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One day they will pay And I will rise from ruin A beast of iron & plague


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In the end, how will I be judged? A skull to hold the worms? A body to cradle dust?


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Wrinkled people with shriveled lives I'll forfeit this shadow Game of compromise

Their perfume still haunts this room... Sensual phantoms, fingers & lips Cradle the evidence...

Sam Winchester

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And I'll say it's too late You've summoned the devil within me You should be running...


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There are nights, so vacant and hushed I can feel the texture of my tattered soul Black tar, dripping, sticky and thick
Present Day

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A soft, slow secretion of indifference slopping through the hollow suit I use as a body They say these are the words of a damaged mind

Alexa Medlocke

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I wish I could have you here In my clutches To remove the excuses from your mind To part that haze and slice your soul to pieces
Dean Winchester

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To sing a lullaby as I tied you to the slab To shave your head with a dulling razor As you watch In the splattered mirror above you

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Forever Young.

Mar 31st 2020 - 11:33 AM

I know what you are thinking.
What is this strange blonde doing looking at me.
Its simple. 
We should be friends and this is my odd way of saying that.
My name is Layla Whittemore and until recently, I was just a werewolf.
That was until I paid a hunter to kill me.
Why you might ask?
I was at an all time low, the only people who I had around me were my children and something inside me snapped. I couldn't take the pain anymore and death was my only solution.
Selfish maybe, I had three amazing children and one grandchild who loved me but I couldn't see that.
Well, something happened. I did die but something or someone brought me back. I don't know the reason, all I know is I am now immortal and still a werewolf. 
I have so many questions I need to ask and very few people to help me.
So as you can see, I could use all the friends I can get. 
Demon Hunter Alyssa™

Mar 5th 2020 - 7:19 AM

Alyssa stared at the monitor in disbelief, “What the hell, I heard of Umbrella, it’s a pharmaceutical company, why would they have access to that kind of power?” she could not believe the lack of empathy the people displayed about killing people, “Out of all the monsters I have ever hunted, these guys are the most evil…” Aly stood up realizing what she had just said, “Um..yea uh, about what I said” how do you explain monsters are real to a stranger, zombie are manmade, but monsters…”Hey, forget what I said,” fearing Sam would think she was insane, she was slightly grateful for the banging distraction on the door, “I will get the door!” she pulled two long hunting knives from her bag, opened the door, instantly cutting off the zombies head, a few of the back ones turned around and she proceeded stabbing the zombies each in the eye, as she kicked a fourth back enough, to pull free and slice through its neck. She threw the two daggers at full force, each imbedding into the back of two zombies heads, the last two zombies she shot in the forehead as they slowly turned toward her, “Whew! Well that was fun…Ready partner? I just want to check some of the offices to see if I can find any clues on the remaining keys locations,”


She moved to the next room, adrenaline still running through her over the brief zombie massacre she just had,  opening the door, she didn’t see anything, so she let him go in first, “Gentlemen first” she teased as Aly leaned on the door frame, checking out the keys.  “Wonder where these could be, I mean they hid one in a fountain…”  Finally she was about to follow directly behind to help search the room, when something dripped on to her hand, looking down expecting to see blood that must have dripped from splatters on the ceiling, she furrowed her brows when finding it was instead clear, having the consistency of saliva ”What the hell…” looking up she almost fell back in surprise, her eyes widening in horror, “Sam!” She could not fully take in what she was seeing. Something big, the size of a grown man, the resemblance ended there, the inflamed purplish flesh of the naked long limped creature that clung to the ceiling, looked like it was turned inside out. The gray white tissue of the partially exposed brain, above the scar rimmed holes where the eyes should have been. The creatures rounded head dropped back as the wide jaw opened, showing rows of sharp, jagged blood stained teeth, emitting a growl that sent shivers through her entire body. Huge talons the size of her arms that looked like it could slice her to ribbons in one movement, however the worse feature was its tongue as it extended, eely and pink, uncoiling like a snakes as it reached from its position on the ceiling down to the floor, now whipping from side to side leaving trails of saliva.  In all of years of being a hunter, she had never seen something so horrid as this creature, zombies were one thing, this was a true monster.

She was frozen to the spot, still not believing what she saw, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, when in reality the whole scene happened in mere seconds. When its mouth opened again to send a screeching scream through the air, her body woke up enough to finally back up further from the inside out looking creature, almost slipping on the drool that now pooled the floor. Raising her gun she shot it twice in the head, which to her horror didn’t seem to faze the thing in the least, the realization causing her to slightly panic. In the blink of an eye, the tongue wrapped around her ankle, before she could react, it pulled her feet out from under her causing Alyssa to land hard against the wood floor. On instinct she grabbed her shoulder knife in one fluid motion she sliced through the tongue, hurriedly pushing herself back against the wall, using it to help her stand. She wasn’t quite sure what to do next, she didn’t think she could run passed it, even if she could, it merely left her and Sam trapped in the small office with barely any room to maneuver.


When the creature suddenly turned its attention to Sam, she felt there was no way he could get away from it, there was no other option then to lure it away from the door giving him the chance to escape. She placed the two keys on the table for him to take, in case she didn’t make it back he could still find the other ones and get out of the city, “Hey Sam” She met his eyes, praying this wasn’t the last time she saw him, “don’t worry about me…just find the keys and get out of here!” she shot the creature again a few times to get its attention and hopefully do some damage in the process, while she slowly took a few steps backwards down the hall, seeing if it would follow, when it did, she spun on her heels and bolted. Hearing it jumped down flipping itself in midair so it landed in a couching position, as it quickly chased after her. Her only thoughts were of keeping it away from Sam and hopefully there was some kind of weapon or something that could hurt it. Trying to round the corner at top speed proved a difficult feat as she slide into the wall, fortunately being able to regain her footing, using the momentum to propel her in the right direction, just missing the claws that slice through the wall seconds later.

