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In your world we we're the same. In mine now you're the one to blame. You can't remember my name. We're lost, it's such a shame. Listen to me, stop making me see what I've been waiting for. Listen to me, stop making me see.

Full Name Starlee Ray Knight
Pronunciation star-lee rey knight
Nickname/Alias Star
Meaning Star meadow
Origin English
Pet Name None.
Signature Feminine
Gender Female
Gender Role Feminine
Orientation Straight
Real Age Twenty-six
Age Appearance From twenty-two to twenty-eight
Birthday August Twenty One
Birthplace Fairhope, Alabama
Astrological Sign Leo
Zodiac Sign Dog
Species Human
Ethnicity Caucasin
Blood Type O Negative
Preferred Hand Right Handed
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Complexion Mostly clear
Makeup Some
Height Five foot five
Facial Hair None
Health Fair

Memory Pristine
Allergies Seasonal
Phobias Spiders
Mental Disorders Anxiety. Depression. PTSD. Night Terrors.

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starlee ray knight

I wanna rock this block like a bull in a china shop

Starlee grew up the poster child of her family. She got straight As all through her school career and was always seen with a smile on her face. She could light up a room simply by walking through the door. It was smooth sailing for Star, there was nothing that could go wrong. She was living the dream, riding the high horse, with a silver spoon in her mouth. It wasn't until she entered into her teenage years that things slowly started to take a turn.

Her father just entered into his second term as deputy mayor or Fairhope. Starlee was used to the publicity and the fancy parties. Journalists loved to talk to Star and just add to the perception that she was this perfect little girl. As a child, she loved the attention. As she grew, she absolutely hated it. It didn't take long before she started to rebel. Her perfect reputation started to tarnish. She was pulled more and more into the darkness.

It was a party that some college kids were throwing the next town over that Star first laid eyes on Preston. He was maybe a little too old to be at a party full of college freshmen and sophomores, but no one seemed to mind. Starlee played coy, she didn't want to come off too eager. If only she knew what would happen when she left the party with him, maybe her life would have turned out differently. There was no real way of knowing. You can't undo the past.

For most people, love at first sight wasn't a real thing. For Starlee, it was very much a reality. She became completely infatuated with Preston and he seemed to be just as into her. The only thing that stood in their was was her parents. Her father didn't want her spending time with Preston, everyone knew the connections his father had with the not so innocent crowd. Star didn't care though, she challenged every attempt her father made to try and keep her away from him.

It was late one night when Starlee came home from work. She walked to her front door and saw that the door was wide open. Confused she walked in hesitantly. The irony scent of blood quickly overtook her. She rounded the corner to see her parents, both slumped and covered in blood. Standing right in front of them was Preston. By the look in his eyes, she could tell he wasn't in the right frame of mind. He was high as a kite. A drug-filled rage.

There were no words to describe the absolute pain that Star felt when she looked at her parents' dead bodies on her living room couch. One moment Preston was standing in front of her, "We can be together now." and the next he was running back out the open door. Frozen, she couldn't move as the sirens in the background grew louder. When the police showed up, she was leaning over her parents' body, blood soaking her clothes. It was an easy puzzle for the police to put together. In minutes she was in the back of a squad car.

The shock wore off before she got to the police station. She started to plead her innocence. Trying to tell them what had really happened. She only met with a few shakes of heads. The way people looked at her, it was a mixture of disgust and sadness. Over and over she tried to tell them who really killed her parents. She didn't realize how deep Preston's father's connections went until everyone pretended that he didn't exist. Words were thrown around. Trial mentally unwell.

Starlee was eventually sentenced to fifteen years in the Alabama State Medical Hospital. She was given access to her phone for ten minutes and only noticed one thing; every trace of Preston she had on her phone was gone. His number was gone, his messages were gone, his pictures were gone. It was as if he never existed. Just a figure of her imagination. The more she tried to insist he was real, the more they tried to medicate her. She finally gave in and just lived her life doing the bare minimum. Eventually, she was granted an early release.

