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Characters: Edward Gracey
Verses: The Haunted Mansion, Disney, Once Upon a Time, OUAT
Playbys: Nathaniel Parker
Length: Novella
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Gore, Horror, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:November 26, 2016

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But I loved her! Was love my mistake?

In 1881, while hosting a masquerade in his mansion Master Gracey discovers that his fianc้e, Elizabeth Henshaw, has written a suicide note. Desperate, he searches for her throughout the mansion before it is too late. Unfortunately, on the stroke of midnight, Master Gracey discovers the lifeless body of Elizabeth in the library. Depressed and heartbroken, he hangs himself shortly afterwards. 122 years later, Master Gracey believes that Elizabeth has been reincarnated in Sara Evers, the wife of Jim Evers. He lures the Evers family in his estate and tries to make Sara remember who she really was before this life. However, Sara starts to get scared after she sees all of ghosts in her surroundings. She locks herself in her room and finds Ramsley the butler who blackmails her that if she doesn't marry Master Gracey, her children would die. Reluctantly, she agrees and wears the wedding dress Elizabeth was supposed to wear that day. During the wedding ceremony, Ramsley poisons Sara's drink with iocane powder so that she will die and return as a ghost and end the curse. Jim and his children storm in and hands Master Gracey the real letter Elizabeth wrote before she died. It is revealed that she never intended to kill herself but that she always loved him and would happily marry him. It is also revealed that Ramsley is the one who wrote the suicide note and that he killed her by giving her a poisoned drink. The reason he did this was because he feared that Master Gracey would abandon his home and heritage all for love. Master Gracey, shocked and furious by the truth, confronts him. However, Ramsley summons evil spirits to kill the group, but this backfires when a fiery dragon emerges from the fireplace and drags Ramsley to damnation for fifty years for his actions. Sara succumbs to the poison, but a ghost orb arrives and possesses her body, revealing itself to be Elizabeth's ghost. Elizabeth and Master Gracey kiss, and Sara is revived. In gratitude and seeking redemption, Master Gracey gives the Evers the deed to the house, allowing them to do what they want with it as long as they remain happy. The ghosts all depart the mansion and move on to Heaven.

Legal Information
NAME: Edward Gracey
NICKNAMES: Master Gracey, Ed.
ALIASES: Master.
PLACE OF BIRTH: New Orleans, Louisiana.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Physical Details
HEIGHT: 6’2”
WEIGHT: Unknown.
SCARS: Unknown.

Family Ties
MOTHER: George Gracey (deceased)
FATHER: Abigail Gracey (deceased)
SISTER(S): None.
Other Family: Ambrose Gracey (grandfather), Juliet Desmoulins (grandmother).


Traits: He's very polite, friendly, sophisticated, loyal and a good man.
Disorders: When it comes to the death of a family member, especially his fianc้e, he becomes very depressed, often driving him insane.
Addictions: Knowledge, and finding his lost love.
Likes: To be reunited with Elizabeth, arts, literature.
Dislikes: Elizabeth's death, Ramsley's betrayal.
Quirks: He keeps his books laying around and forgets to pick them up.

EDUCATION Private tutors.
OCCUPATION: Head of the Gracey household/Trading.
EMPLOYER: unknown.
STRENGTHS: His vast knowledge and clever thinking.
WEAKNESSES: His love for Elizabeth, and at times his compassion.

Welcome foolish mortals.


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Apr 13th 2020 - 10:03 PM

Somewhere Traveling through New York State.

She had agree to meet up with Cal and his mother in New York City. She had regretted saying that because she had no clue that the weather would be doubtful. The children were with Cal's sister back in Pittsburgh. The carriage was rolling along the muddy terrain outside. Suddenly a knock sounded on the carriage window. She peered outside. The footman was looking down at her. "Sorry to bother you Miss, but there's a storm coming soon. It's brewing up in the South coming up." She looked up at the grey skies.

Sure enough the skies were a mixture of grey and pinks. The sun was going down. Soon those storms would come and they would have no other choice but to take some sort of shelter. Could they make it into town before that happened? They were miles from the next town. She sighed. "We have to find a house somewhere. And soon." That house was in the distant. A brilliant work of architecture. She admired the masonry used to build the wonderful structure.

The footman and led the horses to the stables around back and the handmaiden that had come with Arianna awaited for the word. "Take my bags to the porch please." She looked up at the house and a sudden chill ran across Arianna's shoulders. It was odd that something like this should happen. She got that same eerie feeling as she had the night Titanic had struck that iceberg.ย  An older man answered the door when Arianna rang the bell. "Do come in. The night is rather stormy out. You are more than welcome to stay the evening. I am the butler, Ramsley."

Ramsley...seemed suspicious immediately. Ari just scowled at him until she was safe in the parlor, a warm fire going in the hearth. Ramsley looked over her and sighed. "Master Gracey will be joining you shortly. Your maid and your footman are safe in rooms upstairs and will join our own in a few moments for dinner. Are you hungry, madame?"

She shook her head, "No thank you, Ramsley...I'll just wait for Master Gracey." She did appreciate the invitation for eating but them being hospitable was enough already. The fire was warm and she was glad she had gotten the chance to stop at such a lovely home. She waited for the master of the house noticing the huge picture above the fireplace mantle. The artist was grand. Who could have accomplished such a piece?

Apr 11th 2020 - 11:02 PM

Wonderful! I shall send a starter your way tonight or tomorrow first thing!

