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Rosette "Blindshot" Glass

"Well...this is going to suck."

Early Life

Not far from the coast of France there lies a small island. Too tiny and of too little note to even be included on most maps. The island, known as the Isle of Glass, was a marvelous place who's existence and history was shrouded in much mystery. Isolated from much of the outside world it was a nation unto itself. For as long as any could remember the Isle had been ruled over by the Glass family. Though the Isle had always been a thriving and prosperous land it was only during the rule of Count Reynard Glass that the Isle truly began to advance. Beyond a ruler Reynard was a scholar and faithful student of the arcane scientist as we're many on the Isle. But he was the first to start the school of Arcane Mechanics, the harnessing and use of arcane forces to create and power technology. Under the keen eye of the Isle's ruler the School expanded and soon great strides where made in the development of Arcane technology. It was not long after this that Reynard and his wife Elissa gave birth to their first and only child, a girl whom they named Rosette.

Even from an early age it was evident that Rosette was unusually brilliant. She had mastered walking by the time she was one and could speak fluent French by the age of 2. Rosette consumed knowledge and her fascination with the world around her seemed boundless. Schooled by her parents and the best tutors money could buy, Rosette completed a full course including college studies by the time she turned 14. Determined to become the next ruler of the Isle of Glass, Rosette had always prized intelligence and etiquette, but knew there was more to learn before she was prepared to rule. So after begging her father, she soon began her own studies in Arcane Mechanics. She found the study fascinating and in time began to branch off into studies of her own. However, where her father had focused more on agriculture, transportation, and construction, Rosette focused on more unique properties. Focusing on the raw and malleable powers potential for unique defensive potential. Her research became focused on focusing and shaping matter itself. From her studies great strides were made in the Isles defensive capabilities, the foremost being the Guardian Armor, infused armor used by the Isles border defense forces.

Under Seige

By the time Rosette was seventeen she had been officially appointed as head of the Isle of Glass' Defense Department. The success of her research did not go unnoticed however. It would be nor long after Rosette's 17th birthday Isle of Glass came under attack. The port town of Stormspire had been seized by a German militant group calling itself the Krimson Shield. The group had some how come into possession of stolen Arc Tech and barely managed to successfully replicate some aspects of the technology. Still even a poor replication was powerful and with it they planned to lay seige to the Isle.

The seige lasted an entire year. The Krimson Shield relentless in their attempts to push through to the capital, but met with heavy resistance each step of the way thanks to the superior defensive technology constantly being developed and updated. Soon it became apparent that eventually the battle would draw to a standstill, leaving either side with nothing but lost lives to show for it. Being a highly diplomatic people in times of conflict Count Reynard DuEmprise proposed a peaceful political solution, an alliance through marriage. The Shield agreed to these terms and Rosette, now eighteen, was married to Major Kleis Urich, leader of the Krimson Shield.

Innocence Lost (TW: ABUSE)

Urich was a cold and cruel woman and Lisbet knew that she would hate every moment of marriage to her. An assessment that would soon come to prove itself true. Almost immediately after the wedding, Rosette had returned to the Guardian Tower and her research. It was weeks later when Rosette finally saw her wife again. Kleis accosting her in her library and demanding that Rosette hasten her completion on the research and design of her automatons, based on the design of her Guardian Armors, that would be used as stand ins for humans in battle. Lisbet, knowing full well the Krimson Shield would use them for war, refused. She was creating automatons to replace people in dangerous work, not to conquer other people. Kleis did not take being refused well and struck Rosette, beating the woman within an inch of her life before throwing her from the library balcony. Landing in a pile of research papers below Rosette survived, barely.

The abuse continued for years as Rosette continued to refuse to finish the designs. Soon she found herself confined to her lab, kept under constant guard and forced to design more and more weaponry for the Krimson Sheild. One day, while Urich was away, Rosette managed to escape her guard and break into her office. While snooping through correspondence she discovered a letter detailing a plan to assassinate her father during the coming Winter Ball. Allowing Kleis to take over as ruler of the Isle. Rosette resolved to escape and return to her father and inform him of Urich's plans. But before she could do so Urich found her. She confronted her about her intentions and the two fought. Though Rosette put up a decent resistance she was a scholar not a fighter, her talent in combat mostly limited to archery, and in the end Urich merely shot her. The aether blast completely destroyed the nerves in her spine, paralyzing her from the neck down.

Unable to move or care for herself Rosette withdrew into her private quarters. Urich merely assumed she had accepted defeat after being blinded and crippled and left her alone. Rosette however was not one to give up and prepared to devour the challenge at hand like any other. Many many years ago Rosette had ordered the construction of a secret lab in her tower. She had holed up in her private lab and using the automated machinery she had already created proceeded to complete the design of the automaton Urich had so desperately wanted. A nigh humanoid automaton perfect for combat. Rosette completed the construction of her automaton, whom she dubbed Shard, just hours before the Winter Ball.

