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DISCORD: Addy Grace.#0324

Full Name Addison Grace Carver Pronunciation ADD-uh-sun GRAYS CAR-ver Nickname/Alias Addy Title Second in Command for ‘Operation Bitemark’ (Unofficial) Pet Name Kid, Girl, Sis, Ads/Adds. Signature Somewhat large lettering, but free-flowing and very organic. Gender Female Gender Role She generally acts more feminine than masculine. Orientation Bisexual Real Age 28 Age Appearance 24 or 25 Birthday May 23rd Deathday N/A Birthplace Albany, New York, USA Zodiac Sign Gemini Species Human, turned ‘Blend’ by Lucy between Seasons 3 and 4. Ethnicity White/Caucasian Blood Type O Positive Preferred Hand Right Facial Type Round Eye Color Grey Hair Color Red Hairstyle Very Long, Wavy, Tied Up Typically. Skin Tone Ivory Complexion Porcelain Makeup Usually eyeliner and mascara. Maroon, Burgundy, or Red lipstick sometimes. Body Type Ectomorph Build Rounded/Circular face, long limbs, slender/somewhat curved frame. Height 5’6 Weight 125lbs. Cup Size 36 C Facial Hair None Shoe Size USA 9/10 Birthmarks/scars Healed bite mark from Lucy on the back of her right hand. Distinguishing Features Her red hair Health High endurance and stamina Energy Always ready for anything Memory Addy typically remembers things pretty well. Trauma, however, she tends to try and successfully block out so she can move on. Allergies None Handicaps According to Z Nation, Addy is unable to fully use her right eye as of Season 4. Medication Does z-weed count? Phobias Turning Addictions Occasional drinker. Smokes with The Fam when she can. Mental Disorders Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia.

I goddamn have it...

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Stone Cold Classic. ♥

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Addison Grace Carver

Fire up the flames, I’ll do you damage...

Instagram the blaze; I’m Shere Khan savage...

Surviving the Outbreak
Addy was attending a hockey game when the outbreak began, and that is where she met her (now ex) boyfriend Mack. The two rushed to her home, where she found her mother had already turned. They also learned that her younger brother had been bitten. Much to her dismay, Addy had to mercy them both. Shortly after the start of what survivors had deemed 'Black Summer', Mack and Addy had managed to meet up with a group stationed at a site called 'Camp Blue Sky'. The group was headed by Sgt. Charles "Charlie" Garnett, and happened to include Stephen 'Doc' Beck, Alvin Murphy, and Lt. Roberta Warren. Eventually, the camp became overrun by Z's due to a blast giving away their location. A few days after leaving the site, the group stumbled upon a girl named Cassandra, who they rescued from a cage she had been set in for nearly three days. She would then join their 'Apocalypse Fam' of sorts. At one point shortly afterward, the group managed to befriend ‘Citizen Z’, a military survivor of the apocalypse and basically human map for ‘Delta Xray Delta’ (‘Operation Bitemark’). It was he who tried to single-handedly help the others transport Murphy to the CDC in California. Sadly, Charlie was the first casualty of the group shortly afterward. Having turned at a ‘Revival Camp’, it was Warren who decided to give him mercy. Two years later, Mack had been overrun by a horde of Z’s in a stairwell. Addy felt it her responsibility to mercy him just after he had turned. Later on in the series, the group also meets CZ’s Inuit girlfriend, Kaya, who also joins their ‘Post-Z’ family as well.

