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Characters: Amber Williams
Verses: True Blood, Supernatural,Vampire Diaries,Teen Wolf
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About me:

The name's Amber Williams, now I am guessing you all want to know how I got the way that I am...hell you most likely wonder what I am for that matter, so I will tell you but it's not a bed of roses I can tell you that much.

I was raised in Florida all my life in Orlando to be exact though it's not all sun and fun like I am sure most would think, no there are dangers too like hurricaines and harsh stroms that could destroy one's life within a moment if you are not careful.

My mom was a drunk and my father was a Shifter, or as you would call it a Shape Shifter, when I came of age he tought me all that I needed to know and showed me how to use it wisely and warned me that I couldn't tell anyone unless I was sure that they could be trusted because we had many enemies like the vampires and other types of Were creatures as well but we mostly stayed out of their way and they did the same for us.

When my father passed away I was 11 years old and my mother being the drunk that she was blaimed it all on me saying that I was a bad seed and that I was a freak and a waste of her time, she would even hit me at times though she always made sure it was in places that no one could see and when others were around she acted like the perfect mother so no one was the wiser.

When I grew so did my abilities and I learned to shift into different animals, it was my only escape and I loved it.

One day when I was 18 I came back home from a good run as a horse my mother dragged me into the house yelling something I didn't fully understand and she hit me with the beer bottle she had, I could see the crazy look in her eyes and I knew that she was going to kill me and so I hit her back the full rage and anger in me just came out and I lost control, she got me down and started to hit me and so I got away and grabbed the shot gun we had in the house and when she came charging at me with a knife I shot her.

That moment changed everything for me for many reasons, one I was in shock because I had never killed anyone before and two she was still my mother despite it all. I tried to call for help but it was too late and she died in my arms, her blood still on me.

I knew the police would never trust me that it was self defence and so I took a shower, changed my cloths and burned the house down leaving it behind me for good.

When the police came looking for my mom I panicked but then all of the sudden I felt myself changing and when I looked in the mirror I had become her, that shocked me to my core but then I snapped out of it and made it seem like my mother was fine and the fire was an accident but she was leaving town to live with family and after they beleived me I got into my father's truck and drove off leaving that life behind me for good. I later found out that my mother was from a shifter family as well and that naturally confused the hell out of me.

I kept the shot gun with me because I knew that I might need it. I then started to steal for a living, using my shifter powers to do so undetected and when I met others like me we became a gang and a feard one at that.

I was the boss of it all and loved the feeling of being with my own kind, I was like that for years but then one day the gang betrayed me and left me for dead, though I was taken in by a kind couple who saw past who I was and helped me get back on my feet.

I then moved out of that town and kept going until I found Bon-Temps and something just told me that I belonged here so I started a new life there and was happy for a time, though I then went to the army for a while feeling like I needed to use my shifter powers to help protect others and I was on many tours and lost many friends while doing so but it felt good.

When I came home back to Bon-Temps everyone greeted me like I was family and it felt good, I made friends with Sam because we both had the Shifter thing in common and the many times that the town was in danger I helped out as best I could.

I had many run inns with vampires in my past and as specially in that town but I learned to hold my own against them and I also was apart of Sam's sapport group for shifters making friends there as well.

I also got to know Sookie a bit and worked with her at Sam's bar for a time, though after all was said and done I moved on travelling the world to see what I could find and I found myself in Mystic Falls learning that there were all types of vampires and that was confusing to me at first, though I only stayed there for a time and then moved on again.

I know how to shift into other people and I can do so but it takes a toll on me everytime that I do and so I try not to use it all that much, when I found myself in Native American lands they told me that I was a Skin Walker and that such things shouldn't be taken for granted and so I stayed there for a while learning from them the ways of the spirits and how to better control my rage and as they called it the demon within me.

After a few years I left there too and have been on the move ever since, though my past never trully left me and at times I find myself falling into old habbits and those that I wronged in the past or helped in the past as well find me and I have to deal with that because really...once a crimminal always a crimminal and sadly that is something I can never change about myself, even though I have no interest in that life anymore and in case you were curious for some reason I find that vampires can not Glamour me though the reasons for that are still unknown to me at the moment.

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Smartass Junkie Dean {E} Anna

Oct 11th 2020 - 3:18 PM

Ever since that dreadful night as a kid when hearing about his mother dying from a demon who was attacking his little brother when he was just an infant. Dean hadn't slept well at all since then and when he did sleep good, he always woked up sweaty and all from remembering that night in his dreams. Even throughout his life, he'd had done the difference in killing any type of demon, vampire, and other dreadful creatures that went bumped in the night. Throughout the year's Dean had been sent to hell, sent to purgatory, and other worse places like becoming a demon once. Though he'd always bounced back to being a hunter as his own brother was always there to help him out, then even his adopted brother Castiel who was also known as an Angel that sided with them for the years he was on earth.

