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|Nikki, Nikky MK, Nicolette<3, Original Thribrid2ndGeneration. | Grandchild to Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, papa Dyson Thornwood (papa Dy is with nana Hayley)| PumpkinSoul

115 years old
21 wooden areas, and mostly Salvatore School and NOLA, Louisiana
United States

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About me:


Mommy: Hope Mikaelson.
Daddy: Xavier Torchwood (Mommy's Beta and husband)

Grandchild to Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, and Dyson Thornwood and Lillian Salvatore-Mikaelson(papa Dy is with nana Hayley, and aunt Lilly is with papa Nik, I don't call her nana Lilly because she's mommy's best friend and also she's my godmomma.So I either call her auntie, aunt, or Godmommy, but not nana, she's not old enough to be my nana.-giggles-i LOVE MY FAMILY! I have a cousin... my momma says to call her cousin, she's Taylor, then I have two uncas, and they're awesome! I can play and teach them stuff!! I'm Mikaelson-Kenner, because my mommy was married before. My first daddy is in heaven, he was alpha of the Crescents with my momma but he did something and got himself killed, but the good thing is that us wolf, we have a wolfy peace.. My mom saw it when my nana Hayley was dead once, she saw him there.. I love BERK! I love dragons! I also love ponies! and climbing, and my daddy and mommy have a wall for me to climb. My momma's the alpha wolf of 28 packs.. There's also unca Damon, Unca Tris - brother to my aunt Lilly. and Unca Damon is her daddy.. I call him unca because he looks younger than my unca Lijah -laughs- I love him though, I love to spend time with him!He smells familiar.. Like I've always been near him somehow. There's auntie Claire, she's related because my cous Taylor married her son, and she's sort of dating unca Damon now.., I never can keep up with all my family.. I love them all but we're so many! There are some others, but I don't see them much... and then there's aunt Freya and Keelin, they look much younger than they should, and hmmm auntie Bekah and my unca Marcel. I love my unca Marcel, my momma calls him brother.. I'm wondering if I'll ever get a brother... but I'm not pushing it..

A lot has happened since then, and now I've decided to update, .. I'm 7 years old now, I speak properly, though whenever I want something I go adorable.. I'm staying young because my mom is pregnant and I always wanted to play with my kid sibling. I've already seen her in dreams, she's adorable.. I call my dad, dad.. because well, Xavier is my dad ever since Jackson died. I don't call Jackson dad, but it's mostly because he was there when I was made, but never was a dad...I know I'll age someday, I'm not worried about that. After the last fight my family endured, I honestly prefer to stay little for a while. uncle Damon died, and uncle Elijah left aunt Lilly, so.. that's the new thing.. Oh and I'm expecting a little sister.. yeah, I think that's about it so far. I LOVE YOU ALL!

   My Family <3
mommy - Hope Mikaelson Heartless Alpha.
papa Nik - Klaus Mikaelson
nana Ley - Hayley Marshall
Godmomma - Lillian Mikaelson
Unca Elijah - Elijah Mikaelson
Unca Lijah - Elijah Mikaelson
Unca Liam - Liam Mikaelson
Unca - Marcel Gerard
Cousin- Taylor Porter
Cousin - Cassandra Mikaelson
Little Unca - Enzo Mikaelson
Little Unca - NJ Mikaelson
Damon Salvatore - Eternal Stud
Samuel J Porter
Claire Porter
Lizzie - Elizabeth Mae Mikaelson
Wolf Detective - Dyson Thornwood (Papa Dy)
Who I'd like to meet:

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