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Adore Angel

“Sometimes what this world needs isn’t another hero. Sometimes, what this world needs is a monster.”


LEGAL NAME: Adore Angel

NICKNAMES: Queen, Angel, She Devil

GENDER: Female

SPECIES: Genetically modified Earth Bound Angel

DATE OF BIRTH: March 25, 2000

YEARS OF AGE: Before War: 14-16 During War: 17-21 After War: 21-30

PLACE OF BIRTH: De Baca County, New Mexico


PARENT(S): Dillian Banks (Father) Sarah Bianchi (Mother)

SIBLING(S): Melody, Connor, Andrew, Devin



OCCUPATION(S): High School student, military general or diplomat

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good

TRAITS: Fearless, Self-Confident, Adventurous, Self-Disciplined, Decisive, Observant, Determined, Ambitious, Passionate, Persistent, Brave, Intellectual, Quick-Witted, Quick-Tempered, Resentful, Introverted.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Emerald green eyes, long brown hair, tan skin with warm undertones. A birthday mark of an Angel taking flight on her left hip, a large X shaped scar on her chest, a scar on her left arm from her elbow to the top of her hand and smaller, older scars. Weighs 130lbs at 5'7".


TOOLS AND WEAPONS: Dual Swords, twin daggers, throwing knives and stars. Staff (And spear), folding bow and arrows, 10mm 1911 Pistols.

INTERESTS: Martial Arts, Singing, Dancing, Piano, Cheerleading, Military books and tactics (like the Art of War), Fantasy Books. She also secretly wants to be a meteorologist.


“I stopped being a child the moment you sent me to Earth to die!”

Early Childhood (Birth to 12 years old):

She was born into the Master Race Organization. Her mother was a nurse for the MRO, and her father was a scientist. Because of this, the organization had a unique opportunity to genetically modify Adore while she was still in her mothers womb. Because of this reason, she is stronger than the other children who were modified with her. In fact, after years of study, she is considered to be the closest to perfection the Master Race Organization gets for over a decade.

Adore finds out years later that her birth was not consensual. Her birth came out of a desire for perfection. And when she was born, her mother attempted to take her and escape from the MRO when her plans were stopped. Adore ended up living for the first 7 years of her life as a lab rat for the MRO, and her mother became an unwilling prisoner herself.

Adore wasn’t born with a name, at least not one that she knew of. If her mother ever gave her a name, she was never told and she never found out. She was born as Subject Number 1-368 into what was considered the First Generation. The First Generation was the generation of superhumans that the MRO created to lead their armies when it was time to declare war on the world to create their own perfect Utopia. The idea of the First Gen was that they were supposed to be perfect. Superhuman speed, strength, agility. They have perfect photographic memory, can learn faster than any ordinary human, and can heal faster too. They were meant to be perfect. Except for one defect. A genetic abnormality that causes the body to reject the modifications done to them. This leads to a rather painful and slow death. Because of this, by the time Adore reaches the age of 7, most of the First Gens had succumbed to this defect.

Life in the MRO wasn’t easy. Only the strong survived. She lost many friends, and suffered horrors that no child should have ever had to face. Between the genetic testing and modifications and experimentations, the brutal battles to the death to prove strength and superiority, and the horrible living conditions made to keep the experiments just weak enough so they couldn’t rebel, life was hell. However, the MRO had a way of making the children fear death more than they feared life. Because of this, the victims typically describe their experiences as “I was too afraid to die, and yet, I was too afraid to live.”

They were kept in a constant state of fear, pain, confusion and despair.

When Adore was 7, she was finally freed from the hell that was the MRO by a man named Connor Durand and his group of highly skilled combat specialist friends and comrades. Connor had heard of the MRO and what they were doing from his friend who used to work as a guard for them but quit shortly after he realized the evil nature of the MRO. Connor was the first to pioneer the hidden organization that made it their purpose to free and rehome the victims of the MRO.

Connor found Adore just in time. Adore was just about to take her own life after her lover, and best friend, Ash, had killed himself to save Adore when the MRO put them together in a duel to the death. Ash in his attempt to save Adore’s life, stabbed himself in the heart with a dagger that the guards had given him to kill Adore. Adore, with the same dagger, was about to do the same when Connor interfered.

