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Wake up with a volatile woman and watch the world catch fire.

27 years old
New York, New York
United States

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December 02 2020

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Characters: Zoe Valentine // Breakout actress // NYC & Los Angeles
Verses: Organized crime/criminals involved the celebrity verse.
Playbys: Serious writers only.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Celebrity, Crime, Custom, Mafia, Psychological, Romance,
Member Since:January 24, 2018

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Wake up with a volatile woman

zoe mancuso

And watch the world catch fire.

. . .

The D-Low

Full Name: Zoe Adrienne Valentine Mancuso
Birthday: 4/11/93
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently Resides: Between NYC & L.A.
Occupation: Actress/Model
Eye Color: Blue | Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'8" | Weight: 57kg
Measurements: 31.5-23-34
Languages: Portuguese and English
Birthmarks/scars: Back of left shoulder
Phobias: Heights
Addictions: Victor Mancuso (so I married him, 12/31/2019)

Love Life

Status: Exclusive
Whom: Victor Mancuso
More to come.

Out of Character

What I like: The biggest turn-on for me is a decent writer who is daring enough to broach all sorts of scenarios. I want to write a story where the mafia verse crosses over the celebrity verse. Think trafficking, drugs, violence, murder, blackmail, kidnapping, bad press, shoot-outs, cartels, and more.

Chatter: Discord is available to only those who I'm roleplaying with. It's used for both OOC discussion and live IC play.

My style: Depending on who I'm playing with, I may choose to write first or third person. I only write multi-para (novella if the urge and inspiration is there).

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Dec 1st 2020 - 4:15 PM

I owe you something beautiful other than darkness. I owe you the sea. I owe you mountains. I owe you a summer afternoon with windows open and you next to me naked in the bed, the smell of honeysuckle and your hair in my dreams.


Nov 12th 2020 - 9:09 AM

It was organized chaos the next morning as they readied to leave, wanting to get to the airport early. A few of the men that Vic had brought over, Zoe had never seen before, but he made sure they stuck close to the elevator and didn’t venture any further into the mansion. While he’d finished the last of his rounds of walking through the place making sure everything was secure, Zoe was waiting for him, on the phone with her sister, letting her know what time they were supposed to be arriving. Vic passed a set of keys to Hugo and said, “Keep things running smoothly.”

“Yeah, okay.” He gestured for them to enter the elevator, pulling Zoe to his side as one of them pressed the button to go down. There were a number of people in the lobby, but seeing Vic’s security, they moved to the side, eyes wide. Hugo went around the back, going to bring the car around while they waited outside. Vic scanned the street, not very surprised at the unmarked car that was parked a few blocks down. He knew he was under a microscope, so he always made sure to pay careful attention to when and how he conducted his business. Once Hugo arrived, he hopped out the front, popping the trunk to place their luggage in. He reached for the bag Zoe held, but she smiled tightly, as she hefted it in herself, not meeting his eyes as she said, “I got it.” Zoe was nice, more so than she needed to be in the world they lived in, and Vic had never seen her treat Hugo with anything less than sisterly affection. Now? She looked like she didn’t even want to be around him. Vic looked between the pair, trying to decipher what the problem was, but the moment he asked, Zoe smiled with a shake of her head, and Hugo didn’t bother with a response at all. Once Zoe was beside him in the back of the Range Rover, and Hugo was maneuvering them into the morning traffic, Vic looked over to Zoe.

“What did he do?” It was clear that it was definitely something, he knew her too well to think otherwise, even as she continued to deny it. Ignoring that, he asked, “Do I need to have a word with him?” “It’s fine, Victor. I’ve got it under control.” She fell silent again as she took out her phone, absorbed in whatever she was looking through on her phone. He left her to it, needing to send out a few last minute messages to some of his men that were not in the need to know about him leaving the city. While they were only going to be in Florida for a couple of days, his plan to take them to Key West was going to be a bit longer, four. He would have loved to stay gone for longer, but currently, he couldn’t afford to let his businesses go unattended for that long. Even before he became UB, there were always enemies hovering, waiting for the moment when he would make a mistake so that they could steal territory from him, encroach on his business contacts, but Vic hadn’t gotten this far by making mistakes, and so long as he had allies, he could be fine. But Zoe didn’t need to know any of that. When he’d agreed to this trip, he’d promised her that he would make it as normal for her and her sister as he could. He knew the ties his family had with them, and he didn’t want to disrupt their life by bringing in reminders of what his lifestyle had caused. He agreed to not have security tail them while they were with her mother and sister, but though unknown to her, he did have a few people that would meet them in Key West. Not that he expected anything could happen while they were there, he would rather be safe than sorry.


Nov 11th 2020 - 9:12 PM

Zoe was up before Victor, the sound of banging pans in the kitchen having woke him. Picking up his iPhone, he scanned through the few messages he had, rolling his eyes to the one from Enzo that asked, ‘Let me make more moves in Reno?’ He briefly wondered why she was up so early in the kitchen nonetheless but since he was alone for the time being, he went ahead and altered their plane tickets, having already made the reservations for their hotel stay the night before. Leaving his phone on the bedside table, he headed into the bathroom, relieving himself before washing his face, his thoughts already drifting to what he would need to get done before they left the state. The process went by surprisingly fast, especially since it was so last minute, but while he didn’t always rely on it, sometimes it was a bonus to have his last name.

