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Full Name
StellaJasmine Wolf

The Lone Wolf, She-Wolf, The Huntress, The Fearless Archer, The Girl with the Wolf Tattoo, The Young Athlete.

Date Of Birth
19th April 1998

Place Of Birth
King County, Georgia.

Current location
Alexandria, Virginia.

18-20 [depending on the storyline]

Athlete, Survivor, Hunter, Assassin, Soldier, Best friend, Sister, Girlfriend, Lover.


Hair Colour
Dark brown/almost black.

Eye Colour
Light brown.

A large black wolf with dark angel wings on her back with the words 'I'm No Angel' (her largest tattoo), bow and arrow with the word 'Archer' on her chest, huntress antlers heart on her upper arm

Personality Traits
Strong, active, adventurous, calm, athletic, capable, caring, compassionate, loyal, independent, head-strong, responsible, firm, hard-working, patient, aggressive, determined, physical, stubborn, faithful, leadership

Hunter skills; trained in the use of bow and arrows, crossbows etc as well as in armed and unarmed combat. Archery, weapon design, acrobat (gymnast), hand-to-hand combat, hunting, fishing, trapping, medicine.

Compound bow, crossbow, long sword, wolf daggers, guns, spear and physical hand to hand combat.

Charlotte Wolf (retired nurse, mental health/abusive. Deceased-turned before Stella shot her in the head)

Peter Wolf (war soldier, killed in action)

Michael Jacobs (A violent and abusive drunk. Deceased when Stella killed him when he attacked her.)

Current Family
The Grimes Family

Personal Interests
Gymnastics, archery competitions, anything physical like rock & mountain climbing, weapon designing, jogging, running, swimming, basketball, killing walkers, action films, and spending time with Chris and Carl.

Favourite Sports
Stella loves sports such as archery, basketball/netball, climbing, tennis, badminton, volleyball, swimming, rounders, cycling, horse racing, gymnastics, figure skating, taking part in marathons and triathlons, sprinting, hurdles, sailing/windsurfing, hiking, rowing, scuba diving, diving, cross country, jumping (high jump, long jump), shooting, javelin throw, axe throwing, rowing, hunting and killing walkers.

the She Wolf

She is the wolf, quietly she will endure. Silently, she will suffer. Patiently, she will wait for she is a warrior and she will survive.

The moon, she knew, would never wrong her. She was the wolf, she knew fear no longer. The sun was gone, so was the pain. Her love had won, and she howled again.

She is a goddess, a warrior Worth more than her weight in gold

She is a guardian, a nurturer With spirit young and soul of old She has words for all occasions and is wise beyond her years.

She has a heart as big as oceans and will always face her fears.


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Characters: Stella Wolf
Verses: The Walking Dead
Playbys: Crystal Reed
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Gore, Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Undead,
Member Since:March 30, 2019

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jasmine wolf

in my lifetime

The only child and daughter to Peter Wolf & Charlotte Wolf who is a retired nurse due to her deep depression after the death of Stella's father who was killed in action and she soon drifted herself away from her own child, she just looks at her and treats her like she's worthless and some complete stranger, she would always take out her anger on her child, she nearly killed her when she threw a glass vase at her but Stella managed to dodge it however when the glass smashed, some of it pierced through her skin causing her to bleed and one nearly took her eye out when a piece of glass sliced the side of her face, the scar still remains.

Charlotte started drinking a lot, turned violent towards her daughter and she remarried to a disgusting vile man who's drunk all the time and is extremely abusive, they would both take their rage out on her, her mother didn't even have a care in the world of the 'things' he would do to her that she didn't want him to do, she's always terrified of living in the home she once thought was full of warmth and loving but now she thought wrong, she would run across the front yard covered in bruises, battered and bloodied towards the Grimes house which is just next door to hers.

Peter Wolf was an Army Soldier, he was sadly killed in action and was the real hero of Stella's heart, he was the first one to teach her how to fight with both weaponry and physical hand to hand combat so she'll be prepared for whatever's out there wanting to cause harm and danger to herself and the ones she loves and cares about most. Stella is a very mature, headstrong, loyal, independent, responsible, strong-willed, self-reliant and action-orientated young woman who'd go to great lengths to protect those she loves.