Alyssa continued to sprint down the corridor, fueled by adrenaline, as her need to get it away from Sam pushed her to move faster, pumping her arms for speed, as she frantically searched for options. The creature’s claws slicing through the hardwood floor as if it was made of butter, while it followed closely behind her, damn that thing was fast. Doors whipping by in a flash with no time to open them, as she made her way down the hall, her attention fixated on getting as much distance from the creature as possible while her mind worked on finding a means to destroy it. Luck was finally on her side, when she spotted a glass encased fire axe further down the hallway mounted to the wall, and made a break for it. Knowing she didn’t have much time once she reached it, she fired a shot to break the glass, skidding to a halt as she made a grab for it, cursing when she realized it was latched in place, with seconds to spare she ducked just as the thing smashed into the wall over her head as it tried to make a grab for her. In a flash she was on her feet, at last getting the axe free, and not having any time to use it, she again took off down the hall, breathing heavy, her heart thundering in her chest, as she tried to get enough space between her and those sharp claws, to turn around and use the new found weapon. That idea vanished when she reached the end of the hallway, practically running straight into a locked door, “Son of a bitch!”


She turned back just as the thing tackled her, sending them both crashing through the door, landing them on the narrow second floor balcony overlooking the library. She rolled backwards, placing her foot on the creature’s stomach kicking it off her with all her strength, and landed skillfully to her feet, standing with the axe still in her hands. The monstrosity landed on its back, struggling to right itself, reminding her of an overturned crab. Not giving it a chance to get to its feet, she brought the axe down as hard as she could muster into its stomach, causing it to scream loudly, as it worked to pull the axe out. At least she finally caused it pain; that meant it could be defeated. Watching it squirm in distress brought a sick satisfied smile to her lips, yet when it pulled the axe out and made its way towards her, the smile disappeared, “Just die already!” A noise above her caused her to avert her eyes to the vent, as the gate flew open another Licker, as she was calling it, jumped down beside the first one, “Holy sh*t there’s more than one!?” unable to dodge in the limited space, seeing no other solution she pulled out one of the grenades from her side pouch, tossed it directly under the two creatures, while she dove for cover, barely getting far enough. The building shaking as the explosion spurred flesh, guts and blood across the walls and floor. The impact was too powerful for the second story structure, feeling the floor give out beneath her, she didn’t even have a chance to scream as the baloney collapsed, taking debris and her crashing down to the library below.


Katarina (M&L Spike) 💋

Feb 25th 2020 - 5:01 PM

Katarina (M&L Spike) 💋

Feb 25th 2020 - 4:56 PM

Ugh I am so rusty I should be ashamed
Demon Hunter Alyssa™

Feb 21st 2020 - 7:00 PM

The tornado not far in the distance, terrified her almost as much as the zombies did, causing her to pound even harder on the door, “Sonofabibtch! sanctuary my ass!” Alyssa was frantic to get inside, and she quickly scanned the area, they couldn’t go thanks to the deadly storm, glancing to the side of the building she could see a horde of zombies just standing there, as if waiting for disaster to strike them down. “Come on Sam, I believe there is a back entrance!” She made her way to the side where she believed the gate to the yard was.  As she moved quickly, she couldn’t help but glance at storm and then to the zombies, willing them to stay away, while also making sure Sam was close by, she knew he could take care of himself, but it didn’t stop her from worrying about him. When she reached the gate she held her breath as she opened the door, praying it didn’t make any noise, yet of course luck was not on her side as the rusted metal screeched her location. “Sh*t” The horde abruptly turned in their direction, moving quickly to surround them, some coming from the sides, and she was shocked how fast they got to them, she fought to get them away so she could get through the gate. She raised her 9mm and shot out a few of the zombies that were closing in to buy them some time. “Come on we need to get in the gate!” they finally created enough leeway to rushed inside the fenced area, making sure Sam made it in okay, she moved to try and close the gate but she was struggling against the horde of zombies desperately trying to push their way in. She cried out as one of the zombies grabbed at her hair, not giving in, she shoved her back against it as the hands clawed through the bars. Finally getting the rusty gate shut and locked, she pushed herself away with as much speed as she could as the fingers pulled out strands of her hair, but it was better than being scratched. “Holy sh*t,” Aly had no idea if getting scratched could also cause you to become a zombie, but she didn’t want to take any risks, she just prayed that it hadn’t progressed to airborne, to maintain her sanity she pushed that thought from her mind, because that meant they were already done for. She stood up and checked herself quickly for any cuts or wounds, seeing none she ran toward the back, praying they get in before the storm over powers them.


There was a lone zombie moving on the sidewalk ahead, she just moved around it and up the stairs to the double doors, finding them locked. “Not here too! We need to get in Damn it!” examining the lock she knew her lock picks weren’t close to being good enough, and she kicked the door out of frustration, drawing the attention of the zombie. She merely rounded kicked it backwards, and fired a shot between the eyes. Noticing he was wearing a cop uniform, she checked his pockets, taking his ammo, “Sorry buddy, I need this more then you” and finally finding the key, “This too” she moved back to the doors, using the key, and pushing the doors open just as the wind picked up, and she had to struggle against it to shut the door. Once they were both inside she leaned her back on the door, holding her breath the door is as solid as it looked. Hearing the storm outside was too much for her to worry about so she turned around to look at the room they had entered,  expecting a blood bath, she was almost too scared to look, yet her fears were for not, as the place was spotless. Closing the doors behind her, she stepped forward into the large room, a fountain with a grand statue directly in the center, one door to the right, and then two doors to the left. Looking up she could see the two floors above, neither had any zombies or blood. Maybe it really was a sanctuary, but then where were all the people. Taking the few steps down, she saw the front computer desk, though it was now abandoned. "It looks untouched" she had the feeling that it wasn't as safe as it appeared, she hoped that wasn't true. Glancing back at the entrance to the outside, knowing they had no choice but to remain inside, for now at least.



