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Characters: Seth Clearwater
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𝔱𝔦𝔪𝔢 𝔟𝔬𝔪𝔟

Sep 15th 2019 - 1:58 PM

Hello Seth,

Inquire about a possible discussion.

Hello Seth, once again. I just wanted to send you this comment to inquire about a possible storyline, and even a connection. I am new to the character, so I will be a tad rusty as I try to get the hang of things with this character. I hope that does not deter you from wanting to write with me, however.

Here are some facts about me. I am a multi paragraph to novella writer, though I tend to try to stay in the multi paragraph category. Novella takes more time than what I generally have, and I do get bored or uninspired more easily with it. By all means, though, I will write novella if that is what you prefer. I also prefer third person point of view, but I have dabbled in first person and can accomadate to that, if that is what you prefer. I don't necessarily have any changes made to Paul, do you happen to have any for Seth? Or, if you have a storyline idea that you'd like to try, send that my way also. I'm looking forward to writing with you!
discord: donthaveone  /  literate & active writer  /  est. 2019
wítchч sαdíst

Sep 15th 2019 - 12:53 AM

Aro had sent a small group of Volturi to assess the packs in Washington State. They weren't actual werewolves, therefore they are uncharted territory. They were shifters. It was up to Jane to figure out if they were a threat and let Aro know. She was the one that was trusted to do the job. However, Jane was no fool. She brought Felix, Alec, and Demetri with her. She watched the dark-haired young man walk over to her. With both confidence and a bit of care. "Yes, I am Jane. Seth. No, they do not have to...loom as you so aptly put it. They can stay here. Can I have your word that the pack will not attack my friends? We are here to discuss with you. Not fight. Aro thought it best to send me but, he didn't want to send me alone. No offense to you and your pack. It's just safer that way. Caius didn't want us to come at all." 

She watched Seth rub the back of his neck nervously and smiled at him. Her face lit up and had the innocence of a young lady flicker over it. It would have been lovely. Except for her red eyes and the knowledge that she could make just about anyone feel like they were burning alive. A cursed gift she had. "I'll walk with you. But, realize this is important. We have to make sure your pack isn't a threat to our way of life in general. You've killed a few of our kind. That's a threat. I can understand your concerns about the Volturi, Seth, but, you have to understand we keep the world in order. From chaos. And we do kill those of our kind who break the rules." She walked forward, holding her hand up. Ignoring the fact that her twin brother and friends weren't liking her walking off alone with a shifter who is designed to kill their kind. 
"I'm here to potentially make a treatie. I've been given the authority to do so. I won't hurt you. Not unless you attack me first or unless the Volturi brothers tell me to destroy your pack. It would be a waste of blood and talent though. We want to avoid that. We aren't completely the monsters that some think we are. Tell me, Seth, why did you kill the vampires you killed? And why should the Volturi make a treatie and leave you guys to your own devices? Convince me this treatie idea is the right path." Jane frowned, continuing further into the forest.  She listened to Seth intently. Trying to produce as little of a threatening aura as possible but still speaking with the authority of a woman who was used to being in charge of things. Of being respected. 

"It is up to you and I to make sure this doesn't end in another fight and bloodshed. It also needs to be noted and realized that our treatie with you and your pack is separate to the deal you have with the Cullens as well as our dealings with the Cullens." She tried to speak the name without disdain but she couldn't stand one of that coven in particular. Just the thought of Bella made her blood boil. She didn't like feeling vulnerable. Bella made her feel that way. Her thoughts snapped to the present. "Tell me, Seth, what does your pack propose for your end of things? What do you guys want?" She waited paitently, stopping for a moment in a nice clearing. Taking a deep breath. The woods made her long for her old woods back home. The only happy memory she had left of her own childhood. Her red hues made contact with Seth's. Waiting for his response. 

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