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❝ --- You either stick to your morals & die, or you do whatever it takes to survive.

38 years old
Jackson, Wyoming
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VERSES: The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Silent Hill
STYLE: Multi Para, Novella.
COMMENTS: Roleplay.
MESSAGES: Discussions / OOC.

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Full Name: Joel Miller. Nickname/Alias: Jay. Texas. Old Man. Old Timer. Age: 48. Birthday: September 26th, 1984. Birthplace: Austin, Texas. Blood Type: B+. Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous. Height: 5'11

Introverted Sensing (Si): Joel never makes the same mistake twice. He can�t afford to, considering the environment he lives in. The death of his daughter, Sarah, weighs on him very heavy. Every time Joel looks at Ellie, he sees Sarah. He applies his prior knowledge and experiences to survive and is well-practiced with multiple weapons. Before the outbreak, you see that Joel was a simple man, more than content with life in Texas with just him and Sarah. Sometimes he�s outwardly nostalgic in small ways (�I miss coffee��) but he really prefers not to think about his past as it�s very painful for him. Joel�s not much of a risk-taker, but his vast experience is how he�s managed to stay alive as he knows exactly what to expect of the infected and gang members. Extroverted Thinking (Te): Joel�s quick thinking and strategies are also how he�s managed to stay alive. He always has a plan of attack when going up against foes. Joel is blunt and even rude at times, but usually he prefers to keep the peace. After the death of his daughter he becomes quite cynical. He is quick to assert his opinion on taking Ellie to the Fireflies as he deems it impractical and unsafe. Joel can take charge of any situation. Before the outbreak of cordyceps, he was a hardworking man, likely working in construction/carpentry and had no trouble organizing his life despite being a single dad. It was Joel who raised his little brother Tommy as he likely had no parents. Introverted Feeling (Fi): Joel has very intense emotions but prefers not to talk about them. After the outbreak and death of Sarah, Joel becomes cold and ruthless, as he became a smuggler and a gang member. However, as revealed in a conversation with Ellie, deep down Joel feels terrible for having killed so many people. He does form a strong, silent bond with Ellie and his morals are reawakened to some extent. However when she was kidnapped, he mercilessly killed two gang members without batting an eyelash, indicating how he can be detached at times. When he finds Ellie ruthlessly stabbing David he is very quick to hold her and father her in the same manner he once did Sarah. He could not let Ellie die when they reached the Fireflies, even at the cost of discovering a cure for Cordyceps, and acted on his emotions. It is even hinted that he is somewhat of a romantic at heart. Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Joel has a way of knowing the many possibilities of how a plan will play out. However, he can be fearful of the possibilities outside of the safe zones. He quickly figured out, when driving along the highway with Ellie, that the man trying to stop them was a hunter. Joel had big dreams of becoming a singer and even traveled with his brother Tommy on motorcycles.




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Characters: Joel
Verses: The Last of Us, TLOU, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, L4D
Playbys: Troy Baker
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Suspense, Undead, Video Game,
Member Since:December 09, 2016

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Texan ● Anti-Hero ● Fighter ● Survivor

Work in progress.
Original content will be written here.


The cure for mankind

Ellie: Your fellow hunters do this?
Joel: Cute. But, no, my money's on the military.
Ellie: Why would they mow down all these people?
Joel: Can't let everyone in.
Ellie: So they killed them..?
Joel: Dead people can't get infected. You sacrifice the few to save the many.
Ellie: That's kind of s h i t t y.

Sometimes the thing y'need isn't always the thing you're lookin' for. I wasn't lookin' for anything when Ellie stumbled upon my path. If I'm bein' honest, I wanted nothin' to do with her at all. I always avoided gettin' close to anyone, but Ellie's a tenacious little firecracker. 'Fore I knew it, she had created a foothold for herself in a place. She's a damn good survivor and a kid that any father would be proud of.


"We ain't back in Boston,

Lay your hands on me again & it wont end well for you."


"We're s h i t t y people, Joel.

It's been that way for a long time."


"I wisened the f u c k up

and realized it's gotta be just me."

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