Aly stepped further into the great hall, first taking a wasted minute to study the fountain, it was a woman holding a vase, which currently wasn’t running, peering at the engraving on the front, she ran her fingers over a small carving that looked like a castle piece from a chess set, it seemed rather out of place, seeing it was loose, she pulled it off, “Um...oops” it was stupid that she felt guilty about damaging the fountain, it really didn’t matter anymore, considering the state of the city, somehow it still felt wrong, “Don’t tell anyone” she stuck it in her pocket for no apparent reason, other than she felt better about it then leaving it on the clean floor.  Shaking her head she realized she could be doing far more important things, deciding it’s best to  test the doors leading into the other areas of the police station, since she needed to search for information on her brother, locate more ammo, and finally get Sam the hell out of there, using some other means besides the streets. The first door on the left was locked with no key hole, trying the other doors yielded the same result, all were locked by remote control. Aly went to search the drawers of the lone reception desk, finding a few notes, she used the computer on the desk, “Hmm…this might work” punching in a few commands unlocked the doors to the hallways, “got it” She walked toward the closest door, “Let’s see if we can find out why no one is manning the front…”



She gave a worried look at Sam, maybe she couldn’t admit she needed a partner, however she did feel way more safe with him as backup.  Sighing, Aly entered slowly into the room, not trusting the quiet, wanting to explore if it led to any stairs or contained any ammo, supplies or information. Advancing into the room she finally saw the first signs that the police station wasn’t as safe as it initially had seemed, blood was smeared across the floor, a wide trail leading back into one of the offices, it looked like someone was dragged or crawled. With her limited ammo, and the obviousness that there wasn’t a horde in there, she pocketed the gun, as she removed her hunting knife, keeping it at the ready as she followed the blood trail cautiously. Seeing someone in uniform sitting on the floor, slumped over, she rushed to him, “Sir?” she kneeled down to check if he was living, he appeared to be breathing, but very shallow.


He looked up, taking a minute to focus, “You're not one of them?”


she shook her head, “No…what happened?”


he coughed, and she bit her lip, he didn’t have much time, and he knew it too, “They came in through the windows, we got a lot of them, but I got bit, haven’t felt right since, I know, I won’t make it…take this”


she took a small piece that looked like a knight from a chess set from him, she blinked noting it was similar to the one she had taken from the fountain. Not knowing what to say, seeing that there was no point in lying to convince him that he would be alright. “Thank you”


The officer coughed again, “It’s a key for the sewage entrance, you can get out that way, travel under the city, it comes out into the desert, at least that’s the rumor, but you need five more like it.”


She cataloged everything he said, cementing it to memory. Feeling selfish but with limited options she softly asked him, “Do you know anything about Lucas Williams, he might have worked here briefly?”


Shaking his head, she felt guilty, as he seemed to find it hard to speak, “He wasn’t here when the station was overrun, he was exploring the Spencer mansion that exploded, though he is believed to have survived the explosion, and was supposed to have returned here, but I don’t know his whereabouts now, his office is upstairs”


Aly was both relieved he was actually in this town, and frustrated that she didn’t know where he was now. Her brother always took a job in law in enforcement, gave him greater access to information and resources.  She had a suspicion that he also had a job at the pharmaceutical company and that would be how he started the outbreak.  As the man coughed up blood, she couldn’t help but feel useless right then, as his head fell forward, and he stopped breathing “Damn it…” turning the piece he gave her over in her hand, she hoped it would really help them get out of the town.



Suddenly the man grabbed her arm, and she screamed in surprise, looking at him, she couldn’t believe he was zombie already “SH*T” moving her knife quickly, she sliced clear through his arm, before shoving the blade up through his head, grimacing at the feel of it, “sorry…” she pushed herself away from him, shaking her arm till it was freed of the zombies hand. She was interested in the fact that he changed so freaking fast. She looked up at Sam, worried evident in her eyes, “I can’t believe that just happened…” She noticed the lockers on the side wall, checking any that were unlocked, got her several boxes of ammo, including one box of her favorite magnum bullets, ones she intended to save for when really needed, placing a bag she found on the desk, she began to load whatever she found into it, “Take whatever you can fit, we have no idea what are in the other rooms” As she moved things around inside the bag, she found two walkies, knowing these would be very useful if they had to separate again, Aly moved to Sam, and place one on his belt, “Just in case…” One of the other lockers held a block of C4, and she shrugged as she too placed it into the bag, hoping to never need it, finding fire grenades formed a smile and she packed those away but in her side bag inside for easy access. Finally satisfied that she obtained whatever remained, she turned to her partner, “Ready to check the next room?”


Demon Hunter Alyssa™

Feb 6th 2020 - 2:32 PM

got it down to 1979 words lol 

She stopped to look at him, relieved that he was okay, and nodded, “Yea the bastard shot me! But just a graze, should be okay for now, will stitch it once at the station.” She eyed the laptop he took but said nothing, wondering if had any information she didn’t think he should know or not, if he got too involved it definitely would put his life at risk, she better try and get it later if possible. Seeing the keys, a rare smile spread across her lips, “Wheels you say?” she took the keys from him, grin widening, “A big rig, well that’s even better! Car would not have had any protection from the undead.” Happier they would be driving to the police station now instead of risking the streets. Hearing a moan she glimpsed over his shoulder, and nodded in recognition of the approaching horde of zombies that was slowly approaching them, “Friends of yours?” Rushing forward she jump kicked the front zombie in the face knocking him back into the undead behind it in a domino effect. She looked toward the truck, glad it was not too far off, “okay sounds great Let’s go,” she was worried that he wouldn’t trust her enough to let her lead him onto the main floor, but she didn’t wait for an answer. She made sure to kick any hand that came up to grab them, not even flinching when the contact made a bone cracking sound, while they proceeded to run over the bodies, hurrying as the zombies scrambled to right themselves, she wondered how they all had gotten in, and she glanced back to the open window. Alyssa was shocked to see what looked like they had all piled-on top of each other in their hunger to reach fresh meat resulting in them now able to reach the window. The undead were just falling into the warehouse in a flood of bodies, “That was unexpected…” Not even slowing down, Aly swung the crowbar at two zombies that came to close to Sam,   crushing their heads on impact, before stabbing another in the throat.  She twisted the iron bar free, kicking the undead away, using  the bar again to break another zombies knee cap to slow it down as she ran passed. Zombies were coming in droves now, she was relieved to finally reach the truck, “All aboard!” she swung open the door slamming it into the faces of close zombies to get them back enough, letting him get inside before climbing in. Ramming the crowbar into one’s chest, trying to get it away to shut the door but unfortunately when she tried to extract it, a zombie reached down to bite her arm, and she had to leave the bar to save herself, kicking off his head instead, so could get the it closed. “You are a life saver,” her way of both thanking him for the backup and finding the keys for the truck. She ignored the banging of the zombies, and turned the key to hear the truck start right up, “Oh that is a beautiful sound isn’t it?” Alyssa put the truck in gear, and eased it forward crushing the zombies in front quite satisfyingly, speeding up before crashing through the garage door turning it with some difficulty into the crowded street.  



