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Peter Whitlock

Peter Whitlock nee White is from Houston, Texas and was turned into a vampire in 1913 at the age of 23. He was called the Captain but has a alter personality called the General. He is also the former second in command to Jasper Hale nee Whitlock during their vampire army years. A travelling nomad, Peter only feeds from the worst humans like murderers, high end criminals etc and is a distant relative to the Swans.

Peter is neutral about the shifters and the Cullens, although the Cullens don't like him. Calm and often snarky, he has a power similar to Alice Cullen's visions but he just gets bits of concrete information and he dislikes depending on it. He also has a mental and physical shield. He runs an information network and will help if necessary but is a nomad, so tends to travel alot.

Random Facts

~ He's Bi but prefers Men.

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Apr 3rd 2020 19:57

"Whitlock!" Severus banged on the other man's front door frantically. Holding a child sleeping in his arms. He didn't know why he chose to go to Peter's house of all places but he couldn't think of another safe spot for Lily's son. James and Lily were both dead. Their friends? Well, one betrayed them. None could be trusted now. Dumbledore may have made a suggestion. Severus saw through to it. "Come on. I am here needing your aid." As the door opened, Snape didn't even wait. He pushed his way past Peter and sat the child down on the nearest couch he could see gently before gesturing Whitlock to the kitchenette. "Look, Lily and James are dead. The Dark lord killed him. The Dark lord is supposedly dead. We both know that's horse sh*t. He'll bide his time and come back. And what will one of his first moves be? To come after that child so he doesn't look weak! We need to protect him and your place can be a safe house for that." 

Severus sat down in a chair exhausted. "Since you are blood and it's either you or Petunia....we are asking, as in the order... you to take in and raise Harry. The blood will be strong enough to protect him if we do the right protection spells. That's why I have been sent. Dumbledore thinks that you and I working together will be potent protection since I loved- I love-" his voice cut off. He still couldn't believe the woman he had loved most of his life was dead. He tried to get there in time to stop it but he was too late. Instead? He found Lily and James dead and an inconsolable baby. Dumbledore showed up shortly after and they made a plan. Snape was a broken man. 

"Please tell me you'll do it. No offense to your cousin but, Petunia's a right bitch and that child will have no real love in that house." His concern coated the sentence with every word he spoke. Though he had no real love of the child at this moment, he loved Lily and that was what was left of her. Harry must be protected at all costs. "What do you say? Want to work together to protect this child? I never got to apologize properly to Lily and would like to make it up to her by protecting this boy. You are her family. We can do this together." He held out his hand to shake Peter's. Not bothering to hide how sincere he actually was. He was a man with a broken heart. He was ready to get back at Voldemort. For everything. Ready to do anything he could to protect Harry. He was ready. 

Apr 2nd 2020 17:39


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for either adding or accepting me! 

The name is Renesmee; in case you didn't know!
We should plot soon!

sтσℓεη ιηησcεηcε

Mar 31st 2020 12:31

Life had dealt a strange hand to James Buchanan Barnes; he had lived a simple life at the start. A child in Brooklyn he had spent much of his formative years with his best friend Steve Rogers. Steve was a sickly child who nobody had thought would survive birth no matter into adulthood, but somehow with the love of his mother and ‘Bucky’ always having his back he had. In truth, Bucky couldn’t have survived without Steve, they were brothers and were rarely apart. Well, until Bucky volunteered for the army in World War Two something Steve couldn’t do, no matter how many times he tried.

It was here that everything changed, Steve signed up for a new programme, an attempt to make super soldiers and was given a serum that made him strong. Bucky had been taken prisoner by HYDRA, but Steve saved him, and once reunited Bucky worked many missions under Steve and they worked so so well together. They were the dream team, until one fateful mission when Bucky fell from a train and died…. or everyone thought he had died….

In reality he had been found and taken to a HYDRA facility, there his arm that had been damaged in the fall was removed and a new metal arm replaced it. HYDRA had been working on their own super soldier serum and they tried it on Bucky, it worked. He became just like Steve, but instead of fighting for good Bucky was brainwashed, frozen when not being used, and tortured until he did just what they wanted.

