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About me:

My mother Sam became pregnant with me when she was 18 years old, or so she told me any way and because of this she was kicked out of the house by my adopted grandmother, Patricia Arias. I moved with my mother to National City when she received a new job. Due to us moving, we spent Christmas at a truck stop and spent the night in a motel that smelled like moth balls. However, despite the negative side of the trip, I affectionately called it my best Christmas since I got to spend it with my mother.

When we went to the Supergirl statue unveiling, that is when I ran into Alex Danvers, my mother then asked me to apologize and I did. Alex accepted and I ran off, excited to see the statue.

However, there was an attack at the unveiling, and a metal bar fell on top of me in the process. I screamed for help, and my mother, frantic and desperate to save me, was able to some how lift the bar off, later putting it down as a rush of adrenaline.

Sometime following, my mother cooked the two of us breakfast, before driving me to school.

Partway through the day, I claimed to another student that my mother had superpowers, but being called a liar, I punched the girl in the face,which by the way felt damned good but I will never tell my mother that of course but they called my mother to the school for it, go figure.

Back at home, mom asked me why I did that, and I began to grow frustrated, because mom just refused what was oviously true..she had powers.

After the fight with mom I went to a café and ordered a slice of pizza and a drink. While there, Psi the Metahuman launched an attack outside, which caused me to text my mom back with my location saying that I was in danger.

I then walked straight into the street, where the majority of the fight was. When my mom arrived and hugged me a wrecking ball almost crushed us but we were saved by supergirl, not what I had expected to happen but still even if I won't tell mom about this it was exciting.

Following the ordeal, we recovered in the back of an ambulance, and talked about what had just happened. Alex Danvers recognized me, and the we talked about my name, and the fact that a ruby is the strongest gemstone - only second to a diamond.

Alex told me that Rubies can bounce back from anything, and that cheered me up. After Alex left, I admitted to mom that I wanted her to be a superhero in order to only have to save people and spend time with me, rather than working. Mom promised that she'd always make time for me after that, a promise she only at times was able to keep but still those are moments that I charish looking back at them now. I had a soccer game later that week which my mother attended and cheered me on from the sidelines. I scored a goal and excitedly asked mom if she had seen it, and mom of course at the time lied to me telling me it was amazing.

The next day at L-Corp, I was doing my homework on the floor of my mother's office. I told mom that I finished my homework, and asked mom if we could work on my song.

Mom then asked about my French project and she was surprised to learn that I had finished it.

She apologized for being so busy but she promised to work on it later. This upset me of course, and I was about to say something until a man entered the room and informed mom of a problem with the merger, mom had to handle it as usual, I watched my mother leave, disappointed and upset.

I ran to the bathroom that night after I heard my mother shouting and I found her curled up on the bathroom floor in fear, and naturally I asked if she was okay.

The next day, mom dropped me off at school and when I asked her what happened the night before when she was in the bathroom. Mom stated that it was just a bad dream, but I told her she had been awake at the time.

Mom then told me that it was a migraine and that it was time to get out of the car, we exchanged "I love you" before I climbed out very much confused and unsure what to think about it all, I was then greeted by Luke, who asked me if she finished my math homework last night.

I nodded, and he nervously stated that he couldn't get through it. I offered to help him since there was time before the bell rang, and he gratefully agreed.

Seconds later, he stopped moving and collapsed on the ground shaking. I shouted for her mother to help, and mom quickly ran over to help while calling 911. I repeated to Luke that he would be okay, scared for my friend.

I went to get my things later on because I was going to sleep over at my friend's house, later on I asked mom if Luke was going to be okay, and mom assured me that Luke was going to be fine.

I told my mom that I liked her friends Lena,Alex and Kara, and mom told me that she liked them too - but liked me more. I then pointed out a hole in my mother's shirt, which mom found weird but we then said goodnight to each other and left it alone.

Mom prepared dinner for me, I then asked my mother if she was okay, as she was acting strangely, mom assured me that she was fine, and told me to set the table since dinner would be ready soon.

