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About me:

My birth name is Kate but I go by the nickname The Dark Huntsman lately and I like it that way really. You want to know my story? Well then I warn you it is not a happy one

I was born in a small village in the Northern lands and we had a good life. My mother was a healer and my father was a woodsman and a hunter. Mother would show me how she used her herbs to heal people and when I had time my father would teach me how to use the bow to hunt when he couldn't.

Everyone had a part to play in the village and we all did what we could to have the peaceful life we wanted but then when I turned 10 I heard noises coming from outside and my parents told me to hide and so I did just that.

I heard people yelling and I tried to hide but when I heard my mother's begging to not kill my father I went outside and ran to her but the soldiers killed her in front of me and my father as well but before she died my mother touched my hand and whispered something that I would only understand years later.

The warriors put us in carts and took us all to the Ice Queen's castle and that is when we were all lined up and she gave us the speach about love making us weak and all that though all I could think of was hiding the medallion my father had given me before he died.

When they sent us out to become fighters is when I met Eric and Sara and we became secret friends always sneaking out when we had the chance in hopes that her owls were never around.

We trained to be the best at what we did and all of us became her unstoppable army. I was always best with the swords where Sara was good with the bow and Eric had his axes.

When we got older I could see the feelings that Eric and Sara shared and I helped them sneak out when I got the chance to do so and I loved seeing them happy though I never showed it on my face so that no one would ever know of their love.

When Freya found out about them through that daft owl of her's she had us all fight them but of course I never gave it my all even though it seemed like I had and when the ice wall came up I tried to help them but I was knocked out.

Sara and I were both put in the dungeons and whipped every day to try and get us to understand what our queen was teaching us but I never let it change me though I did see it change Sara as specially because she trusted the lies the ice wall had shown her that Eric had left her behind even though I knew that couldn't be and tried to tell her but she wasn't having it.

when we were finally let out Sara had changed and I pretended to be and so we went out to kill more men for our queen and came back with their blood on our hands every bloody time.

when Sara was sent to seek out Eric and trick him to get the mirror I snuck out and followed her and that is when my power started to show it's self but only Eric had seen me use it and said nothing about it.

when the Goblins attacked us Eric and Sara ran one way and I ran the other and when I was stuck with no place to go I looked at the shadows around me and some how they listened to my thoughts grabbing the Goblins into the darkness in the shape of hands as if I were pullung them myself and Eric had seen that because he came back for me.

We ran off together in silence and that is when Eric broke the bridge and Sara saved his life with the arrow as always, she never misses and that was a fact we all knew all too well.

when Freya came to take the mirror both Sara and I left with her and Sara pretended to shoot Eric to death knowing she would hit what he had around his neck and thus it would save his life.

Once Revanna was let out of that damned mirror I knew things wouldn't end well, but I had no idea how it would all turn out. Ravenna then attacked the other Huntsman and me as well, though I used the shadows to protect myself and made it look like her Dark Fey spikes had hit me when in fact they hadn't because the shadows acted like a sheild and armor keeping me safe from harm.

When it was all over and both sisters had apparetly killed each other we were all free and I thought of the words my mother had told me looking at the medallion my father had given me and finally understood what she meant.

Both my parents were secret magic users and that magic had gone into me as well passed on through them and my family line. I parted ways from Sara and Eric and made my own way after that, though I trained myself both in the arts of combat and learned to control my ability as well.

Years went by after that, but for me nothing had changed because I had made myself cloths out of the shadows that were black and I liked it that way. One day I heard a voice from the shadows and walked into the darkness becoming one with it.

I have seen many centuries come and go since that moment and many different realms as well and I learn all that I can when doing so. Mankind has come far since my day and age and even though I still look like I am only 31 the truth is I am much older than that but bonding with the shadows made me trully immortal.

From the moment I bonded with the shadows around me I got more powers and abilities and started to call myself the Dark Huntsman and no one dared to mess with me in my time,but now I am in the modern world and things have changed much, though I have a feeling that my skills as a Huntsman may yet come in handy one day.

Now you know all that you need to, oh yes one last thing I needed to mention is that when I use my shadow powers my eyes become pure black and my hands glow black as well. That is all I have to say so come and get to know me if you can.

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Georgia Peach™

Nov 28th 2020 - 9:04 PM

"Well then you have done well to teach her and tame her because we can not afford these girls to be too wild or have too much life to them or they will try to run all the time and that's never good for anyone" she hated to say these things but she had to in order to gain his trust.