He was their defining and most proud moment, instead of being Bucky he was now the Winter Soldier. He was trained and efficient at killing and used like a weapon as if he had no feelings and no wants in life. He had been brainwashed over and over again, his memories changed and erased so many times he never knew what to trust. He was lost and alone in this world where he was owned like cattle, and hated every moment of it.

Most of the time HYDRA had him under control, but after seeing a man who he knew from somewhere and fought they had lost him. In the blink of an eye the master spy had disappeared and now not only was HYDRA looking for him but so were the Avengers. He had spotty memories of Steve Rogers, he was now Captain America but there had been a time when he had been just Steve and his best friend.

Bucky had been holed up in an apartment in Budapest for a few days, but it was time he moved on. HYDRA were never many steps behind him and in truth he was pretty sure someone was tailing him. He finished his lunch and was putting it away when he heard a knock at the door, grabbing his backpack he pulled it on, and held his gun as he opened the door just wide enough to see out. He didn’t recognise this man, but that didn’t mean anything, so he aimed his gun, “What do you want?” he asked in both English and Hungarian.
Fearless Original

Mar 17th 2020 17:27


Aug 11th 2018 10:21

She felt Peter lift her softly and gently in his arms. She didn't realize how her body ached and just how thankfully it was to not have to try and walk. What had Edward done to her? She was so broken now as if he had ripped her into pieces. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let her eyes close. 

It was there that she thought she would find peace. A sense of ease, but instead horrid memories flooded her mind there when her eyes were closed. She quickly opened them back up and fought how tired she was. Her dreams would be haunted nightmares, but even being awake was a nightmare now. She wouldn't be able to have peace my mind. 

She felt a few tears slip from her eyes. "Please let this be over," she sobbed. 
ᴮᴵᴳ ʀeputation

Aug 9th 2018 18:23

Allow me to extend my sincerest apologies in taking so long to reply to you. Please know it isn't for lack of interest in the storyline or respect for you as a writer--I've just been incredibly slow lately, hah. Here's hoping this is the last of that. 

From the moment she was conceived, Hope’s young life had been a traumatic one. She had been targeted before she even left the womb, subject to multiple assassination attempts from various witches who were threatened by her unnatural conception, the power she was prophesied to hold, and the mere fact that she was a child of one of the most dangerous and feared supernatural beings in the world. And despite all of the power the Mikaelsons collectively had, it had been a difficult nine months, ensuring that little baby had the chance to see the light of day, breathe the air of the world around her into her tiny lungs, and let out her first cry. Klaus had certainly not been on board with things right off the bat, not even remotely considering himself the paternal type, but as the months went on and he got to experience those little flutters of kicks with his hand pressed firmly to Hayley’s growing stomach, got to hear the rapid-fire patter of her heartbeat, he realized that maybe he could do this, somehow. Maybe he could love his child more than his own father lad loved him. Maybe he could protect her and help her grow into a woman who would carry on the Mikaelson family name and legacy. 

Those first nine months had been hard for both mother and child, but it was nothing compared to her birth. At the mercy of a coven of witches, hellbent on sacrificing the baby, Hayley’s labour had been induced, her child ripped from her and then whisked away, leaving the brunette with a slit neck and an empty womb. Klaus had heard Hope’s little cry as she took her first breaths, but she was gone in an instant, before he had a chance to lay eyes on her. With the help of his brother and a newly-ressurected-as-a-hybrid Hayley and no shortage of near-misses, Hope had been returned to them, safe and sound. Those small cries she let out as they brought her back home, swaddled in blankets and surrounded by her family, were the most miraculous sounds Klaus swore he’d ever heard. She’d been taken from them once then, and he told himself he’d never let that happen again, never be able to live with himself if it were to.  He underestimated his enemies, though, and overestimated his capacity to keep his littlest wolf safe.

