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Most of the media knows Tony Stark as a casually arrogant, apathetic and callous person who enjoyed the finer things in life, namely drinking, gambling, partying and flirting. Eccentric, brilliant, outgoing and cocky, Tony is a classic playboy, with his wealth, power, and natural charm allowing him to get just about any woman he wants. However, this exterior attitude is just the cloak to a man who genuinely cares for the people around him. He has concerns for the common man and all of his work has been for the greater good to the point of being willing to sacrifice what he needs to when he needs to. Despite how social and easy going he seems to be, Tony places deep trust when he does get attached to someone. This devotion makes Tony possibly the most loyal friend imaginable even if he still holds his arrogant attitude while he's at it.

Legal & Physical
Name: Anthony Edward Stark
Nicknames: Tony Stark, Mr. Stark
Aliases: Iron Man, The Golden Goose, The Futurist, The Consultant, Little Prick
Date Of Birth: May 29th 1970
Place Of Birth: Manhattan, New York
Current Residence: Manhattan, New York
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Hair Color: Dark Brunette
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 170
Family & Relationships
Mother: Maria Stark
Father: Howard Stark
Sibling(S): Arno Stark (older brother)
Other Family: Howard Stark Sr. (Grandfather), Edward Stark (Uncle), Morgan Stark (cousin), Isaac Stark (ancestor)
Sexual Orientation: Varies with roleplay
Relationship Status: Varies with roleplay
Current Relationship(S): Varies with roleplay
Education & Employment
High School Bypassed Entirely
College Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Degree Masters
Major Physics and Electrical Engineering
Occupation: CEO of Stark Industries
Job Description: The big man that owns and runs the company operations.
Employer: Himself
Skills: Genius-level intellect, Master Engineer, Master Scientist, Master Mathematician, Master Hacker, Expert Businessman, Expert Tactician, Martial Artist, Expert Marksman, Pilot and Multi-linguist (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Dari)
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Tony Stark

Genius-Level Intellect-- Stark is one of the smartest humans in the world, with an IQ of 270 surpassing even his late father Howard Stark. On a human scale he is only rivaled by other geniuses such as Bruce Banner and Dr. Stephen Strange. His type of intellect is also unique because he has often thought outside the box to develop seemingly impossible outcomes, a firm example being the physics behind his miniature arc reactor all the while still maintaining the same power level as a full scale reactor. This intellect feeds into his drive to succeed which makes him a master tactician and hands on learner. There has been many times where he has binge studied and became efficient in a form of science over night. AND it is well known to everyone around him that his mathis NEVER wrong. A exceptional scientific prodigy, Tony is ingeniously resourceful, knowledgeable, and brilliant in many different fields of science, particularly physics, but also computer science, chemistry, and neuroscience, having graduated summa cum laude from MIT at age seventeen.

Master Engineer-- Stark is an extremely talented and prolific engineer and robotics technician, having been able to make many complicated inventions at a young age. He is well known for building his first circuit board at four years old, building his two lab assistants Dum E and U as a child and numerous weapon designs for Stark Industries. His last weapon for military production was the Jericho missiles before he shut the weapons development and manufacturing branch down. His more public and well known achievement has been the self production of his suits as part of the Iron Man project. In his own mind the warmest of his inventions was the AI system J.A.R.V.I.S. whom he had named after his childhood butler. The trick was to come up with a working acronym but from there on out he seemed to take comical pride in acronyms. Stark is an extremely skilled hacker, as he had managed to crack the Pentagon's firewall on a dare, while still in high school. He was also able to give J.A.R.V.I.S. access to the S.H.I E.L.D. database without the officials noticing. He also successfully hack the NEXUS in his search for the scattered pieces of J.A.R.V.I.S. over the internet.

"I'm not afraid of you. I know you're a coward so I've decided that you just died."
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"Classic narcissist -- agreed."

