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Characters: Freya
Verses: Huntsman Winter War
Playbys: Emily Blunt
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Open, Supernatural,
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About me:

If it is a fairy tail you were hoping for, prepare yourself for so much more....

My name is Freya and my story isn't one of happy endings, no those like me don't get the happy ever after bit, nor do I want it any way for love is useless and a sin in my mind and in my lands as well.

Growing up I had a good life along side my big sister Ravenna and our brother Finn and even though our mother was a dark witch she never made us do any of it if we didn't want to.

Ravenna loved it from a very young age and wanted to learn everything our mother had to teach her while myself and Finn were off playing.

Our mother told us that beauty was all that is important in life and as long as we have that we will never loose but I never really understood that back then and after that our mother did a spell to make sure Ravenna's powers would show themselves and that she would stay young forever.

Then it happened, our village was attacked by an evil king and when this happened Ravenna naturally being my older sister told me to run and so I did and I watched as Finn and Ravenna were taken away and our mother killed.

I ran from there as fast as I could and stayed away for a while, though when we were all slightly older I tracked Ravenna and Finn down once more only to find out she had killed the evil king and taken his throne.

I didn't mind that of course and after we all embraced each other and then Ravenna used her magic to make sure both Finn and I would never age and never die just like her only without the price she had to pay for it in the end.

We all spent years together as Ravenna took over kingdoms by killing the kings and both Finn and I were always there by her side when this happened but then in one of those many kingdoms I met a Duke and we fell in love.

Finn was away a lot gaining armies for Ravenna and chasing down our enemies and so it was mostly Ravenna and I who spent time together durrig those years and of course she always beat me at chess as well because she had always been good at it.

I met the Duke in secret and we were madly in love, even though he was promised to another, but he didn't love her and wanted to marry me when ever he could.

After Ravenna killed the king of that kingdom she took over as queen she was even more powerful with the mirror by her side and of course I was there by her side as well, though she noticed the Duke and I smiling to each other and even though we tried to hide it she still knew the truth of it as always with her.

We talked about it Ravenna and I after that and she asked me if it was true love and I answered simply that it was and then she tried to convince me that he would leave me but I wasn't having it and when that failed she spoke of what would happen when I got my powers but I told her I may never and she refused to accept that saying that all woman of our blood were blessed with it and then in the end she told me I was pregnent which shocked me for I had no idea about it just yet and when she told me he would deny us both I left the room.

When my daughter was born I spent every waking moment with her and she was my little joy, though I hadn't named her just yet for she was too young in my mind.

After a few weeks I got a letter from what I thought was my love saying he wnted to meet me in the courtyard and marry me on that night, but then when I went out I saw the flames coming from the place my daughter was and when I ran back in I saw Ravenna there who tried to warn me not to enter but I did so any way and what I found shocked me to the core for there with a torch in his hand stood the man I loved over our baby's burned crib.

He tried to explian that he had no choice but my grief and anger were too much and I didn't notice the way he said the words 'I had no choice' twice in a row.

I then yelled and out of my anger my skin turned pale and my hair turned white and the ground under him froze which in turn froze him and he shattered on the ground.

I collapsed in Ravenna's arms after that and she touched my skin seeing that it was cold. When I woke up and looked in the mirror it was a shock at first to see what I became but I got used to it after a while.

Finn of course came back when he found out what happened and he tried to make me feel better being confused by the way I now looked. Ravenna was telling me that I finally found my power and should take confert in that but it did me no good of course to have them trying to calm my anger and sadness and so I took some of my sister's men and left Finn and Ravenna behind.

That was the moment I became the feared Ice Queen of the north and my armies went out to collect kids from every village in my ice lands and when the children were taken to me I told them that they were lucky to have been saved from suffering and that there was but one law in my lands and that is no love and I stand by that even to this day really.

I made my point by leaving a freeze burn on one of the boy's face who's name was Tull and he never forgot that nor did the others as well.

They grew to be my army, my elite Huntsman warriors and so when they grew I sent them out to take over the lands of the north for me and also to take the children of each village to 'save' them as well.