As a young child, Stella took up a variety of hobbies such as painting and photography but she decided none of those was for her, she's like her father, she loves the action side of things, she took 8 years of gymnastics and entered many archery competitions where she always ends up first place. Stella loves the adrenaline that rushes through her when she takes on risks, she enjoys rock climbing, long walks, jogging, anything physical to keep her strong, she's very competitive.​

As the years went by, Stella became an accomplished archer. The bow and arrow is her favourite weapon of choice, she is a highly skilled archer, weapon designer, acrobat and hunter, which she learnt from her father and she added fishing and trapping to her skills. Stella has very good reflexes, mainly when carrying a bow, she can draw an arrow and strike several targets with a good amount of speed and flexibility, she has become such the most dangerous and badass she-wolf in the group, she is vicious, fiery, quiet as a shadow when she targets down anyone suspicious wanting to stir up trouble.

Stella is not like other girls out there, she has a dozen tattoos on her body, her largest one is a black wolf snarling showing it's sharp teeth with dark angel wings surrounding the beast with the words 'I'm No Angel' on her back and she hates everything girlish, she hardly wears any dresses, she would take one look at them and burn them with one of her explosive arrows, she doesn't wear makeup all the time either only when she needs to and those girly-girls who like to gossip, the high pitched giggling and squealing they really do get on her nerves giving her the urge to just shoot them for peace and quiet but she fights herself from doing so even if it annoys the hell out of her.

The only makeup Stella likes to wear is red lipstick and just simple eyeliner and mascara, nothing heavy, she likes to have her hair in wild curls and she loves wearing anything black and leather as they make her look tough. Stella's also highly skilled in designing her own weaponry, some of her arrows are not like any of the others she carries, her arrows are colour coded to make it easier for her and anyone else who wishes to use them to tell which one is which, the red arrows are explosives and can be extremely dangerous that they should never be used when it's absolutely necessary. Stella is forever thankful to her father for teaching these things, he's one of the reasons why she's surviving, she's become a soldier fighting in the war just like he did.

Trust me, I'm no angel.


ғᴇᴀʀʟᴇss ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ#8296 short description or quote short description or quote

Chris Manawa My love for you is pure and everlasting. boyfriend/lover

Carl Grimes Our friendship is so much more, we are family. best friend/family

connection name put a short quote about your connection here frenemy

connection name put a short quote about your connection here ex-boyfriend

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𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Jul 25th 2019 - 2:35 AM

The more he listened to her story, the more he liked her. She didn't seem like anyone else he had met from the past. Maybe that was a good thing. Both of them had a dark past. He knew the woman had a story behind her eyes, and Chris had heard it.  And he never lost focus on her as she was talking. He was intrigued. 

"What are you fighting for?" He asked the daring question, as he turned and he stared out the window looking into the dark of the night.  Chris had heard so much about her, yet he wanted to know more. How long would they survive if they stuck together? Would she end up stabbing him in the back like others? 

In a way he never cared what others thought of him as. He was a survivor. Stella even said that. All he ever tried to do was survive. He watched a couple of Walkers off in the distance walk into the light then disappear into the shadows again. Maybe being with Stella for now was better than just going off into the darkness alone. At least he'll have someone watching his back. At least he'll have someone to talk too. 

His dark eyes stared out the window a little longer, before he turned around and stared back at the woman, and damn she was gorgeous,"we're going to need to get some sleep if we want to start early!" He pushed some of his dark hair from his eyes. He could sense the woman was attracted to him. But that was one thing he was afraid of. Was liking someone in the apocalypse. It can be dangerous. 

Leave your guard down for a moment, it could end your life. She was obviously very attractive, but he feared anything romantic happening between them. Though he did like it, it did feel good to be liked by someone. For once. Despite his entire life he's been much of a loner. Maybe it was the way he was raised. His father ultimately was the only person he really cared about in his family. But he's gone now, most likely. Now it was just him. 

Image result for Fear the Walking Dead Chris gif
𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 30th 2019 - 3:56 AM

As Chris touched her soft skin he noticed she leaned into his touch. Her skin was so soft. And she was so pretty. He felt he didn't even deserve to be in the woman's presence. How could anyone be this pretty? Stella was pretty strong. That was for sure. And she was a warrior. No doubt about that. She had a dark past. And she was strong enough to share it with him even though she's only just met him. Why did she trust him so much? Maybe she hinted he had a similar past? So many thoughts was running through his mind. 

