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About me:

My name is Mei Heyashi which in Japanese means forest because I came from a village that was once deep in the forest and my family had been living there in peace for centuries.

Growing up with 5 older brothers wasn't easy because they were always allowed to do the things that I couldn't like go out and play with their swords or even fight in the small tournaments our village had every now and again.

I was expected to do what all Samurai woman did in the village and that was to cook and clean and fetch the water and I did so to please my parents but I never liked it.

When I turned 13 I snuck out of the house and went to train on a hill that overlooked the village and the lands beyond that as well. I had made myself a sword and trained with it when I had the chance to do so.

When I was of age my parents set me up with one of the men in the village and forced me into becoming his wife but as time went by we did fall in love and had two wonderful children.

When our king needed warriors the men of our village would go out to fight in his honor and those who died in battle would be heroes and barried as such as well.

I always wished to go fighting with the men but I had my children to think of now and so I stayed to tend to their needs while the others went out to fight.

One day the fighting came too close to my village and we were attacked. My husband had come out with all the men in their Samurai armor to fight the new unknown enemies and I got the woman and children to safety and hid them under one of the houses but instead of staying with them I took my sword and found unused armor and went to help in the fight.

When I went out there I saw my husband dead on the ground and the man who had killed him was about to cut his head off so I ran toward him and fought him with the skill of a true warrior and after a long fight I had killed him.

When it was all over our village was slightly on fire but those who survived went back to their families and I took off the armor and put away the sword hiding them from the others.

The men then came to tell me that my husband had been killed in battle and I pretended to not know of this as I cried for him and gracefully took his armor and his sword as well.

I stayed with my children after that trying to calm their cries for their father in the middle of the night and keep the family together the best way I could.

One day the king himself had come to our village and we all greeted him with honor as it should be and he graced us for our warriors saying that this village would be a safe place for his men and himself if needed and we all agreed of course.

Many years later the king had been attacked in his home and he came to our village and we kept him safe,though those after him came as well and there was a vast battle in which our king was killed and so were our men thus leaving us with no protection or so they had thought.

I had secretly shown the woman the ways of the warrior and so when the enemy didn't expect it we attacked them as I used my husband's armor and sword to take down the enemies and we were doing well until the enemy over powered us and we were forced to the ground while the men killed our children and plundered the village.

I remember crying out when my children were killed in front of my eyes and then the world went black. When I woke up I was in a carriage with the other woman of my village and we were being taken from the forest we once loved to the city of the new king.

This king had no honor for he had Samurai and ninja warriors by his side,the ninjas were nothing more than theives and killers for higher back then unlike the Samurai who had a code of conduct that we always must live by.

The woman of my village and I were all put into a line and some were chosen to be slaves for the king while others were to be married off to some of his warriors and others like myself were sold as Geishas for both entertainment and sex,though not all Geishas were for sex some were to be in plays and entertain the men.

I was this way for years until I found a way to kill those who would call themselves my masters and escaped that place freeing any of the woman that I could find.

I then made my way to the palace and found my husband's armor and his red hilted sword and so I put it on and freed the woman of my village telling them to run and find themselves homes and so they did just that.

I made my way through killing any of the guards that got in my way and when I came to the king's chambers I opened the doors and attacked him. He quickly got his sword out and we fought each other and when he was on the ground by my feet I took off the helmet letting him see my face "This is for my children and my people" I told him in Japanese of course and then took his head off with one strike watching it fall to the floor.

After that day I became an avenging angel of sorts to those who needed it,moving from village to village in my husband's armor and never showing my face and because of that I was called the Samurai Ghost and that was a name that stuck with me.

One day I was sleeping in the woods and I was ambushed by some bandits who after a long fight I had killed them all, but was badly wounded. I walked deep into the forest ready to die and see my family again but then a fox spirit came to me saying that she was sent by the gods to become one with me to let me live for my journey was not yet over in this world.

I nodded to this slightly and let her in as there was a white light and when I opened my eyes my wounds were healed and I felt stronger than ever before. My armor had become a crimson orange and the hilt of my husband's sword was still red though the blade it's self had golden markings of a fox on it and the handle was golden as well and on the sheath there was a fox marking.