Sweet Sacrifices
The group managed to meet and rescue a fellow survivor named Serena, who would eventually give birth to Murphy’s little girl Lucy. Unforunately, Serena died fending off a horde of Z's almost immediately after Lucy's arrival to the world. The group traveled with the new addition, but most were hesitant due to her lineage and unknown true nature. Because of their questioning and hostility, she was given up for adoption to a couple who owned a farm. This was just shortly after 10k had mercied Cassandra to end the mock-slave life Murphy had made for her; this event was following the fact that he bit her cheek in an attempt to save her. Ultimately, Murphy wanted to make sure that Lucy was able to grow up safely in the apocalypse. Nearly a year later, Addy and Doc went on a self-assigned mission to get her back as they believed she would be safer in their care, as ZONA was beginning to hunt for her. The pair also believed that Murphy’s daughter would be an essential ally to the group. To their surprise, she seemed to be about 5 or so years old. After getting her back from Maw and Paw Kettle, the group later discovered that she ages when stressed too much, or when she bites someone (human or zombie). Although they had seemingly reunited Lucy with her family again, it didn’t stay that way for very long. An agent from ZONA known as "The Man" finally managed to catch up to Lucy and the others, effectively kidnapping the young girl. Addison wasted no time trailing them both, determined to once again save the little girl. Once she had found The Man once, the two engaged in a fairly gruesome fight. Addy survived, though she had to put her shoulder back into place, and splint her broken left arm on her own afterward. She also suffered a slight concussion for 2 days, and the right side of her face remained severely swollen and bruised for weeks thanks to a broken nose and fractured eye socket. However, that didn’t stop her from being Hellbent on finding Lucy again. Upon being reunited, a teenage Lucy took notice to Addy’s injuries; especially one that seemed to be moderate blindness in her right eye, due Addy having tackled The Man off of a cliff in an attempt to save Lucy. Before Addy managed to land in the valley below, her right eye was impaled almost completely by a small tree branch. Lying next to her at the bottom of the ravine, younger girl took it upon herself to bite Addy’s right hand, in hopes that it would help her fractures (and her eye) heal faster. The act aged Lucy to her early-20’s, while also rendering Addy the first (and only) ‘Blend’ to have ever come from Lucy. The pair noted that the eye was still extremely light-sensitive and seemingly acquired a white 'film' of sorts after its regeneration, however, causing Addy to keep it covered most of the time.

The Present Day
Since George has succeeded in effectively beginning seeing her dream of Newmerica through, Addy has been playing a major role with her transportation once again; this time, for the new country that she is proud to be a part of with her family. She makes runs all over, with specific ‘stops’ set up for Talkers that still have not managed to quite find their way inside the safe, virtually apocalypse-free borders of Altura and Pacifica. When not dealing with them, Addy finds herself making bulk supply runs for anything George or the citizens might need to survive. Although Addy finds herself more partial to Pacifica, she finds herself spending almost all of her downtime between runs in Altura with George and the others.

No, you don’t have to ask. You know I have it...

No, you don’t have to ask...

+ Doc is the undeniable hippie of the group, with Addy following close behind in his footsteps. He is a ‘glass half full’ kinda guy, who keeps everyone’s heads level when they’ve had enough of the world. Jayce and George have deemed him ‘Hammer Gandalf’, and Addy sometimes calls him ‘Dad’. Stephen Beck is the grandfather nobody knew they wanted in the apocalypse.
+ Warren is the ‘Mom Friend’ of the fam. She’s basically adopted Addy, 10k, and George over the course of the apocalypse thus far. Addison tends to call her ‘Mom’ and ‘Sis’ at various times, and Warren almost always calls Addy ‘Sis’ or ‘Baby Girl’ in return. The two tend to think alike, especially in terms of innovation and strategy. They share warrior’s blood and determination to survive, and help the rest of their group survive with them.
+ George and Addy definitely have a complex past with one another; one that isn’t exactly pretty. When the girls first met, they were always at odds. Mostly over politics, thanks to George’s long-standing agenda to make ‘Newmerica’ a reality for survivors. However, in a little less than the course of a year, the two finally started to have enough time to get to know each other and, to both of their surprise, quickly turned out to be inseparable.
+ Addy has quite literally been there for Lucy since day one. And though the two spent some time apart initially, Addy was seemingly always the most determined to find her when they got separated. After Addy’s nearly fatal second run-in with The Man, Lucy was the one who helped Addy heal faster so she could continue to endure the apocalypse as safely as possible. Lucy and Addy also shared a deeper bond with one another once she became a Blend; the two could feel each others’ pain, and sense each other’s location no matter the distance. They could always tell if the other was safe or in peril. The pair have always been a mixture of both mother/daughter, and big sis/little sis.
+ 10k and Addy bonded the most through their natural-born survival skills, and similar beginnings in the apocalypse. Both had to mercy their immediate families and leave home. Oddly enough, the two even managed to join the rest of the group at roughly the same time as well. 10k is Addy’s eyebrow buddy, partner in crime, and yet another sibling because he reminds her of the younger brother she had Pre-Z.
+ Jayce and Addy met through odd circumstances. During one of her transport missions to get Talkers to Limbo, Addy had a brief altercation with Pandora. While Addy inevitably won the fight against who she would later discover was George’s number one enemy, she still left with a few bumps and bruises. By the time she had wandered to Jayce’s land, she had run out of most supplies in her backpack and was growing weaker from her travels on foot. Jayce found her collapsed near her house one evening while walking around, and took Addy in to take care of her. Her camp had power, medical supplies, food and water. It was enough to get Addy back on her feet again. The two officially ‘adopted’ one another after they spent a night bonding over z-weed and swapping stories of their craziest adventures so far in the post-apocalyptic world. When Addy set out to search for the others again, Jayce agreed to go with her to meet them. They have all long-since agreed that Jayce is in fact the crazy friend.
+ Neen-Bean: The Little Zombo-Fightin’ Machine! Nina and Addy had a rather unorthodox meeting as well. Addy managed to stumble across an ambulance parked in front of abandoned shops in Salt Lake City, Utah, and decided to take a closer look and hopefully restock her medical supplies. When she discovered Nina and her pitbull Bruiser, the two girls had a brief moment of uncertainty before they became friends. They managed to bond over puppy food and mere socialization about nothing in particular. After Nina asked Addy to spend the night with her and Bruiser, the girls were stuck together even after Addy was reunited with the others. Nina openly admits to needing her Adds, and typically follows her around. Addy often refers to Nina as ‘The Baby’, given her needy nature and over-attachment to her.
+ Murphy is more someone that Addy has tolerated since she became a member of ‘Operation Bitemark’. Other than when she and George weren’t initially close, he seems to be the only one in the group that Addy doesn’t particularly care for; though, she does at least act civil enough to get things done with the others when he’s around. She sees him as self-righteous, vain, and sometimes even downright pathetic. In fact, Addy has admitted multiple times that she regrets her decision to not having shot him when she first saw him again in Limbo during one of her transportation runs.

