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24 years old
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

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September 28 2023

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:New Orleans
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Some college
Characters: Mallory Reed, #AHSbutterfly
Verses: #AHSbutterfly, American Horror Story Apocalypse, AHS, WEDNESDAY, Witchcraft
Playbys: Billie Lourd
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 04, 2018

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Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies
New Orleans, LA
Grad Year: School
Student Status: Currently Attending
Degree: Witchcraft
Major: Arts

From 2017 to 2022

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Coco Vanderbilt Influencer
Los Angeles, CA
Title: Assistant

Date Employed ??? - 2018
The Cooperative
Central California, CA
Title: Gray Maid
Division: Facility Services

Date Employed 2018 - 2020

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Basic Info

Writer Tag : #AHSbutterfly
Name : MALLORY Reed
Age : 24
Birthday : 8/25/1999
Status : Single / Multi-ship
Style : Multi-Para
ahs : apocalypse

More Info

鈥楢 child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times.鈥
~Billie Dean Howard

My Version of Mallory:

What if the one who would save the world was born of angel and of witch? Being a direct Salem witch descendant, every generation of Mallory鈥檚 family had a witch born. Her line goes all the way back to Scathach, being the last descendant. She never knew her parents. Her mother died in childbirth and her father was completely unknown to her. Raised by her nurturing grandmother, Mallory grew up in a loving home, and her grandmother was her world. They are very close. But after many strange incidents of dead plants thriving in her presence, insects and small animals coming back to life and a dramatic presentation of bringing her grandmother back to life at her funeral, her grandmother had her sent to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. It was for her own safety after their small community had turned on them, running them out of town.

My Mallory can feel the pain in others but it is not quite developed. She can especially feel Michael鈥檚 pain. She is his complete opposite yet similar in that she holds great power. He is death, she is life. He is darkness, she is brilliant light. Though she is opposite, she carries a connection to his soul. Perhaps she and he could balance one another if they were allies. But I would like to explore the humanity within him and perhaps have Mallory stop the apocalypse through compassion. I see Michael as a broken little boy deep inside the darkness not understanding why the ones he loved the most left him. He wants acceptance and latches onto strong nurturing women. (Cody fern said something like that about Michael. Lol)

Mallory is nurturing, compassionate, and at times naive. Her innocence and trusting nature in Cordelia can be seen when she is saddened that Cordelia had started fading after she completed the Seven Wonders. Cordelia is like a mother to her. And I feel that Myrtle would be like a second grandmother to her. I can picture Myrtle taking her under her wing and helping her to gain confidence in her powers. My Mallory was afraid to use her powers after the threats and vandalism that was done to her grandmother after her display of power at the funeral. She was ashamed of her powers. On the show Cordelia had told Mallory to never be ashamed of her power.

I can write Mallory at any timeline. Before she joined the coven, during her coven days, or after the apocalypse. And even during the alternate timeline. I do crossovers too.

I write Mallory multi-para to novella and have some examples of my writing on the writing link.

"Sometimes I feel like there's someone buried inside me. Someone trying to claw their way out."

Three Years Ago:

Presumably after the Supreme Cordelia Goode revealed witches to the world, Mallory, a Salem descendant, was identified and enrolled to Robichaux's Academy. Zoe, one of her teachers, saw potential in Mallory's powers, as Mallory flawlessly turned a flower's petals to blue and then turned the petals themselves to butterflies, impressing her Supreme.

In a flashback before the apocalypse when Zoe is teaching the new witches at the Coven, Mallory is seen sitting down observing the spell her mentor cast to change the color of the rose. Cordelia then enters, Zoe tells her to watch her excitedly as Mallory changes the petal color to blue. It then falls apart and Cordelia begins to doubt her, leaving Zoe shocked. However, she quickly changes the fallen petals to butterflies amazing everyone in the room including the supreme herself. The butterflies then transform back to petals which revert back to their original color.

When Cordelia agreed to allow Michael to take the test of the Seven Wonders, Myrtle is infuriated and wants her to change her mind as she thinks there is a more promising candidate who is a fellow witch she reveals is Mallory. Myrtle then explains why she thinks so, when she and some girls were in the garden collecting herbs a deer was found dead, Mallory not only bought it back to life but reversed its injuries completely without the use of healing mud. Some time after, Mallory informs Cordelia that her resurrected witches are settled and her appointment is here. After hearing Coco's story, Cordelia then tells Mallory to show her around. Mallory welcomes her kindly and then walks away with her.

Sometime before the Apocalypse, for her protection, she was placed under an identity spell and took on the new role of personal assistant to Coco. She had no great love for her job and could feel the true person she was clawing underneath the surface.

