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GeneralWhen Enid is first introduced, she has a carefree, happy, and bubbly personality. She is friendly towards everyone and is well liked by her classmates. Enid also likes to keep up with school drama, with her personal blog being the number one source for Nevermore gossip. She can be described as the polar opposite of Wednesday Addams. Despite her bubbly personality, there are moments when Enid proves to be down-to-earth and a bit pragmatic, asking Wednesday to apologize to Thing and telling her that he is her family and doesn't deserve to be mistreated by her. She is also extremely patient with Wednesday and her gloomy attitude, and despite being tolerant, there are moments when she responds back, like when Wednesday attempts to turn off her music, but Enid immediately takes out her claws and directly threatens to "not mess with her." Enid is prone to showing strong emotions and reacting a bit violently. When Yoko has an allergic reaction to garlic and gets sent to the nurse's office, she (Yoko) sits out of the Poe Cup. She was extremely frustrated and was seen crying in her bedroom. When Ajax didn't show up to his date with Enid due to turning into stone, Enid, being extremely mad, cut with her claws the wheels of the school bus in a rant of anger because she felt humiliated and Ajax doesn't actually like her, although she was unaware that he had turned himself into stone. She has a low tolerance for scary and creepy things, so when she met Thing for the first time, she looked awkward and tried to stay away from him. When she sees the board of clues that Wednesday has set up, she can't hide her disgust for the pictures, and she faints. Enid was also scared and uncomfortable about being in Uriah's Heap and seeing taxidermied animals dressed up in vintage clothes. Enid is quite nervous about being a late bloomer in her pack, as she's scared of being exiled from it and finding a mate. However, thanks to Wednesday's influence, Enid has grown up and appears to be more mature, telling her own mother that she will not wolf out as she expects but will instead do it at her own pace, not caring what her mother or anyone else thinks of her. She also tells Wednesday that she is aware of her own bad traits but will not apologize for them anymore because they make her who she is. Like many outcasts, Enid acts distant and suspicious with normies, as seen when she asks Wednesday if she can actually trust a normie to help her. Despite this trait of hers, Enid has no problem talking with them if she thinks they are friendly. Enid is also very kind and caring with her friends. She helped Wednesday fit in with Nevermore and with her investigation of the murders.
MusicPowers Lycanthropy: As a werewolf, Enid does not tend to show any werewolf powers due to being "a late bloomer", only showing her multi-colored claws instead of "wolfing out" whenever she shows any emotions. Enid does eventually "wolf out" into her werewolf form in the middle of the woods (during a full blood moon) and comes to Wednesday's aid to battle a Hyde.[3] She was nearly as strong as Tyler when he was in his Hyde form; however, he was able to pin her up against a tree and would have killed her had Sheriff Galpin not interfered by shooting the Hyde from behind, which wounded him. The distraction allowed Enid to gain the upper hand and defeat him. Her claws in human form can slice through a bus and a wooden raft. She is fast and agile, able to switch between bipedal and quadrupedal movement, move several feet in seconds, and even perform acrobatic feats like an aerial kick, which she used to defeat the Hyde. Superhuman Strength: While in human form, Enid has increased strength, which allows her to open a locked door almost effortlessly. Superhuman Durability: She was able to take many strikes from the Hyde and even be thrown into a tree in her wolf form without suffering major injuries. Shapeshifting: When the full blood moon arose, Enid’s latent ability to transform into a humanoid werewolf manifested. As evidenced by the fact that when she turns, her hair's highlights remain. Abilities Leadership: Enid has some skills as a leader; proof of this is that she is the captain of her own team when she participates in the Poe Cup, the Black Cats. Skilled Tactician: Unlike what most people think of her, Enid is actually clever and quick to think. During the Poe Cup, while Wednesday is going for their flag, she immediately comes up with a plan and cuts the boat of one of the rival teams using her claws while Thing distracts them. Enid also quickly realized that it was Lucas Walker who pulled that prank at the school dance. She also seems to be a quick learner, becoming fully capable of understanding Thing when communicating. Skilled Combatant: Enid is a skilled fighter who is able to use her enhanced werewolf abilities and her knowledge of martial arts from both practice and observing others to her advantage. During her fight with Hyde, although she was very close to being defeated by him, due to the intervention of the sheriff, she managed to win the fight by performing a wrestling drop kick that incapacitated him.
MoviesSpecial Agent Kirby Reed is the sole teenage survivor of the Second Woodsboro Murders (2011), known as the "Woodsboro Massacre Remake", the highest body count and most violent massacre of all Ghostface killing sprees. She is also an investigator, attempted framing victim, and survivor of the New York Killings (2023) twelve years later. A former resident of Woodsboro, California, she now works in the Atlanta office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and comes to New York City to investigates the sixth Ghostface killings. She was introduced in Scream 4 (2011) as a main character, and reappears as a main character in the sixth film (2023). She initially appears to serve as the "side-kick archetype", with her best friend, Jill Roberts serving as the new Final Girl, until she subverts it with all the younger characters indirectly revolving around her by the film's climax, as well as her best friend's role as a psychopath revealed. Despite her uncertain fate in the climax after being stabbed and bleeding out, Wes Craven, and many fans, asserted that she did not