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BIRTH NAME | Starlee Rae Knight.
SPECIES | Human.
GENDER | Female.
ASSUMED AGE | Twenty Five.
ACTUAL AGE | Twenty Six.
DATE OF BIRTH | August Twenty One.
PARENTS | Deceased.
SIBLINGS | None Known.
OTHER FAMILY | None Known.
PETS | A cat.

LANGUAGES | English.
EDUCATION | High School Diploma. Pre-med, Med School, Internship, Currently a resident.
OCCUPATION | Surgical Resident.
HEALTH | Good Physical Health.

HEIGHT | Five Foot Four.
EYE COLOUR | HAIR COLOUR | Brown. |Dirty Blonde.
RACE |ETHNICITY | Caucasin. |Non Hispanic.

SMOKE | DRINK | DRUGS | No. - Tequila. - No.
LIKES | Food.
DISLIKES |Darkness.
HABITS | None.
AT BEST |Kind.
AT WORST | Miserable.

Bexley Musitano: Bexley is an ex boyfriend to Starlee from back in the day. They hadn't crossed paths once in the decade since he took the lives of her parents and started the uprising that took over Halifax. Since Starlee's return to her hometown, they are bound to run into each other eventually.

Dante Musitano: Dante was only ever a minor acquaintance when Starlee was dating Bexley. Now that she's returned she has found companionship in the most unlikely place. Her reasoning may be selfish, but she'll take what she can get at this point.

Rian Calleghan: Talk about finding friendship in the most unlikely places, Starlee first meets Rian when he is brought into his trauma bay. Still a new trauma resident, Starlee is tasked with keeping Rian alive through the course of his treatment.

Status: Relationship status here.
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starlee knight

Say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe

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rowing up, Starlee was the apple of her parents' eyes. They were so in love with the little girl, that she didn't have to want for nothing. Her mother was an impressive college professor, and her father was a strategic business man. He had the respect of nearly everyone in Halifax. It came as a surprise to no one when he decided to put his name in the running for the mayor of the city. The people in town were elated and Starlee was suddenly plunged into the public eye.

There was a lot of pressure to keep up with appearances. She did all that she could to be the best person that she could be. She played softball in junior high and was a straight-A student for most of her academic career. It wasn't until she was about the age of fifteen that things started to go south. When she thought she was just dipping her toe into the wrong pool, she was unaware that she took a plunge and would never be able to come back up for air again.


exley Musitano was tall and undeniably handsome. He was an older boy that showed immediate interest in Starlee. She fell in love, as much as any sixteen-year-old could. Slowly, it started to become a problem for her parents. They continually cautioned her about her actions before they outright refused to allow her to see Bex. Starlee did what any teenager would do. They started sneaking around. Hiding in the shadows, climbing through windows. It went on during the most crucial part of her father's campaign to be reelected.

Starlee was coming home one night when she found her front door ajar. Confused, she walked through the front door to see her worst nightmare. Bexley was in her living room, and her parents were both dead. A slump in a pool of their own blood. Bex was clearly under the influence and not thinking rationally. Starlee did the only thing she knew to do which was run. Run before he tried to kill her too.

Red lips and rosy cheeks, say you'll see me again

Alone without anyone on her side, Starlee grew a strength she never knew she had in her. Slowly, so very slowly, she brought herself up from the rock bottom she thought would be her permanent. First things first, she needed to get her high school diploma. It wasn't easy to find a high school that would take on a homeless girl in the middle of a school year, but she did. She excelled in her education which earned her an almost completely full ride to any college she dreamed. Go big or go home was a motto she had grown to live by. Starlee enrolled into the Northern Onterio School of Med.

The years drug on but soon Starlee graduated and got herself into a residency program. The only downfall was the residency was in her old hometown, Halifax. A place she tried hard to forget and soon it would all around her. She wasn't sure she was able to put up with the memories that accompanied the place, but if she kept her head down she'd get by. Who knows, maybe she'll have a chance to face Bexley Musitano once again. Only this time she hoped he's be laying on a trauma bed where her hands would be the only thing separating him from death.

Even if it's just in your wildest dreams

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Sep 20th 2021 - 12:05 AM

he didn't wait for the waitress to finish placing the cheesy goodness on the table before he was helping himself to the food. Absently he listened to what she was saying and it took a couple of seconds for the final question to sink in. He knew that it was inevitable that someone would be game enough to ask him why he came back, it didn't make sense that he came back at all given the spectacular fashion in which he had left, running out on his own high school graduation and having no contact with this place for nine whole years. Dante studied her a moment, trying to work out what had actually brought him back to Halifax, a place that he had hated since he was old enough to understand what hate was. he was trying to figure out what started him on this downward spiral that led him to be kicked out of the only place that he had felt comfortable and then turn his back on the men who had watched his back on a fateful day that they all decided that orders no longer needed to be followed.  Was it the heartbreak of being played by the woman he loved or was it the thought of losing some of his closest friends because of bureaucracy? 