He had never met anyone like Stella before, seeing the woman back up until her back was against his chest. Even in Hell, Angels exist. That's what he's learned tonight. Maybe the woman even thought he was kind of cute. She did hint at it before. He somehow didn't think he even deserved the woman's attention. After all, Chris hasn't done anything good in a long time. In fact? He's killed people. And became a danger to his father, Alicia, Strand and Nick before he had split. 

Her hand was placed over his and he heard the woman's words, she wanted to know more about him. That was when she turned around and both were face to face. Not much in between them. Should he tell her he lost himself? Should he tell her he was trying to adapt to this world and it almost cost him his relationship with his father? 

"I started adapting too quickly to this world. It almost cost me my relationship with my father. I started, killing people. Without a second thought. And the thing is? I didn't regret it. Not one bit" He kept his hand where it was, on the woman's shoulders. Her hand ontop of his, it just felt right to him. There was something about her that drew him in,"I became, lost. Someone who didn't care if he lived or if he died. Because what's the point of living another day in this new world we live in now?" Chris asked her, staring into the woman's eyes. He admired what she had said before, that she had said it felt as if she's known him for years. It comforted him.

Then was her question about what his cure he had in mind for her was. After hearing her whisper. There wasn't a doubt she was flirting with him now. Their face was so close together, he could just kiss her. But after all they had just met. That was when Chris leaned down, and answered her with a kiss to her right cheek. She seemed sweet. Caring. And the nicest person he's met in a very long time, whispering back into her ear,"how do you know I'm not the devil in sheep clothing?" He asked. In a way, he hated the way she trusted him so much. Because he didn't see himself as good at all. He saw himself as a monster. After everything he's done to get to where he's at. He didn't deserve this moment. Right here with her. 

Image result for Chris Fear The Walking Dead
𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 22nd 2019 - 4:08 AM

He sat there, listening to Stella's story. He could easily tell that it was hard for her. He wondered if she had told anyone else this story? He doubted it. Considering she travels alone by the looks of it, and he doubted she found anyone interesting enough to tell. Maybe he did get lucky that his head was on the other end of her sword. 

Chris learned that she had been paying homage to the only person she ever considered as a parent, turning towards her gesture and looked at her Bow and Arrow resting against the wall on the near side. He was beginning to feel sorry for the woman. She looked like she had been through alot. And this new world they were living in, it really didn't help at all. And he could see why. 

His eyes were on her face noticing the scar left on it,"Doesn't sound like Mother of the Year material!" Trying to make light of the situation abit. He never had a mother like that so he couldn't really relate at all. But he did have a female friend that had a situation like her's back when he was smaller, growing up in Los Angeles. But she moved away once they hit High School. He didn't have alot of friends even then. He wasn't exactly Anti-Social, people just didn't socialize with him. 

"Wow!" He responded hearing the story of her father, the one that tried to do 'things' to her. Both her parents sounded disgusting. How could they do that to their child? He really had no idea. He knew alot of families weren't perfect. But to go that far? Then again he has gone on the Deep Web in the past. So he knew some people were far form perfect. Her parents being that way is what changed Stella. Maybe for the better. She was stronger now than back then. And it showed. Every bit of it. He was almost speechless hearing that story,"If that was me? I would of killed them before running off!" Of course telling her that to comfort her in some way. 

She was getting to the end of her story, about finding a Tattoo Parlor and took shelter in there. That was where she got all of her tattoo's. It was a beautiful story. Dark, but it's what made her what she is today. Not a victim. But a survivor. His eyes were watching her, seeing her stand to her feet and lifted her top up to reveal her huge back tattoo. He did his best to not move his eyes below her waist. 

Chris begun to get to his feet next, placing his finger on her match as if to trace around the tattoo itself. Chris was the mysterious type after all,"beautiful!" Was the only words he spoke in that moment, just looking at it. It told her story. A story of a younger girl just trying to survive,"we all have our demons, and everyday we have to fight them!" His eyes moving up and down her back. He couldn't even imagine what her childhood was like because his was much better. Despite his parents getting a divorce,"I can't imagine all the sh*t you've been through, and this new world, isn't much better. But there are people out there, people like me, that understand!"