die; Hayden Panettiere was also contractually obligated to not die on-screen. Her fate was confirmed a decade later, as she re-appears via video thumbnail in Scream (2022 film). She is shown having given a Bloody Disgusting interview three years prior in 2018. Richie Kirsch observes this on his laptop; the scene occurs ten years after her near-death experience, amid the 2022 Woodsboro Legacy Killings. Her high school best friends appeared to be Jill and Olivia during the fourth film. She also appears close to Robbie Mercer and Charlie Walker, Cinema Club VP and President, the latter having an obsessive crush on her. Inside her own home, Ghostface terrorizes her during the Stab-A-Thon after-party she hosts to answer questions to save Charlie's life. He betrays her after she unties him, non-fatally stabbing her twice, leaving her to bleed out. Prior to her death and assuming she would get away with it, Jill, the other killer, believed Kirby had died. Kirby is portrayed by Hayden Panettiere Background Kirby Reed was born to the Reed family sometime in 1993, two years before Billy Loomis murdered Maureen Prescott. She lived at and grew up in 329 Whispering Lane, Woodsboro, California. She is either an only child or is the youngest daughter with distantly older siblings, as she was left home alone during the events of Scream 4 (2011 film). At Woodsboro High, she sat behind Charlie Walker during Mr. Baker's English class. At some point, she also crossed paths with Samantha Carpenter and the two formed a friendship despite the age difference between them. 2011 Woodsboro Massacre Remake Murders Kirby Reed is first seen speeding to pick up her friends past Sheriff Dewey Riley. He simply yells for her to slow down without any real warning or discipline. She shouts to apologize and then proceeds to pick up her friends, Jill Roberts, and Olivia Morris. It is the sixteenth anniversary of the original Woodsboro Murders. Thursday, 29 September 2011: On the way to school, Kirby almost gets into an accident. Olivia regards as a sign of the "angel of death", Sidney Prescott, Jill's cousin. Kirby remarks how Sidney is in town as a last stop on her self-help book tour, and the "first stop on her road to a new life", which Kirby calls "very dramatic". Kirby appreciates the sentimental nature of the tour, and declares Sidney "the reason why I love horror movies". Once the three arrive at school, they are pestered by Cinema Club nerds, Robbie Mercer and Charlie Walker. Robbie is seen with a camera against his face, filming his entire high school experience as a blog, which irritates Olivia and Kirby, but Jill is nonchalant. Kirby states her favorite film is "Bambi", much to Charlie's amusement. Charlie is seen flirting with Kirby, which is noticeable to everyone, but it is brushed off by Kirby when Jill brings it up. Killer in the Closet Following the discovery of Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper's murders, Kirby is brought in alongside Olivia and Jill to the police station where they are questioned by Sheriff Riley and Deputy Judy Hicks. Another attendee is Sidney Prescott. Inside the room where they face police questioning, Kirby fears she may not live as long as Olivia and Jill because she did not receive a phone call from Jenny or Marnie's phones like Olivia and Jill did. Kirby is then seen at the Roberts residence, where she is staying over with Jill and her mother, Kate. Deputy Hoss and Perkins are giving the girls 24/7 police protection, though Olivia does not want to come upstairs with them. Kirby and Jill are watching Shaun of the Dead (2004), while Jill calls Olivia next door. Kirby answers a call from Trevor Sheldon's phone, and the Ghostface voice begins speaking to her. Meanwhile, Jill pranks Olivia next door pretending to be Ghostface. The real Ghostface claims to be in the closet, but, as Kirby checks Jill's closet, the killer reveals he did not say which closet he was in. The killer brutally murders Olivia next door while Kirby and Jill helplessly watch through Jill's window. Third Annual Stab-A-Thon Friday, 30 September 2011: In the aftermath, Kirby appears stern and serious at the Cinema Club meeting at Woodsboro High the next day, which is Friday (as noted by Robbie). The group is discussing the murders and the rules of a horror remake. She shows Sidney, who attends as guest, camera footage on her iPhone 3GS which shows Trevor Sheldon glaring at her from the back of the classroom. The scene paints a parallel between Sidney and Kirby, with both wearing leather brown jackets. Later that night, Kirby attends the third annual Stab-A-Thon. The event is taking place at an abandoned farm on Fort Dillon Road. She tells Jill that she believes Olivia would understand and that she'd "want me to see other people". However, she becomes irritant when she notices Trevor show up. After Gale is stabbed, she is forced to vacate the premises. Although Jill has already texted her, asking for her to pick her up as her mother is apparently aggravating her.
TelevisionHomecoming afterparty From there, Kirby returns to her house, where she is home alone in the early morning hours of Saturday AM. They text Robbie and Charlie to come over as well. Just as Charlie is putting on Stab 7, Trevor also appears, telling Kirby that she should not leave the door unlocked. Kirby appears deeply annoyed at his appearance, and asks what he is doing at her house. He claims Jill sent him a text inviting him over. This angers Jill and she heads upstairs to look for her phone. Trevor then asks who sent the text from Jill's phone and Kirby laughs at him. She asks him, "Isn't your phone missing?" He says he "got a new one" and she comments on how "incredibly convenient" that is while he leaves the room. Soon enough, Robbie dismisses himself and heads outside, drunkenly, to do a podcast. In this, he says that he thinks Charlie will get the girl (Kirby). It is true. Back inside, Kirby knocks Charlie out of his Stab trance and tells him he should probably make a move. Charlie asks why doesn't she. She says she already did, telling him she always thought he was cute. They kiss but are interrupted when Trevor bursts in and ruins the moment. Charlie furiously walks out, angered his moment with Kirby is ruined. The killer first