My best warriors were Sara and Eric who grew to become the best of them all really, but I had no idea that they were meeting behind my back until one of my Hutsman told me he saw them sneaking out and so I had them followed by my snow owls who with my magic are my eyes and ears.

When I use my magic my eyes become an icy blue color and I go into a sort of trance as well. Any way back to the story at hand, I saw through the owl that they were kissing and planning to escape together and of course I couldn't have that.

When they planned to escape I showed up with all the other Hutsman by my side and told Eric and Sara that they could go if they could get to each other and so I watched them fight my other Hutsman but sadly they were indeed the best of them so in the end I put an ice wall between them and had them each see what they expected to.

For Eric it was that Tull killed Sara and so after trying to get through my ice wall and failing he left and to Sara? Well I showed her that Eric had abandoned her there and she trusted in it.

I had her in my dungeons for a little while and had her lashed every time she still held hope of finding Eric again and being with him or every time she spoke of love but in the end I broke her and she became one of my most loyal Huntsman once more and my best warrior.

When my snow owl saw Eric was still alive and talking of my sister's mirror I set a trap for him. I sent some Hutsman after him and when it looked like they would kill him Sara pretended to come to the rescue and even though he knew she wasn't being true to him Eric still accepted her back in his life.

When they got the mirror I found them in Sanctuary which was basically the Enchanted Forest where the faries could be found. I froze the ground and my armies came out of the fog with me riding on my trusty pet.

I then told him that he must have known she was betraying him and yet he let her stay and Eric told me that love would always win so I had Sara shoot him in the chest and I had thought she killed him so we all left back to my castle with my sister's mirror by our side.

I had everyone leave me alone and a familler voice told me to read the words on the mirror and so I did and after that I said "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?" and with that something came out of the mirror and when it took shape it was my sister Ravenna which naturally shocked me for I thought Snow White had killed her 7 years ago.

She told me that she was something in between and that her soul was connected to the power of the mirror and that I had freed her from there.

Ravenna then took over quickly giving my Huntsman orders to attack Snow white's kingdom and get back what she once had and naturally I didn't like that very much.

When Eric tried to kill me with an arrow Ravenna stopped it in her hand and teased him. He was then taken to us and Sara tried to kill Ravenna but I stopped her with my ice powers confused.

Ravenna then told me they were still in love and that they smelled of it still and then she asked me if I had laws and I told her I did and so she asked what my verdict was and sadly I said death to look strong in front of the others.

Ravenna then told Sara she was pretty and that love doesn't save you from death and walked back over to me with an evil laugh. We both watched as they were to be killed but then Tull turned against me and Ravenna used her Dark Fey magic to kill some of my children and so I put a wall up between us and Ravenna called me weak for it saying that I should be grateful because she made me this way... strong and so I asked her how she did so but she refused to answer.

I used the fact that it was me who freed her against Ravenna and was able to see the truth of it all. My own sister had found out from her mirror that my baby girl would grow to be more powerful than she is and of course Ravenna couldn't have that and even though at the time it hurt her she made the Duke write that letter and also burn our child.

When I let go everything was clear to me and I tried to attack her for it but she used her Dark Fey against me hitting my shoulder making me fall which in turn broke the ice wall I had put up.

Ravenna then fought off Eric and Sara and when Sara jumped from high up to try and kill Ravenna she turned into golden ravens to get out of the way and when she became herself again she then picked Sara up like she wasn't heavy for her and threw her down with ease which confused me slightly of course. That is when I hugged Ravenna to try and get her to stop and also to freeze her, but she was faster than me and used her Dark Fey spike to go through my stomach and thus with my final act I froze the mirror so that Eric could shatter it and of course with it Ravenna as well.

When I lay there dying I saw myself holding my daughter and happy once more and then I turned my head to see Eric and Sara happy and kissing and in that moment I understood that true love is stronger than anything because of those who have it and also that it is something worth fighting for and so I told them they were lucky and then I died.

Now to most that is where the story ends but for me? Not so much, when everyone had left my kingdom and the ice had melted I was in a place that was pure white and to me it seemed like an island in a way which was strange.