Dean had received a text from another fellow hunter that told him about a vampire nest was in Bon-Temps knowing that it was best for Dean and Sam to head there to hunt. Though Dean didn't hesitate about going, he knew it would be difficult so he went ahead and loaded up the trunk of his car with extra weapons to fight the vampires.

As the night blares, Dean was driving towards Bon-Temps as it took him a day to get there, but he wasn't going to rest until he got near the town. As they did arrive right outside of the town, they pulled off at the motel they saw as Dean was tired and knew he'd needed his rest to fight the vampires the next night. Unaware that there would be other supernatural creatures arriving like a shapeshifter Dean had heard rumors about. This particular shapeshifter hunting in some cases and killing anything that attacked them was different and Dean was always the type to wonder why they would do that.

The next night, Dean went ahead and had Sam go in a different direction ready to fight in case there were more vampires around the area. Dean chooses one area near a bar called Sam's but as he approached it he heard some fighting going on and what sounded like a female being attacked though when he approached the area quickly by running with his vampire crossbow in his hand that had wooden stakes on it, he saw a female with the same thing being attacked but seeing how she'd taken out most of the vampires there. Seeing that her weapons were similar in style to his own, he knew she'd had to be another hunter let alone he didn't know it was a shapeshifter at the time. As he did approach the area seeing that she'd finished up the last vampire that attacked her he heard her speaking about him as he'd tell she'd was sensing him around.

Though Dean didn't hesitate on stepping out as he'd went over and said to her "So a vampire nest and you took almost all of them out here. What made you be able to get the upper hand." He said to her as he'd still had his crossbow in his hand and he saw another vampire coming up behind her. So raising his hand up with it, he could tell she'd saw the crossbow aimed at her but in reality, he shot it right beside her as it went over her shoulder and right into the vampire's heart as it exploded behind  her.
Tabula Rasa Promo

Jun 9th 2020 - 10:30 PM

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Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

Jun 2nd 2020 - 3:20 PM

Jacob hadn’t felt how it was to be on his own for several years now. Ever since he became a shapeshifter and joined a pack, he always had to be careful of what he was thinking. Mostly because all the others could hear his thoughts and they reacted on it immediately. Sometimes he felt like it was something he could barf over. The lack of privacy. If people knew how much it really meant to be able to keep their thoughts to themselves, they would appreciate it much more than what they usually did. His two pack members could always hear his thoughts no matter if he was in his human form or his wolf form. It was tiring and exhausting.

“We always live in packs, but sometimes I wish we didn’t. I always have to keep my thoughts guarded, because my pack members can hear every single thought that I have. I don’t want my pack to know every single detail of everything that I’m thinking of. Sometimes I need to feel sad or angry on my own and I can’t really do that.” With a slight sigh he was keeping his eye contact with her. Since their connection to each other’s thoughts he was definitely sure of the fact that no other creatures understood that feeling unless they were literally experiencing the exact same thing between them and their pack members. If that wasn’t a thing, he would have appreciated a pack much more.

“I have many human friends from our own tribe. Not all of us are shifters and those who aren’t can’t know that our secret is true. They believe it’s just stories and that’s how it’s supposed to be.” After hearing that she lost her dad as a little girl he could easily relate to that feeling of losing a parent. To lose his mom at a young age had been devastating to him and his sisters along with his dad. “I have two vampires as friends and one vampire/human hybrid. One of them chose to become a vampire and gave birth to the hybrid as a human. The other one was dying of sickness and got saved by another vampire. No one should have to be forced into becoming a vampire against their own will. That’s why all the bad vampires deserve to die.” There was hatred in his voice.
Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

May 11th 2020 - 5:23 PM

Jacob was still fascinated by the fact that she as a shapeshifter could shift into all kind of animals. It must be a gift to be which ever animal she wanted to be plus she didn’t have any tasks she needed to do, and patrol runs as she needed to protect people from danger. His kind of shapeshifters mostly always had to protect people and sometimes it felt like a curse, because it took a lot of their free will as they were born to keep the balance in order, so that the vampires wouldn’t end up killing everyone. Even though it did feel like a full-time job at times it was also one of the best feelings in the world, when they didn’t have to go out patrolling. When they could just run outside in the forest on their own and feel the nature around them. That was life.