kills Robbie, who wanders around to the front of the house outside. Kirby seemingly hears the commotion and goes to the front door to investigate. She is startled by Jill coming back down the stairs who claims to have found her phone with no text sent to Trevor. They open the front door to look for Robbie, Charlie, and Trevor, but find Sidney suddenly on the doorstep in tears instead. Sidney grabs Jill's hand, telling her they need to hurry and leave. They start to leave but see Robbie walking up the steps, fatally stabbed. He tells them to run, before collapsing. Killer in the House The three girls notice Ghostface rushing in from behind. Kirby runs to another room downstairs while Sidney and Jill run upstairs with Ghostface (Charlie inside the costume) following them. Sidney soon joins up with her and Kirby leads the way to a room in the basement. They lock themselves in. Charlie appears at the sliding doors, with his hands covered in blood, claiming he found Robbie's dead body. Kirby refuses to let him in, for fear of her own life, but Ghostface soon attacks him. He yells for Kirby and the outside lights go out. Once they flicker back on, Charlie appears outside tied to a chair. This scene likens itself to the first movie, where Casey Becker is trying to save her boyfriend, Steven Orth, who was tied up outside to a chair. Near-death experience Kirby, assuming the role of Casey, receives a call from Charlie's phone at 2.57am, and is forced to participate in movie trivia from Ghostface (who turns out to be Jill Roberts on the other line). She correctly answers the warm-up questions which consists of horror villains' weapons. When the Ghostface voice asks her about a groundbreaking horror remake, she interrupts him and names all the horror movies that have been remade. Thinking she has answered correctly, she heads out and unties Charlie. He says, "Kirby, this is making a move!" before stabbing her in the stomach, revealing that he is the killer. This refers to their previous talk back in the house, where Kirby told him she already made the first move. He continues to speak to her, telling her, "Four years of classes together and you notice me now?" Saying this reveals his obsessive crush on her but also his psychotic resentment at never having received attention from her the way he wanted. He catches Kirby from falling and yells, "You stupid bitch. It's too late," before stabbing her once again in the same location. His voice seems to be breaking and quivering at this point as if he's going to cry. "Doesn't happen as fast as it does in the movies, I know," he says as he painfully holds her in place. These are his last words to her before he lets her fall to the ground. Kirby is left to hold her bleeding stomach. Sighing, he regretfully runs his fingers through his hair and walks away from the scene of the crime. Soon after, Sidney hears a noise coming from the basement and calls out Kirby's name, before Charlie grabs her by the neck. Kirby was legally dead for four minutes and was then revived where she took time to recover. Aftermath Kirby was presumably resuscitated after she was rescued from her basement, after suffering two stabs to the stomach. It is unknown whether she overheard Jill's rant to Sidney, and the subsequent chaos. Her reaction to finding out Jill was a serial killer is also unseen. After recovering, she became a special agent in the FBI Atlanta office, taking a personal mission to investigate Ghostface killings. Woodsboro Survivor Interview (2018) In 2018, Kirby gave a public interview about her survival with Bloody Disgusting 7 years after her near-death experience. By October 2022, it had received 4.6 million views on YouTube. 25th Anniversary Legacy Killings (2022) In 2021, the interview is visible as an Easter egg in the fifth film. it is the top recommended video for Richie Kirsch as he watches a Youtube video that criticises Stab 8 (2020). She is seen with long hair in this Youtube thumbnail video clip snapshot (a publicity still of an actual photo of actress Hayden Panettiere). The New York Ghostface Murders Kirby arrives in New York City after hearing about the murders of Jason Carvey and his roommate, Greg Bruckner, two Blackmore University students who she'd been tracking the online activity of. She meets with Wayne Bailey, who is threatened by her arrival, and the two agree to work together to find the killer. After Wayne's daughter, Quinn Bailey, is killed, Kirby goes with the remaining survivors to a theatre tracked down by Gale, much to Kirby's surprise as she hadn't come across this in her research. Kirby is disturbed to see clothes and Ghostface robes worn by Jill and Charlie, and she then bonds with Mindy Meeks-Martin about horror movies and with Tara Carpenter about living as a survivor. Wayne devises a plan to track down the killer and Kirby sends Gale away as she is not an authority figure. Kirby uses her skills to track down a call from Ghostface, unaware that it's a setup by Wayne and his kids, and discovers that Ghostface is at Gale's penthouse where he plans to kill her. Kirby later meets the group at the theatre again as they plan to trap Ghostface there and Wayne frames her as the killer by stating that she was exiled from the FBI for mental health reasons and locking the group in the theatre whilst Quinn and Ethan hid Kirby after knocking her out. Kirby comes to and pleads her innocence and is then shot by Wayne who reveals himself, Quinn and Ethan Landry, his son, as the killers, all wanting revenge against Sam for killing Wayne's other son, Richie Kirsch, mastermind of the 2022 Woodsboro Murders. Kirby comes to after Sam and Tara have killed the family, however Ethan tries one last time to kill them but Kirby is able to crush his skull using the same TV that killed Stu Macher. She is then wheeled into an ambulance and tells Sam to call her if she ever needs help.