From that moment I became the warrior of the gods and used the fox only when needed,she also allows me to take the form of a golden and silver fox if I choose to and when I need it to escape my enemies.

I have been a warrior all my life and walked the centuries keeping those who need it safe from harm no matter where I find it. I have fought in many wars over the centuries and yet no one has a picture of me because I made sure of it to not have to ask unwanted questions of course.

I still fight in the Samurai armor because that is what I am after all and I respect the ways of the Samurai as well...honor above all else and when there is a king to work for we do so till death or until our king is killed in battle himself.

I am now walking among you in this new century and am in many ways a Ronin now for I have no master to fight for and no king to give my loyalty to. I still fight for those who can not protect themselves and do so when ever I can as the Samurai Ghost.

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Richard Kimble

Feb 4th 2019 - 9:04 PM

Richard never had the strange dream before in his life, so he had no idea what to think or believe. He thought that his mind created an odd scenario or such, that was until he saw her. That was when Richard realized that his mind fidndi create any of it. However, he still had no idea where the dream came from.  Richard had no idea how could he have dreamed of something and someone for that matter that he had never seen or experienced. He would have assumed a movie or such influenced him but he hadn't seen any, almost never if not actually never. So that couldn't be it. Besides, she was a real person, and to dream about her he had to have seen her, Richard knew that but he also knew that he had never met her before. He was sure of that. And yet, Richard dreamed and her, which made no sense. Not to him that was for sure. Richard wondered how could that even be possible.

He didn't know her, and yet he actually knew and recognized her. None of it made any sense. Not to Richard at least. That was for sure. However, he was glad that he had followed her because it looked like she was in danger. When Richard called to her he wanted to warn her, he had no idea how did he knew her name but he just did. It confused him as he could have sworn that they had never met before. Richard temporary left that as he used the dumpster cover to knock the guys out and backwards. He wasn't a warrior but he still wanted to help her and it wasn't from simple, regular people, so he had to use something and it was all he could find but that seemed useful, which he was glad to know. 

Richard noticed her reaction to what he did and shrugged. Hey, it was useful. That was all that mattered, or so he thought. Granted, when she looked Richard knocked two other guys but still. He was glad that he was alive but at that moment he only cared about her. Richard didn't know her and yet he did and wanted to protect her. Which was definitely different and strange, as well as confusing. At least to him. Richard assumed it was because he was a caring guy and part of him confused it with something else, but the longer that passed the more unsure of it he had become.

Richard watched her and what she did, as in her take the swords, leave messages and walk off. He sighed as he waited for her to return. When she did Richard watched her and sighed. He listened to her and shrugged. Richard had no idea what to say to her. "I am not even sure how I know you or your name. I just do and yet at the same I don't," he said to her.  "I am not sure how is it possible or what is going on? Some part of me knows you and feels like we met before but other part of me feels like it's all just too crazy and unrealistic. Ya know?" Richard said to her. "I take it your name is Mei then huh?" He said and sighed.

Richard listened to what he said next and sighed. "I am used to not safe and I don't have a home, " he said as he watched her.  Richard watched her turn and leave.  "待って、メイそれは私です," (wait, Mei it's me), he called after her, literally in Japanese, and yet he had no idea how it had happened, as he never learned it. Not too mention not only Richard had no clue how he said it but he also had no clue what he said. Not to mention it sounded a like someone else said from inside of him, which wasn't possible. Was it? As far as Richard knew it wasn't but now he wasn't sure.

Without realizing it, as he poundered over that he literally followed her once more. Richard still wanted answers from her. Except with everything that had happened, he had almost forgot about. However, when Richard noticed that he did that, he didn't even try to stop himself. He hoped that maybe she could help him understand what was happening to him. Richard also wondered how would she react to what had happened. Not that her reaction would surprise him either way. At least that was what Richard thought. Then again he had no idea what her reaction would be but he was sure that it won't be surprising at all. Richard himself was surprised, so if she was too it won't be surprised at all. Not to him at least that was for sure.