But now, that familiar sound, Hope’s little unsettled cry, wafted down from the upper floor of the compound, no doubt from Hope’s little nursery, still untouched from the last time she’d been in there. Freya would have brought her up there, rocking her in that rocking chair she seemed so content in. Klaus hadn’t let himself realize just how much he’d missed the sound until now, feeling almost weak in the knees with relief at having her home, and—seemingly—safe. But that only brought his attention back to the non-traditional vampire before him. The two species didn’t seem to cross paths all that much, largely choosing to keep to themselves—at least, in his experience. They were an unsettling bunch, Klaus had always thought, but he knew Elijah kept company with a few of them over the years. And this one before him, well. He was another story.

Klaus was a tall one, standing at just around five feet, eleven inches, but this vampire he had in his grasp still towered before him. His pale skin contrasted with the glow of his red eyes, and even with Klaus’s impossibly tight grip around his throat, he didn’t seem all that affected by it. But then again, he wouldn’t be, he realized. They didn’t need to breathe the way vampires like Klaus did. The motion seemed useless then, but he still didn’t loosen his grip. Though it may not have its desired effect, it still ensured the taller vampire wouldn’t run off, try to escape the consequences of his actions. Not that it seemed like that was much of a danger either. He was strangely submissive, releasing Hope quite willingly, dropping his arms by his side and not putting up a fight in any which way. It was an unnatural response, one that gave the hybrid pause.

The vampire began to speak then, his voice coming out in a deep Southern drawl. Klaus’s eyes narrowed in suspicion at his story, a subtle hint of surprise glowing in them at the casual name drop of his older brother. “Why should I believe you?” he replied in a low voice. “How am I to trust that it was not you who took her, gathered all the information about her that you could to use as leverage, and then brought her back here under the guise of being her saviour, hoping to curry favour with an Original?” Pausing for a moment, he studied the man before him before letting out an exhale and loosening his grip on his throat marginally. His strangely calm demeanour was unnerving the hybrid. No one stood before him with an offence like this to their name, and accepted it calmly. “What are you playing at?” Klaus snarled again, a hint of his madness seeping through in his wild gaze.  
ᴮᴵᴳ ʀeputation

Jul 26th 2018 18:37

A thousand times Klaus had dreamed of Hope just miraculously showing up at his door. He’d concocted a myriad of different scenarios, each one more unrealistic than the next, as he lay in bed every night, awaiting the sleep that never seemed to come, constantly evaded him, leaving him to simply allow the tragic flow of thoughts through his mind instead. Sometimes, she was older. Years had gone by, and she’d be a teenager, sneaking her way out of whatever danger had held her captive for the better part of her life. She’d recognize him instantly, throwing her arms around him in a hug like no other—the warm embrace of his flesh and blood. 

Other times, she was the baby he remembered, in the arms of her warm-smiling mother, her relief palpable at having her angel of a daughter in her arms again. And on particularly dismal nights, he envisioned the best case scenario of the worst case scenario. She’d arrive home, winding up on their doorstep, but she’d be barely alive. Whatever had taken her from her family, it had done a number on her. But at least she was home again, because there was nothing the Mikaelsons couldn’t cure. They’ve all returned from the brink of death more times than they could count, and had returned the favour to others, both deserving and otherwise, that number ten-fold.

But they’d all been just that: the fanciful imaginings of a father in despair, desperate to be reunited with his daughter, despite how unlikely that was. The reality of their situation was that Hope was something that the supernatural world feared. She was the first of her kind, with power unlike anything else flowing through her veins. She had the power to cripple anybody, and she had the Mikaelson fire in her soul to back it up. It was why they’d fought so hard to protect her—anyone in their right mind would put her down the first chance they got, if they valued their own lives. If the situation were reversed, if Klaus were the one being faced with a supernatural being with the power to trump even him, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill. He knew it was unlikely they’d ever see Hope alive again, but that didn’t do much to stop him from dreaming it so.