BooksSamantha "Sam" Carpenter is the protagonist of the Radio Silence reboot of the Scream films, she serves a supporting role in the first beginning with the fifth film, simply titled Scream (2022) and is the protagonist of the followed by its most recent sequel, Scream VI (2023). Having run from a troubled past, the former Woodsboro resident returns to her haunted small California hometown to aid her younger sister Tara against a new Ghostface entity. Later, she and the Core Four (consisting of herself, her younger sister and the Meeks-Martin twins) are confronted with a series of Ghostface entities in New York City. At age 13, she discovered the secret of her birth origin — she is the biological daughter of original Ghostface serial killer, Billy Loomis who derives from the original Scream (1996). Correspondingly, this also makes her the paternal granddaughter of the first copycat Ghostface killer, Nancy Loomis, who appeared in Scream 2 (1997). After her legal father's abandonment due to her birth origin revelation, she spiraled into a life of drugs and crime. This dismayed soon-Sheriff Judy Hicks, who Sam would babysit the son of (one of these duties was during the second Woodsboro Murders). At age 19 (likely almost 20) — with Woodsboro no longer serving her any good — she abandoned it in favor of another California town. In her departure, Sam did not say goodbye to her mother or baby sister (then age 13). Over 5 years later, Sam is confronted with both her troubled teen past and birth origin. Now a 25-year-old bowling alley attending, she joins forces with original legacy franchise survivors, Dewey Riley, Gale Weathers and Sidney Prescott, to stop the new killer. She finds herself to be Ghostface's primary target. In the end, Sam proves to embody the rules of a real-life horror movie legacy "requel" (reboot and sequel); she is both the descendant of a legacy character, and the new Ghostface entity is her own boyfriend, Richie whom she is able to kill (staying true to the original Sidney-Billy dynamic), as well as his accomplice who lives at 261 Turner Lane, Woodsboro (Macher residence), Amber Freeman. One year later, Sam still deals with hallucinations of her father. She is in therapy, dates Danny Brackett, and also deals with public scrutiny following conspiracy theories accusing her of being the true killer of the Legacy Killings. She lives in New York City where the rest of the Core Four study at Blackmore University. Alongside former schoolmate Kirby Reed, the Core Four confront a trio of family killers—NYPD detective Wayne Bailey, and his children, Quinn and Ethan, who seek revenge against Sam for killing Richie, Wayne's son and the siblings' older brother. She successfully kills two of the three killers, and inspires Tara to get the therapy she needs. Meanwhile Sam herself is alluded to have embraced the darker side of her father and grandmother. Samantha is portrayed by Melissa Barrera. Early Life Samantha was conceived 1996, several months before the Woodsboro Murders. The result of an affair Christina Carpenter had behind her high school sweetheart and eventual husband's back. She was born on May 19, 1997. Five years later, her mother became pregnant again and gave birth to her younger half-sister, Tara Carpenter, her legal father Mr. Carpenter's first biological child, unbeknownst to him at the time. Truth of Parentage One day when she was 13, she searched the attic for Christmas gifts. This led to her finding her mother's old diaries which revealed that she was in fact the daughter of Billy Loomis, the original Woodsboro Ghostface killer. Sam was shocked by this revelation and demanded an explanation from her mother, unaware that her father was listening and as a result of the confrontation, he left the family in anger. Troubled Teen Babysitter and Abandoning Woodsboro After the discovery of who her father was, Sam descended down a rabbit hole of drugs and crime, drawing the attention of Woodsboro Sheriff Deputy Judy Hicks (later Sheriff) whose son Wes she used to babysit, along with Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin, the twin niece and nephew of Randy Meeks. When she started her freshmen year at Woodsboro High, she crossed paths with a popular senior student, Kirby Reed and the two formed a friendship despite the age difference between them. When she turned 18, Sam decided to leave Woodsboro, abandoning her mother and sister (the fifth film and Tara refers to Sam being gone for 5 years; due to the Third Woodsboro Murders taking place in 2022 instead of 2021, means Sam left just before she turned 20, in 2017 instead of 2016). She moved to Modesto, California and got a job in a bowling alley. Six months prior to the Third Woodsboro Murders, she began a relationship with Richie Kirsch. Sam would take antipsychotic medication to cope with the truth or her parentage. Despite the medication, she would still suffer hallucinations of her birth father. 2022 Woodsboro Legacy "Requel" Murders “I just couldn't be around you anymore, Tara. Not only because I destroyed our family that night, but because those diaries told me who my real father was. It was Billy Loomis, and somebody knows and I think that's why you got hurt and I'm so fucking sorry that I never told you and that I ran away. I'm so sorry-” –Sam to Tara revealing truth of her parentage and their family dynamic, relating to her attack, Scream (2022) Five years after leaving town, Sam's sister Tara is attacked by Ghostface, Wes Hicks calls Sam to inform her and Sam makes the decision, with Richie, to return to Woodsboro. They immediately go to see Tara in the hospital, to the welcome and dismay from others, and Sam apologizes to Tara for leaving her and agrees to stay in town. Later on, Sam is taking a break at the hospital and when she looks in the mirror she hallucinates a vision of Billy who taunts her for being his daughter. Sam's phone rings and when she answers it's the Killer who claims to know her secret. Ghostface jumps out from behind the door and tries to attack her, however she is able to escape and she then reveals to Tara the reason she left town. Tara gets angry at Samantha for this and demands she leave. Sam decides they need an expert to help them and she and Richie visit Dewey Riley who gives them two minutes with him. He explains the rules of surviving these attacks and then kicks them out of his house. However he later has a change of heart and joins Sam and Richie and the Meeks-Martin house, where the rest of Tara’s friends have gathered. Dewey introduces the teens to Stab and the history of Billy and Stu and they attempt to figure out the connection between the Killer