I did as my mother asked, and then asked her if she could watch a movie after dinner if I finished all of my homework, but mom told me that she had to go back to work and that I would have dinner at Tess' that night. I was naturally upset by this cause at the time I had no idea what was going on, god looking back at it now I wished I had seen it sooner maybe then I could have stopped her from becoming Reign,but I am getting ahead of myself here so back to the story.

Later, mom packed her bags and planned to go on a trip to find more out about who she was. She said goodbye to me, and left her a check for takeout. I was concerned about my mother even back then and asked if everything was okay, and why she couldn't go with her.

Mom stated that she had to do this on her own, and asked to hold my hand. She asked if I could feel it, and so I stated that I could feel her pulse.

Mom told me that I was her heart, and everything she was doing was for me. She then promised me that she would explain everything later.

I was awakened the next morning by my mother who was suffering from nightmares and when I went into my mother's room to check on her and asked about why she didn't wake me up when she returned from her trip.

For some reason mom had no memories of the trip, and was unsure what I was talking about. Mom was surprised that she had slept in, but then we ran to the kitchen excited to make banana and blueberry pancakes.

We then attended Kara Danvers's Christmas party later that night, and I bonded with Alex after Alex revealed to me the she knew Supergirl. I asked her questions while we sat on the couch, and even back then we bonded really well, a connection that has only gotten stronger over the years, but again I am getting ahead of myself here.

The next day, Christmas Eve, I entered my mothers office and asked her if it was time to go because I was hungry and had eaten all the chips at L-Corp, but my mother told me that she had to stay and that she had called someone come to pick me up, I became angry at this and I snapped at her and started to leave.

Mom called me back into the office and apologized for the late night. She then reminded me of a previous Christmas, before she gave me her present early, which was a necklace of the Supergirl symbol,which I never took off even to this very day.

On Christmas Day, I rushed down excited that it was Christmas morning and called for her mother,but I found mom looking out of the window, and as I called after her ,mom turned around quickly which I have to admit scared the hell out of me because she acted like a totally different person at the time.

Several days later, we were attacking each other with nerf guns, which results in mom accidentally breaking a picture and when she was cleaning it up I left for school.

My mother and I along with Kara visited Alex who was in a cast after her encounter with Reign, and that is when mom found out that the one that was meant to watch me on that day couldn't make it, but Alex volunteered to look after me due to her unable to go to work.

Alex and I bonded even more on that day, when Alex received a text from Maggie, her ex-fiance, when I saw Alex's reaction I gave her some advice and then told her that I was being cyber-bullied by a girl from school.

Not allowing that to continue, Alex and I left for the girl's house Alex pretended to be an F.B.I. Agent and tricked the girl into believing that would be sent to juvi, the girl immediately apologized and promised she wouldn't do it again.

Alex and I then returned to Alex's apartment and found Maggie's passport and placed it in a letter to be sent to Maggie. Alex thanked me for being there for her stating that she didn't know how she would have been able to get through it without me.

When mom returned she thanked Alex for looking after me, in which Alex joked about how I was a nightmare which mom agreed to in order to continue teasing me and after that mom told me to go wait outside and I said goodbye to Alex.

When mom was with Lena trying to figure out a way to stop Reign from taking over my mother made sure I stayed some place she didn't know of and told me that she was in the hopsital and had to be there for a while and that was the last I heard of her at the time because I had no idea she had become Reign.

They were able to stop Reign in the end with the Black Kryptonite but sadly my happy ending wasn't to last because my mother started to have nightmares again and eventually in the end Reign took over completely as it should have been if I wasn't born.

Many years have past since that day and many more things happened over the time to me but I grew up eventually graduaiting school and going to collage as well at the age of 17.

When I turned 18 though my powers started to show themselves and ya one could say that scared the hell out of me but I reached out to Alex not knowing who else to tell and she got me to meet with Supergirl and together we trained my powers until I got the hand of them.