It was in that moment that he moved his hand to her shoulder, placing it there to somehow help her,"each one of us, are our own demons. But you can trust me, I have nothing to lose anyway!" Trying to somehow comfort her,"The bad out there? It doesn't equal the good in here. But I have just the cure for you!" He told her. 

His eyes gazed outside, it was darkness. Probably the scariest time to travel as a matter of fact. He gotten inside just in the nick of time. Just in time to meet this lovely woman. Who's been through hell and back. She told him her life story, and she hadn't even known him for 60 minutes. Then again, who else would she tell? He could tell it was a weight lifted off her shoulders. 
Image result for Fear The Walking Dead Chris

𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 16th 2019 - 9:16 AM

Chris wasn't used to feeling wanted by anyone whatsoever. So hearing anyone especially someone like her call him handsome? It was different.
But in a way he kind of liked that. Made him feel important again. Stella kind of confirming his looks is what saved his own life in a way.
It felt as if the woman was flirting with him. Maybe she was? He hadn't really had anyone flirt with him in the past. So this was slightly 
new to him.

One thing Chris was good at. Was being a listener and he moved himself up onto the sofa listening to Wolf as she spoke about trust. Then she asked
him the question whether she could trust him with what she had said. She hates feeling weak. She was one of those types of people who always wants to 
feel in control. And wants to feel stronger than they feel. He understood those emotions. Though he could tell there was a much deeper story behind those
gorgeous eyes of her. He wondered what kind of story they told. 

"Weakness is just a sign that your stronger than you know!" Trying to reassure her,"I don't know, can you?" Answering Stella's question whether she can trust
him. In a way he was flirting back. How could he not? She was gorgeous. And seeing someone like her in a world like this was next to impossible. He watched 
the woman play with her hair, he in a way wanted to bring his hand up and push it from her face but that would be awkward considering their strangers for the
time being.

"I came from Los Angeles, when the virus first hit!" Chris begun to tell her, deciding to trust her with his story on how he came to be. He then looked down
at the floor, thinking about the beginning of this new world. And it was just that. A new world. "I was traveling with my father, and other people" referring to 
Nick, Alicia and Madison as 'other people'. Though he had no problem with any of them. But Alicia and Madison did try to blame him for trying to kill them in the 
past. "Then I ran off, and now I'm here!" Not putting it into much detail, and not wanting to mention he killed two men just before meeting Stella. He didn't want 
to scare her off. Then again, maybe it wouldn't of scared her off at all.

Chris turned his head back towards the direction of Stella's, still not showing a smile. But an emotionless face,"it's hard to adapt into the world what it is now. 
We all have our own journey's. Our own stories!" He explained. He was glad to be meeting someone new. Someone he could trust. Someone pretty. And someone strong. Of
course he didn't tell her too much. With her looking at him with those gorgeoues eyes, it made his heart skip a beat. It made him think he was only dreaming. If he 
was, he didn't want to wake up anytime soon. 

Image result for Fear The Walking Dead Chris gif
𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 14th 2019 - 7:48 AM

He's always been a nice guy on the inside. How could he not be? Especially to a beautiful woman like this one. Stella Wolf.
Stella seemed like a nice girl but a tough one at best. He had offered her water doing a nice gesture. He didn't do this often.
Since there was no need for him to be nice. Even if Stella tried to cut his head off moments before. Or maybe she never planned too
the moment she drew her sword towards him. 

But then in that moment she offered him the rest of the water, his eyes were on her face as he watched her drink some of the bottle.
She needed it alot more than she did. She looked in worse shape than him anyways. And yet, she was still beautiful. Every part of her.
How could someone that looked like her still be alive? Then Stella offered him some of the water. Manaw wondered why? Unless she really
thought he needed it too. But the fact is he did run out of his own. 

"Thanks!" He took the bottled water from her, his eyes never leaving her's as he removed it from her small hands, and he had a feeling she
wouldn't take no for an answer. Chris then tilted his head back a little bit as he took a small drink. So that there would still be water in
the bottle. He had a feeling they may need it for later. He stared into the woman's eyes for a brief moment. She did have gorgeous eyes he had
noticed. Perfect eyes he thought in his mind. 