and Samantha. Mindy, who has the same traits as her uncle, deduces that the Killer is attempting to create a "Requel" - a reboot / sequel - to Stab 8, which at that point is just called Stab, which received poor reviews amongst fans and is a generally hated sequel. They realize the Killer is probably a Stab fan who is using Sam and Tara to make the movie. They are using Tara and her friends as the new generation and using Sam's connection to Billy Loomis as a way to weave the legacy characters, Sidney, Dewey and Gale, into the story. Sam gets angry when she is accused of being the Killer, and flees. As she drives, she has another hallucination of Billy and just narrowly avoids a fatal car accident. After Judy and Wes are killed, Sam arrives on the scene and learns about their deaths. A news van pulls up, and a woman approaches Samantha looking for information. It is revealed that it's Gale Weathers. Sam then spots Deputy Vinson at the crime scene, despite the fact that he should be watching Tara at the hospital and she races back to save her sister, with Dewey joining her. They are able to distract the Killer long enough to catch him off guard, however Dewey sends the sisters away and prepares to kill Ghostface once and for all, resulting in his own death. Sam decides it's time to leave Woodsboro and ignores Sidney Prescott's request for help. Along the way, Tara realizes she forgot her inhaler and they stop at Amber's house to get another one, unaware that Amber's house is 261 Turner Lane, Stu Macher's old house. They arrive in time to interrupt Ghostface as he's trying to kill Chad Meeks-Martin and they call the party off. After Mindy is attacked, an argument breaks out amongst the group resulting in Amber Freeman unmasking herself as one of the killers. Richie and Sam flee to the basement to hide and Richie deduces that Tara may be the other killer, resulting in Sam abandoning him. She finds Tara tied up upstairs and hesitates to untie her. Sidney and Gale arrive at the house and it's finally revealed that the other killer is none other than Richie. He and Amber reveal that they are trying to make a new Stab movie after the fail of Stab 8 and they are pinning Sam as the killer, as she is the daughter of Billy Loomis. Amber goes to grab Tara so they can finish her off together however it is revealed that Sam did untie her and Tara taunts them with a phone call. Amber looks for Tara who jumps out and attacks her. Samantha then fights Richie as Amber returns to the kitchen where Sidney and Gale gang up on her. Sidney and Gale kill Amber by setting her on fire, and Samantha repeatedly stabs Richie and then slits his throat, killing him. Sidney warns her that the Killer always comes back, so Samantha shoots him three times. A burnt Amber comes running at them from the kitchen with a kitchen knife and Tara shoots her through the head, finally killing her. Outside, Tara, Mindy and a still alive Chad are taken to hospital and Sam thanks Gale and Sidney for their help. Samantha asks Sidney if she will be alright. Sidney knowing she will endure similar things she went through replies to her with a slight smile saying, "Eventually." As Sam prepares to leave in the ambulance with Tara, she hallucinates Billy standing behind her once more, indicating that he still is, and will continue to, haunt her.
Heroes Aftermath Following the murders, Sam no longer suffered hallucinations of Billy and tried to lead a normal life. She was cut off by Christina for revealing the truth about her biological father to Tara. When Tara graduated Woodsboro High, she enroled at Blackmore University and moved to New York, and given that Sam had nothing left in Woodsboro and she was worried for Tara's safety, she followed her there, taking "two shitty jobs" to support their living. Sam also began to deal with the fallout of Gale's new book, Requel: Terror Returns To Woodsboro, which depicted Sam as a psychopath, and a new online community that had been started that accused Sam of being the true mastermind of the 2022 Requel Murders, having framed Richie and Amber. Not being able to support themselves completely, the sisters put an ad up for a roommate and were contacted by Quinn Bailey, a "sex positive" student, who soon moved in with them. Little did they know, she was actually the sister of Richie and was planning to get revenge against them along with her father, Wayne Bailey, and brother, Ethan Landry, who had been assigned to be roommates with Chad. Sam also struck up a romantic relationship with neighbor, Danny Brackett, something she wanted to keep hidden which didn't bother Danny. The New York Ghostface Murders (2023) "I have this darkness inside of me. It followed me here.” –Sam to Dr. Christopher Stone, Scream VI On the same night that a new Ghostface killer murders Blackmore University, Jason Carvey, Sam attends a therapy session with her new therapist, Dr. Stone, where she tells him about her lack of Billy Loomis hallucinations but that she feels there is still a darkness inside of her as when she was stabbing Richie to death, "it felt right". This makes Dr. Stone uncomfortable and he ends their session and reveals that he has to share this information with the police. Sams storms out of the house, telling Dr. Stone that he's the same as the rest of them. She returns to the apartment that she shares with Tara and Quinn and is surprised to see Tara isn't there. Quinn, who is hosting one of many men that she usually does, tells her that Tara went to a frat party with Chad, Mindy, Anika Kayoko, and Ethan. Sam, who has been hovering over Tara since arriving in New York goes to the party where she finds a student, Frankie, trying to take advantage of her and so she tases him in the testicles. On the way back to their apartment, Sam and Tara argue about Sam not being able to let go of what happened in Woodsboro and Sam is then ambushed by students who believe the conspiracy that she framed Richie. They return to their apartment and Sam spends some time alone in the foyer. When Danny returns home, they kiss in secret before another resident returns. Sam goes back upstairs and a news report reports on the murder of Jason. Sam asks Quinn to call her dad, Detective Bailey, and he informs her that her drivers license was found