Alex then brought me to the DEO headquarters because Reign had attacked me and I wasn't ready to face her just yet and it was there that Alex trained me how to fight,Winn tought me about cracking codes and John tought me how to be a good leader just by watching how he handled things.

In my time Reign had destroyed almost everything in her path and I was helping Kara fight them under the alias Sphix, oh ya one more thing I forgot to mention when I use my powers my eyes become gold in color much like Pestilence had yellow eyes and I wear a mask as well and my voice is deeper much like with my mother when she is Reign.

I was sent to the past by the others to try and get my mother to fight Reign before it's too late, I just hope that I can do that without running into my younger self and finally see my mother free of the control that monster has over her.

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Apr 12th 2021 - 12:56 AM

Jordan was sitting up in his room playing his video games, he wasn't too excited about them having guests over. Granted he wanted to see Kara, but he hated being around people he didn't know. He double-checked that he had taken his pill to be sure that he was calm enough to handle visitors. A big part of him had hoped that he could get out of it, though he knew that wouldn't happen so he was going to stretch out time on his games as much as he could. "Jordan, Jonathan you both better be getting ready and get your butts down here. NOW." Lois yelled up the stairs. Within a few moments, her eldest twin, Jonathan came down the stairs. "Where is your brother?" Lois asked and Jonathan shrugged while he pointed up the stairs. 

Lois sighed as she went up the stairs, Jordan was being a pain more than usual. And she was about sick of his teenage angst, she was about to ground him and take away his video games to get him to do as he was told. She opened the door and leaned against the door frame. "Jordan, I told you to get ready. They'll be here any minute. I don't want to get your father in here. Please." She said as she then walked over and grabbed the controller from his hands. "Downstairs, now. You can play later." She said as Jordan looked up at her and tried to give her his puppy dog eyes. "That's not going to work. Go. Come on." She said as he finally stood up and made his way out of his room to head downstairs to meet with their guests that were due there at any moment. 

Jordan stood a little bit back from the rest of the family, hands shoved in his front pockets. He looked nervous like he didn't want to be there. After he hugged Kara and the adults started to talk, he knew that was his time to head outside and get away from the adult talk. He was a bit surprised that she was outside, he thought she was among all those that were talking inside the house. "Oh, I'm sorry. I uh I didn't know anyone was out here. I like to come out here to clear my head sometimes." He said as he walked over to her and looked up at the sky. He wasn't sure what to say, he was use to people ignoring him. 

м𝐈𝔫∂ Ǥ𝔞ᗰεร

Mar 22nd 2021 - 3:05 PM


One thing Wanda was determined to do while taking breaks from training was to see the country. She had spent her childhood idolizing America through the scope of American pop culture her whole life, why wouldn’t she want to see the places where her favorite sitcoms took place or even where they were recorded? This excursion landed her in California, National City to be exact. The young Avenger wasn’t sure what she had been expecting coming into National City. She supposed that it was going to be like it was in movies or television programs. While it was a hustling and bustling city, she thought there would be more film crews just wandering the streets. 


After the first day of not finding what she thought would have been a stereotypical day in National City, Wanda decided to tour a local cemetery: National City Forever Cemetery, where they claimed the stars were buried. Naturally, Wanda had found it interesting. There had been so much history in just the last hundred years with these people. And while it was a lovely day away from the crowd of the city, being in the necropolis only made Wanda think of her own family who were now deceased. As she walked among the mausoleums and gravestones, she thought of her brother who had recently passed. Pietro would have loved this experience. He would have been right at home with Avengers. More at home than she seemed to be. And she was convinced that he would have loved the American experience. 


As she continued to think of Pietro and their parents, Wanda began to wander the streets to hopefully absorb more Americana. Or perhaps she would stumble into Chinatown and get her newest obsession as far as cuisine went. Those plans got derailed the closer she got to the city center, however. The cries for help not too far away caught her attention and, on instinct, Wanda ran towards it. When she got closer, she summoned the scarlet energy to finger tips and prepared to fight. What she found instead was one woman running from the scene and another among the bodies of two men. She looked from the men to the other young woman with confusion filling her green eyes.


