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♆ I Am The New Saiyan King And The Father of Kakarot & raditz and Many More.♆

30 years old
San Diego, California
United States

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September 28 2022

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Characters: Bardock
Verses: Dragon ball Z
Genre: Action, Anime, Any, Cartoon, Crossover, Romance,
Member Since:May 10, 2016

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About me:
Bardock was born on Planet Vegeta and like all of the newborns, his power level was measured through a scouter and was set to travel to a distant planet to destroy all life in it. Even if his power level wasnt so great, Bardock showed promise by conquering his designed planet in less than a day even as a newborn. This brought the attention of Lord Frieza, ruler of Planet Vegeta and its saiyans. Lord Frieza put him to the test over and over, only to discover that the young saiyan could withstand a greal deal of pain and hardships, even more others he had tested. However, since Bardock is royal blood, Frieza sent him to a special division on third class, only to be trained under a team formed for suicide missions that could end their lives. Even so, the young saiyan fought and grew in strength and wisdom even gaining the respect and loyalty of his companions. It wasnt long before he became captain of the Third-class space raid division, now guiding other saiyans into difficult missions and keeping them alive under his care. It was in one of those missions that he met Gine, a beautiful yet very weak woman who he had to save countless times because of her recklessness. However, it was maybe that recklessness that brought them together. They fell in love and became more than mates a strange view for saiyans. Gine then gave birth two Raditz and then, years later, to Kakarot. i'm Now Known as The New Saiyan King and i stand for pride and honor. Frieza's taken our loyalty and paid us back in our own blood Married to Marcella Nicole Garcia.Skem9.com!
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Who I'd like to meet:
wow what can I say about this woman.. Instead I could start off by saying Nicole you saved me from giving up on love I was just about to throw my hands in air and shout I give up but a voice within me told me to not give up and I'm glad I hadn't. Nicole not only are you my angel from God you're my best friend my lover my everything. Together we go like peanut butter and jelly, starburst Mac and cheese, m&ms and stars to the moon... Yeah I know cheesy right ... Anywaus here are more things I wanna say so here it goes: Amazing, Adorable and Alluring. Beautiful Bold and Bootylicous. Caring cheerful and Cute. Daring Delicious and Damn she's all mine will move mountains for her and will battle any one who tries to mess with her, I ain't playing.. Elegance Extraoriday and Extremely Sexy. Fearless Flawless and Fiesty. Gorgeous Geneous and great. Heavenly Happy and Heart of gold. Intelligence Interigty and Irestible . Just what I need when feeling down. Just has my heart always. And last but not least maybe soon to be Mrs Bardock son! Kind Kewl and Kalm . Lovable Luscous and Lucky to have in my life . Means the world to me. Mine and Mine Nice Neat and Naughty in private. Outgoing ooh my i can go on doe days talking about her, and oh my Bella.. Pretty Popular and Princess. Queen to this Kings heart. Respectful Reigining Divas Champion and Realest. Sexy Smart and Sassy. Truthful Thoughtful and Tenderly. Unique Understanding and Unconditional love like no other. Valentine's Day with her is like everyday. Wrestle mania partner in crime . XandO are always given and received. You&Me Forever True Love and Zillion times I will love you more then life baby.

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Feb 6th 2020 - 1:34 PM

Hi dad, I'm okay, how are you?
+Crushed Dreamers+ (M/C)

Oct 22nd 2018 - 12:16 AM


nice to meet you thank you so much for accepting my friend request 

i hope we become great friends and hope to rp with you sometime

i hope to hear form you soon :)

Jun 6th 2017 - 11:47 PM

I'm okay dad
Space Coffee!

Dec 11th 2016 - 4:17 AM

She stood there calmly, not even moving a muscle as Bardock's leg swung towards the side of her neck. His kick would soon make contact with a seemingly invisible wall as she used tied off the flows of Air to crate a invisible protective barrier around herself. Rowe simply stood there, hands clasped together and resting on her lap. "You cannot hurt me, child."
Space Coffee!

Dec 10th 2016 - 7:11 PM

Anticipating an attack, Rowe reached out for the True Source and embraced saidar, filling herself with the One Power. Channeling a series of intricate weaves, Bardock himself would be unable to see it, since weaves of the True Source could only be sensed by one able to channel from it. The weaves soon became flows of Air, which she then used to surround Bardock. If successful, the invisible Air bindings would wrap around his body, preventing all movement and effectively ensaring him before he could even get close to her.

"Foolish man. I mean you no harm and yet you attack me. I think I should leave you here for a while until you calm down, yes?"
Space Coffee!

Dec 9th 2016 - 10:49 PM

"Maiden? I am Dr. Rowe Lawson. Clearly you have forgotten my name, but I will forgive you this one time. I understand that fool men such as yourself do not have the best memories. It us understandable." she spoke calmly, her gaze fixed on him as he approached. "Grave? Perhaps you are misunderstood. I am not your enemy, and it would be foolish to make me so when you do not understand the power I wield. Whatever your plan are to destroy Earth, I will not stand in your way. It is not my duty to do so. I merely observe and document for the stories to be told in the histories. What will the history books say of you? Will you become a mighty conqueror, or will you be crushed by Earth's mightiest heroes? The future remains to be seen. I have already foretold your defeat, but that is only one future outcome out of many possible outcomes."
Space Coffee!

Dec 9th 2016 - 5:53 PM

Queen Rowe of Tranquility City merely watched, her face unreadable. Clad in a white silk dress with a white shawl representing her Ajah, the young Aes Sedai could not interfere as she watched the Saiyan fight. Use of the One Power was forbidden unless it was in defense of one's own life. Instead, she spoke. "As you see, the people of this world will fight you to their last breath, Saiyan. You are not the first alien to come from a planet destroyed, seeking to enslaving the Earth. The people will fight back, and they shall win as they always have. You may live peacefully among them, or you may continue down your current path but that will only lead to destruction. Your destruction. This, I Foretell."

Dec 8th 2016 - 10:40 PM

Yes dad?

Jul 2nd 2016 - 4:21 PM

I haven't been on my laptop to do any editing to my page. Sorry dad i will do that later

Jun 7th 2016 - 7:49 PM

Daddy please be careful :(
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