"I don't know what's happening to me, " Richard said to her with a confused and scared look on his face. "Can you help me? " he asked a minute later as he followed her with his bag over his shoulder again. Richard then fainted with a loud crash. He wasn't hurt or anything but the whole thing that was happening wasn't something that most people went through, so it definitely took a toll on him. Richard was unconscious for a while. While unconscious he mumbled things in Japanese that Richard himself won't know but someone else might. His voice was a bit different but not like Eric Draven and the crow or such but still different.

When Richard finally came to it was the next day and evening. He looked around himself as he tried to figure out where he was or what had happened to him. "W... Where a. .. am I?" Richard asked as he stuttered a bit as he was still a bit weak but not by much. He tried to find his bag but he had trouble getting up. At least for the time being as he tried to understand what was going on.
Richard Kimble

Feb 4th 2019 - 4:44 PM

Richard  woke up and looked around himself rather confused. At first he had a nightmare like usual, about the day/night his wife was murdered but after that he has a dream that he had no idea where it came from. Like a distant memory, except Richard knew for a fact that he had never been there before. At least as far as he could remember.  Which was exactly what confused Richard as much as he was at that moment. It was like the dream about his wife, it started good but ended up as a nightmare. Execpt Richard had no idea where did that came from. He looked around his motel room with a confused look on his face. Richard tried to understand where that came from and what did any of it mean. Part of him told him it was just a dream and meant nothing but other part of him tried to convince him that it did mean something. That Richard needed to find the meaning fast or something was about to happen. Which defintely made no sense to him. Despite the fact that that he tried to make sense of it all. Richard just said there lost in thoughts, and very confused. He say that way for a while, as he lay back and took a deep breath, to try and relax. Richard then got up and went to the bathroom. He washed his face and then he took a quick shower, as he after that changed clothes.

After that, Richard began to pack, as he made sure that he didn't forget anything there. He then took a few extra glances around the room. Richard after that, picked up the room key as he walked outside and returned the key to the person at the desk. He then made sure for his room. Richard made sure that he didn't need to pay and then said goodbye to the worker, as he then left. He had no idea where he was heading but he did know that it was time for him to leave, no matter what. Richard had to be on the move or he would be caught and taken away to be executed and that wasn't an option. Not to him at least. Richard tried not to think of that as he walked to the bus stop. All this time he held his bag over his shoulder. Richard waited for the bus and once it arrived he got on it and paid for his ticket. He then walked deeper inside as he found a sit and sat there. Richard fell a sleep the minute the bus took off, as he waited to arrive at his next destination. He  woke up a few minutes later as he almost missed his stop but he managed to get off before he missed his stop. Richard then began to walk, the minute he picked the direction he wanted to go by. Richard stopped and froze over sudden as he saw the person that walked by him. He blinked a few times in confusion. It couldn't be true and yet it was. It definitely was. 

It was the woman from his dreams. Execpt Richard couldn't recall  ever meeting her. Like actually meeting her before. Which confused Richard even more, if that was even possible as that was pretty confusing as it was. He definitely wasn't crazy, nor in love, but he knew that he dreamed about her. The more Richard tried to make sense of it the more confused he became. He looked around and back at her. Richard sighed and followed her. He wasn't stalking her or anything, but he wanted answers. Plus, part of him told him that she was in danger and Richard didn't know why but he followed to make sure that she was alright, and maybe if possible then he wanted answers too. He hoped that she would unUndersta him. Also, Richard understood that him following her could be seen as stalking her. However, he feared like she was in danger and he felt like she held the answers to his questions.

A few minutes or so later, Richard realized that he did the right thing by following her as there were a couple of men, if not more following her and the way they looked seemed like trouble. "MEI, WATCH OUT," he called out to her as the man attacked her. Richard knocked two guys outs with a dumpster cover, as he once in a while glanced at her and the guys, as he hoped that she would be alright. 
Homicide Barbie™

Jan 13th 2019 - 3:15 AM

Shelby and the team of Rogue FBI agents had known from day one that they would always be in danger, that no matter what it was their lives or the victim's, Seeing as none of them wanted to see anyone die, they had always risked their own lives, perhaps that was why Mei had been so much like them and why she had been so well liked by the team.

She nodded as she spoke "This is true, I mean my job is always dangerous, our lives are always on the line, but I'm sure with your help we will be kept that much safer, so again thanks" She said as she looked towards Mei and shrugged.