Her goal originally was just to get into the labs so she could obtain what she needed, however she now desired to get him somewhere safe first.  Fortunately, thanks to her dead friend in the office, it seems she might be able to accomplish both by going to the police station. She knew from the research she did on the city, that it was built like a fortress, and she was sure that if any place had information on her brother’s whereabouts, it had to be there, so she would find her way there, no matter how long it took, or what she had to kill. “So thanks to the asshole in the office I learned where I need to go is in the police station, once I’m there I’m sure you will be safe til help arrives, or at the very least they should have more supplies and vehicles you can take,” she was pretty sure the mission she was on was a suicide one, so no need to involve him. Pressing her foot harder onto the pedal she rushed the truck ahead, wishing the trailer part was unhitched, as it made it hard to get through the crowded streets, ramming through the cars was starting to cause damage. Suddenly she slammed on the brakes hard, the truck sliding on the wet pavement, as a large fire truck appeared before them blocking the way completely, the trailer swinging  too  hard finally flipping over onto its side, fortunately only shaking the cabin rather than them turning over too, “F.UCK!” Shaking her head apologetically, “Sorry Sam…looks like we are walking the rest of the way, but its pretty close! It got us almost the whole way,”



Alyssa jumped down onto the street, and she instantly missed the safety of the truck, now they could be surrounded and killed for sure, though surprisingly the streets for the moment were empty, making her less at ease for some reason, or maybe she just ran them all over for now she thought with a chuckle. Hearing the moans around them was not very comforting even if she couldn’t see them, it was to some extent worse knowing they were there, somewhere close, one wrong move and she was done for. As she walked through the debris ridden street, she constantly looked from side to side, and then over to make sure Sam was still with her.  Aly wasn’t yet sure what to make of her new teammate, he seemed to be able to take care of himself, that much was obvious,  yet he seemed…different, but she couldn’t put her finger on it, all she knew was he had skills with weaponry, so maybe a hunter too?  She sighed, guilt heavy on her shoulders, that he was involved in this. If her brother was indeed the cause of this disaster that meant it was her fault.  He had requested several times for her to turn herself over to him, even going so far as to infect her with some stupid virus that has taken over her life, needing pills ever few hours, nonetheless, she had refused his offer, and what? Was this her punishment? Or merely another attempt to get her to give up and become his slave? She had to admit, it was a rather effective maneuver, if he really had this kind of power or resources to take down a whole city, wouldn’t it be wise to do as he asks?  Then again once he had her, what would stop him from continuing his reign of terror anyway? Too many questions, and absolutely no answers.



Right now all she really wanted was to find the information she needed, or better yet the cure for this hideous virus, and get herself and Sam the hell out of there. She was on full alert; her ears were vigilant to every sound for it would save her life to not be caught off guard. Aly kept her gun held steady just as she was trained, moving forward, eager to kill any undead that moved. Even though she was aware of zombies, this was still all new to her, in all the years she has been hunting, she had never been in this extreme of a situation, but she was not stupid, and she was definitely stubborn, dying was not an option. Suddenly one of the cars behind her exploded and she covered her head, mad at herself for getting startled by the noise, somehow she had found her way into pure hell, and she glad she found another survivor so they could help each other survive, even if she wouldn’t admit it out loud, of course if he tried to prevent her from doing what she wanted, she would have no choice but to leave his side, however she hoped that wouldn’t happen. She stood up and turned to him, “this place is getting more dangerous, so we will have to pick up the pace. First though, ammo…” she scanned the area knowing this city was known for their love of weapons, “over there” she pointed to a weapon shop that wasn’t boarded, and surprisingly had lights on.


Bending down before the door, she expertly picked the locks in seconds, and swung the door open. The hunter promptly moved to enter into the weapons shop, inspecting the area for potential danger. Seeing nothing dangerous, she lowered her gun to walk around, frowning at the barren display cases. She made her way behind the counters, and started to poke around through the drawers, finding a locked one intrigued her and she used her lock pick to find a magnum. She held it up with a big old smile on her face, “Jackpot!”  She put the magnum away in her waist band not yet finding ammo, so it was pretty much a paper weight, and went back to looking in the draws, finding a few clips she whistled to Sam, “Heads up” she tossed them to him before turning to inspect the shelves,  when what most be the owner bursts through the back door and shouts at them pointing a shotgun right at her. She placed both hands immediately in the air, pissed by the interruption, though she was shocked, having not expecting to find another survivor. "Sir, put the gun away and calm down. We're not here to hurt you--" though she was seriously changing her mind about that last part.


The gun shop owner was frantic "Shut up! I-I can't trust anybody at the moment!" The owner would look from Sam to Aly, so jumpy she was sure he would shoot one of them any minute.


