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Astaroth and I are like Megan and Harry. We no longer want any part of your court. Go away now thanks.

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Ozark, Missouri
United States

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Ever been afraid that your the only one that knows true love one big problem is you realize you'll always be alone becouse of it or not

If you could read my mind love What a tale my thoughts could tell Just like an old time movie bout a ghost from a wishin well In a castle dark or a fortress strong With chains upon my feet You know that ghost is me And I will never be set free As long as Im a ghost that you cant see If I could read your mind love What a tale your thoughts could tell

Just like a paperback novel The kind that drugstores sell When you reach the part where the heartaches come The hero would be me But heroes often fail And you wont read that book again Because the endings just too hard to takeId walk away like a movie star Who gets burned in a three way script Enter number two A movie queen to play the scene Of bringing all the good things out in me But for now love, lets be real* I never thought I could act this way * And Ive got to say that I just dont get it I dont know where we went wrong

But the feelins gone And I just cant get it backIf you could read my mind love What a tale my thoughts could tell Just like an old time movie bout a ghost from a wishin well In a castle dark or a fortress strong With chains upon my feet But stories always end

And if you read between the lines Youll know that Im just tryin to understand The feelins that you lack

I never thought could feel this way And Ive got to say that I just to get it

I dont know where we went wrong

[ Master of Deception ] meaning Queen, Bossy, leader, or Expert; and ?ûFóé, "Deception", meaning lies, Misleading; literally "Trick you?. its one the traits the most beautiful Angel is most known for I can twist what you tell me into something it wasn't but my powers can even make you doubt it when it comes to what i want theres nothing or no one that i will not use to get it and being able to use my power of deception when needed does always make it happen. I have numerous demons and vampires that do as i tell them its likely your roleplaying with one them now am just saying.
[ Heart] It is the power to be able to make you think i care and love you " Abby your so sweet" Can't count the times boys have told me that one. But the truth is am bored and your online so please don't flatter yourself. Now don't judge me its rare i ever decide to give a heads up on my powers but i felt that time had come for me to do so. I do hold a family in my heart always and they know who they are.
[ Immunity to Heartbreak ] If you screw me over I have the power to recreate you and our love shall be everlasting so just know if i do let you in my soul and you toy with it the joke is on you because i will pull your soul out and put on of my demons in it. So never think for a second you can get by with screwing me over.

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Damn the old me was completely Bonkers. This is an old account going way back to myspace days. So I keep my history on it. Let us just say. The demons inside me now. Are at a way higher level of intellect that whichever ones. wore my meat suit back then. Sheesh, I am like rambling on and on, aren't I? I suppose love does make us do some crazy things at times. Now reading all of that. It's no surprise that Katherine loathed me the way she did. But, I must admit a small part of me. Has always wanted to meet her. Since Astaroth seems to love her so deeply. Even after all these years that have passed. I hope maybe one day he loves me that much. He did after all make me realize how our passion was always at its highest here. Those damn fallen Angels and there hold on me. Hmm, Mmmm I guess that just shows. I am huge lovers of the Book of Enoch. I love to write amazing epic stories and I hope you do too. And don't be afraid to add me. I don't bite much. And have changed a lot since these old days of rambling below.