During this time, Adore was being kept in a hidden MRO base in Washington State. When she was freed from the MRO, she had never seen the sky, or the sun, or trees. She was struck in awe and amazement as she stared at the trees, absorbing everything she took in and because of her perfect photographic memory, she will never forget the first time she saw the giant Sequoia.

It took her months to physically recover from her abuse and neglect with the MRO. Eventually, when she was healthy enough, she, along with the other children who were freed, had private tutors who came in to teach them math, language, science, and history so that they could begin to blend in with normal society. This is also where Adore learned that fighting, and killing, wasn’t how normal humans handled their problems.

She attacked another child when he pushed her on the playground, almost killing him before Connor and a few other volunteers were able to pull her off the kid. Connor, being a child psychologist, tried to help Adore see that that kind of behavior wasn’t accepted in normal society. When she realized that she wasn’t normal, that violence wasn’t acceptable, she became terrified of herself, and her own abilities. She became afraid of her inner demons and the chaos that lay within. And she knew she had to learn to control herself and her abilities.

In the hopes that Martial Arts could offer Adore a sense of strength to control herself, Connor introduced her to some Martial Arts movies. She watched them all, absorbing the forms and the artwork of the Martial Arts, and eventually she realized that her path to control, to freedom from her demons, lay in becoming a master Martial Artist. Once she realized that, she gained permission to travel the world to study and train with some of the best martial artists in the world.

Some of the forms she studied in China were: Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Wing Chun and in Japan she studied: Iaijutsu, and Jujutsu. She also became a weapons master and learned meditation techniques with the Shaolin monks. She also created her own form of martial arts called Yǒngshì zhī lù or Way of the Warrior which granted her a higher degree of black belt and the title of GrandMaster when she was 13.

Once she felt she had a good grasp on her skills, she went back to the states where Connor took her in with open arms and officially became her legal guardian along with three other children who she would come to know as her siblings. Andrew and Devin, both twins, and Melody who was younger than all of them and ended up being Adore’s biological sister.


Adore tried her best to put the past behind her. She relied on meditation, her skills as a martial artist, and on Connor’s teachings to try to find that sense of normal she’s been missing her whole life. She was at the top of her class with a 4.1 GPA and finally made friends. Samantha and Alexandra Chen. They were the identical twin daughters to the all mighty Chen family. Mr. Chen was a CEO for a large technological firm out of Japan, and Mrs. Chen was a famous movie actress and traveled the world for her movies. This left Sam and Alex with the parental supervision of their slightly eccentric uncle, Uncle Hiyashi. He was known to be a world renowned chef in his early years and now spent his life raising Sam and Alex after his wife had passed away from cancer. He considered Alex and Sam to be his own daughters, but because of his grief, he allowed them to get away with what normal parents would never find acceptable.

This allowed Adore, Sam, Alex, and Adore’s siblings the freedom to many adventures. While they weren’t at school, they were usually traveling the world in style. Getting into trouble with far away governments, and shopping at the best stores known to man. Life finally started to feel normal to Adore, and she could finally say that she felt happy. Until a traumatic mall shooting left Alex dead which triggered the well contained demons Adore had fought so hard to conceal. She killed the four men who killed Alex and the mall security cameras caught the entire event.

Adore became somewhat of a local hero. “The teenager who stopped the mall shooting and saved the mall.” It became an international headline. And it almost tore Sam and Adore apart. During this struggle and paparazzi raids on her house, her location got back to the MRO and they were able to put the pieces together. They came up with a plan to bring Adore back to the MRO.

They sent an implant to her highschool. Someone her age, who was a victim of the MRO like she was, but he was brainwashed into working for them. He tricked Adore into loving him despite Melody feeling disdain for this man and on the night of their school dance, slipped drugs into her drink. He lured her away from the school to a pavilion overlooking the ocean and that’s where he made his move. He had arranged for a van to come by to grab the two and Adore was absolutely helpless to stop him.

Adore went through horrendous torture in that van and by the time they got the the MRO base, she couldn’t even find the strength to move. A few hours later, during an attempt to free Adore, Connor was killed. This, again, enticed a rage that very few people will ever see with Adore and she managed to murder dozens of MRO men. When she finally regained consciousness, she didn’t remember what she had done, and she was covered head to toe in blood.

She doesn’t remember much during her escape, but, of what she does remember, she is almost convinced it was a delusion. She remembered seeing a man with dark wings, jet black hair, and beautiful blue eyes coming to save her. But, she knew that had to have been impossible. Because he looked like Ash.

