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When one thinks of a princess, one often thinks soft spoken, well mannered and graceful. One leans toward the damsel in distress and helpless girly girl stereotyping. A woman who wants to fall in love with her prince charming and be swept off her feet to a hopelessly boring happily ever after where she is protected and can rely completly on others to take care of her. Upper-class gentility and domesticism is expected along with the desire to always appear attractive and poised.

When one thinks of a princess, they don't conjure up the image of a young Leia Organa, a tomboy princess at best, a source of despair for those trying to teach her to be a 'proper princess' at worst.

When one thinks of a princess, one doesn't think of a woman of strength, determination, fire, bravery and intelligence. One doesn't think of a woman instrumental in many secret missions with a price on her head because of her ties to a Rebellion out to save the galaxy.

But, when one thinks of a princess, they could think of Leia Organa. A hero, a rebel, a daughter and mother of Jedi. A warrior, a politician, a fighter for justice. When one thinks of a princess, they just might think of the face of hope.

STATUS: Married
FORMER: Kier Domadi

"The galaxy knows Alderaan as 'the planet of beauty.' Nature, poetry, philosophy, art, couture, cuisine...we freely share all with all."

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HEIGHT: 1.5 Meters
WEIGHT: 51 Kilograms
Education & Employment

JOB DESCRIPTION: Leader of the Resistence
EMPLOYER: People of the Galaxy
SKILLSET: Leadership, strategy, politics, weapons
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Basic Information
Rebellion rose early and swiftly in the young girl. Deportment and manners were a bore and she detested being everyone's 'dress-up doll.' In deference to Alderaanian customs, her hair had been allowed to grow long in order to be arranged into elaborate hairstyles which she once cut in order to avoid such tiresome hair styling. This only resulted in being forced to wear a wig, which she also protested.

While attending the Collegium for Young Ladies at the age of seven, she staged a sit-in protest with other students when the staff served bottled juice instead of freshly squeezed. After playing the forbidden anthem of the Old Republic and programming the school's security mainframe to swap every reference to Palpatine with a curse, she was eventually expelled from the school.

Growing up with her best friend, Winter, the girls often switched places. Winter possessed the poise and grace that led people to think she was the Princess and Leia was all for taking full advantage of that, allowing Winter to take her place while she snuck out to cause mischief and meet inappropriate boys. Winter was not against such shenanigans and once she and Leia hid a giant woolly moth in the desk of the Minister of Agriculture. It should have been a harmless joke but the moth ended up eating the budget for the entire next year.

While attending the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies, where she learned the boring etiquette, table manners and other things a lady needed to know, she also began to see the bad parts of the upper class. Many of the girls looked down on the 'ordinary people' and lavish parties were thrown while others in the galaxy were starving. During school she also discovered that one of her friends did drugs.

Her outspoken nature - one shared by her biological mother, though she had no knowledge of that - finally began to do her well when she had the chance to learn diplomacy, government and languages. She learned galactic politics and history from Arn Horada and manners and court etiquette and diplomacy from her birth mother's former handmaiden, Sabe. Her father often took her along to other worlds as he was grooming her to follow in his footsteps and succeed him in the Imperial Senate.

At the age of thirteen, she met Wilhuff Tarkin during a visit and instantly disliked him. She had heard a lot of bad things about him from her father and was disgusted by the idea that he had a slave. She didn't understand how the Emperor could allow slavery. During this visit, she showed her dislike by dropping a water balloon on Tarkin's head while watering her plants. The visit made her seriously think about the galaxy she lived in and what people could do to change things.

At sixteen Leia attended the University of Alderaan with Winter, whose holographic and audiographic was joked about as being very useful for homework. There, the girls studied two subjects the Empire seemed to want to suppress, history and art. She also began her training in marksmanship and self-defense. She enjoyed these lessons very much more than the others she had been forced to learn and showed an aptitude for both.

Shortly after this, she started to see that her father was getting her ready for more than just becoming the next Senator. She overheard a HoloNet meeting where Restore the Republic came up. Finding that her hatred for the Empire had been growing and upset and appalled by their treatment of non-Humans and women as well as their desire to control everything, she promised to find a way to do something and to make her father proud. Though she also decided not to tell him about what she'd heard.

Finally she did share how she felt about the Empire and it's treatment of its citizens with her father. She told him how she wanted to make a difference. She was present at the meeting on Corellia to establish the Rebel Alliance and also the one on Kashyyyk to establish the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Though it was customary to present daughters of the Ancient Houses to Coruscant when they finished school - at the age of seventeen, adult age on Alderaan - to find them a suitable groom candidate, Leia considered the Heirs brainless and refused to even be presented until she could be a Senator in her own right and not a Court girl in the marriage market. She was not some airhead to be paraded and She was backed by her father and made her official introduction to the Imperial Palace as the youngest Senator ever elected at the age of eighteen.

