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33 years old
West Yellowstone, Montana
United States

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July 02 2020

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Here for:Networking, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:West Yellowstone, Montana
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Post grad
Characters: Phoenix Marie Elizabeth Montgomery
Verses: Crime|Mafia|Fighting|Psychological|Suspense
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Celebrity, Crime, Custom, Human, Mafia, Psychological,
Status: Single
Member Since:April 16, 2018

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About me:
Alright, guys here's a little story that happened about 21 years ago about a little girl name Phoenix Marie Elizabeth Montgomery, before she became adopted by Jason and Maggie Rudoff and then she became Phoenix Marie Elizabeth Rudoff.

Phoenix Marie Elizabeth Montgomery was the only child that was born into a very low-class family to the parents of Kaleb Montgomery and Kathy Montgomery on a very cold fall evening on October 31th, 1996, in a town called West Yellowstone, Montana. When Phoenix was just about 3 years old Kaleb and Kathy moved them and their daughter all the way to Austin, Texas, to where they could get better drugs for them and when they did, they got the best kinds of drugs but when they were out of money Kaleb looked at his wife Kathy and said " Lets sell our daughter for drugs." he said to her and when she heard that she nodded and agreed with her husband so Kaleb and Kathy and sold their daughter for abut $100+ dollars to the drug lords to the very top people and sell her for human trafficking and they will give Phoenix back a few weeks later, and when they did Phoenix would be covered in bruises from her head to her feet and very dirty. By the time Phoenix was 9 years old she was still being sold for human trafficking, but this time the guys would come to her parent's house. When Phoenix found out that they were coming to her house her father would take Phoenix to her room and he would tie her up to her bed and just leave her in there just in her underwear and a white tank top. Phoenix begged her parents to stop doing it and not let these men come into their house and sexually assaulted her over and over. One day when Phoenix hit the age of 12 a neighbor called Child Protection Service and the on Phoenix's parent's house as they saw all these different men coming in and out of the house with a huge amount of cash in their hands so they called them. Once the Child Protection Service and the police entered the house they were very sick at what they found. As one of the police officers that came in with the Child Protection Service his name was Detective Jason Rudoff and he started looking around the house and when he came to a bedroom that had a paddle lock on the door he ask for bolt cutters so he could cut the paddle lock and when he finally got it off he open the door and found little 12 year old Phoenix beaten to death and sexually assaulted and was near death at the time when Jason had found her.

Once Jason found her he called for back up right away and got out his pocket knifed and cut the rope off of her of her that had her hands tied to the headboard of her bed and when Jason was doing that Phoenix had no clue what was going on as she was going in and out of consciousness and when Phoenix finally went unconscious Jason got her outside right away and to the ambulance and got into the ambulance with her and rode to the hospital with her. As they rushed her to the hospital Phoenix had flatlined a few times and they got her back each time and when she flatlined she slipped into a coma for a few months. After Phoenix slipped into the come Jason was right there at her bedside the whole time he never left her side to make sure she was ok. Once Phoenix woke up she started to freak out not knowing what had happened and where she was until Jason started to talk to her and told her what had happened. After a few more months in the hospital, Phoenix was finally released from the hospital and she was placed into a foster home in San Antonio Texas with other kids and when she got there she looked at Jason and begged him not to leave her there but he had no choice to do so. After 2 years of being there, Phoenix befriended a really sweet boy that was just 2 years old when she was named Nate Anderson and when they did Nate started to become really physical with Phoenix and she hated it very much and when he finally got Phoenix alone he forced himself onto her and started to have sex with her as she kept on saying to no to him but he placed his hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. So Nate kept on raping her and after he was finished he looked at her and told her not to say a word to anyone, but little did Nate know she told her foster parents what had happen and when she was finished the foster parents laughed at Phoenix and said " Yea right he did not." and Phoenix didn't want to stay at that house anymore and she ran away but the police found her and took her back to the house and within a few weeks later Phoenix found out she was pregnant and she had an abortion . 2 Years later Phoenix was still being raped by Nate and she had enough of being rape so she finally had enough and this time she really ran away without the police finding her until she made her way from San Antonio, Texas to Dallas, Texas where she had found Jason once again.

After Phoenix found Jason she didn't go right up to him until one of his fellow officers saw her standing there and asked if they could help her or if she was here to see anyone and when she heard that Phoenix didn't say a word beside point. As Phoenix looked at the other officer and pointed at Jason desk the officer said " are you here to see Detective Jason Rudoff?" and Phoenix looked up at him and nodded her head yes and the officer took her over to Jason's desk and when they got over to his desk Phoenix looked at him as his fellow officer said " Jason you got a visitor here to see you." they said to him.
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