After Connor’s death, the Chen’s adopted her and her siblings so they wouldn’t be separated in the foster care system. It was thanks to Sam that they were adopted. Adore fell into a deep depression and began to question a lot in her life. She started going to illegal fight clubs and taking part in the fighting so she could win money and put it towards a war fund. She went to underground raceways and raced with the cars that her brother, Devin, designed and built. She started digging up old connections to the MRO so she could start plotting a way to destroy them. Her life, her obsession, became destroying the MRO and avenging not just Connor’s death, but the deaths of all the people she loved and who have lost their lives to them.

She becomes reserved and doesn’t partake in much more outside of school and her obsessions. She graduates from high school with honors and becomes the Valedictorian. On the evening of the day she graduates as her family is preparing to fly to Hawaii to celebrate their graduation, the MRO declares war on the world and the world as they know it is thrown into chaos.

War Time:

Right as the MRO declares war on the world, they activate chips that they use for trackers located at the base of every victim of the MRO’s skull. Using these devices, they’re able to track down every single escapee from the MRO and they send squads to hunt them down. They can even use these chips to kill the subjects if they so wanted to, but, it was far more entertaining to them to keep their subjects alive. Because of this, they were able to track down where Adore and her family were living in a fancy beach estate on the Florida coast.

Knowing this, Adore and her siblings attempted to escape but it was too late. In order to save her family, Adore stayed behind and fought the squad that had attacked the estate. She knew it was suicide, knew that she wouldn’t survive. But, as long as her family made it out okay, her death would be worth it.

But, the MRO had other plans for Adore. They took her alive and she became a prisoner for them for almost an entire year. She went through absolute hell. Unlike anything she’s had to endure before. Eventually, reality became skewed with hallucinations and she began to question her own sanity.

*** This is a big point where the storyline can differ as stories are written, but I’m going based off of the book I’m writing***

Ash, Adore’s long ago lover, knew of her capture and even though he wanted to go free her, the Angels would never allow it. So, one day, after he found out that Andrew had tried, and failed, to free Adore, he had enough. He went against the orders from the Angels and went down to Earth using a human form to free Adore himself. He went under a different name so Adore wouldn’t know it was him. He saved her from the MRO and nursed her back to health. When she was healthy enough to travel, he let her call the shots. And she had a plan.

She knew where her family would be if they were still alive, and knew that they would need all the reinforcements they could get. She would travel from one side of the USA to the other to gather allies, resources, and strength so that when she did return, she wouldn’t return empty handed. She would return with an army ready to destroy the MRO. During their travels across the country, they had many adventures. Even though Adore was on a mission to build her army, she also knew that this may be the last time she could experience life. She was fully prepared to die in this war. So, she found what fun she could. She traveled to amusement parks and fairs and just about everything she could. She would usually always make the detour worth it and would usually find other victims of the MRO hiding out in those obvious places and would find a new ally, or a new connection.

She also experienced discrimination. The world was terrified of those labeled MRO. And even though she wasn’t working for their shared enemy, just the fact that she was once a victim of the MRO was enough to make the average human terrified of her. If her identity was found out, it wasn’t uncommon for her and Ash to be kicked out of the place they were at. She also had run-ins with the MRO forces themselves and would sometimes find herself fighting her way out of situations. Or, they would come across towns that the MRO had destroyed in the war.

After months of traveling, she finally came to an old hotel in Georgia that she had bought with the money she gathered from her illegal dealings. This was where her base was. This was where her family had fled to. And, they had redesigned, and refurbished the hotel to fit the needs of a military base.

Once she returned safely, Ash had to say his goodbyes and return back to where the Angelic forces were gathering to face the Demons of Hell which left Adore with her tiny rebellion. After over a year of Adore being away, her rebellion had lost hope in their victory. Although loyal to Adore and their cause, most saw it as nothing more than a suicide mission. Their spirits were fried and disorder was common. Leadership wasn’t established and a few of her people had been fighting over that role for quite some time. She had her work cut out for her, but her main priority had to be to heal Andrew.

During Andrew’s attempt to free Adore from the MRO, he was attacked by someone from the MRO and was in a coma. But, before she could do anything to help her brother, they found out that an entire MRO army was marching right for their doorstep with the intent of destroying the little resistance before they could come together to destroy the MRO.

