknown man wasn't showing so all she could do was trust what he was telling her, the offer he'd just made to her about staying here made her body stiffen. "I....I couldn't...." she whispered. knowing full well that her brother would throw a bigger fit than he had before this stranger found them. "Viserys already sold me to someone else, I can't leave the Dothraki.....there's no way...."

She hung her head, feeling like she was completely useless until he told her to ask what she wanted to ask. Simply shaking her head she lowered her violet hues to the ground. "I only want to know why you saved me when you could have easily walked away."
Mσтhɛr ơf Drαgσηʂ

Jun 16th 2020 - 8:38 PM

Daenerys listened to him insult her brother time and time again but she couldn't say anything. He was right. She knew deep down that everything he'd been saying was the truth. A soft sigh escaped her while her lilac orbs looked down to the ground below her. Silently she took the stew and began to eat a small bit of it.

When she finished she looked back up at him. "May I wash these...?" She asked, still timidly unaware of the dangers that'd lurked in the shadows. There was a sense in the air around him that was definitely different from anyone else she'd met but she couldn't place it and had been too terrified to ask.

When he spoke of her return all she could do was nod and comply. "Thank you, it was delicious..." she voiced. A silent whisper was all she could truly muster but she wasn't sure why she felt a sense of dread, it clung to her body like an old sodden coat that'd been weighed down. "when I go home...I want the world to be different. I want to have fat men and pretty women and children with no fear...." of course, this was a foolish hope from a child who knew nothing of the terrors out there in the world. Even if her brother was abusive, she never knew what would await her when she'd have to go back.
Mσтhɛr ơf Drαgσηʂ

May 31st 2020 - 2:44 AM

Daenerys couldn't even begin to imagine why she didn't need to fear her brother Viserys. Everything he'd done to her as a child was nothing compared to what he attempted to do to her as she grew older and into a woman. That timid spirit lingered and clung to her body like water to the shore. She could hear the distance in this mans voice like he knew something she didn't but she refused to ask. Despite the curiosity she held deep within her.

As they walked and he insulted her brother, she sighed softly. "He must be the dragon...I've seen his wrath first hand...Hitting me isn't the only thing he's good at." She replied, tilting her head. Though she knew he was speaking the truth. The only thing she feared the most was her husband she'd been forced to marry. Dothraki warlords had a different culutre than she could ever dream of and their ways was something she had to adapt to in order to survive. They had saved her a few times from Viserys but it brought her no comfort.

When he gave her the meat stew she gave a wary smile, slowly taking it with a small bow of her head "Thank you so much..." She whispered, timidly taking some into her spoon she held with shaking hands. The cold usually got to her better than anyone else not that she minded much it wasn't so bad. "it's good..." she told him, eating rather slowly as if savoring the flavor.  Grass and other animals were what she'd refused to eat when she went on this adventure with the Dothraki, she knew she was starving but refused to show it to a stranger. The fear that Viserys would find her at any moment slowly crept in the back of her head while she sat there and ate the meat stew.
Mσтhɛr ơf Drαgσηʂ

May 27th 2020 - 3:21 AM

Daenerys was still a little wary of him. She'd never met him before but she felt like he was telling her the truth, he had stopped her brother which many wouldn't do. Not in the age they lived in. She weighed her options before giving a small timid nod. "But we have to come right back...they'll come looking for me otherwise."

She didn't know his intentions and she didn't want to, her curiosity had gotten her into trouble before, digging now could mean her demise and she'd only turned 16 years old. Not much younger than Viserys and some of her slave maidens Viserys paid to serve her. "thank you..again...Viserys he...' she stopped to think on her next words, wondering if they were even true or not but she took a deep breath and looked at the man before her. "He's...not that bad. we just want to go home. I think if he had an army we could get home and he wouldn't have to bring out the dragon..."

She could hear the fear in her own voice and the voices in her head telling her that if her brother had gained the throne the world may not be better off and could wind up worse than they'd ever see it. Shaking her head she sighed again and looked down at the grass below
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