When Maria and Harold Stark were informed that their unborn child would not survive the pregnancy there was a desperate race to save his life. Harold placed a deal with an alien race known as the Greys to recover the Regellian Recorder 451. The baby was born healthy with alien genetic manipulation but with a kill switch inserted for when the boy reached maturity. When Harold discovered this he inserted his own counter measures to reverse it. Shortly after the baby's health declined and he was hospitalized. Doctors stated that Arno Stark would not be able to live without constant medical assistance. Howard feared that the Greys would be angered by his meddling and so they adopted a healthy son of the same age as a decoy.

That boy was named Anthony Edward Stark.

This origin is one Tony wouldn't know until MUCH later...

Growing up Tony found that his parents were interestingly distant -- particularly his father. Maria cared for him and often did what any natural mother should -- to the point where he love for him became genuine even though he was not hers. However, Howard was cold and calculating and refused to express any love or liking for Tony at all. The male figure he credits as a father was the household lead butler by the name of Edwin Jarvis, who was the foundation for a great deal of his development. By age four he had built his first circuit board. By middle school he had created the core programming for his AI assistant. His likeness was based upon his butler and so he made sure to mold a means to name it J.A.R.V.I.S. And so the AI that followed Tony's life was affectionately based around his butler's young self as "Just Another Random Virtual Intelligence System."

By Tony's preteen years he was enrolled in the Mathematics and Science Academy and Charter school where he began testing to bypass high school entirely. It was during this time that he built his two long term robotic assistants named Dum E and U. This was also a phase in his life where Tony sought challenge and so he hacked into the Pentagon on a dare. Soon after he graduated from the Academy with honors, only to be sent right into college at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tony graduated at the top of his class at the age of fifteen with Majors in physics and electrical engineering. This was also where Tony met his best friend James Rhodes and the two became inseparable.

Having graduated so early Tony had a great deal of free time on his hands. As a result he grew into a life of luxurious spending, partying and sexual temptations. He became well known for his playboy antics and swings with alcoholism all the while still maintaining his reprisentation as one of the brightest minds on the planet. Its was in December 1991 that Tony's parents were killed in a car crash and Stark Industries was temporarily placed in Obadiah Stane's hands until Tony was official to inherit the industry at age 21. Under his command the company boost in net worth and became the leading support of power for the United States Armed Forces.

Tony continued to build the company up and enjoyed the playboy lifestyle until the year 2009 when he developed the Jericho missile. The debute presentation for the missile was a personal one, much like all of Stark's work, located in Afghanistan for the US soldiers fighting abroad. However, the caravan transporting Tony afterward was attacked with Stark Industries own weaponry and Tony was kidnapped by a terrorist faction called the Ten Rings. Ransom was demanded but never acted upon and in the meantime Tony was suffering shrapnel injury to the chest. An engineer and doctor named Ho Yinsen treated Tony by planting a magnet in his chest to stop the shrapnel from piercing his heart. The terrorists demanded that Tony produce the Jericho missile for them in exchange for his life. The process took three months but Tony conducted his own operation to outsmart his captors with Yinsen's help and escape back to the United States. This was also where he invented the miniature Arc Reactor to use in his chest instead of the magnet -- which was a development he made sure stayed personal and never released to the public upon returning home. The investigation revealed that Obadiah Stane had staged the attack with intent to kill Tony so that the company would fall back to him but the terrorists grew their own agenda upon realizing who their target was.

With the weapons and manufacturing branch of Stark Induatries shut down and the elimination of Obadiah Stane, Tony began a revolutionary path in which he swore to better the world. Hating that his work became part of a system that held itself with no accountability, he started the Iron Man project. Building many suits over the coming years for his own personal use, Tony took it upon himself to protect the people where the military and government could not. A project that he took with him as he joined the Avengers and still maintains to this very day....