A woman in white came to me and asked if I was happy with being dead and I told her that I was but then she just smiled and told me that my quest in life wasn't over just yet and when she touched me I felt a warmth unlike any other and then found myself waking up in the same place I had died seeing my sister's shattered body on the ground.

I could feel the power coursing through me and I knew that I had come back stronger some how and also much more focused as well.

In time I got back the Huntsman who wished to stay by my side and were still loyal and took over my kingdoms once more in the north making it the winter wonderland it was before I had died.

Now I am ruller of all the North and feared among the people for I am the Ice Queen and that will never change and at the moment I am not good or evil really, though if anyone shows love of any kind in my kingdom I will no longer show them the mercy I once would have before I was revived and before I forget I am naturally immortal so I can not die or easily be harmed in any way.

Now you know my story so come to my lands if you think you are brave enough to face me.

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❄ { 𝖘𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖙𝖞 } ❄

Nov 5th 2020 - 4:52 PM


Not so much an Ice Queen but as Frost had taken over, become the main embodiment. Sometimes she still listened to the voice in her head, let her have her fun, if you could call a random array of science experiments ‘fun’ at least. Being locked up in that lifestyle was boring, so Frost had taken over and things had been a little more on the chilly side since. It didn’t take her long to adjust, and still paid attention to some of Caitlin’s knowledge but for the most part her own cold heart had taken control.

Love? What was that? Caitlin had been married herself, off playing Superhero with Team Flash. It was almost strange how she carried on when the hero life despite it being what destroyed Ronnie, but Caitlin certainly kept pushing herself forward. Tried her best not to let the dark parts of the world cloud her vision. Apparently she’d always had that side buried deep, unlike some of Central City who gained their powers another way, like Ronnie had. Either way, Frost had never truly seen an ounce of love, nothing that had mattered anyway and there was no point moping over that fact.

Frost wasn’t sure whether it was fear, or power she was going for, but the power was something Caitlin had been afraid of for so long. Embracing the power was all Frost could think to do now. There was only so much you could do with an ice power and a matching cold heart. Blunt, straight to the point. She’d walked away from those who cared to find herself, and this was her. From the icy white hair to the more confident strut. Her soft jumpers and plain outfits had been swapped for silky leathers and metal zippers almost defining a darker side of her being. The duality of it all meant Caitlin had to pick a side, and Frost had made that decision for her, as poor helpless Caitlin rarely knew what she was doing, and how to control matters.

The only danger Frost had seen on her approach, was herself and that matter could easily be handled. The guards were wary to let her in though, keeping a close eye on her as she reached the gate. Glancing at the guards she laughed.   I’m no Huntsman, but I assure you. You wouldn’t want to hunt me down.   She had no idea they possessed similar power to herself, as the Meta-human had never met anyone with her identical power.   There something valuable behind there? Something worth locking away?

she frosty @ /1653144
❄Caitlin Snow a.k.a Killer Frost❄

May 1st 2017 - 4:23 AM

Caitlin walked by the bar as she heard and saw people screaming. She wasn't sure what was going on as she walked inside the bar checking out to see what it might be. She wonders if she should call her friends to help her out in case she needed to fight off some bad guy.

She looked around seeing her she was a bit shocked on seeing her as she had a feeling she had powers too of ice. She walked over towards her standing face to face. "Do you have ice powers as well? I thought i was the only one." She said a bit shocked and kind of happy. "Do you know a way to get rid of it if you could?" She asked her softly as she hopes she would give her something that might help her get rid of her powers for good.

She waited for her answer as she closed her eyes doing her very best to keep killer frost from coming out and showing her real colors she wanted to get rid of the powers and for good.

Apr 28th 2017 - 4:08 AM

"Your highness!" The sound of the Ice Queen's screams were permanently imprinted in her mind. Xena did not cover her ears, for she feared that she would ruin an experience she needed to have. She would never forget those sounds and she knew why there was so much sadness within them. Both of her children had been taken away by different means and for different reasons, leaving her alone until she was reunited with Gabrielle over two decades later. Her son had never truly forgiven her and was under the misguided belief that he needed to become a warrior, only so he could destroy his mother. Her daughter was hated and known as the 'Bitch of Rome' but she had forgiven her, after a long amount of time had passed. She knew that the men deserved what they were going to get. Xena wanted to help, that was why she approached them. Though they were frozen and couldn't move, she didn't consider this to be in bad taste. She cut the men down, her sword splashed with an equal amount of blood and melted ice. ". . .I am sorry, but at least we took care of them."

