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Characters: Sarah
Verses: The Fades
Playbys: Natalie Dormer
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Gore, Horror, Supernatural,
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About me:

I know that you must be waiting to hear a sappy story about how I was born or where but I am here to tell you that wouldn't be the case because my story is one of darkness and eventually almost to the end of the world but I will tell you all about that.

I was once apart of a group known as Angelics,we are a secret group of people who can see what we call the Fades,ghosts of people who have left their bodies and can't move on...we help them move on and find peace because when they are in this world they can not touch anything in it and that is like hell to them.

One day the portals started to close for reasons we didn't understand and some of them got stuck in this realm,which of course made them angry and want to lash out..or find a way to do so any way.

I had visions about the end of the world for a long time and they always ended with my death before I woke up. my fellow friends knew about my ability to see the future so they respected what I told them really.

When the Fades found themselves a new leader some how they started to learn to come back into our realm and be able to be touched and seen as well but at the time we didn't know that was possible.

One of thm killed our leader and my good friend and when she came to me as a Fade she warned me about what was going on so I told the others and we went out to try and fight them.

We followed one into an old mall and that is where we met Paul,a boy who could see the Fades too and yet didn't fully understand it, but he ran off before I could talk to him and when I had my back turned the Fade we were after killed me.

I remember that moment all too well,the feeling of pain and then the blood coming from the wound. My friend Neil found me and chased off the Fade who did that to me and I died in his arms.

My story didn't end there,not in the least as I walked the world as a Fade myself and let me tell you that is watch those you love and not be able to be heard by them or touch them for that matter whithout it hurting like you are on fire.

I watched my husband mourn me and then move on but then he was arrested because they thought he killed me though eventually he was let go. I watched him sleeping and it killed me inside.

I eventually found myself at Neil's door step and at first he wanted me to move on and I tried, but I gave up my chance to move on so that my friend could and so I was stuck in the world of the living.

We eventually found out that the Fades had a leader that called himself John who had once been a Fade himself but found a way to 'live' again in many ways and so we tried to figure it out but didn't get close enough and I couldn't help cause I was a Fade myself after all.

I then came up with the idea to become what our enemies were and thus be able to destroy them from the inside and so I asked Neil to help me and at first he said no but then as time went by more and more people were going missing or ending up dead so he allowed me to try.

I lay in the bathtub in his appartment and he fed me blood from fresh meat for days and then eventually something strange happened...he was able to touch me and the moment that happened I took the meat from him and fed on it like an animal in the wild would.

Neil stayed by me and then my body became incased in a cacoon and I stayed like that for a while until I broke through and came out of it.

I then got dressed and looked at myself,I looked more pale and slightly strange but my eyes were normal looking and I liked that idea. when the others found out they were not happy but they accepted it in the end and so I went to find John and try to kill him if I could.

I first stopped by my ex husband's place and told him that the police had only thought that I died and even though I tried to get him back with me he pushed me away.

I tried not to 'feed' on things because I hated that idea but eventually I passed out and had a vision of Paul and John fighting in an old mall and ash all around as the portal to the underworld was opened and the world was about to fall and then I woke up.

John was there standing over me because I had been found by some of those like him and brought to their base which turned out to be the basement of Paul's high school but that is a different story.

John tried to get me to feed telling me that the future I saw couldn't be changed and not to fear it so eventually I gave in and fed with them all on human flesh and my eyes became yellow for a moment then going back to the usual color. when I am 'hungry' my eyes become yellow and my teeth are sharp and I must eat if I wish to stay the way I am..though I am a monster that is something I know all too well.

Neil in the mean time was training Paul in our ways for Paul was meant to be our salvation..the strongest of us all and the chosen one even though he didn't always want to be.

John told me how he was able to become the way he was,he watched his wife mourn him and when she killed herself to be with him he lay under her body and her blood fell into his mouth giving him power he didn't know as possible and so he decided to change others to be like him.

In the end John and his Fades had taken over the town and I was right there by his side pretending to work with him even though I was still trying to figure out how to stop them.

When Paul finally accepted what he was he learned that he could shoot energy from his hands that could destroy The Fades that came back to life and thus he used that when he had to.

In the end Paul came to the mall and my vision was coming to pass but then he let out his wings and flew up using his energy from his hands to close the portal and I ended up stabbing John which gave Paul time to kill him and then there was a big explotion of light and the world was safe once more and the Fades were all gone exept for me for some reason.

I now walk the earth trying to figure out how to control the hunger within and help other Fades that are still ghosts to move on because the portals are opened again since Paul did what he had.

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