. Are we both not lacking something? Or are we just a dreamer who can mold our words into thoughts that play before our mind as we read them. I sometimes wonder if am the only one that sometimes will log in just becouse I know someone else is waiting on me. Tonight had just been one of those nights. That reminded me, there are just too many writers with issues. I just can not ever let myself take a story for more than a story. Its the only way to really not let the insecure cyber bullies or just plain nuts. Ever get the best of you. I am now asking myself. If he ever misses me. Since I was there and then gone. I know that miss him more, With every second that passes. I just long for him. Needing to feel that feeling when he could just make my heart flutter. Out of everyone for some reason. He had just been the only one. That made me feel everything was going to be okay. If only it just been that simple. If only I am not let myself be so haunted by Astaroth. Is he really dead? Or is just another mind f***. It's really what has me stuck in this limbo. I have not really found what am needing to accept that he's dead. Or that he hates me for loving his brother. And I do love Caleb, Now after all these years of running. I see now, why I run, why it makes it easier being able to fool myself. Into thinking that my world. Is not just some lost dream. Much like the broken Kingdom that still has a hold of my heart strings. Yet another night has passed me by. And now that I see myself going. Am seeing now that the heart wants what it wants. I can not feel guilty about it. Does that make me selfish? I think not. It just means I know love on a deeper scale than most people ever will. I know that each time we find it. No matter how horrid the outcome might be. That love and longing for another. Is just always a part of us. I know that I ran, but it's not why you think. I ran because in that second I realized that I would be able to spend my life with my exes brother. And find a sense of joy. That I never would have reached with Astaroth. I ran for the fact that realized in just a short few days. I had let myself become smug with Caleb. And I liked it, I loved the idea of being with him. If Astaroth is really dead. Then I know he can feel my thoughts and feel my hearts desire. That makes me just sit here and cry. So I really ran, because it was what I wanted. And I knew if his spirit felt it. That he might never forgive me. And I just hope with everything inside me. That he has a way of understanding what he means to me. And knowing if it does turn out. That I do love his brother more than him. That he will always be a part of my heart and soul. No matter if something ever does come from this twist of fate. It just seems that I can not give up on the idea. That we really do have someone that were meant to write our lifetime with. If only there is really a way that we can find to make our words just be nothing more then a beautiful story. I can not say am any one verse. But if I added you, Then there was something I just found interesting or familiar about you. For me trying new things is what really makes life fun. There is not anything I will not give a try to writing about. Just always give me time to reply, If I do not reply the right way. Life is just happening or friend may be in need. I promise you if I lose interest in you. I will just block you. Now I know that can really piss some people off. When they just get blocked and to them it feels like its for no reason. I just use this method because it does not leave any mixed signals. I just do not fill you fit into my life of beautiful and amazing stories. And I blocked you, that way you can go out there and find your own. To me if some one blocks you. And you feel the need to add them. And vent about it. Then you're forgetting that this is just creative writing. I think that is our fatal flaws as human writers. We forget that this is not the place for friends or dating. And no matter how much we crave that. We have to learn to not let ourselves give in to it. And just enjoy the story that unfolds in our mind. As another's words takes us there. Am starting to think now, that I done the right thing for once. Not giving into what it was I wanted. Also I promise am not some livid cunt who will ever be cruel to someone with out reason. Am just very blunt and feel myself or anyone else for that matter. Should ever have to feel they have to write with some one they do not wish too. I never met anyone that was more crazy then I was. And yet I honestly do not really care. Which makes me question myself on if I will ever truly know love. Okay well maybe I do care a little. Am not sure, Am just suddenly finding that maybe I should have never looked a sex and the city as a show but a lesson. I'm starting to think that maybe I do not have a Mr Big. Every time I meet one that I actually like. There always a big flake let down I think its stupid how anyone does not get the best thing of people knowing who you are. You know they will never add you. And you meet new people instead of running into the same ones that you have already known before. For the first time in years. I finally know the feeling of love again. But will it last or will karma leave my heart once again wounded. Astaroth I am not sure what tell you. But if you can find in yourself to truly be honest with me. Then the truth is your not really in love with me. Am not one to ever play second choice to any one in real life. So ya better really think about what and who it is you want. If there is one thing that matters most to me. Its not what you are or what you look like. I think what matters most to me. Is that the things you say. That they come from your heart. And that you mean every word of them. I probably never not write with you. But no more phone calls and no more all night in AIM with you. You'll never know the OOC me any longer. Because I just can not not take this. Knowing that about half the other people here that role play are in love with you to in real life. ( I think now it was just how he wrote. I learned a lot from this relationship) So if you mean the sh*t you say then come live with me. If not am just going to Russia and trying a relationship that you grow and learn to love someone.( Am going to Daytona,Florida. This is funny because this is what has happened.) Then just up and giving your heart to them. Because your words touch them in ways. ( That is it right there words. You can never forget that all stories come from words. And that is all you let yourself love. The Story your making come to life) Yes I was freaked out a little and needed a break. But when I thought of the one vessel that meant the most to me. It was this one. And no it has nothing to do with the vampire that once wore this skin. ( Getting a little supernatural aren't we) It had to do with the fact. I feel like your my Stefan your the first one to finally teach me how to love again. ( He really did, and Now his brother is showing me. How you can really love two people)And now am feeling like I just set myself up to get hurt. ( See once you start talking, and becoming who you are with someone. It always leads to doom) And you just make a monster that was already a dark and lost soul become one that is even more heartless and evil. You will cause me to break more hearts then I already have. ( Is this a romantic way of saying rebound boyfriends?)You will make me think that love is just a lie. So cut out all the OOC crap with every god damn other accounts you have. I am not going to say am perfect. But I sure have never come close to comparing to you Casanova.( I still hate not knowing if he is really dead. My heart tells me he's not. Which is so sad, Becouse a part of him feels that we could never still be there for each other as writers. Because is RP is not real life. Then we can forget who the writer is. Unless they cause occ drama and make us block them. Okay so if you have read this far that so means you're interested so am creating this place for cute starters ( Download Firefox browser. Click view in the upper right menu. Then Style, and page no style. I moved that to the blogs)I have written and I laughed at. Were am from in Methville m Missouri if you laugh at loud at jokes you said. You're a complete dork. It's like a big pet peeve in the midwest. Never laugh at your own jokes.