Present Day:

Mallory is first seen at the hair salon where her boss, Coco is getting her hair done by hairdresser Gallant. Everyone's phones suddenly receive an emergency alert that a ballistic missile is set to impact Los Angeles and to seek shelter. Coco first dismisses it as a hoax, but her father calls her to tell her the threat is real and to get to Santa Monica airport where a private jet is waiting. Mallory and Coco run out of the salon and get into a car that is waiting for them.

On their way to the airport, Mallory tells Coco that she needs to go home as she can't get a hold of her mom, but Coco begs her to stay, telling her she would be lost without her and offers her brother's ticket, to which Mallory agrees. As they arrive at the airport, Gallant and his grandmother Evie show up. Mr. Gallant tells Coco that he heard her father say there were four spaces and that he and Evie are here to take the remaining two.

Onboard, Mallory goes to the cockpit to ask the pilots where they are going but finds that the plane is unmanned. Suddenly, the missile hits Los Angeles and the plane begins to rock violently, but it restores itself quickly. Coco, Mallory and Mr. Gallant look out of the window to see a mushroom cloud rising where Los Angeles has been destroyed.

A few weeks later at Outpost 3, Mallory has been put into servitude as a gray, waiting on the purples. Whilst serving mineral water, she asks Coco is she has spoken to Wilhemina Venable about making her a purple, but Coco tells her that she scares her and that Mallory doesn't have a good reason to be a purple like Evie and Gallant do.

When the song on the jukebox changes, Gallant believes this is a sign that The Cooperative is coming to rescue them. Mallory gets excited and drinks the mineral water she is serving to celebrate. However, eighteen months later the group have still not been rescued. When Gallant and Coco protest at dinner saying that they are fed up with waiting around to die, Mallory states that she thinks they should take their chances outside. However, Ms. Mead says that no one is going to leave.

Mallory is interviewed by Michael Langdon to see if she's fit to go to the Sanctuary. Michael mistakes her current identity and her feelings of confusion for her potential for darkness and pushes her to reveal her true nature. Mallory reacts poorly and her magic surfaces unexpectedly. Shocked, she leaves and confesses her fears to Coco and Mr. Gallant, who ridicule her. During the masquerade party, she eats a poisoned apple and dies, only for Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison to arrive at Outpost Three and resurrect her, along with Coco and Dinah, revealing them to also be "sister witches". Madison greets her with her catchphrase, as the return to the mortal coil has broken the spell to keep her safe and takes off her glasses, able to see without them.

Mallory Reed


Mallory is an immensely powerful natural born witch with a bloodline dating back directly to Salem. She has mastered all the Seven Wonders in addition to other rare magical abilities, making her successor as the next Supreme.

An 8th Wonder

Ascensum -
  • My version of Mallory has the magical ability to ascend to the heavens in the afterlife. The tricky thing about ascending is that you don鈥檛 want to leave. You are in pure bliss. But through this act she can get a peek at what it would be like to go to heaven. She can also take someone with her and show them what would happen if they stayed on the right path.

Telekinesis -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to move things with only the power of the mind. When being interviewed by Michael Langdon she experienced a moment of fright and anger when he seized her arm and pushed him across the room with her mind.
Pyrokinesis -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, magical ability to create, control and manipulate fire with the power of the mind. After pushing Michael Langdon to the ground with Telekinesis he altered his visage in anger, revealing a pale white face with black eyes frightening Mallory and causing her to ignite the fireplace with her mind, creating a large fireball that momentarily filled the room.
Vitalum Vitalis -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to balance the scales between life and death.
Descensum -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to descend into the netherworlds of the afterlife.
Concilium -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to bend the will of another individual and force them to do whatever the user desires. This power is commonly known as Mind Control.
Diviniation -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to gain knowledge through indirect means.
Transmutation -
  • One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to instantaneously move from one place to another. This power is more commonly known as Teleportation.
Common Spells

Spellcraft -
  • Mallory has proved to be very skilled at casting spells and performing rituals.
Transformation -
  • The magical ability to transform objects. She could change the color of a rose. During a lesson held by Zoe about this spell, she and her classmates changed the color of their respective white roses by simply mentally concentrating. In her case, Mallory's rose became blue. It is unsure if this is a spell or a magical ability, as Zoe and Mallory never uttered an incantation. Immediately after having magically colored her white rose into blue, she dropped the petals which then took on the form of beautiful blue butterflies that flew in the direction of her hand. It is unsure if this is a spell or a magical ability, as Mallory never uttered an incantation.
Protection -
  • When she traveled to the past to try to save Anastasia Romanov and her family, Mallory joined the Russian witch in her protective spell that raised a purple mist that served as a shield to the soldiers' shots.
Levitation -
  • The magical ability to propel oneself or objects into the air. Mallory mentioned that she was caught by her parents floating in her sleep.
Unique Spells