And that was why, when he wrenched that big, heavy iron door open, Klaus’s mouth dropped open for a split second, momentarily paralyzed with shock. Because, there before him, in the arms of a pale-faced vampire he’d never seen before, was his daughter, bright-eyed and, well, perfect. He had to blink, blink once, blink again, assuring himself that he wasn’t simply imagining it—it wouldn’t be the first time. “Hope,” he said, his voice raw and rough, an incredulous smile spreading across his features. 

The moment passed, however, and reality sunk in. Hope was here, but she hadn’t gotten here herself. The smile vanished from Klaus’ features, replaced immediately with a look so hard, it could cut stone. In a blink of an eye, he had his hand around the man’s throat, shoving him up against the wall at his side. He made sure to grip it just tightly enough that he’d be struggling to breathe, unable to speak. The last thing he wanted to hear right now was the desperate pleas of his daughter’s kidnapper. “Freya!” he bellowed, wanting to get Hope to safety before doing exactly what he’d envisioned a thousand times before to whoever dared take his daughter away from him. Klaus was nothing if not an expert on torture these days, and planned to take great pleasure out of inflicting as much pain on this man as possible. 

Freya dashed to the foyer, her eyes widening in shock as she took in the scene before her. She didn’t need to be told what to do, immediately scrambling to their sides and wrenching Hope from the man’s grasp. The toddler was visibly unsettled by the commotion before her, and Freya gently rocked her, hushing her with soothing tones as she hurried away. Once he was assured his daughter was safe in their grasp again, Klaus turned his attention back towards the man before him. He was clearly a vampire, though not like Klaus. His skin was unnaturally pale, only drawing more attention to the bright red burn of his eyes. He shoved up against the man with all his force, bringing his face right up close, baring his lethal fangs. “You have one second to explain to me why you had my daughter in your possession,” he snarled, “before I rip your limbs off and feed them to the wolves as you watch, paralyzed, before I finish you off myself.”  

Jul 26th 2018 09:55

Had it gotten colder outside now that it was getting darker? Or was it still the shivers that reminded her of the dreadful memories, the painful ones. She wished she had never met Edward Cullen. She still couldn't believe that he had actually left her. It was almost as if he left her there to fiend for herself. 

She was pulled from her thoughts when she wobbled once more. She felt sick, but was it just from being heartbroken? She had never experienced it before. She glanced up at him and could see the worry in his eyes for her. She must have looked so terrible.  She could only imagine how she looked. 

She welcomed the warmth of the jacket he had laid on her shoulder. It felt soothing at this time of her need. She pulled it closer to her and decided she should try to take a step. It was then she almost fell to the ground, but somehow caught her balance. "Carry me, please," she stopped and a tear escaped her and down her cheek. This is what she had become when there was no Edward, completely helpless. 
ᴮᴵᴳ ʀeputation

Jul 15th 2018 13:53

((So sorry this took so long. I hope it's alright.))

Standing at the bedroom that had once been his daughter’s, Klaus felt a wave of something like fury mixed with an indescribable sadness washed over him, something he’d grown shockingly used to over the last month. Hope should be here, sitting on the floor of her carefully-decorated room, surrounded by her plush toys and her family who watched her grow. She should be safe. He should have been able to protect her from those who wished her harm like he’d been doing for the rest of his family for the last millennium. But he hadn’t, because he’d trusted his sister to care for her. Klaus should have known better—though he loved Rebekah dearly, she was hardly the most trustworthy person he knew. She meant well, but her heart got in the way of things and made her soft. Even left unattended for a moment, there is no limit to what could’ve happened to Hope. In the end, though, one of the worst possible fates had befallen his miracle of a child: she’d been taken. Snatched right out of the blue, vanishing without a trace. Klaus couldn’t find any leads, any sign of where she might be. No locator spells seemed to work—the only things they confirmed were that she was, in fact, still alive. Freya suggested she may have been cloaked in a spell at some point to prevent them from coming in search of Hope. An effective means, Klaus noted sullenly. 

