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Genre: Crime, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural,
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⛧†Demon King of Hearts®†⛧

Dec 26th 2018 - 7:40 PM


Now, it should be noted that this is our thing. Before we discuss anything, before we can even think or speak this is what happens. Only difference this time, she seemed much hungrier than normal. Before I knew it, she was all ready, willing an able beckoning for me to join her. She looked amazing, but then again, when does she not as I slowly made my way stripping of my own clothes as I made my way to her.

Settling down next to her I could not help but stare as a seductive sort of smirk appeared. “You need not worry about keeping Henry busy any longer, Allow me to worry about him.” I seductively snaked my arm around her waist as I closed the distance between us pressing her flesh to mine. “You just worry about keeping me happy, and everything else should fall into line as it should.”

I let a moment pass more for dramatic effect before bringing my lips to hers just barely touching. “I think now is the time where you show me just how much you missed me.” And with that I brought lips to hers kissing her fiercely as I got on top of her. Positioning myself between her thighs I broke away from our kiss only to make sure my sapphire blue eyes were completely focused on hers, then without any hesitation I swiftly entered her giving her exactly what I knew she wanted. A slight moan as I felt her inner walls lock around me. “You're right, it has been way too long.”

⛧†Demon King of Hearts®†⛧

Aug 19th 2018 - 1:10 AM


Week Before The Mask 

Yes, it has been at least two months the last time her majesty and I had been together, and I missed her probably as much as she missed me. Business as usual for me, for her, it was a trip with Henry. One could say we were star-crossed if you believe in that sort of thing.  

“You have a guest requesting a private audience with you.” Nicholai announced walking into my office. “Don’t you ever knock? I was right in the middle of something.” He smirked. “By the looks of things, I would say someone.” I rolled my eyes glancing over at the blonde before me but my words were for Nicholai. “Well, does this person have a name?” Nicholai did not answer that question, the guest did as he to entered removing the hood of his cloak to reveal himself. “The name is King Henry Tudor---” I immediately jumped up more out of shock than anything. He had only done this once before and it was on the day he was to be married to his first wife. “Glad to see I can still keep you on your toes old friend. Now, come over and greet your king.” He held out his arms as I closed the distance between us as we embraced. The young blonde was so captivated that the king of England was here she passed out. Hearing the thud I looked back only to see her passed out cold on the floor. I then focused back on Henry with a highly amused smirk. “Well, you sure do give new meaning to knocking them dead.” He chuckled. “And who might I ask is Sleeping Beauty?” I motioned over to Nicholai to remove her from my office. “She’s one of my bar maids.” I kept my gaze on Nic for a moment. “And do close the door behind you, I do not want to be disturbed.” He bowed and then went about his way.  

Once we had complete privacy, my attention was completely on my guest. “So, what brings you here after all this time and how did you even know I was back?” He gave me a smirk of his own. “I am king Ash, that does come with a few perks. As for why I am here, I’m throwing a mask and I need a few things.” I crossed my arms against my chest before tilting it to the side curiously. “You could have easily had one of your servants come talk to me about it as you usually do. What’s going on?” He took a breath as silence fell for a moment. “I’m waiting---” After what seemed to be forever but was only a few seconds, Henry took a seat in one of my chairs. Making himself comfortable he then spoke. “You are my oldest and dearest friend and advisor. I come seeking your counsel.” I leaned against my table across from where he was sitting. “Okay----” I felt like I needed to brace myself for this one. “Do you believe in prophecy?” “What, like predictions?” I asked. “No, dreams?” Now this was getting interesting. “I think to some degree why?” You could see he was actually worried. “I’ve not told anyone of this but, while vacationing with Anne I had a dream that she was with child, a son, but it was not mine.” Okay, here is one of those times where I knew I had to keep myself in check for obvious reasons. “Well, who else's would it be? Perhaps your slight obsession for an heir is playing on your insecurities?” Yes, I was the only one who could talk to him like this, in fact, he preferred it. While he was thinking I went over to my bar and poured him a glass of scotch. “Here, drink this, it helps.” I then handed the glass to him then went back to my original stance. “Thank you.” He said right before taking a huge gulp from the glass. “I don’t know, maybe you’re right. Perhaps I am just being paranoid.” He then shook it off giving me a smile. “See, and this is why I keep you around. Shall we discuss the mask?”  