Her first meeting with Palpatine was one where she was going to bring up some injustices she had recently witnessed, but she was thrown off and frightened by the dark side radiating from him and could do nothing beyond muttering a thanks in reply to his compliments as Darth Vader watched. Later her father assured her that there was no reason to be ashamed and this was a common reaction to meeting Palpatine.

Taking her father's place on the Senate, Leia knew that her diplomatic immunity and consular ship would be just right for running covert missions for the Alliance. She willingly took on the double life this offered her. She worked with Pooja Naberrie of Naboo, though was unaware of their familial ties and the two became good friends. Not everyone was pleased with Leia, however. Her outraged sense of justice made some feel threatened while others just thought she was stupidly idealistic, mockingly calling her such names as "Madame Senator" and "Little Miss Inalienable Rights." While working with the Alliance, she was taken in by Mon Mothma as her political protege and groomed for eventual leadership. And this was only the beginning.
Star Wars - Canon - EU - AU
Leia Organa Solo
Alderaan's First Mourner Rebellions Were Built On Hope.
She could still see the single beam of light when she closed her eyes. The moment it made contact and destroyed her home and everyone she loved. A blinding flash and then nothing but space dust. It was a shock at first. Something beyond comprehension. It just wasn't possible that an entire planet could be destroyed with the flick of a switch. It had to be a joke, a fear tactic...a nightmare. The fact that she had been sentenced to death wasn't even a flicker in her mind because everything was just...gone. Her home, her family...those who had counted on her to protect them. She had failed them all.

Yet, she had not failed those others she was dedicated to working with and keeping secret or the cause they stood for. She had refused, even under strenuous torture, to give away the location of the Rebel base and though her enemies would like her to think that was what had led to this display, she knew that it would have happened no matter what she said. The death of her planet and her people would not be in vain, however. This great show of power would not cow the Rebellion as had been intended, it would only make them more determined to fight, to end the Empire's tyranny. No matter what the cost. Those fighting now really knew what they could lose in this war, what the risks were, how high the stakes. But, they also knew the oppression and constant terror that awaited them should they back down. They had come this far and they would see it all the way through. She knew that. She believed it. She had to.

The last conversation she had had with her father had been one where as he gave her this mission he also admitted how much he disliked the idea of sending her. It was so dangerous, he said. He didn't want to put her at such risk. Yet, he also knew she was one of the best people to do it and the greater good had to outweigh the concerns of the father. She would have it no other way and neither would he. There was no one he trusted more. She had sworn to do whatever was required to assure the mission's success and as they had embraced for the last time, she had promised to see him soon. A final promise that would never be fulfilled.

She briefly wondered what he had been doing. Just before it happened. It had been night time on Alderaan. Had he been alone? Had he been with her mother? Did they have any idea what was about to happen before it did? Had they died in terror or had they been clueless to the fact that their time was almost up? She wasn't sure which idea was worse and neither brought any relief

They knew of the Death Star and the powers it was said to possess. A 'planet killer' they called it. The display on Jedha had been only a taste of the true capabilities of the super weapon, as devastating as that had been. It had served to show them just what they were up against and nearly turned them away from the fight completely, for how could they possibly win? They just didn't have the manpower or the ability to fight such a thing. Yet, a few were convinced that wasn't the case. Jyn Erso - daughter of Galen Erso, the man who had helped to build the battle station - had stepped up with vital information and a plea for help, for action. She had been given a secret that could help them destroy the Death Star for good...if they could find a way to retrieve the plans that would lead them to locating the secret weakness built into the monstrosity.

Without the initial aid of the Rebellion, calling themselves Rogue One, Jyn's group had made their way to Scarif to retrieve the plans so that the Rebellion could fulfill the ultimate mission of putting the Death Star out of commission. Late to the party, the Rebel fleet finally had made its way to aide them and after sustaining a great number of injuries and a massive loss of lives, the goal was achieved and the plans were transmitted to the Rebels, though those remaining on the planet had been destroyed by the very weapon they were trying to take out in an attempt to stop them from reaching their goal.