This first battle was difficult, and it almost destroyed this resistance. Adore didn’t have a lot of luck gaining support from what little connections she had to the US military, or other military forces around the world and the battle seemed rather hopeless. However, with some ingenuity and skillful tactics, they were able to survive the first onslaught from the MRO. While they were recovering from this battle and preparing for the next wave, however, they were attacked by a force from Hell. A whole squad of Demons attacked the small base as the sun set over the horizon and Adore’s small resistance was facing complete destruction.

Right when all seems hopeless, help arrives from the most unlikely of sources. The Angels had come to their aid.

Up until this point, Adore had refused to believe in Angels, or an afterlife, and she was convinced that if there was a God in the sky, he would have to answer to her for all the suffering and pain that the victims of the MRO had to suffer through. But now, here there were Angels and Demons fighting each other in a gruesome battle at her little base on the Georgia coastline.

This marks the beginnings of a small and shaky treaty Adore forms with the Angels, but this also marks the beginning of a new relationship. One between Adore and Ash. Adore is held back by her feelings of guilt, and now anger that he had never told her that he was alive. And Ash, is hesitant to form any true relationship with Adore because of his duties as an Angel and the ideal that the Ash that Adore loved, is dead. He did die when they were kids. But, the two are soul mates. And it doesn’t take them long to realize no matter how hard they try, they can’t escape the reality that they love each other. And despite the odds, they’ll fight for that love.

During this time, Adore goes through many battles both on land and sea. She loses many friends during the war to defeat the MRO and during the final battle, the one to decide the victor in this war, Andrew is killed in an attempt to save Adore’s life. But, the battle is won. And the war is declared won. Heaven, as well as the human armies, and Adore’s small resistance, had won the war.

After the War:

Shortly after the war, it is found that Adore has a daughter. A daughter that was conceived against her will by the MRO. The MRO used her genetic code as well as that of the boy who is responsible for Connor’s death to create an offspring without her knowledge. When Adore realizes this, she is filled with rage that she could have been violated to such an extent. But, more than that, she is filled with rage that her daughter, her own flesh and blood, could be exposed to such torture, such horror, and Adore had no idea.

She takes on the role of a mother without hesitation and names her 3 year old daughter Ember. Ash eventually takes on the role of father in Ember’s life and accepts her as his own daughter.

Adore and her small resistance doesn’t have time to recover from the war before their next battle presents itself. And for Adore, Ash, and the other Earth Bound Angels, they’re having to battle from two fronts. The Angels want to execute the Earth Bound Angels, declaring that their services to the humans have ended and they no longer need to live as humans. And the Humans, who are now terrified of those humans who are genetically modified, want to lock the victims of the MRO away. Some even want to go as far as to execute them as well. Adore finds herself fighting for the right to live for both the Earth Bound Angels, and the victims of the MRO.

She wins the argument with the Angels by declaring that their mission isn’t over yet. They still have an entire world to bring to peace and they are more beneficial to the world alive as Earth Bound Angels then anything else. Ash is also eventually granted the ability to stay on Earth in human form when he proceeds to propose to Adore.

As far as gaining rights for the victims of the MRO, that is more difficult. She decides to put down her swords and gun to pick up a pen and in her case a lawyer. She is determined to prove their innocence, to prove that they’re not a threat to humanity.

She fights against them being placed into concentration camps, and she fights against the government controlling their lives. She also finds herself in a battle of discrimination and is often attacked in stores, restaurants, etc. As well as her, and the others like her, are being denied access to college despite having high grades. She even has to fight against the victims of the MRO being marked so that an ordinary human knows they’re in the presence of her kind.

A few years after the war has ended, as she is still fighting for basic rights for the victims of the MRO, small factions start to pop up all over the countries. Those who can’t handle the discrimination any more. Or some factions who are even still loyal to the MRO. So now, she has to pick up her swords and gun once again to fight against these factions. This time, with the help of her younger sister, Melody, who chooses to follow in her sister's footsteps and becomes a fighter like her.

Despite her chaotic life, she still provides safety and a prosperous environment for her younger sister, Melody, and her daughter Ember. The Chen’s help provide them with a comfortable lifestyle while Adore fights for the equal rights of all the victims of the MRO. And Ash works with Devin designing and developing new technology with a technological firm that Mr. Chen helped Devin start. Sam, even though still recovering from the loss of her lover, Andrew, is taking her time to recover, going to college in politics to try to help in the fight for the rights of the victims.