She was a powerful one, a physical product of a union between a werewolf and a vampire-werewolf hybrid. With the element of magic running through her veins, Hope was not just a hybrid like her father. No, she was something else entirely. She was a tribrid, the first of her kind. And things that like, things that people don’t understand, they fear. An abundance of prophecies had swirled around the Mikaelson family around the time of her birth, promising the death and destruction of the world as it is known at the hands of this tiny baby, defenceless and powerless against the world that wanted her dead before she even took her first breath. 

It hadn’t been Klaus’s idea to hand her off to his sister, but it hadn’t been safe at the time for either himself or Hayley to have her in their possession. That was the first place any would-be assassins would come looking for her. Instead, they decided to act as a sort of first line of defence, ready to strike down their enemies while Rebekah slipped out under the darkness of the night, the small child wrapped safely beneath her layers of jackets. It had been a good plan, really. No one could slip past Klaus and live to tell the tale. The problem was, someone had realized that Hope wasn’t with him at all, that she was under someone else’s care. And who better to play the part of a maternal bodyguard than Rebekah Mikaelson herself? 

Today, nearly a month later, none of them were any closer to finding her than they had been at the beginning. Freya was searching high and low with every sort of locator spell she could think of, any sort of loophole spell that would unmask a potential cloaking spell—anything. Hayley and Rebekah were off scouting the world, scouring every corner for any sign of Hope. Klaus had thought it more fitting to simply ram a dagger through his sister’s heart, laying her to rest in her coffin before she did any more damage, but Hayley had been insistent on allowing her to join her in the search. For once, Klaus had more important matters and didn’t press the issue, though he was wary that she’d be able to find the child, and if she did, that she’d be able to keep her safe long enough to bring her back home. He trusted Hayley, however, and allowed her to do as she pleased. Klaus and Elijah had opted to stay behind, searching the continental US instead, coming back to New Orleans every week to touch base with Freya, and hope that by some miracle, his daughter would appear on their doorstep, unharmed. So far, that had proved to be little more than a pipe dream, however. 

After one last longing look at the empty room, Klaus headed back down the main staircase of the compound, a drink in hand as he sunk into a plush armchair beside Freya. Her head was bent over an old, worn book, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration as she muttered an incantation over and over. Klaus watched her, occasionally sipping on his drink, hoping for the best but all the while expecting the worst. He didn’t think Freya would somehow magically uncover Hope’s hiding spot, not after all this time. It was a useless endeavour, but he kept his mouth shut, knowing that it felt better to be doing something rather than just sitting around, drowning their sorrows. Kind of like he was doing now… 

The loud, booming chime of their doorbell sounded throughout the compound, causing Freya to jump, the book slamming shut in her lap at the sudden movement. Glancing over at Klaus, she exhaled heavily before flipping back through the book and resuming her chanting. Throwing back the last of the dregs of his drink, Klaus rose to his feet and made his way over to the gated front door. It was a complex setup, given its age and their desire for a higher-than-usual security system. Pressing a button to open the gate, Klaus unbolted the lock and opened the door. 

Jul 2nd 2018 10:25

Her eyes fluttered open slowly. She realized she was no longer alone, but why did she still feel so alone inside? Her heart ached or rather she felt that it was ripped a part in two. She felt like she wasn't herself anymore. She felt thrown away like a piece of garbage. Was she nothing to him? Was he just using her all along? 

She blinked before keeping her eyes open this time. She wanted this to be a dream so bad. She wanted to rewind back to that moment and hold him there to scream at him to never let her go. She loved him with all her heart and now he had turned cold. She was pulled back away from her dreaded thoughts when she realized she had been spoken to. 

"I'm, I'm not hurt," she stammered out. She shivered realizing that she was laying on the ground and it had got cold outside. She wrapped her arms around herself to hopefully bring some heat. She slowly stood up and wobbled as her head was still spinning, replaying the memories from tonight over and over again. It was like a movie that was on repeat. 
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