This had finally led Leia to where she found herself now. Intercepting the plans, but then intercepted herself, she had placed the information inside an R2 droid with instructions to find the one person who would know how get the droid where he needed to go: into her father's hands. Even if she couldn't make it out, the information would. That was what was important. Abandoning the droid and trusting him to his mission, she had been stunned and captured and delivered to Darth Vader for questioning. The torture at his hands followed by the loss of her entire world probably should have destroyed her then and there. But she was resilient and stubborn and nothing if not a fighter, a survivor. Though she felt nothing but an almost soothing numbness as she was initially escorted to what she thought would be a cell to await her death, there was a spark deep inside that said this was not how it should end. An execution order had been signed and her death was inevitable. Yet, she couldn't just accept that. She would fight until the end. She could only hope that somehow the plans would still make it into the right hands now that Alderaan was gone. Hope that their goal was still feasible and they would still succeed, that everything done here was not in vain. Hope that, though this might be her end, it would not be the end of everything she believed in. Sometimes hope was all there was. After all...Rebellions were built on hope.
Live Like Legends If you feel so empty So used up, so let down LET'S START A RIOT! A RIOT! You're not the only one Refusing to back down Legends Never Die
Empire Day
Empire Day. One of Leia's least favorite days - weeks - of the year. The holiday itself was officially only one day, but the celebrations could go on for what seemed like forever. A day meant to commemorate the dissolving of the Galactic Republic and the creation of the Galactic Empire by the self-declared Emperor Palpatine. It was used to show the might and power of the Empire and the Emperor himself. It was used to celebrate everything she secretly fought against and something she, as a member of the Imperial Senate, had to be a part of simply because to not play along would be considered treason and she could not afford that, the Alliance could not afford that.

Though celebrated on many planets throughout the Galaxy, the biggest celebrations took place here in Naboo's capital city of Theed. Being the Emperor's home world was a huge deal and today a statue was being erected in his honor. People had no clue what they were really honoring. The idea was enough to start Leia's blood boiling, though she had plastered a pleasant smile on her face to appease those around her. It would not do for the Senator and Princess from Alderaan to appear anything less than enthusiastic about the things going on around her.

Normally a visit to Naboo would be calm and pleasant. The planet really was beautiful and there was something that just seemed to...soothe her soul about the place. Something familiar that she explained away with the reasoning that she had been there several times and that was all that it was. Even if she felt deep down that there was more to it than that. Today the feeling was completely different. Amidst the jubilation and patriotism, she felt outcast, exposed...despite the fact that she stood out no more than anyone else around her with her chocolate locks curled and twisted up into a style reminiscent of both her own home world and the world on which she now stood. Nothing seemed out of place, and yet everything seemed out of place at the same time.

People swirled all around her, trying to catch a glimpse of the parade or the other government officials, though it was impossible not to see the legions of Stormtroopers and even a couple At-STs that were included in the huge procession marching in all their glory through the streets. The chatter was loud and enthusiastic and everyone was ecstatic about the statue ceremony that was to come soon. Listening to this chatter informed Leia that there was also to be a special addition to the awards ceremony this year. Darth Vader himself was to give the Champion of Empire Day award and rumor of his presence alone was nearly enough to stir the crowd into a frenzy.

"Did you hear?"
"Darth Vader himself!"
"Never seen before..."
"So exciting!"

Exciting was certainly not the word she would use for the feelings she experienced at the mention of Vader's name. She hadn't seen him for some years and their last encounter had been considerably less than pleasant. His arrival on Alderaan to confront her father had led to fighting and pain and death was acceptable and she had witnessed many personally at his own hands. The rumors of his power and darkness were true. She would be the first to swear to that fact. For a time, her life on her overly peaceful planet had been turned upside down as she tried to come to terms with all that she had seen.

She had not been hurt or kidnapped or anything of the sort. That was almost more shocking than the events that had occurred. He had saved her when her stubborn refusal to turn tail and hide had placed her in his path time and time again. Where others had been brutally destroyed for confronting him, he had consistently refused to turn his rage against her and she still had no idea why...

She was drawn out of her thoughts by the numerous government officials making their way through the crowd, spouting Imperial propaganda as they handed out flyers and sang the praises of their Empire and its leader. Scowling down at the flyer thrust into her hands, she nearly crumbled it into a ball to drop at her feet then and there, but she managed to hold onto her temper. Now was not the time to fly off the handle.

'Happy Empire Day!'
'In the Emperor We Trust!'
'The Imperial Navy Wants You!'
'Do you think they want peace? Rebels are terrorists!'

The last was one of the worst. More words to strike fear into the hearts of the people around her and to turn them against true justice. More brainwashing to convince them that the Empire was noble and wanted nothing more than to unite to protect them and make their worlds a better place. Anything they could do to spin the ever growing Rebellion as the bad guys was leapt upon with gusto and was only spurring the Rebels to do the same. The Imperials weren't the only ones who could spout propaganda in an attempt to get people to see what they saw as the truth.