at the scene of Jason's murder and that she needs to come down to the police station for questioning. Despite her reluctance, Sam allows Tara to come with her. Along the way, Sam gets a call from Richie's old phone number and when she answers, it's Ghostface on the other line. He threatens the sister and then ambushes them from an alley. They evade him and run into a Bodega which Ghostface follows them in to. Ghostface kills multiple customers. The Bodega owner tells them to go out the back and tries to shoot Ghostface with a shotgun. Sam and Tara ask the owner for the keys to escape and whilst grabbing them, Ghostface jumps out and stabs him in the heart, he then takes the shotgun and kills the owner. He stalks the girls through the Bodega and they are able to escape, leaving Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker's old Ghostface mask behind. The sisters are interviewed by Wayne at the police station but the interview is interrupted by the arrival of FBI Agent, and Woodsboro Survivor, Kirby Reed, and it is revealed that Kirby and Sam were friends at Woodsboro High, despite their age difference. The sisters leave the police station and are ambushed by reporters, including Gale. Sam and Tara argue with Gale and both try to clock her in the face, with Tara succeeding. They leave in a taxi, with Gale telling them that Sidney won't be coming to New York. They meet with the rest of the group at the University campus where Mindy explains the rules of the new movie and her suspects list. Sam and Tara offer to host everyone in their apartment so they can be together and safe in numbers. The survivors have a heart-to-heart with each other and Chad nicknames them the "core four". Sam then confesses that she is dating Danny and ignores his subsequent phone call when he's trying to warn her that Ghostface is in Quinn's bedroom. They hear grunting and screaming coming from Quinn's room and intially believe it's Quinn having sex but soon realise it's sinister and Quinn's 'dead' body is thrown through the door. Tara and Chad escape through the front door and Sam, Mindy and Anika are forced to climb over a ladder between their apartment and Danny's, resulting in Anika's death after Ghostface flips the ladder whilst she's climbing across. The next morning, Gale reconciles with the group and takes them to an abandoned theatre that is registered under Jason's name. Inside is a shrine dedicated to Ghostface, containing his old costumes and masks and various pieces of clothing and Stab memorabilia. Sam and Gale have a heart-to-heart about Sam being cut off by Christina and her desire to have a family again and Gale tells her that she can still have a family even if it's only with one person. Wayne shares an idea he has on how to capture Ghostface and has Sam and Tara walk through a park, with him watching over them, whilst Kirby traces a phone call from Ghostface that he hopes will be triggered by Sam and Tara being out in public. It works and Sam receives a call and they track the call to Gale's penthouse on the Upper East Side. Sam and Tara steal Wayne's police car and race to Gale's penthouse where they arrive just in time to interrupt Ghostface from finishing Gale off. However, as Gale passes out she asks them to tell Sidney that Ghostface never got her. Gale is then taken to the hospital with a weak pulse with her fate left unknown. The core four go to the hospital, with Ethan, to await news on Gale and Tara then comes up with a plan to trap Ghostface in the shrine so they can kill him. Wayne agrees to the plan and tells them to travel in public. The group go to the subway however are separated from Mindy and Ethan who are held back by commuters. On the subway, Sam notices multiple commuters wearing Ghostface costumes and becomes nervous when one commuter approaches them sinisterly, however they disembark without issue. They arrive at the shrine, and Sam sends Danny away as he previously told Sam that she shouldn't trust anyone, not even him. They go into the shrine and Sam hallucinates Billy again who tells her to take his knife from the glass display case it is in so she can fight, and Sam obliges. She then notices that the door has been chained shut and gets a call from Wayne who tells her that Kirby was fired from the FBI because of her mental health and they turn on Kirby. Sam, Tara and Chad run from Ghostface and then fight him, and when Chad holds Ghostface back to let Sam and Tara run, a second Ghostface appears and the two stab Chad and leave him for dead. Sam and Tara return to the theatre and the two Ghostface's corner them and they prepare to fight. Kirby comes out and reveals that the two Ghostface's knocked her out and then Wayne shows up and shoots Kirby, revealing himself as the killer. The two Ghostface's unmask themselves, revealing them as Ethan and Quinn, and they reveal that they are all family of Richie's, being his siblings and father, and that they want revenge against Sam for killing him. Sam and Tara evade the trio and flee to the upstairs where Tara slips off the railing. Sam holds onto her as Ethan stabs at her from below, and Tara tells Sam that she has to let her go, and so Sam gives Tara Billy's knife and lets her go and Tara falls to the ground and stabs Ethan. Quinn climbs up to the second floor and tries to ambush Sam but Sam shoots her in the head and kills her. Wayne then attacks her and the two go flying off the edge of the rail and to the ground. Wayne is knocked out and when he wakes up he gets a call from Tara (using Sam's phone), who uses the Ghostface voice to taunt him. Sam then emerges behind him wearing Billy's old mask and robe and uses Billy's knife to stab Wayne to death by stabbing him forty times and once through the eye. Danny shows up with police officers who he called for help and tells them that Mindy and Gale both survived their wounds. With the killings coming to an end once more, Sam watches as Kirby is wheeled into an ambulance and she tells Sam to call her if she ever needs anything. They witness as Chad is wheeled out of the theatre, still alive and they embrace as the core four. As Chad is driven away, Sam reveals that she still has Billy's mask in her jacket but then drops it to the ground as she walks off with Tara and Danny.