She resisted the urge to yell at the guy, it’s not his fault, this whole town is crazy right now, and can you blame them? Aly wanted to turn and look at Sam, but she couldn’t pry her eyes from the shotgun. “Sir, we are not infected, we are human. I’m Aly and this is my partner” She finally looked quickly to him, wondering if she should make a move or if it would put Sam as risk of getting shot.


As the man looked unconvinced, he moved closer to her, still pointing the gun. He watched their every move, “Hey! I said don’t move! How do I know you’re not infected, just not showing it yet!”


She turned her arms to show him she wasn’t injured, completely forgetting about the bullet wound “No bite marks. We just arrived in town, if we start to change, you can shoot us. We really shouldn’t be making so much noise, it’s too dangerous” She was trying to decide if she should keep trying to convince him to put the weapon down.  He didn’t appear infected, so she rather not take a humans life, however to protect Sam, she would do what she had too. All she knew was if she survived a horde of zombies to be shot by a panicked lunatic, she would be furious.


The owner thinking her red bandage was a bite wound went even more insane, “I KNEW IT! YOU ARE INFECTED” he quickly fired his shotgun at her.



“Sh*t!” yet this time she was more prepared, and jumped behind the counter, the shot going wide, as the owner fired again, “damn it you idiot! Its not a bite wound!”  Knowing it wouldn’t do any good, she was still trying to figure out what to do next, hoping Sam had escaped the mans wrath, she wished she could see him.


Demon Hunter Alyssa™

Feb 1st 2020 - 3:11 PM

She shot anything that came to close to her or him. Even though she was able to take down a few of the close ones with only one or two shots, she was almost out of ammo.  As a zombie approached from her left, she side kicked it away, and shot it in the head, aiming for another one; she pulled the trigger which rewarded her with noting except a click, damn out of ammo. She saw him closing in, not wanting to just climb and leave him, however seeing how she was out of bullets, instead began to climb the ladder, screaming out as a zombie grabbed her leg, kicking with all her weight, she knocked off its head and unfazed proceeded to climb faster. She reached the top with tired arms, breathing heavy from the effort, and as she stood looked over the side to witness a zombie about to get too close to the over survivor, bringing up her gun about to aim reminded her she had no ammo, “Sh*t…” with little other choice she was on the verge of jumping off the ledge when instead got a better way of handling the situation, kicking a flower pot over the side, chuckled to herself as it hit the zombie square in the head, knocking him away from the man which turned to climb the ladder, joining her moments later on the balcony. Alyssa watched as he started to kick the ladder out, “I don’t think they can climb ladders, but you know what, I also don’t want to find out, so good call.”  She jumped startled as the ladder crashed to the ground below with a loud clang. She had to chuckle to herself, they were surrounded by the army of the dead and a ladder made her jump, for some reason that was amusing to her. “I’m Alyssa,” shaking his hand, hers greatly paling in size, “Great shooting by the way, and you're welcome, just happy to see another person that didn’t come from a horror movie”


Running her fingers through her long brown hair, she was thankful for the break even if only for the moment, as she contemplated what to say, she peered below, watching the zombies trying to reach up for them, wondering if all the other survivors were really all dead, at least she was able to help one person. “I’m on my way to the police station, hoping some survivors made it there, you’re welcome to tag along of course. Wouldn’t mind your shooting skills backing me up” Moving to the nearest window, she smeared the dirt to glance inside to see a large supply warehouse, turning she easily side kicked the window in, “let’s get inside and think of what to do next, and figure out how I can get more ammo, I really don’t want to be caught weaponless out here, you know?” She turned, and carefully climbed through the window making sure not to get cut, she figured leaving a trail of blood would be a bad idea when creatures are trying to eat you. She jumped effortlessly to the floor below, standing she moved away to give him room to come down as she scanned the area. She whistled at the size of the place, this might not be good, there are plenty of hiding places for the undead here, “We best be careful in this place,” She looked back over her shoulder, “no way we got lucky enough for a safe place to rest,”


The walkway she was currently on was split in two directions; stairs to her left went up to what appeared to be a small office, while the stairs in front of her descended below to the main warehouse floor where crates, boxes, and a multitude of shelves took up most of the area, as well as an 18-wheeler truck container. The place itself was so large you couldn’t yet see the back wall, making it unfortunately the perfect hiding place for the undead.  Lights were barely shining, and some flickered on and off, but overall you could see enough to safely move around.  Alyssa stood at a crossroads on which way to go first, that was until she saw slight movement upstairs, and the faint glow of a computer screen, making the decision for her.  He seemed prepared enough to handle himself, so she had little worry about leaving him, “I’m going to check out the office, if you have nothing better to do, you can sweep the floor for anything useful. If you prefer to stay here, than I shall return quickly and we can do together”  She didn’t really wait for an answer, he could do what he wanted, she was definitely tougher then she looked, and though she found it a bit more encouraging that she found another survivor, that didn’t mean she could slow down. She had to find what she came looking for, and whether this guy tagged along or not, wasn’t her concern, not that she couldn’t use the backup, because clearly, he knew what he was doing.


“Don’t get bit, I don’t want to waste a bullet on you” half joking, she waved causally over her shoulder to him before using the metal stairs leading upwards, annoyed at the echoing of her boots with each step. To her right looked to be a storage room, but the doors were locked so she walked by it for now, a few crates lined the walls, and she grabbed a crowbar off the top of one while making her way toward the office she was interested in.  Nearing the doorway, she held the crowbar like a bat, confident it was all she needed to defeat one or two pathetic zombies that were more than likely the source of the shadow she had spied moving about previously. Entering the room cautiously, she lowered the would be weapon upon seeing it was a person and not a zombie, concerned for his well being she stepped closer, “Sir, it’s not safe here, if you wan-“ before she could finished, the man brought his arm up and fired his 9mm handgun without warning.  Moving on instincts alone, she dodged by twisting her body to the right, saving her life yet obtaining a flesh wound through her arm instead. “What the f***!” clutching the bleeding arm with her free hand, she backed up when he stood, still pointing the gun at her. She was mostly pissed that he just made her more of a zombie magnet than she already was, thanks to the smell of blood. Alyssa glimpsed part of the computer monitor to see the logo of her least favorite company, “You work for Umbrella?”