( True that is everywhere. And Meth is a serious problem for the midwest and south. So Every time I have a comment that I laugh after I say it. Am going to save it in my blog. Am quite different from most writers you will ever meet. I have used people before, I have done it a few times really.( I say this because we all know the open page thing does not work. So at times, I do target someone and just show them how good of a writer I am. There are more people then you realize. But I know about long-needed breaks,zZzZzZ haha I tired to AIM you. I had one of these really cute moments when I almost did not know which AIM to use. And then when I saw you where offline I seen it was one of those times. I had to leave one of those silly comments. I never let people get to me, I guess my love for the story and words out does all really. I think most people can't handle the thought of knowing no matter who we meet. There never for one second get that some are actually ® here for the story. And the mental escape from there working class routine lives. Although I fear when the government ends SSI there will be decline. I met quite a few that live on SSI and also a few that get checks. Then I ask myself when am in despair of yet another let down in my RP history. I find another lost in that feeling of emptiness I think we have something in common. And its always easier telling it to a stranger. Don't you agree?"
I am not sure why, but I just do not have it in me for this. The way I use too. It is almost like am getting a mental writer's block in a way. We have rested long enough. Who will rise up with me as my brother? Men only want us while we are young and beautiful once we age and grow old they will feed us to dogs. Good and Evil, it not always a black and white concept with a shade of grey. I see grey as those who like to think they're not evil and just live in denial. Then too not all 6 billion people even agree on what defines good and evil. Could morals and Ethics really just be a matter of opinion? Is being kind to those you do not agree with. The same as telling them a lie? I just do what feels right. With so many different voices that will lead you one way or the other. Follow the voice that makes you smile. I wish sometimes that I could control the way I loved stories. I wish there was a way for people to just be able to really forget past. Seeing if we never learn to let go and forgive those that tread on us. Then we should not except those we have treadled on to forgive us. Now as the days go by, I still find myself thinking of my exes brother. I know these feelings am feeling in my heart are so wrong. But no matter what I try to do. I just can not seem to be able to fight them. I do hope if Astaroth knows one thing. It was never to hurt him or scorn him in any way. It just happened, I am not sure if its fate he Abandoned me when he had. Am not sure if anyone will ever love me enough to walk the in his shoes. And stand where he once stood. I just can not give up on the idea love is forever. And when we know it does last. While at the same time, I am not able to stop longing for his brother. Sometimes I can not help but ask myself. If maybe there is something wrong with me. Or do I really know love on a higher level than most ever come close too? I just know that I Must force myself to stay away. If the saying is true if you love something let it go. And if it comes back to you. Then you know it was meant to be. If Astaroth really is dead, and its not some mind game he's playing with me. I am not sure if he will ever understand, how I started to let myself fall for Caleb, Who was not that girl he dated. At least I do not think. Caleb had really had me going. Until he made one of two fatal mistakes. One he kept talking about this connection thing. Which I had come back for someone else. And he just added me and one thing lead to another. But anyway he was like to check out my connection. Then when I did it said above it. I can not control who my family accepts. I was about to say. " Caleb I have done dated all them. And was not even going to add them. But I just deleted the account. Because I actually like him so much. I did not want to end things on a bad note. And number two Do not go on about how you're waiting for a girl. And then not reply to the role play. That just makes it feel like a lie. I realize now am a very indecisive person and am sorry am a total bitch for saying that and even more of one for not backspacing it out. But seriously come on. A veteran should never fall for the same crap a freshman would. And a little Clarification here. Okay, that was a guy. He was just fat in real life. And using pictures of some guy or something. Then he pretending to stalk himself. At least that is what his sister told me. Oh and one more thing if you're retarded enough. To not know people make fake facebook accounts. Then you deserve to be played. That is all am saying. Muah if no one fills Astaroth am leaving role play for good.( That never happened haha. But I would love to have him filled. Am quite interested in a love Triangle storyline) No lie I just need him my life. Without him, I have no reason to live. xoxoxoxoxoxox And who am I? That is a secret I will never tell. At least not until after we have written together a couple of months. Oh, and if you take the part you will have three wives and a huge family full of love. ( Am still not against this. You have to find the other two wives yourself. I am not playing more than Abby. I would want to be an environment as well. That everyone cares and loves each other. Not everyone fighting over who gets him first etc.)And I know about everyone that roleplays on this site so trust me you do not want me retiring all my accounts. ( Actually, I have been trying to get new people into role play. Let's remember to help new people because if we don't one day this will die out. And no do not spam people. Just look for those that seem like they like to write. Leave long comments on other sites and just invite them. There are millions of fan slash you tubers. That has no clue about this place. And I tell as many as I can when I have time. )Some of you will be shocked to learn it's me.
I wish I never learned about this. It lets you track any account someone has online like all there RP accounts be warned you do not want to know. It's better not knowing. Which I no longer track myself, Seeing it ruins the story if you know too much about the writer, Oh And for the record this is how it all started. I guess little brother finally put two and two together. But I know now what makes me alive. Its always wanting what I can not have. I am so in the mood to roleplay Carrie Brady. Seeing Austin is the only damn one I can ever count on that is always there for me. ( He is there for me. Its why I do not think ill ever dump him in real life. I hate to say that. Because Austin is not the love of my life. But has the best friend of my life. Who I am growing to love. Now before you say something hateful. When you take the time to grow to love someone it does last. And he is not quitting role play when we do get married.) And sadly I still have not been able, to be honest. Austin is this most amazing guy who is just so in love with me. And I love and do care about him. But I know that it will never be as much as he loves and cares about me. And the thing is he's like my best friend on top it. So I kinda just cannot tell him how I really feel. Because just like all the guys I have dated in the devils family. In the end, they all hate you or realize they never really loved you. Love is a waste and not for role play. People just stop dating each other. That is the only way I see now, for any story to really last forever.