Tired eyes studied the woman across the table and slowly he shook his head, "you wouldn't believe me if I told you the truth, besides most of it is classified." It wasn't far from the truth, being Special Forces most of what he did for the last nine years fell under some sort of security code and as far as Star was concerned, he didn't have anything to do with the family so she couldn't know that Hunter brought him back because he was heart sore. "Have you for a moment regretting coming back?"



Aug 14th 2021 - 11:21 PM

Dante listened to her attentively as she explained why she came back and ended up in the house that she was in, he didn't for a second buy into the story that she told about it being the only place that she could afford at the time. It didn't add up in his head that someone as wealthy as her could only just afford to go to medical school and still have nothing left over to live off once she reached her residency, he felt that her parents would have taken everything like that into consideration. But he was not going to start that fight at the moment, that wasn't what this night out was all about.

His head lifted up for a moment from where he had been watching the condensation of his drink dance with gravity as the droplets made its way down the outside of his glass. He looked at her and quirked an eyebrow at her mentioning that she wanted to see his cousin and her old flame in the emergency room. "That can be arranged you know, the first and last time that I saw him after getting back to Halifax-" and spending a week stalking every known member of the family business, not that he was going to tell her that, "I had fun re-arranging his face and moving his stomach into his lungs, that probably one of the reasons he doesn't talk to me much anymore."

Sighing he leaned back and fell silent as the first lot of their order was delivered to the table, the loaded fries that he had ordered for the table was placed between the two of them. "you know, if it is any consolation, even if your parents were still alive, I think maybe the slide into hell was inevitable." He hated to admit that little tidbit out loud because it felt like it was robbing him of something solid to blame for the hell that had brought him back to Halifax. Being able to blame Star and her family gave him a reason to find something good about his family. While saying the last truth out loud made a heavyweight press into his chest and a lingering doubt that he had been fighting found a strong hold on him. no matter the personal sacrifices he made, maybe it was too late to save his family.

Aug 7th 2021 - 12:27 AM

Dante watched transfixed as the crayon came to a standstill at his accusations hit her and ignored the milkshakes as they were delivered to the table. He listened to what she had to say about her life and only glanced up at her face when she mentioned his family. He couldn't fault her for having fun for breaking the rules, it was how he made a name for himself, being such a pain in the ass that by the time Hunter and Ajax, his younger brother's teachers would role the eyes and shudder that the memories of Dante. It didn't help the Hunter had his own type of reputation and if Dante wasn't fighting his twin, then his twin was pulling him out of the fights.

Shaking his head, Dante handed his straw over the Star and stood to retrieve another one. Returning to the table he took his seat again and let out a sigh after ripping the straw packet open with his teeth.  A part of him had always blamed Star for the events that took place despite claiming that she had no idea what would have happened. To him, his cousin was always messed up, but he also knew that no one suffered more than her for what had happened. "So why even come back? why shack up in a place that like?"

Aug 1st 2021 - 1:23 AM

When the waitress came over, he offered the woman a sweet smile and ordered a plate of loaded fries, a works burger with a side of fries and a caramel milkshake. When the woman left, he shook his head at everything that Star was trying to say about herself. On the outside it looked like she had a perfect life, she had everything she wanted and he would never be able to understand why she so willingly threw it all away to go out with a psychopath like his cousin. While he on the other hand had to fight to be his own person. It was always expected that he would stay with the family and continue the family business. That he would be in and out of prison just like his deadbeat dad since the statistics of staying out of prison did not play in his favour at all.

Leaning forward he whispered softly to her, "that makes no sense at all, you know that right? either you know that or you had your priorities seriously f***ed up when you were younger. You cared enough not to put gum under that table but not enough to go out with someone who allegedly had links to organised crime"

Jul 31st 2021 - 10:21 PM

Being back at the old dinner made him think about the last time he had come with his family, the time before everything was fubar between them before he got into a fight with Hunter and his younger brother had spiked his drink with some panadol. It would have been a harmless act if it was anyone else drinking it, but for Dante, it had been the last straw that made him want to get out of the sh*t town before it killed him. And the last time that he had been at the Dinner was when he was putting the finishing touches on his plan to get out of the sh*t town. It was with his best friend who had been waiting around the corner of the high school with the getaway car. They had both gone through basic training together, they had been shipped out together, and if they had been assigned together Dante was positive Shaun would still be alive and not six feet under.