“What happened here?” Wanda kept at the ready, unsure if this person was of danger to her or if these men had done something wrong. “Are they alive?” She motioned to the bodies while keeping her eye on the young woman, the energy at her fingertips growing in anticipation for a fight.

(cσffєє gírl,)

Mar 18th 2021 - 5:38 AM

Ring, ring Felicity’s cell started ringing. “Wonder what he wants?” She said to herself when she saw a name pop up on the screen of her cell. Picking up her cell answering it. “Hey Winn, what’s up?” She asked while with her free hand, she was moving the mouse around clicking onto the icons on the screen of her computer, she was looking at some files “Okay everyone knows I’m super with tech, BUT this system is beyond my skills. I hate to admit it…. I MEAN WOULD YOU? Kara asked me to call you. I didn’t want to, you know bruised ego and all… SO we need your help Felicity” He said, his tone wasn’t all that happy. Felicity chuckled slightly “First take a breath dude, and second there’s no system on earth that I can’t hack into. You should know that genius here. So what do you need me to work my magic on?” She asked, still looking at the screen of her computer. “Well I can’t talk about it over the phone. You know national security” Winn said. Hearing the words national security peaked her interest. “Oh is that so. You have my attention now. I’ll be in National City as soon as I can. Tell Kara I will be happy to work my hacker magic on whatever it is” Winn sighed slightly “Okay see you when you get here. Thanks Felicity” She could tell Winn was still sore about her coming. Hanging up placing her cell down on her workstation.

“Digg can you watch the kids for a day or so? I’m going to help Kara with something. I know you are packing and stuff. If you can’t I can ask Thea.” She asked, spinning her chair around to face him. “Of course I’ll watch them. Sara and JJ will love the company.” He said looking over at her. “Besides, Lyla said I got under her feet. I’m banned from packing. Watching the kids is my job. So adding your two won’t be so hard. I love having the kids.” He said with a smile. “Thanks, John, you are the best.” The blonde smiled. She got herself ready to leave, grabbing her cell, jacket and bag.

Before she left she quickly checked the train time table. There was one due in half an hour. That gave her time to get ready. She left the arrow cave and went home to grab her overnight bag. Yes she had an overnight bag already. She had to be ready for anything. Once she did that. She made her way to the station. She was just in the time the train was pulling in. She heard a man’s voice come over the pa. “Next train boarding is the 4:30pm to National City platform 3” Felicity quickly walked to the platform and boarded the train finding a window seat. The train journey took around 2 hours for her to reach the City.

Thankful the D.E.O wasn’t that far from the station. Felicity decided she’d walk when she got off the train. Once off the train. She made her way into the city. ‘What was the worst that could happen? Nothing right?’ She thought as she started walking the streets. Well of course that wasn’t the case. She was about to witness a girl saving someone’s life. She wasn’t more than four blocks when she heard someone’s screams for help. She sighed softly. “Of course different city same crap.” She said following the sounds of the woman's cries for help. Felicity wouldn’t turn her back on someone needing help. “Guess all my lessons with Ollie, and Digg are gonna pay off. I get to use my awesome hacker ninja skills.” She grinned rolling up her sleeves.

She walked to the place where the sounds were coming from. “Well damn. Looks like I missed one hell of a party. Nice taking down these guys. Do you work with Supergirl? I’m a friend of hers” Felicity said as she got closer to Ruby. That’s when she saw a man coming out of nowhere. “Behind you there’s another one” She called out. Felicity would have gone for him, but she was too far away, and she didn’t have super powers like this mystery woman. She just hoped she had warned her in time. Felicity didn't know what kind of powers Ruby had.

Feb 9th 2021 - 6:22 PM

Conner "Kon-El" Kent Day Off? Time to be just a teen, relaxing
So much had taken place and occurred over the past six years since his inception. The Teen of Steel had died, had disappeared, and had been through more than most could even imagine. He was grateful for his life though. No matter what hurdles he was faced with, he had managed to overcome them and move forward. A big part of that was his support system though, from his family to his friends and his teammates. They kept him going, both physically and mentally.