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Status: Single
Here for:Dating, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Jericho, Vermont
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Some college
Characters: Enid Sinclair
Verses: Wednesday, Scream 5/VI
Playbys: Emma Myers
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Heroes/Villains, Spar/Fighting, Television,
Member Since:October 02, 2017

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   Enid's Blurbs
About me:
Enid Sinclair is a werewolf student at Nevermore Academy who is the roommate and best friend of Wednesday Addams. She is also one of the main characters in the Netflix Series Wednesday. She is Wednesday's sunny and colorful Californian roommate at Nevermore Academy. During the series, Enid is one of the only people to continuously support and look out for Wednesday. While she has no connection to the murders themselves, she actively helps Wednesday with her investigations into them. She constantly acts as a character who is supportive of everyone while still maintaining the ability to stand up for herself and the people she cares about. Enid is portrayed by Emma Myers

MySpace Layouts
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Who I'd like to meet:
Biography Enid is from San Francisco; she grew up with older brothers. She closely follows ice hockey and supports the San Jose Sharks of the NHL. It is shown that she has a rocky relationship with her parents, particularly her mother. This is demonstrated during Parent's Weekend. Enid counts up to three seconds before her mother makes a comment on her looks and calls it a personal best, implying that her mother often makes remarks on her appearance. Her father, on the other hand, seems to be a more gentle presence in her life, someone Enid is more comfortable with than her mother. Enid is tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair has blue and pink highlights at the ends. Oftentimes, she wears it out, but occasionally she is seen with a braid on her right side. She has light freckles and different-colored nails that turn into claws at different points. She wears her traditional Nevermore uniform with no alterations. Enid prefers to dress in multicolored or fluffy clothes outside of school. She is often seen in colorful sweaters and coordinated outfits. She wears colored eyeshadow and eyeliner to match the outfit she is wearing. She wears the traditional school shoes, however, and replaces the normal black laces with bright pink shoelaces. At the Rave'N, Enid is wearing a pink wig and sequin outfit to match the theme. Her dress is white with pink undertones and has a fur collar. She has rhinestones under her eyes, red lipstick, and pink eyeshadow. She is wearing white knee-high platform boots. During the Poe Cup, Enid and her team, the "Black Cats," have a feline-themed costume. She's dressed in a black wetsuit with pink stitching and pink highlights, with the team logo in white stamped on her shoulder. Enid wears black cat ears, and her fingerless gloves are made up of pink fishnets over black fabric. Her makeup consists of dark pink face paint on her nose to give it a cat-like look and whiskers drawn on with eyeliner. She has dark pink and black lipstick on her lips and wears pink eyeshadow with winged eyeliner for her eyes. During the Poe Cup, her nails are iridescent and pink. When her werewolf form finally emerged, it resembled a bipedal wolf with a hunched-over appearance, no tail, and longer fangs while still sporting Enid's colored highlights.