Stark Industries

Founded by Howard Stark Jr. in 1939, Stark Industries is a multinational technological surplus corporation specializing in weaponry and technological software. The company's main partnership in the beginning was with the United States Armed Forces. Howard supervised the development of the Super Serum by providing funding. He also created the first Arc Reactor which provided pure energy for which Stark Industry powered its operations in all global locations. The reactor was by far the most powerful and successful creation as it constantly recycled and replenished energy for unlimitted use. Howard continued to provide weapons and technology for the Armed Forces and even built a specialty shield for Steve Rogers before his death in 1991.

The company was placed in temporary supervision of Obadiah Stane, who was a family friend and trusted core member of the industry -- until Howard's son Anthony "Tony" Stark came of age at 21 years old. Under Tony's reign the company grew financially to almost double its net worth in a span of ten years and continued to grow from then on. This was because of his direct involvement creating blueprints for mass production of technology and his broad prespective of powerful weapons that far exceeded his father. Government and economic status skyrocketted as the United States were able to solve most conflicts in one small contained confrontation. The credit for this powerful approach falling directly to Stark Industries.

However, the weapons development and manufacturing branches of the industry were shut down after Tony was kidnapped by terrorists and held for three months. His ransom was made clear but he was also personally demanded by his captors to produce weapons for them. Tony outsmarted his captives easily and with his time there was able to build his first suit which he used to escape. In a press confrence he announced that he saw his own weapons used in a system that held itself with zero accountability and shut down the production of weapons entirely. Now his personal production of weapons is for the Iron Man Project, War Machine Project, The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. when they can appease to a motivation he can agree with.

After S.H.I.E.L.D. fell The industry made security operations as part of their own service instead of entrusting the service to others. Currently Stark Industries is ran in two factions. In 2010 Tony appointed Pepper Potts as CEO of Stark Industries based in Washington D.C. while he carried on with the base in New York City. It is often that the two mingle their work off of each other as both have greater ideas for the world of tomorrow. The two strive to directly influence government operations for those with what is considered superhuman abilities. To which Tony agreed that regulations are needed in order to maintain safety for the middle men and civilians when conflict happens. The Industry also has opened partnerships in educational funding and also reinstated the Stark Expo to take place every ten years -- which was basically where inventions were presented to better the world (technical, biological, governmental, ect.) and if the inventions made enough of a difference spanning an entire year of production Stark Industries would open a partnership to the cause.

I came to realize that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up.
The Avengers

Also known as the Heroes of New York, the Avengers were founded by Nick Fury with the backing of the organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. The idea was that these beings with extraordinary abilities or tallents came together to defend the world as a whole against inner or extraterrestrial threats. They fought for the stability of the planet as a whole and not for any particular country's interest. Building the team became necessary in order to defeat the God of Mischief named Loki in his efforts to invade. The team is lead primarily by Captain Steve Rogers with Anthony "Tony" Stark as second in command.

The team preformed quite a few successful operations until the conflicts began to cause too much collateral damage, leading the United Nations to pass the Sokovia Accords. This accord made it so that the government would monitor the team and give clearance for them to act in these greater global fights. The conflicting opinions began the initial rift in ranks as Rogers felt that they should be open to defend Earth at any cost while Stark frlt that regulations were needed and they should be held accountable for their actions. Thus the team broke into two factions. Both wanting to fight for the greater good but one through the government (Stark) and one operating in the shadows (Rogers). This split seems to stand as a temporary one as each conflict leaves them working distantly as allies anyway.

Actually he's the boss, I just pay for everything, design everything and make everyone look cooler.
Extra Table.

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Groups: Stark Industries,

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Jun 28th 2020 - 8:30 PM

Barton -- OOC.
Discord: Only.Human#4689.
I'm half mobile and half laptop. I can do my discussion through both, but my roleplay starter and replies tend to be pretty long, so I like to write them from my laptop 90% of the time. Sometime I do get ideas and write them quickly out of my phne if I'm at work or away from my laptop.