Finding himself sitting upon a bust stop bench, he just sat at the edge of City Park. It allowed him to do some people watching, something more human than he truly was. With the fake glasses help concealing his identity, Conner was in the rare scene of civilian, or street, clothes. It was his day off from patrols for the Teen Titans and he wasn’t one to stay stagnant back at the tower. He had to be doing something, anything at all times. This was his anything. Hands came to rest behind his head as he relaxed back some upon the bench, just listening to everything around him; from the chirping of birds in the trees to the heartbeat of the runner on his second lap in the park. Nothing slipped by him, or so he liked to tell himself.

It seemed like it was going to be a simple and relaxing day, or at least that was what he had thought and hoped for. It was all broken when he heard a woman screaming for help. “Crap…” He muttered the single word under his breath, knowing he picked her up with his super hearing and she was not that nearby. Pushing off the bench, the teen made a quick bee-line across the street and into an alleyway. Clark taught him well, and beneath that plaid shirt was a familiar crimson S upon a field of black. Removing his buttoned up shirt, he slipped the material in a slim, drawstring backpack before it was slung upon his back once more. The glasses were also stored before he took to the sky. He just needed the woman to make some sort of noise once more. Or someone else.

As he listened in, the teen hero heard the commotion and sounds of gunfire a few blocks away. BINGO! There’s his location he needed, now to get there in time. Of course for being half-Kryptonian, it wasn’t at all an issue for him. Using his super speed and his flight, Conner had landed upon the entrance to the alleyway of where the commotion had occurred. As he rounded the corner, to his surprise, the scenario had already played out and been dissolved. “Huh?” His right hand had lifted, coming to scratch his head as he tried to understand how he missed the action, and who had taken care of the thugs.

ʟɪᴍɪᴛʟᴇꜱꜱ /originalKonEl


Oct 3rd 2020 - 2:00 AM


 Surely Ruby was right Iris shouldn’t be pushing her luck as if it weren’t for her. She’d been dead right where she had saved her and that would have scared Iris and it to a degree but not enough to let this story go. Yes, Barry and her dad would get upset if they ever found out about tonight but they would’ve understood that no matter what reality. Iris wasn’t going to change her ways, which was that she’d never let a story go out of fear. The people came first, then her safety and Joe and Barry of all people should get that. “I’ll try not to push my luck but for now. This story doesn’t sit well with me as I feel if I don’t do anything about it. More people can wind up in danger and I can’t afford that. None of us can so I guess is a good thing I got you around and the rest but even if I didn’t. I think I would’ve still pursued it, you know?”


Iris raised her eyebrows. Feeling a little bit of whiplashed. Gods? A god that was responsible for Pompeii was the one that they were facing against? It was just a little too much to have the knowledge of. Maybe in most parts Iris envied those who didn’t know enough of what was going on and this was one of them moments. She wasn’t gonna lie. “Wow…. I honestly wish you guys the best of luck defeating these guys. Truly.”


She agreed with Ruby but she knew her husband oh too well. “Even if we’re facing whatever we’re facing I know Barry’s gonna help with whatever there is ‘cause that’s who he is and wait… Lex Luthor?” She had forgotten for a moment. “Right he came back thanks to the monitor. Bet that’s been lots of fun, eh?” her tone was sarcastic of course. She could imagine the headache he must have been. Especially when team flash as well has gotten back some oldies that have been causing havoc like Hartley Rathaway that for some reason hated them now. 


She had winced slightly and laughed along with her. She’d imagine babies were not easy to handle. Especially one that came from a superhero like Clark Kent. She wonders if they have developed his powers or and if they will eventually. “I kinda pity Lois. Kids are sure a blessing but I can’t imagine what it’s like with two and coming from superman. Bet it’s not that easy I think I’d understand if Lois stops working for a very long time..” 