Astaroth Duke of Devils( Open part wanted)

If it was ever as easy to put into words as it was to just say it. Then this world would not feel so complicated. I never excepted your acceptance of there love. Abby is never forgotten the day that Astaroth's Father had texted her. Saying he seen that she was with him. She never really thought he cared who she was with or not with. She never understood why it bothered him so. Then again there was many of Astaroth family who never did get the bond she had shared with him. A bond that seemed to never fade in time. When Abby had first met Astaroth it was at the time that she and his mother shared a union to the Rhett clone. Abby remembers the first night that he leaned over and whispered in her hear that she deserved better. At the time she had thought he was only concerned. It had not been until later she learned he had begun to love her from afar. Most might she Abby as just a whore that went through one brother after the next. But that had never been her intentions. To put it simply one thing I had lead to another. And Abby had run when things feel part becouse of the actions Melanie and Candace. Abby never understood why they placed the blame on her. She never once had anything to do with the Clone choosing to leave. She was the last to even know he had been a clone. After that Astaroth and Abby lost touch for many years. Meanwhile, the Rhett clone had once again Risen in the forum of Asmodeus and one of his wives Sharon. In an attempt to ruin the rebuilding of the Devils Empire. Abby had put much effort into reuniting the kingdom she had blamed herself for destroying. But she was misunderstood in her efforts. Abby had managed to get Damian to return by the time he arrived it had been too late. The chaos had already divided everyone. At the time since Astaroth was nowhere to be found she felt that perhaps if he had been around it might be enough to throw off the clone. Which it had been but still it seemed that Astaroth brothers had not yet let go of the past. And it was not until she came across Asmodeus that she had learned he had created her to spite an ex. It was quite a shock for her to learn she was nothing more than a compelled creation of us to hurt his brother with a reminder of his sins against his family. She knew now why he must have felt angst towards her. Then she grew used to living his life. Most might find it odd or even borderline crazy. If she had to explain it then trust me she would. If any of you were here during that time. Then you would understand it more than anyone. The lost son of Phoebe had learned what Abby had done and demanded she put a stop to it. She never excepted Astaroth to be so understanding of it. He had been the only one to ever truly get her or understand her. She now found herself once again getting close to Astaroth in ways that she never expected. She found herself completely falling in love with him. After many nights spent with him. She longed for the idea of her and his other wives being close. But becouse of his pure heart. She understands if that day will never come. Although she does hope it does. " I don't expect any of you to understand how someone could do what they're told to do. And never ask questions. But its really that simple. And the truth I have been who am for so long. I can not and will not walk away. Just put yourself in my shoes. Now I am seeing myself still thinking about Caleb his brother. I use always ask myself what it was that seemed to keep us fated to never know each other back then. Now am seeing why Becouse if I had met Caleb before then a part of me would have grown to know as another member of my coven. And If that had happened, then I could not have ever let myself fall in love with him. Not like I have now, They say in life if you love something let it go. And if it finds you then you know that it is meant to be. Cliche? Not really when you think about it. All Cliche are born from some truth in history. Each one came from two people in love or at war. And they still live on through the sands of time. That is why I know in my heart. If Caleb and I are destined to truly let the other get lost in love. Then he will find me, And he will think of me with each day that passes. Just as I am thinking of him. If only it was as simple of just going to him. I think it all started when I was just a girl. I let myself dream of a love so strong. That there is not anything that it can not survive. And in time it only makes the heart grow fonder. Some might say am foolish or just taking a risk. That is not the case at all. Am believing in love. No matter how much it might hurt me to take that chance. Nothing is going to change my mind. I just sincerely want Astaroth to know this was not something I planned. It was never something I tried to do. It is just something that each choice he and I made. Lead me down this road. And now I see what its reasoning was behind it. It was so I to could once again be reminded when we let love in our heart. It will always be there no matter how many days that pass us or nights that forget us.