Only she can do these:

Telekinetic Incision -
  • Mallory's telekinesis is so advanced, that when Coco faces death because she was choked on a piece of eighty calorie cake, Mallory uses telekinesis to cut open Coco's throat without causing any hemorrhage, to remove the piece of cake out of her throat and closing the cut without leaving any scars.
Tempus Infinituum -
  • A rare gift, the magical ability to change past events and alter history. Mallory is the only witch who has ever accomplished this.
Injury Reversal -
  • A unique gift, the magical ability to reverse injuries, even those which have resulted in death. This is similar to, but not the same as, the power of Resurgence, which is the ability to raise the dead by returning the soul to the body, whilst Mallory's gift reverses the physical cause of death.
Age Reversal -
  • Mallory not only brought the deer back to life and undone his damage but also turned it back into a fawn.
Death Reversal -
  • Mallory manifested this power when bringing John Henry Moore back to life after he was burned to ashes. She recreated his body from nothing but his ashes, seemingly reversing his death by lighting a fire which he emerged from.

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chedder bob.


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戋佮己馃 The Butterfly Effect ~ MALLORY's Friends Comments
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Adam Lambert

Sep 23rd 2023 - 10:49 PM

Awww, I'm just so glad you enjoyed it dear. 鈾

and to answer your question from the stream, yes I do accept random starters. xD
Adam Lambert

Sep 23rd 2023 - 10:41 PM

hahaha! A pirate suits Adam so well.

Thank you so much, darling! You didn't have to do this.
Uploading it shortly. 鈾
Adam Lambert

Sep 23rd 2023 - 6:32 PM

Can't you feel it?
The crispness in the air, the scent of pumpkin spice lingering.
It's here. Autumn has fallen upon us,
the most wonderful time of the year.

It's never too early to get into the spirit of things. 鈾モ爛鉅
鉅hope you have an ooky, spooky, & all around kooky


P饾敠饾敨饾憳. 岽橉潝烉潝潙○潡侌潝⒀

Jun 14th 2023 - 11:31 PM

Pink tilted his head then slurped another sip from his iced coffee then quickly wiping the spilling drops with his forefinger then quickly retrieving the tastes from his hand.聽 Leisurely stirring the cup, he briefly set it down to turn his upper torso sideways to fetch in his side satchel for a can of Mountain Pepper zero sugar. His tail slowly waving through the air before another quick spin forward to the young Witch. His stance at a respectful distance yet extending his hand to non-verbally let her know he offers friendship and caffeinated summber beverages. Another nod of his head in respect as he blinked, quickly collecting his thoughts in a half-second.

"Miss... Mallory, is it?聽 I ooonce befriended a fairy, a lovely young lady way back when. Quite, literally. AN ACTUAL fairy who could easily morph baack into the average human height before she blends baaack in with the every day crowd of civillians. Tell me, haaave you---by any chance? Have you been acquainted with her??聽 Additionally? Does the name 'ESMERALDA' ring a bell? She is... almost as tall as I... red hair... a sorceress, much like yourself."聽 Pink's waving tail wrapped around his caramel iced coffee when he threw his hand in his rosy fur anatomy pocket beneath his armpit. Quickly, the Panther clutched a pack of Pall Mall's reds, one hundreds as he popped the top of the square open to pick out a cigarette.

"The name of your school---oh is it... Robicheaux's Academy? For... don't tell me, don't tell me... except---" Pink's eyes looked up as he leaned his head back to fish through his memory. The cigarette still pinched between his lips as he gathered his memory finally, another nod as he spoke the respectful commanding name.

"Miss... Robicheaux's Academy for EXCEPTIONAL Young Ladies, yes?聽 There has been high praise sang about your school of Witchery. Currently, a film production is filming a documentary on the outskirts of New Orleans. Might I---would there be any way to reach contact with---oh... who is the leading Lady in charge---how you say..?"聽 Pink dropped his head then swung his muzzle diagonally聽to point his rounded red nose to his right shoulder, his fingers tracing his whiskers with deep thought. Suddenly, a snap of his fingers as he threw his muzzle and chin up as he tilted his head.