Iris sighed silently as Ruby spoke about the other life and what her mother went through. “Must have been awful to witness all that. Seeing your mother become something she couldn’t even control I suppose the reboot of the universe was some kind of blessing too huh? For your mother didn’t have to go through any of it. Does she know about that other reality too or you’ve kept it from her?” she tilted her head asking curiously. 


She was actually kinda thrilled to hear she could sing and smiled widely. “You sing too?? Ha. You, Kara and Barry one day should get one day for karaoke. ‘Cause well I gotta hear you sing and considering you do it as a job you must sing beautifully so is a must and honestly that’s kinda cool you and you’re studying? What major are you in?” she asked again, curious and just wanting to know more about her. 

“Yeah… that’s true. Maybe hopefully since we’re on the same earth if Winn ever comes back I’ll have my wish come true and see a Winn and Cisco team up.” she chuckled.  She didn’t know Winn but she had heard great things about him and had a guess that he was missed a lot. It’d be like if Cisco had left them. Iris didn’t wanna think about that because the thought even made her sad ‘cause for the team flash wouldn’t be too much of a team without Cisco either. He’d become her best friend too in their time here and he just made things better. From his sense of humor to the gadgets and such he’d made.  She shrugged. “I know, I know saving people is your thing but still. What I said will always stand.”

And just as Iris had said even if Barry had his own city to protect. His own villains to deal. He’d still be there to help Kara if needed.  “Well that’s why I have a team. If things become hard to handle for you all I still can come and help because the rest will watch over the city while I’m gone, you know? No worries.” he nodded and smiled at her saying she’d be here to help too. “Thank you. I’ll be keeping that in mind.”  When Ruby walked towards her she smiled but then spoke quietly. “Remember, Barry isn’t to find out about tonight. At least not yet.” cause she knew he’d lose his head. “Would you like something to eat, Ruby?” she asked, wanting to be polite while Barry thought to ask. “So how was it the two of you met, again?”

Sep 15th 2020 - 11:24 PM

Iris listened carefully everything Ruby had to say as she learned as much as she could about her and nodded as she did taking it all in. “Wow, even if I didn’t personally saw much of that world I am happy for you that that reality isn’t no more either.” she allowed a silent sighed escape her lips at the mention of Oliver. The man who die saving the entire universe. Sometimes she kinda felt bad for judging him in a way as if she happened to be wrong about him and also she had happened to be there a lot more for Barry as he took his death hard and she could imagine why since if it weren’t for Oliver’s pep talk. Barry wouldn’t had probably not even become ‘the flash’ and just the man helped him a lot in general and just Iris felt heart broken for them because he was his best friend and she knew no matter how much she comfort him. He will never move on or stop taking the blame for his death and that killed her but she never told anyone this since Iris liked to suffer more in silence than being a bother.

Iris smiled to herself as she said that Lois and her were a lot alike and chuckle softly. “I am absolutely positive we do drive them nuts and yes it is understanding why they freak out but sometimes they should remember we won’t get hurt all the time.” It was a good thing Barry won’t find out about tonight. He sure as hell would have a freak out and then tell her father and she’d never hear the end of it. She felt lucky that Ruby won’t utter a word about this, truly. Iris was sure she had a very subtle whiplash as she blinked and ran her fingers through her hair not believing what Ruby just had said. “I’m sorry.... did you just say, there’s also ‘Gods’?” she sounded as shocked as she looked like it. 

“Sorry, I should have expected there were such things considering there’s such a thing as the fastest man alive. Two aliens that came down here that wind up bowing to protect the human race. The monitor..... Why not god’s, huh?” she laughed nervously and sighed. “Never imagine there were chances in this earth than we’d face against Gods one days but here we are.” and if she was honest to herself. She was definitely not thrilled. Gods against her husband? The thought frightened her if Barry decided to help if the time came and she feared as if Barry sometimes was easy too beaten down. What would Gods were capable to do to him? She shook her thoughts away not wanting to think about that. 