Dante glanced at Starlee as the menu was pulled from his hands while he was still reading it and shook his head, he had sensed the change in her before she sat down, he had felt her relax and fall into the role to sell her part of the charade. It was only a matter of time before the eyes that were glancing at the would be the mouths that would spread the gossip that a Musitano was with a knight again. Granted it was a different Musitano but the gossips wouldn't care about that small detail. It had only taken him a glance to work out that the menu was still the same as when he was a child, he knew what he wanted so he didn't make a big deal about the fact that it was taken from me. Loaded fries for the table because he would be damned if he was going to be sharing his food with anyone, and a works burger. It was too bad he had decided to take them here instead of the bar because then he would have been able to chase the food down with a good amount of Alcohol.

Leaning back in the booth, Dante made a show of looking around the joint and letting out a soft chuckle. "its sad that some things never change. I bet we will be able to find the chewing gum under the tables from when we were back in school."

Jul 10th 2021 - 10:52 PM

As Starless picked the song and turned up the music to drown out the conversation, he shook his head and started to hum along to some of the songs that he knew, not at all surprised when he pretty much knew them all.

Dante let out a small laugh at her relation to his advances and held his arm in front of him so her pathetic excuses of a punch landed on his upper arm.  A wild and triumphant smirk crossed his face as she derated him, telling him to behave as if he were some misbehaving child who would hang his head in shame and go without dinner. But to him, the whole point of the outing was to make people talk and make sure that the news that he was out with Starlee and paying for dinner would get back to his demented cousin. He was dying for another crack at masking Bexley's face into the pavement.

Shaking his head, Dante trapped an arm around her slender shoulders and shook his head. Leaning down his once again whispered in her ear his lips close enough to brush against her skin, "if I behaved, no one will take much notice of us and the whole point of the outing would be mute. Relax and have some fun for a change. We both know this isn't going anywhere, but they don't. Gossip will fly faster if they think I am trying to get into your pants." he knew he was crossing a lot of line, and he knew the more he made advances towards her it would piss her off even more which would only amuse him. No  matter how the night ended, he would view it as a success

Giving her shoulder a squeeze, he led them over to a corner booth and slid into the seat, letting her go to decide how she was going to play the game with him. making himself comfortable, he pulled the menu towards him and let a slow smile cross his lips as he realised the menu hadn't changed since they were kids.

May 15th 2021 - 10:14 PM

He was patient while Star tested the lock, after all, she had plenty of reason not to trust him - or at least trust his family name. And he hadn't exactly been kind to her while they were all growing up. He had always viewed her as the girl who wanted to hang out with the 'low lives' just so she could make her family pay. The girl didn't realise just how deep she was swimming until it was too late. He had never seen any point trying to warn her, she was always too pigheaded to listen to anyone, otherwise, she would have listened to her parents and events never would have happened. In his time away, he had tried to master the ability to not blame other people, sometimes things happened. but since coming back to his hometown, old resentments and unfinished business kept bubbling up to the surface from deep in the dark depths that he had buried them.  A part of him wanted to resort back to the no-good lay about that he used to be, thinking first with his fists but he also knew that the only way to do what he came back to do was to be the person everyone did not expect. And that was to be the man the army had trained him to be. 

Pulling out onto the road, Dante watched Star move from the corner of his eye as she reached forward and fiddled with the controls to find a song that she liked. Pushing her hand away, he touched a couple of buttons on the touch screen and pulled up Spotify, it was only a short drive to the old burger joint, he fingered he had survived Afghanistan and Syria, whatever girly music that she would choose couldn't kill him. "If I am paying and driving you, then you can bet your skinny ass that it is a date." Checking his mirrors, Dante changed lanes and stopped at a red light fighting the urge to gun the truck and run the light since there were no other cars in the area, but he had something to prove to his passenger tonight, that he was not the same as the rest of the family. He was a legitimate businessman that had nothing to do with the nefarious plots that had made the family infamous. 

10 minutes later, Dante was pulling up outside the old burger join the hand he and brother use to visit regularly and he had been dying to find a reason to come back to since he returned to town. Killing the engine, Dante jumped out of the truck and waited for Star as he held the door open to the restaurant open. As she walked inside, he walked behind her and couldn't help one last dig at her. bending down, he whispered in her ear, "Though, I'd gladly take that skinny ass of yours anywhere." As he stepped away from her, Dante gave her a gentle swot on the said ass.