She is an Angel trapped on Earth with a dark past who has a powerful drive that is leading her to a destiny she has no control over.

Adore is a very strong willed girl. Driven by an invisible force towards a destiny she isn’t even aware of, she is passionate and motivated. She only has one goal in life, and sometimes that can become an obsession. She is fiercely protective of her friends and loved ones and has a fiery temper. She has a better grip on her temper than the other children like her, but still has a tendency to be chaotic and unpredictable. She is a natural leader and usually takes charge on group projects at school, and when it comes to war time, naturally falls into her role as a General and a Leader to the other children like her who want to make a difference and defeat the Master Race Organization. She does suffer with severe PTSD that leads to many sleepless nights, and many night terrors. She doesn’t trust easily, and will always wear a smile on her face for her younger sister, Melody. She is witty, and snarky and can a lot of times come off as arrogant and even rude. She has very little respect for authority figures and dreams of a world where the victims of the Master Race Organization can live in peace and harmony with the world around them.

Despite her chaotic nature, however, she has gained an iron grasp of control of her emotions and has learned how to cope and control her chaotic tendencies. Driven by an intense fear of her own chaos and instability, she traveled the world in search of the best fighters and Martial Artists and trained with them. She returned back to the states only once she gained enough control to assure herself that she wouldn’t succumb to her chaotic nature easily.

She is known to deny medical treatment and would rather treat her injuries by herself if at all possible. She has an intense fear and phobia of anything, and anyone in the medical world. And for good reason. If the inhumane experiments done to her wasn’t enough to permanently scar her, hospitals are a death trap for her. MRO spies frequent hospitals in the hopes of finding escaped victims of the MRO so they can be returned to where they once came. Because of this reason, Adore has yet to step into a hospital herself.

Despite her dark past, and her chaotic tendencies, she has one outlet that she enjoys. Music, and dancing. When asked why she enjoyed the arts, she replies “It’s the only time I feel like I’m creating something.” She finds peace and joy in these arts while she is singing, dancing, or playing the piano and it seems that the arts have a way of easing her mind, her chaos, and her demons.

After Connor is killed, however, she falls into a deep state of depression. During this time, she stops singing, and dancing, and all the things that once brought her joy. She instead holds the guilt of her older brother's death all on her shoulders and believes it was entirely her fault that he was killed. She believes that love isn’t for her. That she is never meant to love anyone. And why should she? She isn’t worthy of it. She eventually gains this idea that it wouldn’t be fair to her, or to anyone, for her to love. She gives up on life, and resigns herself to the idea that either her body will kill her due to a genetic deformity, or, she will die on the battlefield while she is trying to destroy the MRO.

Once she resigns herself to this idea of death, she dives into her desires of destroying the MRO. She becomes obsessed with it, and doesn’t care to what length she has to go to destroy them. She will do it. At this point in her life, and into the war, she starts to cave to her chaotic tendencies if it means destroying the MRO even if that means she destroyed herself in the process.

During the war, when she finds out she’s an Earth Bound Angel, and she finds out that it’s her destiny to lead the human armies to defeat the MRO, she is overcome with rage, anger, and grief with this realization. She holds onto that grief and that rage and even though she knows that she’ll just be falling right into the plan that the Angels have for her, she continues to try to defeat the MRO. Which is where one of her famous lines comes from: when Arch Angel Gabriel accuses her of being an immature child, she replied, “I stopped being a child the moment you sent me to Earth to die!”

During the war, she is reunited with her long ago lover, Ash, who had come to Earth as an Earth Bound Angel with Adore but gave up his human body to save her when they were kids. Now, back in his Angel form, their love seems to be preordained to fail but despite what Adore keeps telling herself, despite the promise she made to herself, her love for Ash is as strong as ever. And eventually, that love is what keeps Adore alive.

Once the war is won, and the MRO is defeated, she still has a long way to go before peace can be achieved. Now that there is a whole new generation of genetically modified super humans, they need to be taken care of. They need to be given a place to live, families to tend to them, and a chance at a normal life. But, the government doesn’t want to bend. Adore goes from General in the military, to Mediator, and Ambassador for her people. She fights for the rights of children like her. Which feels like an uphill battle as the children are struggling to adjust to the normal world. The government, afraid of who they are, put the children into concentration camps where the conditions are not that much better than the ones they just left and Adore is left with an impossible fight for freedom, for the right to exist without discrimination and to be treated just like any other regular human.

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