"The.. reigning Supreme? Yes? My friend Serendipity aaand her colleagues and I---we wish to PARLAY with you!!"聽Pink's wrist rolled through the air before both hands flickered 'jazz-hands' as he opened his arms.
Son Of The Countess

Jan 6th 2023 - 10:25 AM

Barry looks at the beautiful angel walking beside him. Never seen a more beautiful girl his whole life. He looks over at her and could tell she wasn't feeling too good. "You alright?" He asks looking at her caringly, holding her hand in his ice cold hand, lacing their fingers together.聽 Her being with him did bring protection to Mallory as he could already sense that some of the residents already knew of Mallory's presence but none striked knew that while he was with her, she can not be touched.

"She's been adjusting, your Supreme One was here visiting her. You came just in time, hope you stay, tomorrow is our annual fashion show party." He said and smiles. As one of their residents is a famous fashion designer who pretends to still be alive and continues his life's work even in death. "You're special from what I can tell." He smiles his charming smile at her.

He nods. "Yes, I was born within these walls a very long time ago. Never seen the real world no more than out these windows. Queenie been telling me of the real world outside these walls, but I'm sadly never permitted to step outside of here." He said. Being a vampire hybrid he can leave the hotel like his mother cause he's not like the ghost residents, but his mother forbids him to ever letting him step outside of the Hotel Cortez.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mallory." He smiles warmly. "Very far away from here. Must be nice to be apart of the outside world." He said softly as he doesn't know what it's like to be apart of the outside world, most he knows of what it's like to be normal is during their fashion show party.

Arriving at Queenie's room, he knocks. "Queenie, it's Barry, you have a guest today." He said. "Come in." Queenie said. Barry opens the door and leads the way into the room, shutting the door behind them. Queenie sitting at the table reading her book as she appears to be perfectly fine, but in fact a ghost like most of the residents, not even Cordelia could of gotten her out of the Hotel.

He smiles and kisses Mallory's hand like a gentleman and lets her hand go and stood back letting her approach her friend and he stood there watch. As he's a guard watching over them cause he knew that the first chance the residents: his family gets they will try to kill this beautiful angel. He wasn't going to let that happen, not on his watch cause he can tell that she is something special and has a great destiny ahead of her when the world comes to an end.
Son Of The Countess

Jan 5th 2023 - 7:30 AM

(It can be a continuation like how they continued Coven through Apocalypse.)

Being born within the Hotel Cortez undead, had it perks and lonliness cause the only friends he had were the permanent dead residents, most were victims of his parents at one point or another to some extent. But by right, the Hotel Cortez was his since it was owned by his parents. He woke up morning to a strange feeling he's never felt before like something was going to happen today, felt someone was trying to break into the supernatural walls of the Hotel. He brushes it off his shoulders and showers and get dressed for the day wearing black jeans and black long sleeve shirt, with a few buttons up top unbuttoned showing some of his masculine chest. Leaving his room he goes downstairs to the bar area where most of the residents were already there including his parents for breakfast. Kissing his parents cheeks聽 greeting them good morning and he took his sit at their table.

After having his breakfast and taking his coffee with him. He went with Iris and Liz and helped them with their list of things that they had to get down around the Hotel today, including manning Liz's Bar and Iris's Front Desk. Iris and Liz were like his Aunt and Grandma since they both took turns raising him and feeding him when he was a baby for his Mother The Countess. Later that afternoon he had training with Donovan: Iris's Son and one of his Mother's Lovers how he stayed in shape.

Sitting on top of the bar counter reading his book while watching over the bar for Liz while she took some time for himself. He felt a breeze, one he never felt before. He looks up and saw a beautiful that looked around the same age he appears as he's 175 years old. His long blonde hair back in a pony tail he looks up from his book at the girl and smiles. "Hi, checking in?" He asks as he never seen her before but he could sense that there was something special about her.

He smiles setting his book aside to look at the beautiful girl giving her his full attention. Unlike most of the residents he is a actually nice and doesn't try to kill everyone he comes into contact with. Listening to her angelic voice, he smiles and nods his head. "You must be Mallory, Queenie said you'd be coming one day." He smiles. "Come on." He said and hops off the counter and walks with her to the elevator and pushes the button to get them to the floor where Queenie resides in her room.
Paris Opera Ghost

Jun 13th 2022 - 4:41 AM


Jun 12th 2022 - 2:11 AM

//Hello friend!
I just wanted to say thank you for the request,awfully kind of you! =^-^=
I will not be rping at length on this profile but I hope you welcome some fun times and bantering ahead.
Thank you again and have a wonderful day/night ,depending on your time zone ^^
New York Post Office

Feb 14th 2022 - 3:55 PM


Feb 13th 2022 - 9:25 PM

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