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22 years old
Summer Cove,, California
United States

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May 14 2021

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GeneralNinja Steel Pink Arsenal Ninja Battle Morpher Ninja Power Stars Pink Ninja Power Star Ninja Star Blade Ninja Blaster Mega Morph Cycle Superstar Blade Zords Zoom Zord Appearances:Ninja Steel Episodes 2-22, Super Ninja Steel Episodes 1-22
MusicWhen combined into the Megazord, the Rangers need to access Ninja Master Mode in order to operate it. Using the Ninja Master Mode Star, the Pink Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Without it the Megazord is without energy. Arsenal Ninja Master Blade Ninja Master Mode Star Zords Zoom Zord Appearances:Ninja Steel Episodes 3-14, 16-19, 21
MoviesWhen combined into the Megazord, the Rangers need to access Ninja Super Steel Mode, an upgrade version of Ninja Master Mode, in order to operate it. Using the Super Ninja Master Star, the Pink Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade or the Ninja Super Steel Blaster to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Without it the Megazord is without energy. Arsenal Ninja Master Blade Ninja Super Steel Star Ninja Super Steel Blaster Zords Zoom Zord Panda Zord Appearances:Super Ninja Steel Episodes 2-9, 11-19, 21, 22
TelevisionAppearances Icon-ninninger Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 1: Return of the Prism Episode 2: Forged in Steel Episode 3: Live and Learn Episode 4: Presto Change-O Episode 5: Drive to Survive Episode 6: My Friend Redbot Episode 7: Hack Attack Episode 8: Gold Rush Episode 9: Rocking and Rolling Episode 10: The Ranger Ribbon Episode 11: Poisonous Plots Episode 12: Family Fusion Episode 13: Ace and the Race Episode 14: The Royal Rival Episode 15: The Royal Rumble Halloween Special: Grave Robber Episode 16: Monkey Business Episode 17: The Adventures of Redbot Episode 18: Abrakadanger Episode 19: Helping Hand Episode 20/Finale: Galvanax Rises Christmas Special: Past, Presents, and Future Icon-ninninger Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 1: Echoes of Evil Episode 2: Moment of Truth Episode 3: Tough Love Episode 4: Making Waves Episode 5: Game Plan Episode 6: Attack Of The Galactic Ninjas Episode 7: The Need for Speed Episode 8: Caught Red-Handed Episode 9: Outfoxed Episode 10: Dimensions in Danger Episode 11: Love Stings Episode 12: Fan Frenzy Episode 13: Prepare To Fail Episode 14: Sheriff Skyfire Episode 15: Tech Support Episode 16: Car Trouble Episode 17: Happy to Be Me Halloween Special: Monster Mix-Up Episode 18: Magic Misfire Episode 19: Doom Signal Episode 20/Finale: Reaching the Nexus Christmas Special: The Poisy Show
BooksSarah Thompson is Ninja Steel Pink, Pink Ninja Steel Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. She is the love interest and later girlfriend and later wife of Lucas Kendall, Time Force Blue from Power Rangers Time Force. Her Story She was a new student at Summer Cove High School. Sarah pulled out the Pink Power Star and she becoming the Pink Ninja Steel Ranger. She later unites with the rest of her teammates and joins the battle against Galvanax/Sledge and his monsters. Ninja Steel Sarah and Lucas bond and grow closer to each other. Sarah always believes in Lucas and always gave him hope in restoring his powers. She helps in fixing Lucas's bike and she says that she wants Lucas to have a little bit of his friends with him everywhere he goes. Lucas becomes very worried when her holoclone disappears during battle, thinking something bad has happened to her.
Heroes Ninja Steel Continued She is seen worried about Lucas after he returns from a battle (seemingly hurt as he was holding his arm) with Ransik and she asks him if he is okay. She is very worried about Lucas and tries to help in healing him with the others and is seen caressing his hair when he was lying on the table while being analyzed by Kat. She rests her head on Lucas's shoulder when she is sad that her Power Star is gone. Super Ninja Steel It is seen that Sarah always cares about Lucas when she asks him if it's great to have his friend back. Lucas saves Sarah from being hit by Ransik's blaster. He also is seen moving to safety while holding her. She is extremely worried when Nadira's arrow hits Lucas, fearing something bad may happen to him. Lucas is again seen protecting Sarah, while holding Sarah by her hand when he moves to safety, at the time of fighting Rasik. Later it is shown again that Sarah cares about him when she is trying to make sure that Lucas is okay and helping him get up after destroying Ransik permanently. Sarah and Lucas like each other, it is shown that they look out for each other, are a great team and protect each other as well. It is presumed that they start dating after Ransik and Nadira are destroyed.

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Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Summer Cove
Body type:Average
Education:High school
Occupation:Engineer who designs gadgets whenever the Power Rangers need them
Characters: Sarah Thompson-Mitchell
Verses: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Super Ninja Steel
Playbys: Chrysti Ane Lopes
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Heroes/Villains, Spar/Fighting, Television,
Status: Married
Member Since:September 05, 2016

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About me:
Sarah is the brains of the team and an adrenaline junkie. She intends to be a great engineer and is the person who designs gadgets whenever the Power Rangers need them! Character History As a new student at Summer Cove High, arriving on her handmade hoverboard, she runs into class nerd Monty and Victor, the class president and jock. After Victor tries to use her hoverboard and crashes into Preston's magic show she and Preston notice objects falling from the sky. She and Preston go to investigate and save Brody Romero, a young man who had just escaped from the evil Galvanax, from an alien called Korvaka. The three of them then pull out three of the Ninja Power Stars from the Ninja Nexus Prism and become Power Rangers, with Sarah becoming the pink ranger.

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Who I'd like to meet:
Personality Sarah is the brains of the team and an adrenaline junkie. She intends to be a great engineer and is the person who designs gadgets whenever the Power Rangers need them. In "Hack Attack", she simultaneously joins Summer Cove Highs Track and Field Club, Chess Club, Camping Club and Archery Club, in an effort to bolster future college applications. Sarah can get carried away and sidetracked because of this.

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ะฒโ„“ฮฑยขะบ ฦ’ั”ฮฑั‚ะฝั”ั

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23 hours ago

( It's fine. โ™ฅ )

May 3rd 2021 - 1:56 AM

Alright. Thanks again for understanding.

Apr 26th 2021 - 1:04 AM

I'm doing okay I think. Sorry again. Still trying to get back on track with replying.

Mar 11th 2021 - 1:28 AM

Sorry for the long wait. I fell into a slump and just found it hard to get back out of and get back to role playing. I miss talking to you too. Hope we can continue.

Feb 20th 2021 - 4:25 PM

Hell yes! I am a huge shipper of Kimberly and Trini. Don't judge me, but the weirdest ship of mine is Rita and Trini. But I have different ideas that go with the two, lol. I know there that the sequel is coming out, or possibly coming out, and I know they are going to do the Green Ranger differently, but I am hoping they at least have a heart felt message to each other. But I know I am just... wishing lol. I have started to watcch the OG Power Rangers and the other sequels on Netflix.

Feb 20th 2021 - 3:50 PM

I will admit, some things weren't done right in my opinion. I grew up with the original show and the movie. Nothing will surpass the originals. Plus, Amy Jo was my first girl crush. I loved how it was different for the kids and didn't treat them as "idiotic" back in the day. I loved watching Power Rangers and X-Men when I was a kid.

Feb 20th 2021 - 3:33 PM

Thank you so much! I already sent her a request. By the way, thanks for the acceptance. It's a honor to have you around, Sarah.
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