Apr 7th 2017 - 8:15 AM

The slight amount of peace she had felt when she surveyed the cold landscape in front of him had been an illusion. Of course, there were always more people after a member of royalty. It was only logical to assume so, since every person craves power, no matter how much they might try to say otherwise. Xena was about to suggest that they return to the castle when the magical orb came crashing into the ground between them. She was knocked backwards and off her feet by the sheer impact but was otherwise unharmed. After picking herself up, she realized that her sword was missing, probably went flying in a random direction. The problem was, she wasn't sure where the attack had came from and so she couldn't very easily send her chakram after it. The stench of burning earth clung in the acrid air as another fiery ball of concentrated hatred was sent in their direction, aimed at Freya though if it hit Xena, she knew the caster wouldn't mind additional casualties. Despite the sudden attack, her breathing had slowed and her heart rate was normal. There would be a shocked group of henchmen when they caught sight of the determination that burned behind her deep blue eyes.

Mar 28th 2017 - 7:11 AM

Xena was lost in thought as well. She was trying to remember if she had ever encountered craftsmanship of the same quality that was revealed on the key. Something about it seemed familiar but the true memory was hidden somewhere in her mind. She gave it more glance, ran her fingertips along the grooves that were carved into it, and then the memory came rushing back. She nearly stumbled into the Queen and held up a hand, a sign of apology as she gathered herself. The first day she had spent with the bandits who had brought her to the frozen lands had taught her quite a bit about what it meant to be observant. Not that she wasn't already observant but she had had to become accustomed to their way of doing things. Now, it would seem they needed to encounter them once more. One of the wolves looked to the Queen, almost as if they wished for her to hear what the warrior princess had to ask.

"I think I know where this key came from," Xena said finally. She could just picture the area where the group had camped that first night. They had insisted on keeping the cages with captives in various stages of emaciation next to a boastful amount of supplies and food. She knew in that moment, as she had watched one of the men tear into an abundant helping of cured meat, that they wanted the people they had captured to suffer. She ran a hand through her raven locks, knowing that the fight to keep them off of the Ice Queen's territory wasn't going to be easy but she would do it if it needed to be done. Helping others was her new calling in life, even if those she helped didn't ask for it or want it in the beginning. "We are going to have to track down the bandits once more. I just hope they haven't been expecting us."

Mar 20th 2017 - 7:06 AM

Despite her commands for her 'children' to remain neutral about the sight of the body, some of them couldn't do so to appease their Queen. Xena could, she had no connection to the person who laid completely lifeless in front of them. She had killed enough people to become desensitized to such a sight. For her, this was just another investigation. She was more worried about the fact that something might be lurking just out of their eyesight. Adventuring a bit further away, she started to comb the ground for clues. Nothing of substance was there. There was absolutely nothing to suggest what might have happened. The scene almost looked too clean, as if it had been undisturbed and the body had just been dumped there after the true gore had taken place somewhere else. Once she was satisfied that they had nothing else to worry about, besides cleaning up the scene, she came to stand beside Queen Freya once more. Her sword was still readied but the point was facing the ground now.

Xena noticed something strange about the body. In a sudden movement, she cut the small chain that was wrapped around the corpse's neck and bent down to retrieve the pendant that had been part of the necklace. It was decorated with a strange symbol which almost looked like a key that was missing the lower half. Raising her brow, she held it to the light to get a better look at the intricate designs and carvings within it. Passing it to a guard, he approached Freya to ask if she knew where it had came from or if another kingdom was somehow involved in this attack. Xena had other things to worry about, as her beast had approached her and was nuzzling her affectionately.

