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Although my soul may sit in darkness, it will in perfect light. I have gazed at the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night.

32 years old
Highbury, London
United Kingdom

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October 02 2022

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the basics

this is real, this is me

■ FULL NAME: Arkadia (a place of rustic innocence and simple, quiet pleasure.) Knight (a soldier that served a King.)
■ NICKNAME(S): Kady by Linc. | Name Here by xxxx.

■ DATE OF BIRTH: October 17th.

■ PLACE OF BIRTH: Classified.


■ AGE: 20 (Storyline dependent).


■ SPECIES: Human. (present).

■ CAUSE OF DEATH: None. Status is Alive.

■ GENDER: Female.



■ EYE | HAIR COLOR: Blue. | Light Brown.

■ HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 5'5. | 118lbs.

■ FAMILY: Lincoln (Adoptive Brother), Name Here (relationship).

■ FRIENDS: Claire Redfield (September 1998), Name Here (since).

■ OCCUPATION: Classified.

■ SIGNIFICANT KILLS: Chief Irons, William Birkin, Name Here.
Arkadia Knight, a name that provided a stark contrast to her outward, venomous demeanour, its origin plucked from the scrolls of Greek Myth themselves. Unaware of her past prior to 54 Immortal, memory void of a childhood, one could only assume that she had been gifted such an eloquent name in the hopes that she would mature to match its beauty. Although, now? It represented nothing more than what it indeed was. Myth. In short she was stubborn and emotionally shut down.

i love you

like a fat kid loves cake

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engaged: --/--/-- || married: --/--/--
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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:No Answer
Characters: Arkadia Night
Verses: Resident Evil, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, Scream, Wynonna Earp, OITNB, The walking dead
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Crime, Heroes/Villains, Horror, Real Life, Undead,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 20, 2016

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About me:
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❝ Baby girl. Weapons don't weep.

Time. It was a marvel, really. How years felt as if they were seconds, aiding both mankind of mother nature in a constant cycle of competition and inevitable evolution. Years. So many moments of wondering if the air was truly laced with pine whilst it pooled her lungs. If the leaves dotted amongst bark-clad soldiers of vast woodland were really the deepest shade of emeralds. If the sun would kiss her lightly tanned skin as she craved it to do so. So many years, so many tales of the outside. A normal occurrence to some, but a privilege to the brunette.

However, those picturesque depictions of what the world held were, unfortunately, nothing more than fairytales to aid her childlike self’s slumber. The realisation became apparent once mother nature began to reclaim what mankind had abandoned during the first few days of the outbreak. Vines clinging to debris, grass appearing as though it may swallow every typical suburban household whole, and a thick cloud of dust that rid the world of clean, untainted air. Next, of course, came the fires. Shades of crimson clawed at what little humanity was left soon after, charring the soil of the earth as though it were bone, rendering any trace of humanity extinct.

Droughts were next, leading those couped up in Quarantine Zones to insanity via dehydration and scavenged food rations. They were the last of the human race, so it seems, but they were the first to fall. The military was overwhelmed, and those who did not fall victim to the infection fell prey to suicidal tendencies or simply preferred to be branded deserters than soldiers. It was a rude awakening, one of which was this world nor Arkadia Knight would ever forget. No, this world no longer belonged to the human race, and whilst there were indeed still some small communities out there innocent intentions or not? There were more dangerous beings that walked amongst them. Specifically those with flesh between their teeth and a severe case of the munchies.

However, they had their objective. To serve as hellhounds for a multimillion conglomerate, foaming at the mouth, teeth bared and ready to besiege when given the order. For a moment she wondered how the world, or at least this one, would react to that revelation. That children, once sporting goofy grins and wide eyes, were subjected to conditions harsher than caged animals. Would they be seen as survivors in their own right, escorted to safety alongside one another and allowed to begin anew. Or, would they simply be seen as they are. Hellhounds, void of humanity.

my family

❝ I hope yours is the ghost that haunts me.

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Scars of Silver and Gold

Aug 12th 2022 - 7:22 PM

OOC: Hello There! Thank you for accepting my request. I'd love to get a discussion and SL going with you!
Raptor-Bait; Hannah Grant 💙 Zeke

Jan 9th 2019 - 4:28 AM

I hope you're still here I miss you.
Raptor-Bait; Hannah Grant 💙 Zeke

Mar 18th 2018 - 11:10 PM

I am so sorry for not being here to get back to you! However, I've been super excited to get to you and your awesome starter! ^_^
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