I can't wait to hear about all these ideas that you have for us! If you're looking for even for storylines, I do also have a Peter Parker account, that I would love to write with you on. So far, no other Tony's have responded to my Peter. Or I get a discussion done and I'll send a starter, then never get a reply, which is even more annoying just not talking to me at all, especially since they added me!
I added you on discord.
-- Clinton "Clint" Barton.

Jun 28th 2020 - 6:41 PM

I am very interested in all of these ideas you have, even the ones about Civil War. Haha. And since I'm open to just about anything, I don't have a set idea of what I want a connection with a Stark to be like so hit me and I'll see what I like the most. Also, I sadly do not have a discord; I'm not hip to you young'uns.

Jun 28th 2020 - 11:40 AM

Hey there pal. I'm Bucky. It's a pleasure to be included among your friends list. I don't want to bore you for too long with a dreaded introduction comment, so I'll get straight to it. I am very interested in setting up a storyline with you. So if you're interested in getting one going with me, let me know and we can brainstorm together.

Jun 28th 2020 - 9:24 AM

Barton -- OOC.
Hello There, Stark.
How are you this morning, Tony? Things are pretty well here. I would absolutely love to discuss a storyline with you. I've added quite a few Tonys, but it doesn't seem like a lot of them are very active. Or maybe it's me and they just don't want to speak with me. Either way, I'd be glad to talk shop with you.

  I'd love to hear your ideas. I do roleplay clint as a bit of a mixture of MCU and Comics, so he doesn't have a family, like he does in the movies and I'm keeping the fact that he's deaf, which they never mention in the movies. Other then those two details, I'm pretty open for any type of storyline, whether it be based from one of the movies or any of the comics, or, hell, we can go completely AU if you like, as well.
Hope to hear back soon.
- Clinton "Clint" Barton
SnarkMaster 5000

Jun 28th 2020 - 12:07 AM


Round One -- The conflict
Snarkmaster 5000
There was more to this, there had to be. All the backwards procedures and clouded undercover work. Tony could tell that there was something happening within the United Nations, to the point of authorizing FRIDAY to do some hacking for the research he needed. Maybe a little too late though, as a fight broke out between the members of the Avengers that were conflicted. It was all in the politics. Some choose to be on authority and some who chose a rogue approach to justice. It was all about what was right in the hearts of those who were fighting.

Ever since Steve said that there were more Winter Soldiers Tony made a mental note to research it -- now more than ever. And now… one of the very few humans that actually meant something to Stark was facing spinal damage and possible paralysis. James Rhodes was being assessed for his wounds and in those moments time slowed down. The billionaire paced a bit but he noticed the guilt that crossed Vision. So he stepped over for a moment. For years this AI was his assistant, openly self aware and inspired entirely on his own lead butler. He valued this beings opinion but right now there was so much that went wrong on all fronts. Especially now that Rhodey was having tests done for potential paralysis.

"How can this happen?" Tony asked softly and sadly.

"I… became distracted," the cyber-being said, the shock evident in his voice.

At that point Tony melted a little, feeling his world fall apart a bit. His best friend was facing the hardest time of his life all because a bunch of super humans couldn't come to a common decision. And this is bound to look great to Ross as a whole airport was destroyed -- which is exactly the point of these damn accords. Just the day before Tony had a hell of a fix to solve just to make sure Steve and Sam didn't end up in jail and the airport looks like a model that a kid stomped on -- maybe because an oversized guy really did stomp on it -- but still there was no careful actions in order to make sure damage was at a minimum. Needless to say he needed to think of another miracle to get them out of this one. It didn't help that there was a socially entitled brat of a new Wakanda King that was out for blood -- blindfolded and not listening to things going on around him.

Yeah, contrary to popular belief Stark was listening. That note he made to himself earlier was what motivated him to authorize FRIDAY to start hacking for information. If there were more Winter Soldiers then HYDRA wasn't really gone. And who the hell went out of their way to frame Bucky of these crimes? Something stunk here and all the paranoia in the billionaire's gut wanted to know what was going on. Even with all the allies he was making it always felt like the same circle. People sucked when it came to what was right and fair.