Connor nodded as he looked at her, He could see the fearful look in all the girls eyes, This meant he did his job and his knew "Den" Mother so to speak would do hers as well "Good , then we are at a agreement, I will leave you to them" He simply stated.
Pirate Royalty™⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

Nov 22nd 2020 - 2:28 AM

Elizabeth chuckled a bit as she looked at her "I suppose I can relate to that as well, to some extent, there are some I did enjoy killing, though I assure they were far from being innocent" She offered with a  shrug, She too was a bit worried about Jafar though she did not know why she feared him so much. She lead her new friend towards the local library hoping to find something on Belle's "Computers"
Pirate Royalty™⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

Oct 17th 2020 - 2:44 AM

Elizabeth shrugged as she listened to Kate speak, "Don't we all do things for money, I know I Do, even now in this time" She offered kindly. She nodded as she looked at her once again "perhaps we can go to Belle's library, I do know she has the book there, We can read both of our stories , learn  a great deal more about one another" She replied.
Georgia Peach™

Oct 10th 2020 - 9:09 PM

Something about the woman in front of her had caused Mandy to trust her, she knew it wouldn't be an easy road, It would appear that Kate had gone under cover, That she was acting as though she was in charge of these women, but in reality she would rescue them, It would be a slow and grueling process, but Mandy was ready for it.

Connor nodded as he looked from Mandy to Kate "you know she wasn't always that way, I Silenced her, In the beginning she would try and run away often, even went as far as seeking help from her brother, It was only after a swift beating and the first sexual moment with me, did she learn not to speak… She knows how to obey now" He offered sending a glare Mandy's way.
Georgia Peach™

Sep 26th 2020 - 8:58 PM

Harry's sister Mandy had no idea that she would soon be saved, all she knew was that they would get a new "Den Mother" soon, The Den Mother's were the worst, they did most of the beating and abusing, they often even sent them to be raped by older men, The notion had scared her. Connor too was eager for Kate to meet the girls for this very reason, he would not know the true meaning until much later on.

Mandy was shocked when Kate mentioned who she was, that she was there to save her, the woman told her to act normal so she did not speak, because she knew if she  had that would spell a disaster, Connor unbeknownst to all this looked at the woman and nodded "Don't bother talking to that one, She doesn't speak, not even when I have sex with her over and over and over again" He said with a wink, that one was his and only his.

Pirate Royalty™⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

Sep 19th 2020 - 7:50 PM

Elizabeth shook her head as she looked towards Kate "That is not what I had meant, I meant  I have met several people who to some were not good people but in reality they had been" She offered. She nodded as she listened to her "I suppose that is true but I still truly believe you are a good person" She simply stated.

Jafar knew that the battle would not be an easy one, but he still knew with the help of Black Beard he would at least be rid of at least one of his enemies. This had been why he went to sea, He had known this would be where Black Beard would be found.

Georgia Peach™

Sep 6th 2020 - 7:55 PM

Of course Shelby and her team knew the truth about Kate, that she had not been an agent like the rest of them, but She had known that Connor did not know that, they would certainly  use that to their advantage, it was clear that Connor did not know the truth of what was going on.

Connor listened as she spoke "That is a splendid idea, Sending the younger ones off to be slaves would be wonderful, I can send them all over the world" He offered. He looked at her and answered her words "Have you meet the girls I  have now, make sure they respect you, then perhaps find a few more new girls" He stated, unaware that his actions would offer huge consequences.

Pirate Royalty™⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

Aug 1st 2020 - 7:51 PM

Elizabeth looked at Kate as she spoke "I am friends with many in your family, some who I would surmise did a lot worse then you had, I will not judge your actions, I have killed to protect but I am still a Pirate and in the eyes of some that is still a bad thing to be" She stated. She then nudged her new friend and stated "good, we can work together to protect this town."

Jafar would truly stop at nothing to kill this Kate person, He knew she was often near that blasted Elizabeth Sparrow, He hated all Pirates but he also knew how to get some to do what he wanted, That had been why at this moment he was looking for  Black Beard,  perhaps he wold be his own ally.
Pirate Royalty™⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

Jul 18th 2020 - 9:34 PM

Elizabeth shrugged as she looked at her "I'm sure your story isn't any different then my own, In fact I am willing to wager on it" She stated as she looked at her once again, She then added "However as far as you telling me, that is entirely up to you my friend"

Jafar was angered by the fact that all his men had failed him, He had no idea why, so it was for this very reason, once the last one passed that he had stated to no one in particular "Well if One wants something done well, One must do it ones self" He swirled himself back in to Storybrooke as he spoke those final words.
Georgia Peach™

Jul 11th 2020 - 8:39 PM

Connor was unaware of Kate's plans for him, Nor did he know she was in cohorts with the FBI and their team, all  he knew was he had trusted her, He was going to make her his new "Den mother" So to speak, and there was nothing anyone could truly do to stop him, or so he had thought

Connor nodded as he spoke "Thank you, I did have a great deal of help and there are traitors amongst these people who work for the FBI" he said half jokingly, though even he knew the truth , He then added "Yes all I really need to do is offer them candy and they get in to my van" He thought for a moment as he spoke "I am not quite sure, perhaps you have plans for these  young things, I was going to traffic them to other men, perhaps marry a few off to some of my comrades" he stated.
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