After ten long years, Star was finally free. It didn't take long for her to land herself a job. She became one of the bartenders at Bella Dea where she serves alcohol to people paying money to watch pretty girls dance. It was tough at first, but she quickly got into the hang of it, making some new friends along the way.

One last glance from a taxi cab, images scar my mind
Four weeks've felt like years since your full attention was all mine
The night was young and so were we

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тнє вαкєя

Sep 18th 2020 - 1:04 AM

It had been ten years since he set foot in Natchez and everything seemed different, brighter. Given that the man had done the unspeakable before fleeing, this time, he was a new man, in every sense of the word. Preston Accardo was no longer. The son of the drug lord was now Richard John Grayson, a humble baker, who had plenty of money to open a small bakery and pretend to be normal… but there was one person who knew better and she was about to come back into his life.

On one hand, Grayson knew that Starlee would have a hard time proving he was Preston Accardo, but on the other hand, he wanted to see her. She had been one girl he would never forget. After all, he killed for her. The sixteen-year-old never asked for her parents to be murdered, but he was high as a kite when it happened and twisted as it may be, he did it out of love. All he wanted was to be with her openly… Perhaps it was not his brightest moment, nor a good call. Who would be dumb enough to be with a murderous dealer? Especially one who murdered one’s parents. That relationship was over.

Still, he wanted to see her, to lay his eyes upon that chocolate gaze that once melted his ice-cold heart. Of course he knew she was back, of course he knew where she worked and when. His perverted ways remained hidden under layers and layers of self-loathing, but they were still there. He managed to dig out her information and everything he needed before moving to Natchez, in order to either stay away or chase after her. Either way, he knew her better than she knew herself, or so he thought.

D*ck decided he wanted to approach her. He had nothing to lose, if she freaked out and if she didn’t, he would still have her in his life, of sorts. Grayson fixed his jacket, took a deep breath, and headed into the restaurant (THIS CAN BE CHANGED IF NOT A RESTAURANT. Lol). He gave the hostess his usual charming smile, the one that got him anything he wanted; a hint of deviousness and charm. He then was headed to the bar, where he would sit and have a meal, in hopes to see the girl he once loved.


Sep 17th 2020 - 7:03 PM

Hello, Dakota Davis. 31.
Currently in Gleenwood.
Spent most of her life in an abusive household.
Survivor of childhood trauma. Has some unresolved issues that go with it.
High school art teacher. Loves her job.
Lover of all things fall and chocolate.
I'd love to discuss a storyline with you!

Connor O'Rourke

Sep 16th 2020 - 6:41 PM

Connor said little, he merely smiled and said “Thank You” to the woman who introduced herself as ‘Starlee.’ It was an unusual name but he knew that people named their kids different things these days. He actually liked unusual names because they usually had stories behind them and reasons, they were chosen other than the parents looked up the top 50 names on the internet and picked one at random. Unusual names were also interesting to him because he could use them in his novel. It could, perhaps, even allow him to start looking at other names that were similar and help him come up with interesting names for his novel outside of just jumbling some letters together, which was a pitfall a lot of writers of fantasy found themselves in.
Connor’s blue eyes shifted back down to the menu she’d just given him, but his attention was all around him. Every couple of seconds his eyes would dart up to the bar mirror so he could see anyone coming up behind him, his ears were attuned to everything going on everywhere in the bar, and his nose picked up dozens of smells. It was a bit stale in Firefly Lane, but he’d been in other bars and pubs that were MUCH worse. In fact, comparably Firefly Lane was immaculate. He was impressed by how clean it was, he was sure that the staleness he was smelling was probably either his own clothes or the fact that the bar was near closing and hadn’t been completely cleaned after the day of having patrons in and out.
Connor finally found some food that looked good and looked up, setting the menu down. He took a sip of his beer and looked at himself in the bar mirror for a moment. He was only 37 but he looked so much older. His eyes were sunken in and full of loss and sorrow, his hair was turning grey faster and faster every day, his face looked slightly bonier than he remembered and the scars on his face were starting to become more noticeable as his skin aged. He constantly looked exhausted but that’s because he rarely slept these days. He simply sighed and averted his eyes. He hated looking at himself. Instead he looked at Starlee, “I think I figured it out.” He said in a happier tone than he felt. He had become quite the expert at that. He did it all the time at work, though admittedly it got much easier to pretend after exchanging a couple of words with the Art Teacher, Miss Davis. Just the thought of her sweet smile brought the slightest trace of one to his own lips.
тнє вαкєя

