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Mar 25th 2019 - 5:40 AM

Caitlin hadn’t had a proper night of sleep in lord knew how long. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw him. Zoom haunted her dreams more than anyone else; more than Ronnie ever did after he died for the second time, leaving her to deal with her pain on her own. Caitlin knew that as a doctor sleep was important. That she should be getting eight hours a night. However, her mind had an ironic sense of humor and refused to let her attain a peaceful sleep. Not when all it did was replay images of her time in Zoom’s lair. Sighing, Caitlin threw her covers back and sat up in bed, swinging her legs over the edge of it. She wasn’t getting any sleep tonight.

Coffee. She needed coffee. Caitlin made her way towards her kitchen, hoping the bitter taste of the liquid would help energize her long enough to get her through her day at work. As she turned on her pot and the smell of coffee wafted throughout her kitchen, Caitlin thought about her time as Zoom’s captive, despite her best intentions. He was merciless. A man who wanted power so larger-than-life it left her trembling in fear. Caitlin had always prided herself on being a woman who stood tall in the face of fear but the truth of the matter was this: Zoom had snatched up her strength greedily, leaving a shell of her former self.

As the coffee pot beeped, Caitlin was brought out of her musings. She quickly poured herself a cup before heading into her living room. She sat down on her couch, taking a much-needed sip of the scalding hot liquid. She let it soothe her frayed nerves as her mind thought over everything that had changed in a handful of weeks. Mere weeks. She had started seeing a therapist. A therapist who had thrown the terminology PTSD around in their recent conversations. At first, Caitlin had shied away from the term but when she found herself sitting almost catatonic in one of her sessions, just paralyzed by her fear, she knew Emily may have had a point.

She hadn’t told anyone on Team Flash that she was seeing a therapist. It wasn’t their job to help fix her; only she could do that. And then, there was Barry. Sweet and innocent Barry who was so good it left her smiling slightly. She felt a pang in her chest at the thought of what Zoom had done. He had taken away the man Barry loved most: Henry Allen. A man so gentle it was no surprise that Barry was the way he was. Sighing, Caitlin cradled her coffee mug towards her chest, trying not to let the copious amount of guilt she felt claw it’s way from the inside out.

That was the other problem: Caitlin’s guilt. She felt so damn guilty about everything. Henry’s death. The fact that the team had fallen for Zoom’s lies. Everything. She was a scientist. By default, she was supposed to know when a lie was staring her directly in the face. How she had missed the biggest lie of all she didn’t know. She also didn’t know if she’d ever be able to forgive herself. She had let her team down; had let herself down.

Caitlin’s face was damp and for a moment, she was utterly confused. Why was it damp? Bringing a hand up to it, she swiped at it mutely, catching traitorous tears. Surprised, she looked at her fingers. Since when had she started to cry? She couldn’t remember feeling anything other than the all-encompassing numbness that radiated through her. Glaring at her fingers, she placed her coffee cup on the table and rubbed at her face harshly. She didn’t have the time nor patience to cry. She needed to get a handle on herself.

Eventually, Caitlin deemed it time to go to work. She needed to escape the prison she had made for herself in the confines of her apartment. Hurrying to get ready, Caitlin slipped into her outfit before applying a bit of makeup to help cover the bags underneath her eyes. While she knew she wasn’t sleeping, the team didn’t need to bare that burden with her. They were struggling enough as is.

Once she was ready, she left her apartment in a desperate attempt to get away from the images of Zoom. She saw him everywhere. Not an inch of her life was protected from that monster. Even in his death he was haunting her and she wasn’t sure when she’d be better enough to face him. Sighing, she climbed into her car and prayed that a panic attack wouldn’t occur on her drive to Star Labs.


When Caitlin reached the labs, (thankfully without a panic attack), she made her way inside the building. She was the first one there, unsurprisingly. Product of not sleeping. She quickly made her way to their coffee machine and got it turned on, knowing she was going to need the liquid to help her stay sane and get through the day.

Iris was the first one to trickle in.

“Morning,” she greeted Caitlin, and Caitlin dipped her head in her direction.

“Morning, Iris,” she murmured. “There’s coffee.”

The beautiful woman nodded her head in appreciation and Caitlin was left to think about how her life had changed so drastically. She wasn’t the same woman she was a year ago – she had been through too much for that to even be considered an option. No, she was someone else. Someone caught in between scared and alive. She didn’t know when she’d find her way back to who she once was, if she’d ever. Sighing, she took a sip of her coffee and prayed that she’d make it through the day unscathed.


Jun 17th 2018 - 7:54 PM

The girls that were saved from the vampires looked at Caitlin and were not sure ehat to say as they then ran off and Amber came out of there not too long after that though she had burned the mess and made sure that no one would find it of course mostly because she knew that if others had known what she did they would come after her and she wasn't in the mood for that right now. 

Amber herself knew that the world knew of vampires since they came out of the coffin as it were though most just ignored it or decided to look the other way and that made Amber sigh slightly. Amber herself was a shifter and that meant she could change to any animal she chose to like she had become the tiger to destroy those fangs as she would call them. 

she then watced the other woman and sighed "Oh this? It's not my blood" she then sighed again and changed her cloths in the shadows then came out with the old ones and burned them in a trash can that was empty "that's better" she then looked at Caitlin again "Nobal of you to come running into a fight when you have no idea what is going on,that is rare" she smiled to this again and watched Caitlin once more "the name's amber by the way" she then smiled again after saying this and leaned on the wall behind herself as if she hadn't just been in a fight against vampires because to her that was normal really.

Jun 17th 2018 - 6:53 PM

Amber never had an easy life, though she had a feeling that most Shifters didn't have it easy because of their tempers and the fact that most couldn't handle what they were. She had moved around a lot and learned a lot about herself in that time though she hadn't meant to kill her mother so long ago, it was out of self defence and now? Now Amber could change into other people if she chose to as a Skinwalker, though she didn't do so very much because of the toll it had on her body when doing so. 

She had been going from place to place for a while now trying to put the past behind her though that wasn't always easy seeing how she was once a master crimminal and con artist as well and in that time she also made many enemies, she knew of the vampires and the way they lived and she also knew of the othrs that were supernatural in town after all she needed to knew what the dangers were. 

Amber walked in the streets of this new town but then she sniffed the air and sighed "Fangs?" she then shook her head and watched them all around her now "Well now we never tasted Shifter blood before this can be fun" the leader said and she rolled her eyes watching them "Good luck with that boys" she then watched them attacking her and she moved fast using wooden bullet guns to kill them watching some of them blowing up as they always have and she backed away not to get it on her and watched the others, though one of them was able to knock the guns from her hand and pin her to the wall and when he did that he tried to make her still with his Glamoring and that only made her laugh and him confused as she then kicked him hard using a silver knife she had in her boot and it made him fall back yelling in pain "you bitch" and she fell coughing slightly.

She then watched one of them attacking her again and so she moved fast and tried to get her guns though they blocked her and so she became a tiger and attacked them in that way tearing them apart with no mercy and watching as their bodies became nothing but goo on the alley floor. She then sighed to this after becoming human again and she got dressed again looking around and hearing someone coming, she then sighed and picked up her guns putting them under her jacket and waited for the person to show themselves 
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