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ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴄ ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʏ;

Mar 5th 2019 - 7:19 PM

The sharp blow to her cheekbone wasn’t sobering, it was painful and disorienting riddling her neuroreceptors with memories from a far different time in the world.

Nina’s eyes pinballed and darted about in her skull as she began to hyperventilate, struggling to catch her breath and find one solid thing to focus on as the pain in her cheek reverberated throughout that side of her face and pulsated with painful memories.

Little black dots of light bounced and flickered in front of her face, dancing in and out of existence. You made me do that. Simon’s face floated above her, but she recognized that the scenery was all off. This wasn’t right. Nina’s eyes closed, trying to force all the images back into the deep dark down deep of her mind where she tried to forget everything, everything from before, sometimes –it was just easier to forget everything and everyone. Knowing that she’d never see them again. Never talk to them again, they were all dead. As she very well should have been.

They were smarter than her, stronger than her, so why would she be the one left alive and alone.

Sucking in a deep breath suddenly, as the redhead withdrew her hands, stepping back from her, allowing the blonde to catch her breath and bring the palm of her hand to her cheek, she still felt the throbbing pain radiating through her cheekbone and at the back of her eye making it even more difficult to see properly in the dark.

“That’s what they all say.” Nina swallowed, still bounding as her head swayed on her neck. “People aren’t good…they never were.” Thankfully, where she was, it was coming back to her. Nina had found that abandoned ambulance and she and her dog Bruiser had climbed inside for the night. Exhausted from another day in the apocalypse. They all blended together, and Nina could barely remember a time when she wasn’t tired. “That’s why this happened.”

Nina could still hear Bruiser growling from the front of the ambulance, he had learned –or rather she taught him not to step in on her behalf unless she gave out a certain signal. She called it saving his life though, she didn’t dare allow herself to think about what would happen to the dog if she weren’t around.

“It’s okay Bruiser…easy boy.” Slumping back into the gurney she’d fallen asleep on, she patted her leg softly and the Pitbull scrambled across the seats and came to her side, licking her cheekbone. “So, f***ing tired of this world,” Nina said quietly, wrapping her arms around her dog, looking up at their intruder. “…where did you come from?” 

ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴄ ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʏ;

Feb 16th 2019 - 5:14 PM

To say that when Nina did sleep, she slept hard was an understatement. The only thing that could wake her with the subtle sound of growling. I guess after eight years in the apocalypse, whenever you heard that noise, you woke up to see if something was about to eat you. That was the very same noise that the redhead would hear as she stepped past the sleeping body on the stretcher.