The man didn’t seem fazed by her accusation, “That’s none of your business” he quickly glanced out the office window, “Who’s with you”


For no real reason other than she hated this guy already, she shrugged, “I’m alone” she resisted the urge to follow his line of sight, fearing it would give her new partner away, and she was trying to convince the gunman she was indeed the only other person in the warehouse.


“No I see movement on the floor, well if they are with you, then you won’t mind if I dispatch him” he turned the gun to point below.


It could be a zombie he spotted and not her newly appointed survivor, however she decided not to risk it, knowing that regardless of any trust issues she may have, or even the preference to remain solo, a zombie invasion was not the time to let pride be your downfall. Therefore when he focused his attention away from her, she elbowed him in the face breaking his nose, before sweeping out his feet from behind his ankles, knocking him to the floor. She stepped on his neck to hold him down, and pulled the gun free from his grasp, only to then aim it at his face, “I have two tips for you, never threaten a girl’s partner, and obviously don’t move the gun away from the closest target, you dumbass” pressing down on his neck for good measure, she leaned over him, “How many labs are there in the city”


“None of your business,”


“Do you realize I already don’t like you? You should be nicer to me” pressing until he couldn’t breathe, she didn’t let up until he almost passed out, “Well? You are no good to me if you don’t talk”


“Fine, fine, damn it, there are two major labs”


“Where!?” she kicked him in the side, not feeling guilty that she found some pleasure in it, “Tell me!”


“Hospital and police station. Now let me go”


She recorded those locations to memory, and looking down noticed his arm was bleeding from what appeared to be a bite mark. “You were bit?” she clearly already knew the answer, but wanted to hear him say it, knowing what happens once you get bit.


“Yea, it’s why I was searching the computer files for the antivirus,”


Her eyes widened for a brief second before she recovered, “Did you find it?” she knew it was slim, yet if there was even a 1% chance…


He tried to shake his head, however her foot prevented any movement, “No, and it’s probably not in the city”


She sighed knowing that was the answer before it was spoken, she twisted her foot sharply breaking his neck in one clean motion, “Then you’re useless” checking his pockets yielded two clips and a key card, which brought a smile to her lips, “nice” she  hastily checked the drawers for anything important, finding another few boxes of ammo, she pocketed them for now, before sitting at the computer, she typed a few commands, “Surprise surprise he was telling the truth about the locations” a figure appeared her in peripheral vision , and first thinking it was her new partner, she was about to speak when it moaned and moved to bite her shoulder, on impulse alone she hit it with the butt of the gun, and turning, fired point blank through the forehead, “Nothing like a good zombie kill to brighten the room” seeing his uniform, she figured he was a security guard, checking his pockets got her another clip for her gun, “Who would think an office would have so many bullets” she also took his flashlight, storing it in her bag. Her arm started to sting, and she looked to finally notice how much blood seeped down her arm, “F***ing wonderful” she rummaged through the cabinets hoping to find a med kit to at least stop the bleeding.


Finding nothing of use, she had no choice but to improvise, something she was trained for in her line of work. Fortunately it was a small wound with no real damage, and amazingly no bullet to remove, she was incredibly thankful for that. Moving to the desk to sit on it, so she could get some leverage, annoyed the sleeve was blood soaked already, she ripped it off so the smell wouldn’t ring a dinner bell for the undead, and next she torn the bottom of her shirt off in one long strip, tying it around her arm, hoping it helped the bleeding until she could find something more suiting. She checked the time, damn it, what if something happened to him, maybe she shouldn’t have sent him alone, even a trained man could be caught off caught.  Walking past another desk, something grabbed her ankle and she fell to the floor landing on her bad arm, “Sh*t” turning she shot the zombie in the head that had been lying in wait under the desk, before pulling her leg free from his deadly grip. She saw another approaching from behind the door, without blinking she threw a dagger hitting the zombie in the head, knocking it away, before it fell to the floor. Realizing the shot probably alerted any other zombies in the area, she reckoned it was about to get way more dangerous in here. Picking up the crowbar she had dropped when she was shot and retrieving her dagger, she quickly moved to leave the office, her concern for her partner now slightly higher than before.


Demon Hunter Alyssa™

Jan 30th 2020 - 8:29 PM

She raced home after school, dropping her bike in the yard, not caring that her mom will yell at her about it later, she made her way around to the back of the house, excited about her practice.  A few years ago her brother started teaching her stuff, things her parents would never allow, such as knife throwing, archery, bomb making, karate, self defense, and finally today is gun shooting. She was thrilled, her big brother was her all knowing hero, she loved spending time with him, no matter what they were doing; he was the smartest and strongest person she knew.  “Lucas!” turning the corner she spied him setting up targets for her, upon hearing her, he turned and smiled, “Hey there little sis, ready for your training” being a 15 year old girl, her parents believed she should be at the mall, studying, and wearing makeup, but none of that interested her, so while they were at work, she bonded with her brother, and memorized everything he did and said.  “Yes sir big brother sir!” she giggled as he ruffled her hair.  Lucas keeled in front of her, holding the 9mm for her to see, “Okay good, now here is the safety, turn it off, and point it at the target, take a deep breath, and squeeze the trigger, don’t pull, here try it” placing the gun in her hands, caused her to smile wide, excitement showing clearly in her eyes.  She wanted nothing more than to make her brother proud, so the pressure was on for her to try her best, aiming at the target she did as she was told, his hand on her arms to steady her as she squeezed the trigger, hearing the bullet hit she jumped up and down, “I hit it, I hit it!” Lucas smiled, and patted her shoulder, “Wow, you’re a natural sis! Great job!” Her smile couldn’t get much larger than hearing him compliment her; “I have a great teacher!” they practiced for another hour, until their parents car could be heard pulling up.  Her brother nodded for her to go meet them while he cleaned up, she obediently ran to the front, jumping into her father’s arm, “Hey kiddo, ready for dinner?” wrapping her arms around his neck, she snuggled against him, “I’m starved!” her father laughed carrying her into the house, followed by her mother, “sweetie what did I tell you about your bike!” she instantly hid in her father’s shoulder.