Walking out of the bedroom, Vic could only see Zoe’s back as she stood in front of the stove, her arms moving though he couldn’t see what she was making. Taking a seat at the bar, he watched her for a while, a small, contented smiled spreading over his face. He never expected it, couldn’t say he actually wanted it, but now that he had it, he cherished it. Normality…or at least the closest to it that he would ever get. Since the time he’d become an integral part of the Mafia, he never expected to have a wife, or even to care enough about another person to make that kind commitment. But here she stood, through the chaos that was his life, and he couldn’t imagine his life without her.

Just then the doorbell rang exactly as planned. “Zoe let me take over. You get the door.” Strange, yes. Normally he would've never asked her to get the door but this was all apart of the surprise he had planned for her.

[Vic flew Zoe's mom and sister to the states.]

Nov 11th 2020 - 3:03 PM

It had taken two months for things to finally settle enough so that Victor could take a step back from the dangerous world he lived in and take a breath. Since he had gotten married, he’d nearly been killed by a mercenary hired by his so called best friend, targeted by the Irish Mafia Organization that had once tortured and nearly killed his cousin, Mark. Not only that, but he had been brought up on RICO charges that had been dismissed nearly as quickly as they had come up. Though Special Agent what's her face was no longer a problem, he knew that she wouldn’t be the only agent wanting to use him to make their career. Then, there was the new position he had taken as the Underboss in Vegas  now that Sal Brazi had asked him to take over. It had been a calculated decision on his part, but one that needed to be done if only because he needed to make a statement to those that opposed him. It was rare that a man with his power was forced from his seat truthfully, it was unheard of but with his track record, and the approval of the other men involved it was a good idea that Enzo Brazi was stepping down. He was too hot headed to run a crime family IF and when Sal stepped down.

Now that he had this mark of power, Victor was still in the process of changing the very structure of the organization he was head of. Unlike Enzo, Sal needed people he trusted to stand beside him, not just those that were eager to spill blood in the name of climbing the ranks excluding Enzo who killed just to do it and not to receive any recognition for it. And more importantly, he only wanted people whose loyalty was to him alone. Some of Sal’s  men had already walked away once they learned of his current predicament that had taken care of at least a third of them but that brought problems of its own as well, mainly because he had less bodies to put onto his territories.

This was why, even though he was unsure of why he’d come forth, Victor had decided to take a meeting with Enzo Brazi, Sal’s bastard son a description that he, himself, chose to go by. Victor had never particularly had a problem with him, but did make assumptions about his character based on his knowledge of Sal. One thing he did know, however, Enzo would be a good ally to have, if only until he betrayed him. Enzo was a part of many organizations, one that he headed himself though he had less notoriety than what he probably preferred. This was why he had suggested a partnership, an alliance of sorts that would send a message to their perspective enemies. It would only help their businesses in the long run so Vic had agreed. Now, they were moving on to the next stage. “What are you suggesting?” Enzo asked, voice even now that he knew Vic was going along with what he wanted. Vic tapped his pen against the desk, meeting the eyes of the man that was family though he knew hardly anything about him. A little over half an hour ago, Enzo had presented him with the business plan that he’d prepared. He could have done so without Vic’s approval, so the fact that he was coming to him at all, told Vic that Enzo was planning to respect his role…at least for the moment. Opening a gambling parlor was tricky enough since it wasn’t legal by any means, but Enzo’s concept was solid, and could very well be profitable for the both of them. “Niagra Falls won’t be easy,” Vic responded. “The city is overrun with Canadians and Columbians, but to my understanding, you already have a good working relationship with the Colombians, no?” Enzo looked very much like his father, same cold eyes, square jaw, and slightly tan skin, and now he wore the expression of a man that was not used to defeat. “I do, but even if I hadn’t, they wouldn’t be a problem.” “See it done. I’ll pay you a visit in a few weeks.” Nodding once, Enzo stood, buttoning the front of his jacket, reaching to shake Vic’s hand as he stood after him. “Give my regards to the wifey.” “Will do.”

Vic went back to his desk, picking up the pen he’d thrown down earlier. “How was your meeting with Enzo?” Zoe asked, coming around his desk, mindful of the papers there before she sat on it. “He’ll more than likely move on it within the week.” She was silent after his response, prompting him to look up at her. “How are my babies?” Vic tilted her face up, intending to only kiss her briefly, but as his lips touched hers, he delved deeper, wanting the contact. His hand slid down her spin, spanning over the curve of her hip, resting there. In this moment, he enjoyed being lost in her because he finally had her exactly where he wanted her without interference.…At least until his phone rang. Sighing, he pulled away, just far enough that he could get his phone from his pocket, checking to see who was calling. He looked to Zoe. “Need to take this babe. Give me a minute”


Sep 23rd 2020 - 1:44 PM

My touch , my kiss , my love , my lust are made for you and to you. Embrace them and let me devour your mind before I devour your body.

Jul 29th 2020 - 2:28 PM

Taste my lips and forgive my words..


Jul 27th 2020 - 9:15 PM

"It's been that long?" He adds, sliding his hand around her waist as he leans in to kiss her cheek, getting blasted with her sweet, feminine scent for the privilege. "Book something babe. Let's leave tomorrow."

Jul 26th 2020 - 4:35 PM

"We need a couple days off. You and me, whattya say?" He runs his hand across his jaw, his gold wedding band gleaming like redemption against his tanned face.

Jul 16th 2020 - 5:24 PM

I love you so much my queen. 

Jun 8th 2020 - 9:14 AM

I'm all yours baby. We will never be apart again.
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