Shelby nor her team could know just how dangerous the next case would be, nor would they know or  understand that they would need Mei's help more then ever, Of course because at this moment in time they did not know that a few Fairy Tale Villain's would soon wreak havoc on to the world, they so desperately tried to keep safe.
Homicide Barbie™

Dec 15th 2018 - 8:35 PM

Shelby understood that her secret may burden her but she had been used to it, She had kept secrets for Alex, Ryan and even a great many of her own, Sure it was a heavy cross to bear but she would always do it. Ryan had been more or less frightened of Mei, this had been why he would always be sure to keep the secret he was told to keep.

Shelby smiled as she looked at her "It is true, the fact that you helped us catch the bad guys will always mean a great deal to us, I know we generally always do but in this circumstance I truly do not think we could have without you." She replied.

She had no idea what Mei had been thinking about, but in her own mind she knew that sure one case had ended , some bad guys had been caught, but that did not mean that with in a short time another case would start, one that may even involve her own kidnapping or something of the like.
Homicide Barbie™

Nov 25th 2018 - 8:41 PM

Shelby had vowed to keep Mei's secret, simply because she had many of her own, She had known that Ryan vowed to keep it simply because he had been frightened of her, the notion had somehow made Shelby laugh seeing as truth be told Ryan had not been afraid of anything, still It served useful knowing that he would not tell anyone the truth.

Harry nodded as he spoke "I Do know that, and I do agree but I still think we are all grateful for what you have done, especially since if it weren't for you and what you did I would not  have my sister right now." The thought had made him shudder a bit but it had been the complete and utter truth of the matter.

"We are glad we met you as well Mei" Shelby said as she smiled back at her, as one of very few that knew the truth it was hard at times to not let certain things out , to keep certain things a secret but she of course would do it knowing full well it meant keeping her new friend safe.
Homicide Barbie™

Nov 5th 2018 - 1:13 AM

Shelby had known she would be kind and faithful to Mei as a friend, due to this she would keep her secret, she also knew Ryan would not tell, She did not know that He was warned previously, but she knew what kind of man he had been, due to this she knew Mei wo led be safe, for the time being at least.

Harry nodded as he spoke "I did, I got justice for her as well as for the others, but I couldn't have done any of it without you." He admitted as he looked at Mei once again,  He had been grateful she joined their team because without her so many could not have been saved.

Shelby nodded as she answered her "I know, that is why you make a good asset to our team, You want justice so you are good at  helping us all… though you being supernatural does help as well." She said in but a whisper so that the others could not hear her.
Homicide Barbie™

Oct 15th 2018 - 4:14 AM

Shelby had known for certain that she would never tell anyone about Mei, she had known this because she had been a friend to her and she had learned long ago never to betray a friend. Ryan on the other hand, he had known that he would never speak the truth because not only did he doubt anyone would believe him but he had feared her still from the day he met her.

Most with the exception of Shelby had known the truth about Mei, Ryan of course had known that she was supernatural, He had seen and experienced it first hand, But he did not know her life before this time, all he knew was that Shelby had trusted her, and in his eyes that was saying quite a bit because Shelby did not trust very many people.

Sure Mei had seen them as warriors because that had been what she had seen in her past and these new friends had been not to unlike her old friends, but in their eyes they were just typical Hero's who saved people on a daily basis.

Henry nodded as well as he looked at Mei "I am glad too, and I am glad that she knows we will always stop at nothing to keep her and the rest of the world safe, it still pains me to know she was unsafe due to my actions but, I am glad she is okay now." He had admitted.

Shelby nodded as she looked at Mei and smiled "I Know I do it because I want people safe, There is no doubt in my mind that You do it for the exact same reason, I am glad we met because you make a great asset to this team." She answered honestly.
Homicide Barbie™

Aug 27th 2018 - 9:21 PM

Shelby and perhaps Ryan were the only ones that had truly know about Mei and who she had been, Few knew her past, but they had assumed something must have happened for her to become who she had, For her to want to help their team, For the Most part they had in fact been grateful for her.

Shelby as stated before, Had known the truth, She had understood the need to keep the world safe, She had done that herself as well, She also knew it was not an easy thing to do, This had been why She had decided long ago to Befriend Mei.