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Baby's Requests

Mar 7th 2024 - 4:29 PM


heartHi! So happy you are here!
If you need anything please don't hesitate
Requests can include Snail mail cards (birthdays/ holidays), simple edits, share and shout outs!
Just shoot me a message and I will see what I can do to help! heart

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Mar 7th 2024 - 7:11 PM

Your welcome and I will, you do good work I've seen it

Feb 6th 2024 - 10:54 PM

Yes please


Feb 7th 2024 - 5:17 PM

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Jan 28th 2024 - 10:18 PM

I just wanted to be clear 😁


Jan 29th 2024 - 7:00 PM

I know just that using pics of the character is great like I did with Wednesday Cole Sprouse is a great actor to use as a face claim and to use pics to add more to your profile

Jan 27th 2024 - 8:15 PM

Actually Silas Is not Jughead just a OC I am using Jughead as a faceclame that is pretty much it . Silas is Wednesday Addams Twin brother 


Jan 28th 2024 - 7:22 PM

I know it's just using his faceclaim with pics of him to use as SIlas
𝖋𝖔𝖓𝖈é 𝖒𝖆𝖈𝖆𝖇𝖗𝖊

Oct 31st 2023 - 10:11 PM

Thanks!! I'll try to check them out. I appreciate it.


Nov 4th 2023 - 8:34 PM

Of course your welcome
Vampire Woman

Oct 31st 2023 - 7:47 PM

//Darling,you are already in my veins" -Author Unknown Thank you kindly for the request. (^,..,^) I thought I'd give you a bit about my character. I will write up a full bio when I am not busy snacking on tourists. I appreciate your time and look forward to discussing soon.

My character I tend to keep rather simple, she is just short of 600 years old. She lived around 1450 in Puerto Rico, she was a Taino Indian on the island, she was turned in her early twenties. She has spent her time learning to fight with swords and hand to hand along with traveling the world. She has the typical vampire traits, accelerated speed, healing, agility, strength, keen senses, the one extra that sets her apart is a gift for producing and manipulating fire. Its a gift she does not have complete control over, it can emerge in times of anger or extreme emotion. Jade's mood is often connected with her hunger, if she has not fed recently she can grow agitated, angry even hostile. Her personality though I tend to bend depending on who I am writing with and what they are looking for as far as a story. She can be protective etc or she can be an enemy, and everything in between, just depending on which way you would want to go.

Jul 19th 2023 - 7:46 PM

I have been here since November or December, if I am not mistaken.


Jul 20th 2023 - 3:11 PM

Oh ok I've been here since 2020 and a different character at the time
Untamed Curse

Jul 17th 2023 - 2:08 AM

// Thank you so much for the add/request, I am happy and stoked to have you here. I am open to discussing anytime if you would like to write. However, if jumping right in suits you, I will welcome that too. If you simply want to hang out and chat and/or banter? Awesome!. Couple things to note: I am a slow writer and I do have other pages so if speed is your thing I will apologize now. Also, I know many will add me for Teen Wolf verse and thats okay. All are welcomed and if we can work out a crossover then I am all for it. Thank you again, and I hope to hear from you.


Jul 17th 2023 - 12:37 PM

Your welcome, nice to meet you, are you familair with Wednesday or Scream Movies basically the last 2 with Sam and Tara cause I'm rping Enid, Sam and Kirvy but mostly Enid who is a werewolf and student at Evermore, so how would they interact and where would they meet?
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