It was the night of and I was finishing up a few details before the big event. I took one last look in the mirror making sure I looked the part, especially for her. “Ready your grace?” I shook my head. “Yup! Shall we?”  

As soon as we entered the main hall I spotted her immediately. She looked radiant. And then out of nowhere my conversation I had with Henry a week ago entered my thoughts. as I watched her with the ambassador. I quickly began to do the math. “Can I offer you a drink?” The servant’s voice immediately snapped me out of my self-induced trance. “No thank you, I like to keep a clear head.” He bowed slightly. “Very well then.” He then walked off. I brushed the notion off for the moment as a smile appeared across my features the moment I felt her in my arms. “And good evening to you. You think it was wise leaving the ambassador in the hands of one of your ladies?” I then smirked in amusement as I felt her arm fold over mine. As we walked looking for a secluded place. She of course led because she knew this castle better than I did. As soon as we were in the room and the door was closed I took my arm from around hers only to face her. In lightning speed I brought both hands to her face embracing her before leaning down kissing her fiercely. “My love huh? Well, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.”  

⛧†Demon King of Hearts®†⛧

Apr 8th 2018 - 1:02 AM


It has been well over a few months since the last time I had set foot in Wolf Hall. Of course once I arrived I saw that not only did nothing change, but, I did not miss much in my absence. Walking the long hall that lead to the king’s study, that would be the first place I would visit. Just as I approached the door one of his minions stopped me. “You must be announced if you expect any chance of seeing his majesty.” Clearly this was someone new because I never had to be announced before. I turned around so my eyes were facing his as my infamous smirk appeared. I guess something has changed after all. “And you are?” The guard was taking his job very seriously. “Who I am? I believe I am the one telling you that if you expect to be granted an audience with the king I must announce you.” I glanced over at Seth. “Are you seeing this?” I looked back upon the warden. “Very well then---“ I held my arm out to the door. “After you.” He moved and just as he opened the door he looked back at me. “Your name?” I shook my head. “Ash?” He then proceeded to into the room as I followed him with Seth not too far behind. Henry immediately rose to greet me. I glanced over at the guard. “You see that, that is a very happy to see a close friend look. Memorize it because I do come back and forth quite frequently.” Henry then dismissed him. “Yes, your grace.” He bowed before him then just as he was walking out the door he mumbled to me. “I do not like you.” I smirked. “That’s okay, I’m an acquired taste.” 
My attention then went to Henry as I made myself comfortable. We spoke, we chatted, she caught up, and then I left. Apparently I came back right in time for a masked ball this eve. I swear, there is no rest for the wicked and weary. Of course I would attend, what better way to announce my homecoming to a certain queen--- Making our way into my quarters I stayed in when I was here for prolonged periods of time I found clothes and a mask out and ready for me to put on when the time came. “Aww, he thought of everything just for me. I guess this is what happens when you are an honored guest, hmm?” I asked looking upon my right hand man. “No matter, let us finish our work and then we will get ready to play, shall we?”
Time sure does fly when you are catching up. I almost lost track of it until I was reminded that I had to get ready. What would I do without my human alarms? Playtime was a foot and I had to make sure I looked my best. So, I put on the clothes, and looked upon myself once more before putting on the mask. Satisfied with what I saw I made my way to the main hall were the mask was taking place. Entering the room I began my search for the one I really wanted to see and who I know would be even happier to see me. Taking a glass of wine in one hand I began moving about the room. People moving out of my way finally revealed her and she was quite the vision. I stood there just for a moment taking her in. Once her back was toward me I went up to her making my way to her ear in a seductive whisper. “Good evening majesty, fancy meeting you here this eve.”

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