“Ooooh that is right. I forgot Lois and Clark had a son or more like.... sons? Didn’t the universe reboot change that for Clark too?” she wasn’t sure if Barry had told her this or she had imagine it. “Definitely. Hopefully one day Lois is free I’ll get to have my dream and work with her. Crossing fingers for that really.” she said as she crossed her fingers. Iris sighed silently as she knew she was absolutely right. Sometimes Iris happens to be too c*cky to think that she won’t die because she has Barry and other heroes on her side and forgets that she can also run out of luck. Time and time had proven her that again. That time Barry couldn’t stop a piece of glass from a wrecked car that went her way and saving her from Savitar and failing. She made sure to listen to Rubys words and be more careful. “You’re right, I do, maybe should learn to takes pauses on risks. I’ll keep that in mind and be more careful from now on just I guess sometimes just get too much into a case and wanting to help them makes me forget that I am not the stoppable. But seriously, promise, I’ll be more careful.” and this time she really did meant it and at what she said next made her smile brightly as she was quite happy that she got to make a new friend like her. “That makes me really really happy for sure.”

She nodded. “Right. Kryptonite. You’re right, I did already knew that but forgot for a second.” she was surprise to hear that she kryptonite affected her but she could adapt to it eventually. “That sounds... kinda cool. Sort of sad Kara can’t adapt to it but a relieve that  you can get use to it in time and you don’t have to worry about that, I won’t add anything that you wouldn’t want in the article, promise. I’ll just write as much as you’d want me to. Hell, you can be around when I start with it so you can tell me the yes’s and no’s I can write. Would you like that?” because, sure, Iris love to write about heroes. Heroes new in town but them being comfortable about her doing so matter the most. Apparently when she wrote about Kara. Kara helped her with it and she wouldn’t mind doing the same for Ruby. 

“You know it’s such a shame Winn didn’t stuck around for long. I think him and Cisco would had been such the bestests friend’s. Since they would had bond a lot with tech stuff, especially the badasses suits they did for you.” she chuckled wondering how that friendship would had been like. She sighed. “True but I just don’t like lectures, you know? But I am glad that you were around too. Not only did I gained a new amazing friend but you did save me and I honestly will forever be in your debt.” 

Barry smiled as he nodded and listened to her words then frowned his eyebrows as she said that about Kara. “Everything okay with her? With what kind of threat she’s dealing with now? And you know in case if she ever needs more help. When you go back, let her know she can beep me and I’ll be there.” Iris was relieved he didn’t use a pun there but sighed. “Not if they’re gonna deal with gods, you’re not.” she mumbled as she turned away to the refreshers table. Barry raised his eyebrows. “The what now?” Iris shrugged. “Nothing, nothing.” and went to prepare herself something to drink since she was very thirsty from almost dying. Barry pulled from the hug then and sighed. “They had been quite for now. We’d been dealing with some strange things ourselves but we still don’t know how much of a bigger threat than it is.” Iris cleared her throat already having an idea and considered on telling him eventually but for now she looked up at Ruby. “Hey, Ruby? You thirsty? We got about anything here and I can also prepare you a snack if you’d like?” 





Jul 5th 2020 - 10:04 AM

Iris winced silently. Things were confusing indeed now but she remembered everything about post crisis. She had her question of coursed and raised an eyebrow."Did you also had powers before crisis? I don't remember much from it. I think the only ones that do are maybe you and Barry? Which I don't know if I should find that overwhelming or comforting." Considering she will never know herself how much has changed.
Iris smiled brightly at her compliment. Who knows if Ruby didn't even meant it as a compliment but being compared to the legend that was Lois Lane made the woman smiled. Yes Iris wanted to be her own person and become an unique kind of legend and kind of special but still being compare to her brought her joy. Especially when she met the woman before Crisis hit and they both had click. Thankfully Lois was reminded about everything and so far the both had been keeping communication and if lucky; one day they could even work together. She dreamed at least. She shrugged."I know chasing after danger isn't good. Lois probably does too but being a reporter comes with that. The story first then we second and I don't hate it one bit as long as I can save people on my own way, you know?" she sighed hearing about these aliens."Barry can help you then. He's dealt with aliens before so he definitely can."