The man could tell the woman's been through alot just by looking through her eyes. As if he were to see into the female's soul. Everyone's eyes 
tells a story. That's something his father had told him Pre-Apocalypse. He is just lucky to still be alive. Here and in the now. So many thoughts
was running through his mind. 

"Now do you not want to kill me?" Chris meant it as a half joke, though he didn't want to die and figured he was in the woman's good graces at this 
point in time. At least he hoped he was. He then set the water down on the table in front of them, placing the cap on the bottle leaving it there as 
his attention returned back towards the seated woman. He figured they'd do better together out there if they were to try and attempt to survive. Perhaps
he had made a new friend. 

Image result for Fear The Walking Dead Chris gif
𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 12th 2019 - 1:06 AM

Chris was shocked to hear that she was sparing his life. Maybe she wasn't like other people after all. Anyone else he presumed would of 
sliced his throat then and now. But not her. So many questions he had for her now. But maybe it was for the better. He's had many close calls
now including this one. Maybe it was luck. But then the woman showed a soft side, his eyes remained on her's seeing her lean down and wiped 
his tear away. There was just something about her he couldn't put his finger on. She actually seemed...nice. Is that weird? Then again all he 
did was wake her up from her slumber. It's not like he really did anything to her. Not yet. 

That was when she took his hand in her's properly introducing herself. She had told him her name is Stella. Stella Wolf. He never met anyone named
Stella or even Wolf before. Perhaps they could be friends after all? She was gorgeous. Just as gorgeous as ever. Was he dreaming? Or was this all real?
He still didn't know. But one thing he did know, is that he's still alive and breathing. She seemed to have a heart. What if he was anyone else? Either way
he was glad his blood isn't on her blade. There was a darkness inside of Chris. And until then, he realized Stella may of had a dark history aswell. Maybe 
that's another reason why she had spared his life. She felt sorry for him. 

"Chris, Chris Manawa!" Introducing himself to her. Watching as she had tossed her sword to the side. Figuring he isn't a threat. He still wasn't sure if he could
fully trust her. Though she spared his life, she seemed like the type that isn't hard to trust either. Maybe that's another thing they have in common. But he wasn't
going to ask. "Should I consider myself lucky my blood isn't on the end of your sword?" Chris asked. There was a darkness behind his eyes and he hasn't been there a full
20 minutes and Stella could already tell. Maybe Stella was a sweet girl at one time. very trusting and innocent. But this new world, it changes you. It changes everybody. 
Sometimes for the good. And sometimes for the bad. 

Then suddenly she begun to have a coughing fit. She looked drained. Was she not eating enough? Or drinking enough water? He couldn't tell right away. But deep down, Chris has 
always been a kind and caring man. He acted quickly, reaching towards the woman's belongings, reaching for the bottled water that was sticking out. It was half empty,"here!" He
grabbed her by her arm, helping her towards the sofa she was sleeping on. Removing the cap, once she was seated he handed her the bottle,"Drink this!" His eyes were on the beauty
sitting just in front of him. What was he suppose to do? She did spare his life. 

Image result for Fear The Walking Dead Chris gif
𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 10th 2019 - 8:44 PM

The man's gaze never fell from her own. He still wondered who the hell this woman was. She certainly looked trained enough to handle her own
in this new Walker infested world. That was the moment when her blade went towards his throat. She already knew if they were to actually fight,
she would of easily won with her blade. That was something Chris didn't want to happen. So talking to her was his top priority. No matter what.
Though if she wanted to really kill him, wouldn't she of done it already? He didn't bother asking. 

He didn't hear any moans or groans outside so they were alone, for now. No Walkers nearby. Just the ones he had now guessed she killed on her 
way inside. She definitely looked young. Around his age as a matter of fact. Couldn't be any older. Maybe that was a good thing too. He barely
found anyone else his age after he had split from his previous group with Nick, Alicia, Madison and Travis. So it was nice to see another young
face. Better yet, she was gorgeous. 