Apr 11th 2020 - 9:13 AM

Maybe Arianna stumbled upon the mansion one evening while traveling. She becomes weary so she stops in for the night. Perhaps we can have her being surprised their all ghosts? Shes always wanting to help others so maybe she tries to become a friend to Mr. Gracey?

Apr 9th 2020 - 10:49 PM

I am somewhat familiar as I've seen Haunted Mansion but I would rather explain to me your version if it's different. It may make me feel more comfortable once I hear it from you!

-Arianna Daae

Apr 9th 2020 - 12:05 PM


I am Arianna Daae Hockley, daughter of Gustave Daae, sister to Christine Daae, and wife of Caledon
Hockley. I would love to get a possible storyline and connection going with you. Arianna is a time traveler so she has the ability to be in any time and any genre. I can make due and cross her over. She is known to be the one who caused Erik Destler to become a monster in many operas. She wrote the first one which was later published by someone else because Arianna feared for her life. Anyhow I look forward in speaking with you further if you would like.

Have a wonderful day!

-Arianna Daae.

Jan 26th 2017 - 10:09 AM

Panic's fingers reached to touch a nearby vase which rested ever so peacefully on the table which rested nearby. She could feel a presence growing closer to her. It sent a slight chill up her spine. This body she currently resided in was different from her old body. It reacted differently than she once had. She retracted her hand back to her side not wanting to upset whoever lived there.

"Might I help you with something, madame?"

The woman jumped ever so slightly at the voice. The accent was thick but she couldn't quite place where it was from. She had been around since the Greeks things all tended to blend together after a while. Her memory was good but not that good. She turned to the sound of the voice and she saw a man peering around the corner at her. She tilted her head trying to get a better look at him. She took a single step in his direction before halting unsure exactly who she was speaking to. Perhaps it wasn't wise to advance towards him. She couldn't die but that was beside the point.

Panic pushed a stray hair away from her face and smiled at him. "You may be able to help me," She paused still studying the man before her, "I get the feeling that something that does not belong in this world is continuing to linger. The hotspot seems to be this home." She was a bit off her game in this body. Normally she could smell a spirit and pinpoint where they were very quickly.

"Have you encountered anything… paranormal?" She wasn't really great with conversation but at least she was making an attempt. "Then again not everyone believes in such things." Panic chuckled slightly knowing she was beginning to seem socially awkward.


Dec 17th 2016 - 2:48 PM

It had been a few weeks since Panic had ended up in this strange world. It was a lot to take in. There were these things called cars that transported you places and these weird bricks that you spoke into and another person could hear you. She hadn't decided yet if she liked it here. Her arrival was a bit rough, Hades had found her in a dark alleyway hiding and had tried to devour her soul until he realized who she was. She looked different now, she didn't look like the demon she actually was. Instead she looked normal, but better than she had when she was alive the first time. Perhaps that was why Hades showed Panic mercy.

He had taken her back to his home so she could adjust to this world. It was strange to see Hades be kind to her. For centuries she had grown used to being Hades punching bag and delivery girl. While he was kind and didn't beat her she still did collect the souls for Hades to devour. But she had also gotten a job as a bartender at one of the local bars. The owner had been nice enough to also let Panic turn one of the back rooms of the bar into an art studio, a secret passion she had carried for a very long time but rarely got to indulge in. It was part of the reason that led her to this day.

The next morning the sunlight crept onto Panic's face waking her gently. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up rolling her neck. She stood up moving to the pile of spare clothes she kept in the studio as a just in case back up. She pursed her lips as she lifted articles of clothing. Finally she went with a black top which tightly hugged her sides and showed a bit of her midriff and a tight pair of black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. She reached for her purse, pulling out her lip stick and eye liner quickly applying them. She smirked at the mirror, "It will do."

But something felt different today. The balance was off. A feeling within Panic was unsettling. She had felt a bit like this when she was without Pain. Like something was missing or out of place. Panic shook her head. Panic was on her way to the coffee shop when she paused for just a moment to take in the sunlight. In the Underworld she didn't get to feel the sunlight on her skin very often. The feeling now was incredible. She had always hated the cold but here the warmth tickled her skin and that alone was enough to keep her happy. Well aside from Pain, he knew how to keep her sane in the Underworld. They only had each other to keep each other company down there. When they fought it was horrible because they were alone and Hades could do more damage when they weren't together. Even though she hadn't found him in this crazy world yet she felt comfortable enough that she wasn't constantly looking over her shoulder with worry.

She was about to continue on with her day but something was preventing her from moving towards the coffee shop.

Her feet were taking her elsewhere until she stopped in front of a mansion. This was the mansion a lot of people spoke about. She hadn't approached it yet but something within her was urging her too. She finally realized what was bugging her. It was the soul collecting side of her. Something within the house was to be collected. The little demon bit her lip unsure. She couldn't just barge into someone's home and try to steal their soul. But apparently her demon side decided she could because she continued to take steps towards the home until she pushed open the door.

Panic took a step inside glancing around. It was huge. How was she supposed to find the soul in a place so huge? "Hello?" She called out making sure her voice sounded as sweet as possible, "Is anyone there?" She tilted her head continuing to look around. The house felt like the Underworld in some regards. There was a feeling of unrest which Panic could feel; normally it was common with restless spirits. She wondered if Hades knew about the restless spirits which lingered in the house. If she could feel them he had to feel them right? 


Dec 13th 2016 - 2:25 PM

YAY! :D I'm so excited!
Pixie Devil

Dec 13th 2016 - 2:05 AM

Do you think he would have any need to visit Tinks shop? Maybe find something of Elizabeth's there?

Dec 12th 2016 - 8:27 AM

Comments would be lovely!
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