Sep 15th 2020 - 12:17 AM

D*ck Grayson here!
New in town, so I'd love some info on you! Tell me about you? What is your favorite colour? Which food do you hate the most? Dogs or cats? DO YOU LIKE COOKIES? If not, then we can't be friends and you shall be my nemesis!
Let me spill the tea:
* Formerly known as Preston Accardo, son of a big drug lord in the lovely state of LA. 
* Fled to Mexico and got immersed in the culture and food, of course.
* Came back as a new man, after an incident, in your lovely town of Natchez, Mississippi. 
* Won second prize in Beauty contest hosted by Monopoly.
* Dog lover, and baker.
* I'm just here for the free tacos.
* Charming as a potato.

Discord Available.

Connor O'Rourke

Sep 9th 2020 - 6:40 PM

“Into formation the hunt has begun,
Death and damnation, the fleet is coming,

He was made to rule the waves across the Seven Seas
To lead the war machine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine…”

The words to Sabaton’s “Bismarck” rang through the headphones covering Connor O’Rourke’s ears as he sat on his knees with a white scrub brush and polished the inside of the staff toilet on the second floor of Natchez High School. It wasn’t a glorious life, but it was better than the alternative of being homeless, and stuck on the streets. Another statistic for politicians to throw around to get votes. Connor didn’t care about any of that. He just sat on the tile floor until the brown mark was gone and then he flushed, and sprayed a little bit of cleaner into the water so that it looked fresh.
Slowly he pushed himself off of the tile and stood only to look in the mirror and see the greying facial hair, and his cold, blue eyes that showed all the pain he’d been through in life. He turned quickly, hating to look at himself. He put the toilet cleaning stuff away and pulled out the glass cleaner. Thankfully this was the last bit of cleaning he had to do for the night. After that he could go back to the office and just relax for the final half an hour and perhaps start putting pieces of his book together.
Connor rolled his cart along the halls, shutting lights off as he went until he came to the impeccably organized closet where he kept his cart. He emptied the mop bucket and rinsed it out before hanging the mop up to dry and then shutting the door and locking it so no children could get in before he started his shift the next day. He sighed. Connor was always tired, and always felt like he weighed a million pounds. He always chalked it up to the guilt he felt from overseas, or from the loss of his kid brother. He just knew that he was tired of that as well.
After a half hour of clicking away on the computer and still getting next to nothing done on his book, Connor clocked out, threw on his wool beanie and headed down to Firefly Lane to grab a pint and maybe unwind from the day. He’d been there before, but always stayed to the edges and rarely made contact with many people. He didn’t figure they would want anything to do with him. He was one step away from the homeless, and he was sure that it’s how he came across to everyone in town, so why would they want to talk to him?
Connor entered and saw that the only free seats were along the bar. Strange, but he figured there weren’t any sporting events being aired on television that night, so he walked up and sat down. He looked at the lovely young blonde tending the bar, “Coors Light, please.” He said gently as he folded his calloused hands in front of him in the bar and looked up at her with his blue eyes. He just wanted a quiet night, but at the same time the last thing he wanted was to be alone… he was always alone and as easy as that was, it was awful and lonely and he hated it. It gave him too much time to think, and that was always dangerous.