Mar 14th 2017 - 6:14 PM

The beasts they were riding on came to a halt a few paces away. The castle had long since disappeared in the distance, which the warrior had chosen to believe was a good sign. No one would dare commit an act such as this one so close to where Freya resided. The smell of blood must have been enough to keep the beasts from wanting to venture in further. She gave hers a small pat on the spot between it's ears and dismounted. The huntsman was already standing in the area. Xena knew that the sight was going to be gruesome but she hadn't expected what they were shown. The body had been cut into tiny pieces and laid out, almost as if the person had been disassembled and then put back together again, though none of the pieces quite touched each other. The way the huntsman grunted was enough to show that the sight even made his stomach lurch. Giving Freya a questioning look, Xena removed her sword from her scabbard, just in case the culprit was still lurking in the immediate area.

Mar 7th 2017 - 6:50 AM

Xena waited for the men to be completely ready, before she attached the saddle to the horse that had been gifted to her. Some of the men were already riding out, most likely to scope out the best possible path they could take where they wouldn't have to worry about combat or wild animals attacking them. The main path was made of a mixture of stone and ice. To her, it seemed to be the most obvious choice. Mounting the mare was easy. She had a special talent for communicating with animals, especially when it came to stallions and mares. Ever since she was a little girl did she posses that power. Her horse trotted around in a semi-circle. It was clear that this one had only been ridden on a handful of times and most likely hadn't been properly 'broken in' yet. Turning to face Freya, she grinned. "I am ready when you are. Damn, this really does beat being locked away in that infernal cage. I would love to see the look on those bandits' faces now."

Mar 7th 2017 - 4:07 AM

The display with the mask left Xena with more questions than answers but she didn't dare raise any of them. It was certainly impressive and she hadn't realized until now that the Queen possessed certain supernatural qualities. Sure, the ice was definitely one but she had assumed that had been done with theatrics, as if the castle was somehow rigged to allow that to happen. It had been foolish of her to think so, she knew that now. When the guards returned to explain that the horses were ready, one of them handed Xena a saddle. She raised a brow. He shrugged his shoulders and offered a kind smile. She knew in that moment that this was not supposed to have happened. It seemed he had taken a liking to the warrior princess. His sentiment was flattering but men had never been her style so she offered nothing but a smile to him. "I am going on the trip?" She asked aloud, more to herself than anyone else. When the guard insisted that she take the saddle and left the hall, she turned to face Freya. "Please your highness, lead the way. I will follow your lead. I do have to confess, the idea of riding a horse again has gotten me quite excited."

Mar 1st 2017 - 7:15 AM

Xena listened to Freya's explanation with a solemn look on her face. She had never met anyone thought of love as a sort of sin, or something not to be enjoyed. Of course, her most recent relationship had ended in a rather nasty fight and a promise that she would rue the day she decided to end it. Up until recently, when she found herself locked in the cage and being paraded around by bandits, she hadn't believed anything that the sinister man had promised. "I see. Well, I am just glad that you are still here because I would probably be solved off to some evil family if it wasn't for you coming to my aid. Thank you again, your highness." Xena replied. Still feeling thankful to Freya about saving her from the entire ordeal, she simply smiled and nodded while the meal continued. Drinks were constantly refilled and by the time her plate had been cleaned, her head was swimming and a pleasant warmness that came with drinking quite a lot of mead had warmed her entire body. She rested her head against her shoulder as she remained in her seat.

It was then a guard approached the Queen's side. Xena instantly sat up and gave him a curious look. He had removed a small piece of parchment from a hidden pocket on his armor and passed it to the Queen. Wondering what it could have been, the warrior tried to stand but made a fool of herself, stumbling and hitting the table with her hip, causing her silverware to clatter to the floor. The other attendants at the elegant dinner didn't seem to mind in the slightest. They were all interested in what the guard had to say. He turned to address the entire table. "Apparently, another woman was found in a metal cage. Her body had been torn to pieces. The cuts looked as if they came from someone who knew how to handle a scalpel, like our local healer does. We were asked by the neighboring kingdom to investigate and offer help if we could." He explained and repeatedly held up the note to read the details before reciting them to the group.
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