She certainly didn't seem to like his attitude. Or did she? She asked the question again and even went as far as calling him a 'Pretty Boy'. Chris
was brave enough to say,"If you would of killed me? You would of done it already!" He said to her, but kept his blade up, not even bothering to remove
her blade from his throat,"Name's Chris!" He could definitely feel a tension in between them. Something he hasn't felt, ever. Maybe it was something good.
Or something really bad. He tried as hard as he could to not look the woman before him up and down. She was very attractive in his view, in fact? Probably
the most attractive woman he's seen in this Apocalypse. 

Chris has had so many close calls. When is enough, really enough? How do you know when it's time to just, give up? He's had more close calls than anybody else. 
That decision he made outside? It followed him inside. If he was to go out, might as well go out with a bang. That was the second when he tossed his bloody 
knife to the ground, hearing it bounce off the floor. He placed his hands onto the back of his head, not bothering to move his long hair away from his dark eyes.
Acting as if he were under arrest. A tear fell from his eye. Maybe he wanted this after all,"If your going to kill me, then just get on with it, princess!" Chris
told her. 

He had never been suicidal until all of this happened. Until he begun to lose all the people he cared about. That was what broke him. Even more so now that he has 
no idea if his father is dead or is alive. He stared into the woman's eyes. If he was to die, he'd want to die by someone else worthy of taking his life. Not by some
Walker. So all of this felt like the perfect death sentence for him. Maybe he just wanted to see his father and mother's faces again. If there was an afterlife after this.
Maybe he just wanted this pain he felt inside him each and everyday to end. And the only way to truly end it is by ending his own life. 

He's grown up in this world, alone. And it hurt like hell each time he lost someone he cared about. He's lost too much to continue any further. He saw no reason to continue 
on living. "JUST DO IT!" Chris yelled at her suddenly. What was she waiting for? It is what she had wanted since the second he walked in and woke her up, wasn't it? Maybe 
another reason he wanted to die this way, mise as well die from the Angel of Hell. There is no saving him from this darkness that's been haunting him. Sometimes, just sometimes,
the darkness wins. He knows that now. All of the lives he's taken. All of the Walkers he's killed. It has been all for nothing. Just to die right here. Right now. And he was ready.
Maybe he's always been ready to die. But been waiting on the proper setting. 

Image result for Fear The Walking Dead Chris gif

𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 10th 2019 - 10:23 AM

The man's eyes suddenly heard a woman's voice. But it wasn't just any woman. It looked as if she was around his own age. And not only that?
She had a sword with her. She meant business. Chris knew he stood no match with someone with a sword. Chris didn't have much fighting experience
but he certainly knew how to fight. He's been in plenty since the Apocalypse. Whether it be against a man or a Walker. But he's never really clashed
with a woman before. Especially none that was like this one standing in front of him. She was...pretty in his view. Their weapons clashed together,
both defending themselves. He knew she could easily place that sword right through him and that'd be the end of it. He had to think this through and 
be smart about the situation. 

That was when he heard the response of her's, she was clearly in a pissed off mood. From being woken up. Nothing else. And he believed her when
she said those words. That sharp sword, looked as if it could slice through bone. "Who the f*** are you?" Chris quickly replied back, to be honest,
he was shocked to find someone here. Well, someone who wasn't...her. It really was like finding an Angel in hell in a way. He didn't even bother blinking.
In case she did decide to slice his head off, or even worse. His long hair dangled in front of his dark eyes, the only light came from the outside. The
moon light. 

Just moments ago, Chris was deciding to let himself get eaten by Walkers. But now? He could die another way. In this new world, there's literally a 
thousand ways to die in a day's time. Some hearts, some hearts can't be fixed. Or even repaired. The darkness inside him has followed him the day
he saw his first Walker. And it just evolved from that day forward. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Chris didn't know. Neither did he care.
Not anymore. He had nothing to live for. So even if he died in this moment, maybe he'll be with his mom and father again. Whether the afterlife is if 
there even is one. 