Turning her gaze from the parade before her, her attention was drawn to the palace where all speculation resided. That was where the awards ceremony would be held. That was where he would be presiding over everything. She wasn't entirely sure why her feet took her in that direction when her head told her to just walk the other way. Her presence would not be noticed or missed and she was fulfilling her duties merely by being here among the celebrations and putting on the act that said she believed in every word being spoken around her.

Something beyond her consciousness drew her onward. While she should not want to see him ever again...something in her did. Something in her wanted answers that didn't really matter. He had let her go all those years ago, that was what was important. His reasoning was moot and she had much more important things to be thinking about. But, something in her wanted answers for everything he had done, as if he could or would be able to justify any of them. Some unknown part of her craved the confrontation that she should be avoiding as long as she could and that part had taken control and would lead to whatever fate had in store for her this day.
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MOTHER: Padme Amidala
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internal conflict.

Feb 13th 2021 - 6:40 PM

Happy Valentine's Day!
- The Supreme Leaderย 
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Jan 2nd 2021 - 7:09 PM

a weaping princess
oh please dear; dry your tears! I will never let anything harm you.
There was something about Alderaan that reminded her of the cooling breeze and lush vegetation of Naboo that Satine had come to miss. It upset her, thinking about the planet where her beloved friend, sister and confidant was laid to rest and yet she spent not time in seeing her whenever she could. Placing lilies and orchids within the cold tomb of her parents, her beautiful friend, her Padme; how could fate be so cruel to take her, the only Senator within Coruscant that she trusted, other than Bail.

โ€œSatine!โ€ The voice erupted from behind her, the female stopped, long flowing blonde locks tussled in the soft evening breeze, her light blue gown moved beside her as she turned to the side, her crystal blue eyes came to the imagine of the faded man himself.

โ€œSenator Bailโ€ฆโ€ She bowed her head, two Mandalorian royal guards stamped their feet side her as she waved her hand, ensuring them that she was quite safe here. Bail smiled, shaking his head as he wrapped his arms behind his back, a smaller, lanky woman stood beside her but was as beautiful as any maiden within the planet.

โ€œBail is perfectly alright here Satine; we are among friends!โ€ He turned his head, noticing the two black suited males that spoke far too loud for their own good. It had been many years since the fall of the republic and the Empire was pushing their tendril into each planet that dared humour them. Satine on the other hand refused to even speak to the self-proclaimed Emperor, or his brooding mental monster. Her heart always seems to break when she looked upon the pitch-black mask, seeing nothing of the boy she once knew, the excited puppy that would follow Obi-Wan everywhere; it was a pleasure to see him grow into such an amazing Jedi, only to fall to the darkness within all hearts. She swallowed deeply, shaking her head from her mind before she recalled her sorrowful goodbye she held with Obi-Wan and turned back to Bail who had placed a hand upon her shoulder, bring her away from the arrogant Generals that continued their loud croaking.

โ€œI am glad you came; please, this is my wife, Breha Organa.โ€

โ€œYour Majestyโ€ Satine bowed her head once more; the female, must like her husband shook her head, rising a hand to stop her from continuing.

โ€œPlease; Duchess! Breha is fine! You are here as a confidant for our daughter and to help her be ready for the challenges she has instore for her.โ€

Satine walked beside the two, nodding as her fingers interlocked with each other, she swallowed deeply. She had not seen Leia in many years, forgoing the need to keep on checking on her as the young girl began to look more and more like her mother and it was getting far to difficult to see for the aging Duchess. She sighed softly, turning to the other two, forcing them to stop. โ€œWhy me? You are far more experienced with the ways of the Empire politics?โ€

The two turned together, their faces twisted from sorrow to a hint of pride. Bail cleared his throat, turning back to Satine and spoke a simple; โ€œShe has her motherโ€™s strength.โ€

Satine sighed at his words, nodding before turning and walking from the couple, taking her time to find her way to the young Princessโ€™ chambers; it was here when she stood within the gardens of blue orchids and rainbow colour tulips that she heard a strange sound; it was a at first very small, a soft whin as if the trees were begging for help. The noise began to grow louder until Satine realise it was the sound of a stifled sob. Crystal eyes blinked in confusion before telling her guards to wait before walking towards the softening cries. To her confusion, she saw a dark brown hair woman, dressed in beautiful soft white and her hands were covering her face, sobbing continuously within them.

โ€œLeia?!โ€ Satine questioned, her voice soothing and calm, not wishing to disrupt the princess as she walked a little closer to her. โ€œWhatever is the matter my dear?โ€
The world might look cruel and wicked but there will forever be goodness to turn to.
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