Little did he know that Amber used to be a criminal and a thief back in the days. By the look on her face she was definitely looking like a good and innocent woman despite the fact that she could change into any animal in the world, but that didn’t exactly make her a bad person at all. The only mixes he knew was Renesmee and that other half vampire/human who he had met one time before in the battle where they were almost going to fight the Volturi clan. “Yeah, it is for the best to have a pack as an alpha. I understand that we all choose to live different ways and if you prefer to live on your own, I totally understand that. Honestly, if I didn’t have to defeat vampires in packs I would much rather prefer staying on my own as well.”

He nodded listening to her telling him about her human friends. “I have one friend who’s a human being. Actually, he’s my dad’s friend, but he’s like an uncle to me and I showed him my true nature to help a girl named Bella to keep him in her life. He’s her dad and she became a vampire by her own choice, so I thought that she should be able to at least keep her dad in her life now that he lives in Forks close to her and all.” If he had to take that choice himself, he would never have been able to do so. To see his family members, die and all while you would have to live forever yourself. Bella was a strong woman though and she knew what she wanted. “I haven’t lost any friends yet to anything supernatural. I’ve lost my mom in a simple car accident. It happens, but I miss her every single day. Not one second goes by where I’m not thinking of her.”
Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

Apr 4th 2020 - 8:51 AM

The only tragic about his life was how he had lost his mom at a very young age. Unlike his sisters he had been healing much better after that due to the care from them, but they didn’t heal as much as him. Still there would always be a hole in his heart from losing the woman who meant most to him in this world. The day he became a shifter was also one of the worst days in his life, because he never wanted to be one in the first place. That was also why he wasn’t an alpha to begin with. Why he gave that position to someone else before he decided to follow his own lead later on in life. After losing his mom his family meant everything to him, so he was doing the best he could to take care of his dad and to make sure that his sister Rachel was in good hands… even with Paul.

His eldest sister Rebecca was difficult to keep an eye on, because she was still living in Hawaii with her husband and she was the only one from the family who didn’t know that supernatural creatures were even real and it should stay that way. It was for the best if her and her husband could live a normal and happy life and hopefully never end up having kids who had to become shifters themselves. The chance of that happening was very small, because Hawaii was a very warm and sunny island and he doubted that no vampires would be there. If they were, then they were probably moving somewhere else really fast since their chances of surviving there was very small. At least one of the Black members could live a normal life.

“I was supposed to be a loner. I only decided to become an alpha, because I disagreed with my former one and as the rightful alpha, I didn’t have to follow his lead. Then two of his pack members left the pack to follow me. A brother and a sister who didn’t want to leave her brother behind. I’m kinda happy that they decided to follow me. At least I’m not completely alone and that makes me happy.” Chuckling a little he was surprised that neither of them had met creatures like each other before. The truth was that he had only encountered vampires and shifters like himself as they were the only creatures which existed in this town. He smirked at her, when she mentioned having a vampire friend. “I have a vampire friend myself and I ally myself with certain vampires to kill our real enemies. Oh, a wereleopard? I’ve never met those before. So, tell me, which other creatures exist out in the world?” He was looking curiously at her.
Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

Mar 6th 2020 - 3:48 PM

Jacob had never truly had a troubled past. Not while he was a human being. He did lose his mom, but he had his sisters who took good care of him and he was a good boy in his younger years. Good, kind and smiling. Everybody liked him. After he became a shapeshifter his mood changed entirely and to protect people, he needed to put himself in danger with his pack and such as they were the only protectors in town. He had tried breaking his ribs in a battle, but else all of his fights ended the way he wanted it to and his dad accepted this destiny of his as he had been an alpha himself in his younger days before he ended up in a wheelchair and he stopped shifting after that. As if his body knew he wouldn’t be able to help as a wolf and shapeshifter anymore.

He loved being able to become a wolf. To him it was the most normal thing in the world and he also felt so very different from when he was a human being. He felt much more free and one with the nature, when he was in his wolf form. Never had he met any werewolves his entire life. He had only seen those from shows and movies where it was people who were trying to imagine what a werewolf was exactly. It wouldn’t surprise him if they were almost right, but he couldn’t be sure. He had only met vampires and hybrids along with his own kind of shapeshifters in his life as supernatural beings. Except from that he had only met normal human beings in his life. He could see that Amber was thinking of a lot of different things in this moment.

“I’ve only ever met, vampires, hybrids, shapeshifters like me and human beings. You’re the first shape shifter I’ve ever met who can become several different forms.” A slight growl came from him as she mentioned vampires. He hated them more than any other monsters he knew. “It’s in my blood and my nature to want to protect others. I am an alpha in my own pack after all.” It was confusing for him that she felt like her human form was the strange form. To himself it would always be his human form that was the most natural since he was a teenager before he could shapeshift to begin with. “I love both my human and animalistic form, but I feel most like myself as a human being even more I feel more free in my wolf form.”

Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

Feb 3rd 2020 - 6:08 PM

Jake was another shapeshifter, but a special kind that is. He was only able to phase into a wolf and nothing else. His purpose was to protect the humans from danger, and it was rare that a shapeshifter had a certain purpose of being the hero. Even though he never wanted to be a shapeshifter in the first place and even less an alpha he learned to accept it and took the heavy burden of being a leader on his shoulders. He would lie if he said that he wasn’t interested in this other shapeshifter. The others just like him was the only kind he knew and here Amber was being able to shift into all kind of animals. She could walk on the ground, fly and swim whenever she wanted to, and it was definitely something that he wished that he could too.

Even though he could only change into a wolf he was also happy. When ever he was in his wolf form, he felt free and bonded with nature in a way he had never felt before. It was like the wilderness was one with his own body and the ground he was touching with his paws needed to be taken care of and protected. It was an incredible feeling he just couldn’t describe. That made him think of what she might think, when she was flying up in the sky. Did she also feel like she was one with the sky and that nothing could take her down? He wanted to ask her one day, when he got to know her better. While eating the deer he felt like a true wolf. The animalistic side of him was always so much stronger like that as he would never eat a raw deer in his human form.

“My name’s Jacob. I’ve never seen other shifters around. Only my own kind as this is our area and we all love it here.” As he saw the pain on her face, he thought it was for the best to change the subject. She didn’t want to talk about it anyway. “I believe in just about anything, I think. Even though I’ve always hoped that vampires were my only true enemy. Humans don’t need other dangers, because they’re fragile and it’s difficult for us to keep them in check as it is right now. We don’t need other creatures around who only want the human’s dead and gone. We can pair up with them after all and have a good family life. Even if we have to keep our phasing as a secret from them always. That’s the toughest part, but we can deal with it.” After he finished eating, he was licking his mouth before turning his attention fully at her. “It’s definitely the best feeling I’ve felt my entire life. Nothing can beat the feeling of being in your animalistic form.”

Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

Dec 27th 2019 - 6:33 PM

The alpha wolf was running after this horse. At first, he thought it was a normal horse and he was pretty hungry to be honest. Therefore, he wanted to hunt and see if he could get to eat some meat. The hunt had been going on for a bit of time until it was just completely gone, and he couldn’t see an animal anymore. After he had been looking around for a short while he saw an eagle in a tree and because they were both shifters, they could hear each other’s thoughts. “You are a shapeshifter? I’m sorry that I was trying to hunt you down. I’m hungry and I guess that my animal instinct took the best of me.” They were speaking through each other’s minds. Then he saw her flying to west and he followed the eagle this time.

Not to try and eat her now, but to get to know her as he had never met any other shapeshifters in the world than the wolves here in Forks. It was something new and he needed to find out where she came from. Maybe there were more shapeshifters in this world that he had no idea of at all. After he stopped by the river beside of her he got the scent of a deer nearby and that’s when he was licking around his mouth before his full attention was at this deer before he ran as fast as he could to jump onto this deer, biting into its neck. It died really fast, so he brought it back with him before he started eating it. “This was better. I was seriously starving. I don’t eat other animals often, but at rare times it happens. Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from?”

While eating his full attention was at her in curiosity. Then he also leaned over to the river to drink some of the water as he felt thirsty as well. His brown hues were staring at her as he felt much better now that he got something to eat. There was no reason for him to change back into a human being with her, because he didn’t have any clothes to put on and if they could read each other’s thoughts anyway, then there was not really a point in doing so. After about half an hour he finished eating the deer and then he started drinking again. He could hear every single sound as a wolf and while running around it felt like a huge rush. “Do you also feel like you’re one with the nature while being an animal? It’s like you can hear and feel everything around you.”

Uɴᴄᴏɴᴠᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Lᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ

Nov 28th 2019 - 5:40 PM

This was certainly not an easy time for Jacob. The girl he had been in love with for a couple of years now had chosen a dead guy over him even though he had been stubborn enough to try and convince her otherwise. You could say that it had been a waste of time, but to him it meant a great deal. At least he tried to open her eyes and see the reality of things. Without him in Bella’s life she had probably married Edward earlier. He was in a huge dilemma, because Sam Uley and the rest of the pack members were prepared to kill his best friend, because she was pregnant with a hybrid baby inside of her and they were all afraid of what might happen. The only one who was really against it was him and Seth. The youngest member of the pack.