Apr 11th 2021 - 11:38 PM

Movement cause his attention when his back was turned and he was packing up his tools, but the movement wasn't the sort of someone trying to sneak up behind him but moving restlessly around the house, it wasn't the movement that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up in warning. Besides, if the petite women tried to do something, he was pretty sure he would be able to out muscle her without too much difficulty. If he couldn't then he had just wasted nine years of his life. Turning around his sharp eyes took in her appearance and the way that her hands had suddenly been stuffed into her pockets. Apart of him wanted to walk over and pull them out, he had seen that haunted look in too many eyes not to be able to recognise it. If he was being honest with himself, the last time that he saw it had been in the morning when he looked in the mirror it was why he tended to drown his days in a bottle of whatever he could grab at the time. 

He was surprised when she so readily agreed to go out in public with him, he figured he would have to try a lot harder than simply asking that he would have to twist some arms and break a couple of bones to get her to even step out the door with him. But he hid his shock under some bravado and picked up his tools holding the door open for her, "it wouldn't be much of a date if I didn't pay for you now would it? not all of us are animals. We can take my car." he held the door open for her and waited until she had locked up before leading the way to his truck and holding the door open for once again. Once he was sure she wasn't going to do a runner on her, he placed his tools in the back and jumped into the car. starting the ignition Dante turned to his passenger, "burgers?"

Apr 11th 2021 - 7:33 PM

He didn't comment on her reaction to his timeframe that he gave her, but he also knew that he couldn't walk away from the house after only fixing the locks on the doors and windows especially if he knew that someone was actually living there. The shoddy work that he did and the fact that he walked away, the news would get around town and he ran the risk of losing business, but if he took the time to fix it up right then he would get business and then he would have less time to deal with his other side job. He didn't move when she jabbed at his leg with her foot, it was nothing but a love tap and something that he didn't need to react to, but he shifted his weight slightly to give her room to move away. He tracked her progress through his steel blue eyes as she stomped around the room ranting. To him, it was a rehearsed speech, something that she had been bottling up for years. He knew that she had never wanted her parents to die, but he also knew that the moment she had started her little rebellious streak all those years ago when everything was going to change. His cousin never let anything go once he had it, it was one of the reasons that he never let the other man have control of him when they were growing up because he knew he would never have gotten away. "I was never under their control Star, I jumped the fence of my high school graduation and left town leaving everyone there applauding to an empty spot when my name was called. What I wouldn't give to see their faces once they realised I had left. Nine years in the Armed services, working in the worlds roughed areas and tracking down worse men than the people that haunt these streets, barely ever setting foot on Canadian soil. One lucky bullet ended that dream and now all I have that is keeping me sane is this business - my business. So yes, I can tell you right now I am not under my uncle's control, I never have and never will be. And every time I see Bex, all I want to do is punch his lights out. In fact, the first thing I did when I saw him after nine years was lay him out to dry." Shaking his head, Dante started to gather all of his tools and placed the new keys on the counter for her. Once he was finished, he picked up his toolbox and on an urge he faced Star again. "Come out to dinner with me, let me prove that you dated the wrong Musitano all those years ago, we aren't all psychotic killers you know. besides, imagine how many people it will piss off."

Apr 4th 2021 - 1:27 AM

Shaking his head, Dante put his tools away, "Sorry to tell you, but the whole house does need to be redone, the porch needs to be relaid as well, unless you want to fall through it on your way to work. If I forget about all my other clients and put a rush on all of my orders, I should be able to have this place in somewhat of a liveable condition by the end of the month." Walking over to where she was sitting, Dante stood in front of her close enough to smell the mix of perfume and food on her and smiled, "and because you are not paying, I can safely say that I don't give a sh*t about how me doing all the work makes you feel." Reaching behind her without breaking eye contact, he grabbed a bottle of water and took a gulp before throwing it in the corner where he had kept the rest of his equipment. Refusing to take a step away from her, Dante shook his head at the tone of her voice, it was clear that she was giving an order and was expecting him to snap to attention. Well he was done with the military and he had never been good at following orders if he didn't like them. "You and your high and mighty ass will put up with me for as long as I need to do my job with is something that you and your silver spoon life wouldn't know the meaning of." Shaking his head he turned back to finish off the front lock and tightening the last of the screws. "You know, judging me because of my last name is like when people judge you and blame you for what happened here because of your last name. Everyone knows that you only hung out with the trench runners like Bex because you wanted your family to pay. So how the f*** is that fair? I left town too you know, to get away from it all."
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