After dinner the family watched a movie together, her leaning on her brother’s arm, hiding when the scary parts came on, she was never a fan of monsters, however Lucas always told her that anything can be defeated, and to never be scared to fight back, she hoped to be as brave as him one day.  Her parents retired to their bedroom, and her brother carried her to her own, she was barely awake, after her brother tucked her in, her last thoughts were how lucky she was to have such a loving brother and parents.  When she next opened her eyes, the darkness in the room seemed overwhelming, the air thick, sitting up in bed, she was terrified but have no idea why, her brother’s words echoed in her head, BE BRAVE, swallowing her fear, she slowly pushed back the covers and slid off the bed.  Were they being robbed? Having no weapon, she entered the hallway hesitantly, seeing her brother’s baseball bat, she grabbed it, holding it tightly too her.  Stepping into the living room, she was thankful the lamp was on; however the bulb must be dying because it was flickering on and off.    Something dropped in her parents room, and she felt relieved, at least her parents were up, maybe she should just go to bed, yet the feeling of dread wouldn’t leave her, so she decided to just say goodnight to her parents before going back to sleep.  As she stood before the master bedroom, she felt frozen to the spot, goose bumps traveled up her arm, her heart pounding against her chest, making it hard for her to breath, just open the door stupid, she tried to encourage herself. Scared of the noise knocking would make, she slowly turned the knob, only opening the door partway, just enough to peer inside, and what she saw made her eyes widen in terror, her mouth tried to scream but nothing came out.  Her brother Lucas, her hero, her protector and teacher, stood over her parents bed, in one hand he held a knife, the moonlight reflecting off its bloody metal blade, and when her brother raised his other arm, she could see it clutched her mother’s head by the hair, her dead eyes staring at her, even in the pitch black she could see the horror, the body of her father was pinned to the wall, his insides falling out the tear along his abdomen, and finally a scream could not be kept within and her voice shook the silence, followed by the bat hitting the ground.  Lucas turned to look at her, his eyes appeared pure black evil, pulling back his arm he flung the head at her, but her body working on adrenaline alone, turned and ran into the living room, seeking out the front door.  Turning the lock was as far as she got before her brother latched onto her neck pulling her away from it, “Why! Why are you doing this!” tears flowed making her vision blurry, he made her face him, his grin turning her paler than she already was, “you’re not my brother! You can’t be!” before she realized it, she brought her foot down hard on his knee, a technique her brother taught her, it startled him more than hurt, however it was enough for her to make it across the room. 


Looking back she saw he was gone, she halted, not knowing he was already beside her, screaming she ran to the side, and almost made it to the window when she was tackled, sending them both into the 200 gallon salt water fish tank, a searing pain shot down her back as the glass sliced her skin wide open, the salt entering the wound causing even more unbearable pain, but she fought to stay conscious.  Placing a bloody hand on the wall, she pulled herself up, when her so called brother reached for her, stopping an inch from her face, he started to scream, his skin now smoking as it contacted with the salt water.  Not knowing what was going on, nevertheless smart enough to know she would be dead if she didn’t move, forced herself through the window, dropping roughly to the ground below.  Ignoring the severely bleeding wound, she stumbled into the woods, too scared to look back.  Miles from any neighbors, she walked in a daze through the trees, too in shock to notice the pain, or trail of blood she left behind, her body close to shutting down from blood loss, yet she refused to stop, blindly moving she came upon a road, and finally dropped in the middle of it, a car barreled down on her, horn blaring, just as it was about to hit her-


Alyssa sat up suddenly in bed, cold sweat covering her body, her breathing shallow, “F***ing dream again” as if living it wasn’t enough, she had to constantly repeat the same dream over and over again, each and every night. Once her heart beat finally calmed down, she kicked off the sheets, making her way to the kitchen, the dream still fresh in her mind.  Her older brother had been her hero. He kept the fact that he was a supernatural hunter from her, and she didn’t even learn about it until a long time after she was on her own.  Looking back, she didn’t think he wanted her to be a hunter like him, more likely he just wanted her to be prepared, if only he had taught her about demons, maybe their parents would still be alive.  It wasn’t until during a brief mandatory stay at a mental institute at the age of 18, she learned all there was to know about demons from one of the nurses that happened to be an undercover hunter.  When she heard that someone could be saved from being possessed, she escaped and began to travel, following any omens, and all leads trying to find her brother. Although she did many different cases, and tracked multiple kinds of evil creatures, saving as many lives as she could, her main goal was to either save her brother from the demon, or if it was too late, to destroy the sonofbitch that took away her family.  Ringing interrupted her thoughts when the phone vibrated, she grabbed it on impulse, not even saying hello before the voice told her what she wanted to hear, he was spotted in Raccoon city, her brother, finally after months there was a lead.  She dropped the phone, and collected whatever gear was around, not taking the time to think. This demon won’t be there long, he knew she was after him, and over the years had messed with her head, playing games with her, and providing false leads, just to torture her, as if he hadn’t done enough to her already, so it was very likely this was a trap, but without any other leads, she had no choice. Filling up her duffel bag with whatever would fit; she climbed onto her Harley and sped off.