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The person you think I am is finally here again
Asmodues I will never ever be your friend again. After all you done out of your jealously and used me for all these years. I have to ask myself what was wrong with you? I mean seriously? Who goes and hunts some one down with there exes same name? Hey now I will flat out say it to your face. You need to tell who ever it is. The truth about all the sh*t you done. And now he's dead or his brother is dead. I tell you the last four years I have spent with that devil's family has been my worst from my backstabbing cousins, ex-best friends and you name it. Now I am still not going to be one those bitch cunt face dorks. That just say I will not add an RPG but am sorry I think it's just best to write and enjoy your storyline. That is why we are here. Is it not, If I had to be completely honest I think that I love everyone. I just love some people more than others. I can not say without a doubt there is really not anyone I truly hate. This a long list of people who have done nothing but disappoint me. That is what it has always been. I see now there are no way friendships ever will get close to being like TV except maybe gossip girl except in real life when that sh*t goes down. You just never talk to them again. Oh, and I am girl in real life so there is any confusion. And if you need proof we can Skype I do not give my real contact information out to strangers. And the reason why is because one of my exes sold it for just 50.00. And caused me to get on every telemarketing and spam list that was out there. I about lost my mind. Then that stupid fat a**hole ran my phone number through things online making my cell phone bill be over 300.00. So you see I could give to flying two f***s who add me or who does not. And it just amazes me how every time you meet the perfect guy he just turns out to be an ass. That is why I think you should just stick to the story. Its also helps you find yourself. Looking back on things you said out of pain and anger. Really take the time to think about it, How often do we really mean the things that we say out of pain and anger. I know when it happens and that anger takes over me. At the time I actually think I mean the things I say. Then when I look back on them. After being over that pain in my heart. I realize that I did not mean them.
Hey, I have a lot of accounts and I love them so don't bitch if am not on all of them all the time okay. And my life has changed I can not really have more than one account anymore. That is just how it works when you have a real life. It just is and I know its not fair. First off am not a whore and am not here to date. ( Wow I am obliviously heartbroken) I am here to just write and make causal friends. If love happens down the line then it just does okay. And this page is my emotional outlet and do not judge until you have tried it. But do tell me if I miss grammatical errors. When I read my page. I was like not understanding half what I typed. I promise that am not ever been held back in my life. I guess sometimes I just get too into to this to think at the same level I type.