"Answer me!" Chris said in a lower tone this time. With his left hand, it moved towards his pocket where his handgun was. He didn't want to use it. But
it was a Plan B in case this woman before him decided to mark him as the enemy and made a move. Better safe than sorry. Did he fear the blade? No. In fact?
He welcomed it. Maybe this was how his story ends. Maybe this is where he dies after all. Dying from an Angel in Hell. What a story that'd read on his tombstone.
Yeah, right. He decided outside he wanted to live. So whether he did beyond this point, was ultimately up to the female figure standing before him right now. Whom
had a pissed off look across her face. He was just glad she didn't decide to kill him the moment she saw him. Chris wasn't going to back down. Not yet.

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𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔴

Apr 10th 2019 - 8:29 AM

Some could say Chris is a broken man. He came into the apocalypse as just a normal kid. But sh*t changes. As does life itself. One second your just a normal kid, living your daily life. Then the next, the dead start returning and eating anything it see's. His mother was one of those victims. When you see a loved one suffer, and ultimately put down, it breaks you. Apart of you dies. Apart of you dies with them. But this is how the world is now. You either kill to survive or you die. Those are the rules of survival. That's how you adapt to the world now. 

Chris had a group, he had a father that cared for him and only wanted to see him get better. But he chose his own path, and chose to leave with a new people. And that decision almost led him to death itself. But even the face of death wasn't enough to kill him. It's all about survival. It's all about living another day. It's all about letting the darkness inside you out. And here his story begun. On this night, on this journey. 

He was wearing torn jeans with a white short sleeved shirt. Wearing his watch on his left wrist. Walking down a dark road. Handgun put away in his pocket with the safety on. A big and sharp knife could easily be seen in his right hand. He wore his dark hair hanging down blowing in the wind. It felt a little chillier on this night, but he couldn't tell. He had so much rage and emotion inside his veins. Some blood appeared on his shirt. Not much but enough to be noticed. The street lights were on, as if guiding the way for him. 

A walker appeared in front of him walking from the grass. He quickly shot his right arm up and stabbed him right in the head. Instantly it went down, removing the knife from it's skull. The walker looked to be a police officer. Or, was before sh*t hit the fan. He could see two more Walkers up ahead,"You want some? Huh?" He yelled out towards the two Walkers heading in his direction. Suddenly flashes of his father played in his head, and visions of his mother when he put her down. What is the use of living if you have to fight every single day? What's the point? The human race has already lost this war.

Chris spread his arms out, lifting his head up,"Come get some, dinner bells!" Chris had no idea what he was doing. But he just wanted the pain to stop. He just wanted, to be loved again. To be cared for again. To know that he is important to someone again. His father wast he only reason he continued living before, even if he was over-protective at times. At least he cared. Now? Chris had nothing. He could hear the Walkers getting closer, but just as he was about to commit suicide, one of the street lights flickered. Coming on and it showed a porch to some building. He could make it out as a 2 story house. In fact, he could make out several houses around him. He had found a neighborhood. Something he didn't notice before blinded by pure rage.

Decisions, their made everyday. Sometimes it has to do with life and death. Sometimes, it has to do with your own life. Maybe it was a sign? Maybe it was a sign from his dad? Was he even still alive? It would make sense if he wasn't...he gripped his knife tightly and once they were close enough he let out a sheer scream of rage and stabbed the closest one in between the eyes pushing it down ontop of the one behind him. Chris fell ontop of them. He pushed the dead undead Walker off and he brought the knife up and back down and he kept stabbing the 2nd one multiple times in the head. Blood came spraying out, letting out all of his rage and emotion. He took a deep breath, his entire clothes were bloodied. He rose to his feet then that was when he noticed something strange. 

There were more walkers, all around but they seemed to of already been 'taken care of'. Was there someone else here? Or maybe they were farther down the road? He looked down at his knife, blood dripped from it. He begun to approach the 2 story house with caution, walking past the dead Walkers, heading up the straight sidewalk leading straight to the porch. He walked on it, making a little bit of noise. He tried the doorhandle, quickly pulling open the door and took a couple of steps inside. 

He was making noise on purpose. He didn't like surprises. If there were any Walkers in here, they'll be easy to kill,"Is anybody home?" Chris called out, part of his hair covered half his face, quickly closing the door behind him in case any Walkers decided to follow after him. He had lifted his bloody knife up, and that was when he could hear breathing in one of the other rooms. He definitely wasn't alone....gripping his knife tightly he leaned closely against the wall. After a brief moment, he twisted around and entered what appeared to be the living room.

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