Outside the rain was pouring down in waves, and lightening flashed, as the thunder roared, shaking the sky violently. The deserted streets of Raccoon City were full of wrecked cars and half-eaten bodies. In the distance, moans of the hungry undead could be heard; a sorrowful, disturbing noise that made you want to run and hide. The creatures that now roam the streets were once human, until the Umbrella Pharmaceutical Company released a deadly virus made for the sole purpose of being a weapon in war. Unfortunately, the virus not only affected humans, but any creature it came in contact with. The now savage beasts know nothing but the hunger to eat flesh. The citizens of the once energetic city were either evaluated, hiding, or turned into one of the monsters.  Of course Alyssa knew none of this as she rode her bike just a little too fast., She was still several miles away from the deserted and destroyed Raccoon City, but even here the towns all but looked forsaken, she barely noticed, her thoughts were on keeping the bike from sliding as she took the curves at top speed. She wasn’t wearing her safety gear like she should, something she now regretted, but she was in such a hurry, it didn’t seem important at the time, however now she realized her mistake, one wrong move and she would be scattered across the highway.  After traveling the distance down the debris riddled highway, she did her best to drive without losing control of her bike, having a difficult time seeing through the rain.  Nearing the buildings of Raccoon City, she tried to read the obscure signs, getting worried that there was no traffic moving through the area. She wished she had paid more attention last time she was here or at least have planned this trip better.


Finally entering the city, she stopped at, Emmy’s diner first, the place her brother was spotted, knowing it was a long shot that he would return there, she figured it was the perfect place to start looking for him. She parked the bike, looking curiously around, as there was no traffic of people going in and out of the diner, and at this time of night the place should be packed. Alyssa made her way over to the entrance noting that the place looked closed, yet the lights were on, entering sounded off the bell from the door, causing her to jump slightly as it seemed to be overly loud in such a quiet place. “Hello?” there was no one behind the counter, and even though at first glance the place looked normal, she started to notice the small out of place things, such as utensils, glasses, and place mats on the floor. Looking back toward the entrance she debated going back to the bike, however a moan caught her attention, maybe there was a robbery going on and someone was hurt...she didn’t hear anyone in the back, perhaps the place was already robbed, and someone was dying. Removing her gun from her waist band, she moved slowly toward the back of the counter, wondering if she was signing her death warrant by not leaving and calling the police.


Rounding the corner, she stopped at seeing a man bent over a woman, “Excuse me? Are you okay?” she lowered the gun, and moved closer to see if the person needed medical attention, until a sickening crunch sound halted her. “Sir?” the man slowly turned his head, and she could finally see that the body on the floor was missing a head, her eyes widened in complete shock, the man’s face and hands were covered in blood…as if he was snacking on it, “Um…so sorry, I’m actually all set…I was just leaving,” Alyssa backed up, slipping on a placemat, landing on the floor, she raised her gun, as the man slowly got up to come toward her, “Stay back!” scared to kill the man, she swiped out his legs, and pulled herself up, racing to the front door. Her hand reached for the door when the window crashed in, and she covered her face with her arms to shield her from the broken glass. Several more of the infected, reached in to grab her. Pivoting on her heels she looked for another way out, the exit sign was a beacon in a storm, bolting toward it she forgot about the man from before, running right into him, “Sh*t!” pushing him sideways, moving again toward the back door, she burst through the exit at top speed, coming face to face with another zombie, raising her gun she removed the safety switch, and shot it right in the heart. It kept coming like nothing had happened, realizing the noise was attracting others; she had very little choice but to turn and run.


 Fortunately the rain had slowed since her arrival as Alyssa moved through the city on high alert, searching for any cover she could find to try to get herself somewhere safe to think how to get out of here alive along with finding her brother. She suddenly heard more movement ahead; it sounded like footsteps, nothing like the previous slow shuffling of the slow moving undead creatures, however she was still cautious as she slowly moved further with her gun raised. When she stepped from the cover of the building she saw a man practically surrounded by a horde of infected, his back was turned so she wasn’t sure if he had a weapon or not, so without a second thought she shot the closest zombie to him. She waved to him quickly before returning her aim to fire again, this time hitting another zombie in the shoulder; she tried to keep him covered to give him a chance to run. She knew from before that damaging the heart didn’t bring them down so she took careful aim, trying to control her heartbeat so her arm wouldn’t shake, pulling the trigger, she shot one through the eye, and almost shouted out with success as she watched it fall. She killed two more, before realizing she had no more clips after this one, Damn it, she knew they had to get the hell out of there before they got box in, she looked around frantically trying to keep focus on finding a way out, scanning her eyes up she saw a fire escape ladder leading to a warehouse, She tried jumping but even with her 5’3 height couldn’t reach, spotting a trashcan she climbed upon it and jumped pulling the ladder down, ““Hey! Over here! Hurry and climb!” She had to hold the ladder so it wouldn’t spring up. “I’ll cover you” She killed the closest one cursing that she needed two shots, knowing she was almost out of ammo.

нellѕ αɴɢel

Nov 21st 2019 - 11:14 AM

My Name is Rachel Gatina

and I will not sign it away.

Welcome into my dark, but wonderful tiny World my new Friend. How are you today? It is a pleasure for me meeting you.

I think, since I am not a Friend of long Intros, to tell you a bit about myself.

Like you already know, my Name is Rachel Gartina, well.. my Human Name my real Name is Gorgon, and I already rocked the old Egyptians, until there came a Point, Anubis, you may know, which was a old Egyprian God, could not handle me anymore, too many I drove Crazy with my Actions and so on, so he decided, sending me to Hell. Seth, with you know as Lucifer, should have his Fun with me.

First it of course was not that easy for me. Demons tortured me, and had their Fun with me, but I was strong, and in Time, I became Lucifers best. Since I can switch Bodies, what I miss to do by the way, he decided, giving me a Chance, by sending me back to Earth, being his Ruler there, trying to catch this and that Souls.. and well so on...


Enough about me, I dont want to bother you with any more Details, so if you are interested, after you read what I wrote, I would love to talk about a Sl with you, whenever you find a Free Minute.

Until this, I wish you a magical Day, and a wonderful Time.

Love Rachel
discord: in work / Multi Para & Up & active writer / est. 2019
Solider Of Heaven

Sep 27th 2019 - 6:32 PM

hey Sammy!
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