He had always been this smiling and delightful young man seeing the best in everyone and therefore he never really hated the Cullen’s. He was different from the rest of the pack members including Jake himself. Sam was following the rules of being a long-lasting enemy with every single vampire no matter what as if none of them could ever change in the end. Even though Bella was now a vampire it didn’t change the fact that she was his friend and there was nothing… absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do to make sure that she was safe from harm. He got in a fight with Leah and a few others until Sam Uley arrived giving his orders as the biggest wolf of them all. Jacob felt so splitted. He wanted to be loyal to the pack, but not under these circumstances as he never wanted to be an alpha in the first place.

This was it though. He could feel it in his heart and in his bones. A loud growl was escaping from him in his caramel colored wolf form. They were hearing each other’s thoughts for the last time. “I am the grandson of a chief. I wasn’t born to follow you or anyone else!” Then he grew bigger and stronger than Sam snapping after him before running away. Running away as fast as he could. Now he couldn’t hear any of the other’s thoughts anymore. He was alone and he was free to think what he wanted. There was no way that he was going to let her die. He wanted to be a different leader than Sam. Someone who didn’t see everything in black and white but had this grey spot where things could be unsure.

Where he could give others a chance to prove themselves before giving them a meaningless death. A lot of feelings and thoughts were running through his mind. Strength, confidence, pain, lonely. He would be able to take care of himself though and as time went by, he saw that Seth wanted to join him. Never wanting to be an alpha he told him to go back to him, but Seth was just as stubborn as he was himself and before he knew it, they could hear each other’s thoughts. It was the same with Leah, when she decided to join. She didn’t join, because she agreed with Jacob in all of this, but because she wanted to be with her younger brother and be free of the pity thoughts she got from Sam at times after the awkwardness that had always been between them.

Knowing everything about Sam’s plan Jake went over there to keep an eye out with the others and so did Seth. Leah didn’t want to join, but as she found out how sweet Esme was to her once she joined in on the fight helping all along. After some time, Jacob shifted into his human form putting on some clothes before he went inside of the room where Bella was lying dead or at least he thought so. It was then he turned around to see a little baby girl in Rosalie’s arms finding her adorable. Hopefully the girl was going to make it. Then he turned to his best friend. “I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to protect you. I should have tried harder.” Giving Edward a stern look he turned to leave the house. It didn’t take long for him to hear that Bella was actually alive.

Jacob had a different way of leading his pack being more open minded to ally himself with vegetarian vampires to go up against common enemies. Plus, he was now an ally of the Cullen’s too. Therefore, the packs never became friendly with each other again. He was the first alpha to ever break the old traditions and having the Cullen’s as his allies was something that he never imagined possible until it actually happened. Esme became like a mother to him, filling out that empty space that he had felt ever since he was a boy losing his mom at a very young age. She was surprisingly good at hiding the fact that they were smelling bad to one another, but so was he as he had the deepest respect for her as a person.

While he was patrolling in La Push on his own, he decided to go to Forks as most vampires stayed out of La Push for a reason. None of them had a death wish. Most of his life had been a struggle and now he needed to think of himself. After they made the Volturi clan disappear he did what an alpha had to. Chasing and killing those vampires who would hurt people. It was good to have the vegetarian vampires by his side or else it would have been difficult in some situations. One day when he was out on his own for a walk in La Push, he got the scent of an animal. The wolf inside of him wanted to hunt by the scent of it, but he decided he wanted to check the scenery out first in case he would change his mind. Then he saw a horse in the forest all of a sudden wondering how it got into their reservation in the first place.

Eva Vu ~Modern Princess~

Sep 18th 2018 - 10:40 PM

Eva was at Sam's bar again enjoying a good meal that Lafayette made. She knew Sam wasn't crazy about her being there but everyone had done everything to prove to them that she hated her aunt and never wanted to follow in her foot steps. Also Eva was also half sprite. So, she couldn't take over a whole town even if she wanted too. 
So, Eva was doing her best to hurry up and eat. She could not blame him. Her aunt had done some damage on her too. Once she finished she left a good tip for the waitress, Arlene who was her favorite. She always treated her nice. Sookie was nice to her too and stood up for her. 

Eva walked out waving goodbye to Lafayette.  When she got outside she heard odd noises like someone was fighting and a tiger. She heard a tiger. Eva shook her head and moved towards the noise.  

When she got there she stopped in her tracks seeing a tiger. Eva stands there amazed and when the men or vampires turn to goo. Eva goes to hide for a moment but walks back out when she realizes the woman is looking for her. 

"That was pretty cool. My name js Eva." 

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