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Now that I have my chance my dream of a forever after story line. Will I keep it or will I f*** it up. Its been a while since I could hold my head high. Its been so many years since I truly known the feeling of love. It is so sad to. Astaroth thought I wanted some one else. And then I thought he wanted some one other then me. Then he wanted to make people think his sister had been him. It was really confusing. I know one thing writing about it. Just really helps.
I would rather never know who you really are. Am not sure if you and I will ever be friends. I must have been in a bad mood the day I wrote this. Am being a little bitchy. Not to play the blame game. That fat ass, just has this way of making you that way. You know am right. Even if you hate me for admitting it. I know this seems like a some type ironic twist of fate. But where never the people we write as. And the show must go on ( like where some Broadway play. That was just so gay lol. The things we say when we are made. And we do not notice how it sounds. See its why you can not let anger get the best of you. And take the time to learn yourself. Really ask yourself. Why should we fear to just be honest about our inner feelings. I mean only a select few really know us. What do we have to fear? And in a way RPG are like a support group. It just you can never forget its never a matter of if they will turn on you. It is always a matter of when. ).

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ᵀᴴᴱ King.

Feb 21st 2020 - 6:57 AM

“Not having a beautiful queen at my side to share it all would be one downside.” Sharing with her a warm grin, he reached for her head and gently caressed her cheek so fondly.
Klaus Mikaelson ⚜️

Dec 25th 2019 - 6:27 PM

Well Abby, just to let you know I am smug all year ‘round sweetheart...

Dec 25th 2019 - 5:39 PM

Oh hello you sexy demoness! Merry Christmas

Dec 25th 2019 - 3:04 AM

I welcome any length writing wise, so it’s fine with me.
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