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Married to Linnea Nilsson

36 years old
Edmonton, Alberta

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March 26 2023

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:No Answer
Characters: Steven Mactovish
Verses: I deny/block all WWE crap. Fantasy (any time period. not supernatural tv show verse)
Playbys: Jensen Ackles (older, mid 20's to 30's), Brock Kelly (younger, 18-mid 20's)
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Custom, Fantasy, Real Life, Romance, Supernatural,
Status: Married
Member Since:June 22, 2017

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Steven Mactovish NO WORDS Main story

The young man who discovers he's a Lemurian. Steven sets out to meet a mysterious girl his age, who he soon discovers is not only a princess in another realm, but that she and many others can use magic. The two enter the Campus for Supernatural Beings. They intend on becoming Shepherds to protect humanity from evil even as they work to fulfill their destiny and destroy the Ing, the race of dark beings that brought Lemuria to near extinction. As powerful as the two are, they know that only together they can win. They won't be alone, either. Friends and allies will join them as they fight for the future.

The Next Generation

The Ing are dead, and with it comes a newfound hope and the supernatural population begins to recover. But evil still lurks. Steven, Linnea and their friends, now Shepherds continue their fight to defend the future they fought so hard for. Their six children, Corey, Matt, Amy, Rivka, Beth, and Dean grow up and take their places as the next generation. New enemies and allies await them. No matter what happens. It's seldom a dull day for the Mactovish family.

Love Life Linnea Nilsson
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Status: Married
Whom: Linnea Nilsson
Since: Sixteen years currently
Engaged: May
Married: New Year's Eve

Steven met Linnea when the two were 18, and he travelled to the Nilsson kingdom after spending time with her in the dream realm. The two found out they were not only true mates, but soul bonded. It was their destiny to destroy the Ing who had destroyed Lemuria and forced the survivors to flee to Earth. The two were married shortly before their battle with Kaylee and Celosia.
Roleplay Information
Fantasy | Modern | Supernatural | VERSE | VERSE Basic Information
Name: Steven Mactovish
Nickname(s): None
Age: Early to mid 30s (Immortal)
Birthday: November 5th
Gender: Male
Species: Lemurian (Human-Demon Hybrid)
Orientation: Straight
Parents: Novelek & Sophitia Mactovish
Siblings: None
Significant Other: Linnea Nilsson
Children: Corey, Matt, Amy, Rivka, Beth, Dean.
QUIRKS: None really
Information: Steven is a skilled sword fighter and by the end of his battle with the Ing he had achieved the dual channelling ability. He's skilled with numerous other weapons including a knife, scythe and various fire arms. He owns a Kimber Night Warrior customized to his liking as well as an M203 grenade launcher with a pistol grip and stock attached. As a teen he was a bit of a loner. After meeting Linnea and they began attending the CFSB he began making friends and his natural leadership qualities came out. He's somewhat stubborn and has a tendency to fly off the handle. Especially when it comes to dealing with Angels. In battle he's completely focused and relies on his demonic strength, speed, reflexes and aura to seize the initiative and dominate the fight with a relentless offense. He tends to let his instincts guide him and they can lead him to pulling off unpredictable tactics. Corey was born a few months after the Ing were destroyed. Matt was adopted at two years old. Amy was born two years later, followed by their twin girls Rivka and Beth. Dean was born two years after the twins.

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