The Rogue group of agents had Never thought of themselves as Warriors, Heros Yes Maybe but Not Warriors, They had simply done things to keep a Nation and the people in it safe, Something that was difficult but  needed to be done, For this factor many had seen them as saviors at times.

Harry nodded as he spoke "I am glad too" His thick accent coming through as he looked towards Maizie "She went through quite a bit, Had been a part of a human trafficking ring, Feared for her own life and safety, Sometimes I do blame myself and My Job, but She doesn't, Which I Suppose is why she followed in my footsteps" He stated.

Shelby nodded as she spoke "I can understand that Mei , and honestly that makes you no different then Me and the rest of the team, Sure Clearly you are different in a super natural way, but In other ways You aren't" She offered kindly.
Homicide Barbie™

Jul 29th 2018 - 8:56 PM

Shelby and her team  had been no stranger to revenge, Though in their cases it had been a different form of revenge then what most had seen, It had been the type of revenge that had taken down the bad guys, becoming Agents, Even following in your brother's footsteps because You had been a victim in Maizie Doyle's case, At any rate they all trusted Mei because she had lead a life not to unsimiliar to their own.

The Lies being told well those were to keep each other safe from harm, to keep the mission in tact, Sure Alex and Caleb would always know the truth, seeing as They were the ones that Ryan and Shelby had truly been with, Sure the people in their teams had of course known the truth as well, but the world well it needed to be safe, so the Press had been told lies, Lies that were not easy for any of the parties involved.

For now the team would use Mei , She was needed because she had great strength and power, More so then anyone else in the world, She was Super natural, It was  a secret they all needed to keep but they would, If only to keep the world and their team safe from harm.

Nimah  nodded as she spoke "I know we've all lost someone due to the Mission, thankfully that wasn't the case with Maizie… Harry's little sister… the latest member of our team… but in other cases yes sadly families had seen death due to what we do" She of course was talking about Selene, as well as Mike and Owen's family members who had recently seen their deaths.

Shelby smiled as she looked at her pointedly "which is not to unlike what we do, That is probably why we all trust and get along with you so well, Even if only a few of us know what You are capable of" She winked mainly just meaning herself.
Homicide Barbie™

Jul 8th 2018 - 3:56 AM

Of all the Deaths that Shelby had seen in her  young life already, the hardest hit had been many years prior when their friend Simon had died, It had seemed like just yesterday, he had died in the name of saving Alex, He had died in the name of stopping another terrorist attack that could kill many, he had died a Hero…. their Hero, and of course they  had all been extremely close to him, Perhaps this had been the real reason they had all become rogue agents, They had done it in the name of Simon, to get back at the people that  had killed him, Perhaps this notion had made them no different then Mei herself.

Ryan Booth had always been one to keep secrets, His biggest being the one that Alex kept, She had told everyone she had lost her baby, that it's father had been some man she had known when she was in Italy before coming back to the states, but that had not been the truth, He was it's father and She had  not lost it, Sure he knew they would all find out soon enough but for now they  had kept their covers, even if that meant hurting their real families, He had known of all of them the secrets they kept had been the most difficult on Shelby's husband Caleb, he had to lay low and try to be away from Shelby because due to the undercover they  had been doing, at the moment He himself was supposed to be married to her.

Still keeping their secrets had been difficult to him as well, He longed to be close to Alex to tell the world She was his but he couldn't, Perhaps that had been why he kept Mei's true identity a secret, He had known sometimes life depended on those sort of secrets, even if it meant losing a few friends along the way.

Nimah shook her head as she spoke "Alex and Shelby….  Hell even Ryan had been closer to her then Raina and I but her death truly had effect us, though It may effect our Colleague Jocelyn a bit more" She said shrugging "I know You probably could have helped but I doubt you truly would have been able to save her, non of us could" She said as she had heaved a huge sigh.

Shelby smiled as she looked at Mei "well us Mere Mortal's appreciate all you do Mei, Sure we try and keep the world safe but sometimes it isn't all that easy, and we lose friends along the way, at least we know with you there is nothing to worry about, You'll always be safe or at the least alive and You always do get the bad guy" She said looking at her.
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