She grinned."Haven't I told you? I actually met Lois post crisis. In this reality we haven't personally but we do check up on each other and maybe hopefully one day we'll be able to have a sit down and even work together. Think the world will be able to handle two stubborn reporters?" she chuckled softly then smiled."Honestly, you're so kind. You just met me personally and you worry about me? That really means a lot but hey I'll be okay as long as I am careful and got superheroes on my side. That's one of reason why I am never afraid and if you become a close friend then I'll surely have nothing to worry about."
And Iris had been correct since Ruby had saved her so swiftly without her even having a scratch. She was quite grafeful for this truly and she'd be forever in debt to Ruby because she did save her life and she appreciated so she swore silently that whatever ruby needed. She will always be there for her. 

She shrugged."Yes you're untouchable but still... you should be careful.." she raised her eyebrows."You don't have the same weakness as Kara's? May I ask... what is?" she couldn't help it since she could never shut her reporter side from her mind."Promise I'll keep it to myself of coursed and I may be a reporter but you can definitely trust me." she said and made a movement accross her chest making the sign as she just crossed her heart so Ruby can see that she could trust her. Talking about how great her work was one thing but trusting Iris could be another for sure at least Iris thought since they just met.
Iris smiled, bouncing slightly in excitment as she did one clap."Thank you! I just really love writing stories especially about heroes so really thank you for allowing me to do so. I don't know if I would have without your permission so yes. thank you I promise I will make you look as bad-ass and amazing as you are." she gave her a friendly judge.

Iris was amazed as with one touch of a button. Ruby looked again normal."Wow I may be always surrounded by heroes and vigilantes but that will take some use to." she said with a chuckle.  Iris then made her way into the elevator. It may be seemed quiet but that was because everyone was upstairs probably doing their thing or relaxing. It was evening after all.  Iris stay silent the whole way but shot smiles at Ruby whenever they made eye contact. She was truly really excited for them to meet her. Aside from Barry since they already met.
And once the doors opened she looked at her."Oh I was kidding about what I said back there. Even if it gives him a mild heart attack you can tell him about tonight. He sure would love to hear you saved me and if anything is me who's gonna get the lecture." she said whilst giving an eye roll and turn to then continue making her way to the Cortext.

As she expected the whole team was there relaxing since the night was over but they were all waiting for Iris since they knew she had been up to something but not enough about it. When the two girls came in like an instinct everyone turned and Barrys eye shined seeing Iris and walked towards her."Hey about time. I was getting worried." he said as he gave her a peck on the lips and Iris shrugged at him with a smile."You didn't had to. Not especially I had Ruby around." Barry then looked over at Ruby realizizng who it was no."Ruby?" He may had not known her personally but in of his meetings Kara had mentioned her and even show him her."What are you doing in Central City... it's everything okay with Kara?" He asked genienly concerned. 


Lena Olsen(Retired)

Jun 13th 2020 - 1:35 PM

"Thank you Ruby, I am glad you will be here for me not everyone would be so lucky to have such a good friend as you." Lena said as she smiled back.
Lena Olsen(Retired)

Jun 12th 2020 - 8:48 PM

"I'm glad you will help me make them see that Lex was useing me cause, I feel horrible enough that I actually tried to trust that SOB when I should have known better than to trust him." Lena said as she sighed than smiled at Ruby, and she was going to do everything she could to help them get rid of Lex Luthor for good this time so no one could ever bring him back.
Lena Olsen(Retired)

Jun 3rd 2020 - 3:03 PM

"I hope your right Ruby about James, and Kara, I never meant to hurt anyone especially James and Kara, I just want Lex destroyed so I don't have to look at him or even hear his voice anymore." Lena said as she sighed hoping that Ruby was right about James and Kara forgiving her for what she did with Lex cause she never meant to hurt anyone.
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