Urich had arrived at the Ball unaccompanied. Something that had long since ceased to be a surprise as for years rumors of Rosette being ill had been circulated. Seemingly supported by the ghostly, pallid, hollow appearance when she was around. Thus when Rosette arrived at the Ball late accompanied by a heavily clad form that appeared little more than a maid, meant to push her wheelchair and tend to her needs, it was much to everyone's surprise. Reynard, seeing his daughter for the first time in years was surprised to find her paralyzed. He immediately demanded an explanation and Rosette informed him of all she had endured. With her misdeeds exposed Urich attempted to kill Reynard but found the attempt being thwarted by Shard. The automaton was impossibly fast and incredibly strong and in less than a minute had decapitated Urich.

Reynard begged his daughter forgiveness for his negligence but Rosette seemed not to care. Instead she merely her intentions to leave the Isle. After the remaining five Aereon units finished eliminating the remaining Krimson Shield agents on the island she would be departing. From Urich's files she had managed to determine the extent and location of the larger organization and thus determined to erradicate it.


After leaving the Isle Rosette moved to America settling in the city of Metropolis. There she founded the defense company, Looking Glass Unlimited, with funds from the Isle. Rosette soon probed herself as capable in business as in research, the company quickly building wealth and influence with its innovative defensive technology. In addition the facilities were perfect for establishing her new lab to continue her research. Beyond that it provided a front and funding for her not so legal organization, Fragment. Fragment offered automaton assassins for hire to the highest bidder while also attending to Rosette's primary focus, finding and eliminating members of the Krimson Shield. In 2 years Rosette had almost completed her task. That is until the arrival of Brainiac. BR>

The Twenty

Rosette was still residing in Metropolis when Brainiac, a strange and hyper intelligent alien, invaded the Earth. Rosette along with nineteen other humans would find themselves abducted by Brainiac and taken for experimentation. Rosette's memories of the experience are hazy and often run together in a jumble but the one thing she remembered with clarity is the pain. Brainiac, in an attempt to create more of his kind, experimented on her like many others until shr had been altered down to the genetic level into a human Coluan hybrid. The most painful aspect however was the physical alterations. Like the others she had to endure the integration of technoplasma, a cyber psionic substance, into her body. In order for technoplasma to bond with a host it had to mesh not only physically, but to the psyche. For Rosette that catalytic connection was anguish. In order to get it to meld Brainiac restored the nerves of Lisbet's spine, curing her paralysis. The excruciating pain nearly killed her, but the technoplasma that had been introduced into her body prevented this. Repairing the wounds and restoring vitality to her arms and legs.

Like the others, Rosette was returned to Earth. The group of human Coluan survivors now collectively known as the Twenty going their separate ways. Rosette resumed her life and returned to Metropolis to run Looking Glass. But it was evident something had changed. She was restless and miserable.

Perhaps it was the pain she had endured at Brainiac's hands, or perhaps it was the inevitable but it seemed something had broken in her mind. No longer was she tethered by the concepts of mercy or humanity. Pain no longer became her enemy but the very thing on which she fed. To test her new abilities she aimed herself at her former vendetta. In just three days she slaughtered all 3000 members of the Crimson Sheild in cold blood. Afterwards she returned to Metropolis where she decided to turn Fragment into a guns for hire paramilitary group. Recently her company has merged with Myror Tech with Rosette officially taking up position as Head of Weapons R&D in addition to retaining her control over Fragment.

Real Name: Countess Rosette DuEmprise
Current Name: Rosette Glass
Aliases: Rose- Blindshot - The Blind Archer
Date Of Birth: October 31st
Place Of Birth: Tower of Wonder, Isle of Glass
Former Residence: Isle of Glass
Current Residence: Metropolis

Species: Genetically Altered Human/Coluan Hybrid
Hair Color: Black to Brown
Eye Color: Pure White
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Distinguishing Features A scar over her left eye, pink metallic supports down her spine

Mother: Countess Elissa DuEmprise
Father: Count Reynard DuEmprise
Sibling(s): Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken
Current Relationship(S): Hyacinth "Cinnibun" Leidos
Past Relationship(S): ---

Affiliations: Brainiac :: The Twenty :: MIRROR
Occupation: Head of R&D (Myror Tech) :: MIRROR Spymaster
Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Nuerokinesis, Arcane Energy Manipulation.
Skills/Abilities: Enhanced Intellect (12th Level), Flight, Advanced Regeneration, Bio-Psionic Physiology, Arcane Mechanist.


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