Thaddeus Ross was right though… This was all about being accountable.

All he could do was wait for FRIDAY's results. Until then he simply stood here on the balcony. His left hand fingers shook as his arm was in a sling from the fight, which was still fresh on his mind. An old injury flared now so when all was said and done he would have to contact Pepper. It would be the first time in a long time that he had contacted her for something other than professionalism… but he's going to need to reopen his physical therapy treatment and she has that contact information.

'How the hell is everything falling apart so fast? I thought we were stronger together. Then again its always so easy to just walk away…' he thought as he reflected on the division between his own support and Steve's. As much as he hated what Captain America stood for sometimes he really couldn't fault the guy. Just doing what he thought was right but Rogers is stubborn as hell. 'Path of least resistance, I guess. But really is there less resistance on either side?'

It was then that Natasha stepped out on the balcony with him. Rhodey was being settled into a room here at Avengers HQ so that he could rest and Tony just couldn't face him. This whole fight felt like it fell apart. "The doctors say he severed the L4 through the S1. Severe laceration of the spinal cord… Looking at some form of paralysis…" he said sadly.


ғɪєяу ʙᴏຕʙѕʜєƖƖ.

Jun 27th 2020 - 2:56 AM

Hey there stranger,
Thank you for adding me! I am very excited to meet new people and form lasting friendships with them, so I hope we can become close! Now as for how I play MJ, I am pretty open to storylines with her. I like to follow the older comics as much as possible. I can either play her as a teenager so she fits more into the MCU verse or I can do an older adult version of her. I am open to fun au storylines as well! So, if you would like to start a storyline and connection don't be shy!


 Lilac and Gooseberries#4767
яᴜѕѕɪα'ѕ αѕѕ.

Jun 24th 2020 - 11:26 PM

Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. The name is Romanoff, or you might know me as the Black Widow, or a number of little antidotes people like to come up with when they are bored. Whatever you would like to call me whether it be flattering or crud I honestly do not care. What I do care about though is coming up with a brilliant and thrilling storyline. So please don't bore me with pleasantries and let's get right to the point and create!

//Thank you for the add I cannot wait to write with you! Feel free to add me on Discord if you would like to chat or brainstorm ideas!

- Russia's Ass aka Natasha Romanoff

Planet Laurete

Jun 20th 2020 - 4:09 AM

Super late of me but I will be there

Jun 19th 2020 - 1:33 PM

Her thing is neural electric interfacing, telekinesis, mental manipulation…. She's weird. File says the twins volunteered for Strucker's experiments. It's nuts.
A letter dropped out of a red cloud to reach the person it was sent to. Outside the folded paper the soft script of Wanda's writing wrote ‘for you’. When the person before it opened the letter it read:



Thank you for crossing paths with my magical notes! I’m Wanda Maximoff. Although, you may know me as the Scarlet Witch. You know that New York City Avenger that dabbles into occult and supernatural. Sometimes you just need to be creative against foes, right?

I was hoping you'd cross this path for me to reach out to you. I'm glad you picked this spot. I'd love to know about your adventures and maybe we can create new ones. If you're interested, you can find me outside the Starbucks on Broadway. I hope to see you soon!

Have a Hexcellent day!!

- Wanda Maximoff


//ooc: thank you for being on my friend’s list!

I am excited to discuss a story between our characters, or even just have you on my list to support your writing!! If you only want to banter on stream, in messages, or on discord that's okay too! Let me know either way!

I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and get the ball rolling.

Hope to hear from you soon! Stay *Hexcellent* ;)

"This One"

May 17th 2020 - 3:25 AM

Thank you for adding me!

Finding the right words isn't always easy for me, for I am still very young and learning. But I hope that does not stop us from being good friends, even though I am what some call ugly.... Anyway if you would like to plot things please let me know, I am always eagar to make make wonderful connections.
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