Sep 5th 2020 - 9:51 PM

Zedd slowly shook his head, he had the rumours when Star had left but he had never paid much attention to them, more focused on getting what he wanted out of life than hearing what other people were saying, but he also truthfully didn't really remember why Star had left, only that she had left. "I honestly pictured you as more of the type of person to be dancing on top of the bar drunk then working behind it." he slowly quirked an eyebrow at her suggestion of ordering a drink with the least amount of ingredients. If he wasn't trying to be on his best behaviour then he would have taken her up on the challenge and ordered something with the most amount of ingredients. "I'll tell you what let's keep it simple for this early on in the night. Coke and we will work ourselves up to the harder-hitting stuff. I bet as the night goes on I'll care less about the taste." he knew that statement was going to be true whether or not his brother showed up. It became obvious early on in their relationship that Zedd and Darius should not be left in a room together unsupervised especially if there was alcohol involved. It seemed that they took every opportunity to make up for the missed time to cement their brotherly bond. The only time they would be good is if one of them had a ride coming up in the next couple of times and then they used each other to keep the other one focused on the end goal. And even if his brother stood him up, he was out unsupervised and he hoped that no one in the bar knew about the recent accident and wouldn't stop him from drinking. He was getting sick of the number of people trying to keep him wrapped in cotton wool

Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, Zedd quickly pulled it out and swiped to see the message from his brother. Reading the message, he shook his head and could feel his heart sinking a little bit. A part of him shouldn't have been surprised that his brother had decided to stand him up, the cowboy lived by the code 'hoes before bros' even his blood bro didn't stand a chance if a long-legged blonde took his fancy.  Shaking his head he put his phone back in his pocket and quickly grabbed Star's attention again. "Make it a rum and coke, or is that two too many ingredients?"

Aug 29th 2020 - 12:59 AM

He'd been out of the hospital for three weeks and had been ignoring text messages and screening calls from his older half brother for six weeks, though the first three weeks hadn't been his fault since he had been in a coma.  Zedd had been 21 when the older man approached him and introduced himself as his older brother, at first he didn't know what to think of the other rider. he thought it was a prank from the more experienced me trying to haze the newbie, but after a drunken night, they had both agreed to get DNA tests and when the results came back, well it was hard to argue then. Over the years, they had both grown close and so it was only natural when he woke up from his coma to see over a hundred missed calls and text messages from him. Over the next three weeks, while Zedd was still getting his bearing and getting frustrated with the cotton wool his grandparents had wrapped around him, he continued to ignore the text messages and screen the calls since the last thing that he wanted to do was try and assure someone else that he was fine when he had spent all day doing the same thing with the people that had raised him as their own son. 

He had been awake for four weeks now and his grandparents had reluctantly agreed to let him out of their sight for a couple of hours while he caught up with some 'friends' who were just passing through town. He had no idea why he had been so hesitant to tell people back in his home town that he had a brother, but then he had always been hesitant to bring anything back to his home town from the circuit, especially when he had to spend the last few years convincing everyone that he was not a woman basher thanks to a nasty little rumour that had been started.  But because it was his only brother, he had reluctantly agreed to meet up with Darius to share a few beers because his brother needed to make sure that he really was ok.

Walking into the Firefly Lane, Zedd looked around trying to decide the best place to sit would be, as a couple of people moved away from the bar he took their place and slid into the bar stool. Taking out his phone, he sent out a quick message to Darius to let him know he was there and waiting, his brother was notorious for being late. Putting his phone away into his pocket he heard a soft voice from behind the counter and quickly looked up and frowned slightly trying to remember where he had last seen the bartenders face. Only a couple of people in his life had ever called him cowboy and it was usually from the group of people who use to hang around his girlfriend while they were in high school, but the name died down once one of the girls left... "Star?" Shaking his head, Zedd jumped off the stool and reached over the bar and pulled the girl into a hug. "Damn it, how long has it been and what the f*** are you doing behind a counter?"
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