Nina hadn’t bothered looking around the ambulance for supplies, somehow that would come after she’d slept, when she felt like she was safe, she was being sheltered now. If there even were supplies left in that vehicle Nina wouldn’t have known it. But Bruiser, her dog, lying in the front seat of the ambulance heard the soft click of the doors open, the soft thud of boots and then, the faint whisper of their new visitor.

The canine had learned many things during the apocalypse as well, other humans, more so than any other time in his life, posed the most threat. And the low rumbling growl reverberated from his chest as he stood up in the front seat and looking into the back of the ambulance where Nina rested. His lips drawing back as he spotted the newcomer, and that growl became something of nightmares, the hackles on his back rising as Nina jerked upright hearing the noise.

Gasping, she looked around in the darkness, her eyes pitifully slowly adjusting to the light before she gulped air into her lungs and swung her legs up. “GET OUT!” Screaming, Nina pushed with as much strength as she had, her boots making the impact in the redheaded figures back. “GET AWAY FROM US!”

ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴄ ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʏ;

Jan 28th 2019 - 6:51 PM

NLJ.//x1018618xNina enters the Z-verse
  The question on every survivor’s mind was, where did they come from? What exactly caused the Z virus? Nina hated the news, she only watched it to see the weather. In that respect, she was a lot like a little old man. Of course, secretly, she always wanted to be a boy. Not that they seemed to be any safer than girls, she was aware of that simply due to personal childhood experience but after black summer well, aside from the zombies roaming around, there was a lot of other crazy sh*t.

"Stay with me, Bruiser." 

He...was the only one left. The others --the memory was too painful to look back on because she couldn't save them. She couldn't save any of them.

The skinny Pitbull kept time with her footsteps, the pad of her let foot burning on the concrete because there was a big hole in her converse sneaker. Tugging her backpack higher on her on her shoulders. Whining from her knees told her that she wasn't the only one with hot feet. Casting her gaze down there were bloody paw prints following the dog. "Here buddy." Nina bent at the waist, patting her shoulders. "Up, boy. Up." Bruiser lifted his scrawny body up, his paws braced on her shoulders as she lifted him off the ground and situated his body on her hip. "There we go. That better?" The dog panted, licking her face. "Yeah, I know that feels better. Next place we find we'll stop for a while, maybe find some food. What would you like to eat? Maybe a thick juicy steak huh? What about a baconator from Wendy's..." 

God those days were so far behind them. But you had to do something to keep going, right? Nina couldn't even remember the last time she had seen another human or more correctly --she couldn't remember the last living person she had seen that she wasn't afraid for her life of.

These were desperate times.

Dragging her feet, her arms ached from carrying Bruiser as the sun began to get low in the sky. What were they going to do now? As spoiled as it sounded Nina didn't want to spend another night out in the open. She was hungry and weak and scared. That never went away. The fear.

Stumbling, she nearly fell but she managed to correct herself without dropping Bruiser on the hard ground, then she saw it. Way down in the ditch there was an abandoned ambulance. Sweet relief fluttered through her chest as she hobbled toward it, maybe they could sleep in there for the night if it wasn't otherwise occupied. Crippling towards the back doors she peeked inside. There was no one there, it looked like it had been here a while too by the looks of it. Putting Bruiser down, she pulled the handle and the door slowly opened. No Z's. That was a good sign.

"Here boy. Here." Picking Bruiser up again she lifted him inside and crawled in herself. The air was musty and gross but considering it had been a long time since she couldn't smell her own ass, it was the sweetest smell in the world to her. At least it was safe.

With the hood of the ambulance in the ditch, there was an incline inside the cabin, but the stretcher was still there and compared to other places Nina had slept this was like a room at the Marriot. Unzipping her backpack, she pulled out a sack of IAMS and spilled some into a little cup, setting it down for Bruiser and took a handful out for herself. It was food. She couldn’t remember what people food tasted like. This was her baconator. Bruiser busily chomped at his, seemingly finishing it all in one lick where Nina got a mouthful and chewed leaning back on the stretcher for a few seconds as she swallowed. "Not bad, Bruiser...we did good." Sighing as he whined, she emptied her handful into his cup and put the bag away again laying her head down.

"Rest boy...just try to rest," Nina mumbled, rubbing his head until her hand stopped, and she was sleeping.  

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