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sσuthєrn sunshínє

Nov 8th 2016 - 1:27 PM

Thank you for requesting me, Micheal.
It is nice to meet you.
-she smiles at him;
I'm Lauren Trent-Singer.
My dad is Bobby Singer.
I'm always up to making new friends.
If you wish to discus a storyline by all means let me know.
Deranged Ripper

Nov 3rd 2016 - 12:20 AM

Sienna looked away before she felt herself being untied. She shook her head before getting up stretching slightly. "thank you for saving me for that pathetic excuse of a vampire." She said softly in truth she was grateful to him. She moved grabbing her mess of bodies tossing them in a dumpster before dumping gas on them before lighting it on fire.

"It's time to leave." She said as she started to walk away her heels clicking on the floor humming an old rock song as she did. She moved before she blurs out of sight heading home to vent and kill idiot witches that think they could hurt her.
Deranged Ripper

Nov 2nd 2016 - 1:28 AM

Sienna heard a voice as she turned her head before she felt a blade run through her chest as she groans "oh just wait when I'm not tied you are going to die the most painful death possible." She snarled her eyes changed to her hybrid eyes which were jet black with gold irises.

She looked towards the new male she had a healing burn from the plant on her cheek and now a knife in her chest. She may be innocent at the moment but once she was untied hell would look like a sauna compared to her in a foul mood. She tried to move but cries out in pain as more vervain was dragged across her flesh causing it to burn and sizzle like holy water on a demon.
Deranged Ripper

Nov 2nd 2016 - 12:52 AM

Sienna Mikaelson was in Louisiana watching a nest of the other kind of Vampires not the sparkle fairies the other kind. She rolled her eyes they were like an infestation on this world. She looked as she held a machete with dead mans blood on it. She made her way towards the door setting fire around the place as she hummed a slightly crazed song.

"Now do come on my little friends so I may end your pitiful existence. I'm sure by my marked scent you know damn well who it is that calls upon you now!" She snarled out as she watched the vampires come out of their nest she set to work quickly before she was down to two.

She circled the two like a shark she knew their blood wont do anything to her it will just make her ill for a day but not weaken her at the least. She finally killed them before she felt one she missed snap her neck dripping blood into her mouth.

She woke up hours later ill and tied to a chair in a room with vervain and wolfsbane. She screamed out in pain she hoped like hell someone would come for her. She closed her eyes passing out again before she was woken up again by a stinging touch, her eyes opened the male she hadn't killed was running vervain across her cheek.

"Someone anyone HELP ME!" She screamed both out loud and in her mind she was calling out from her very soul for help. She felt the plant being shoved down her throat what the poor bastard didn't know was she was used to both plants but they still weakened her.
Hᴇᴀᴠᴇɴʟʏ Fᴀᴛʜᴇʀ

Sep 7th 2016 - 9:56 AM

The order in heaven was slowly but surely, was being restored once more. With the help of his older sister Amara, more and more angels were coming back into the celestial realm. Having created seven portals and having them scattered on various parts of the earth.Stationing seven loyal seraphs to each portal to guard it, while some of his other celestial soldiers spoke to the fallen that had yet to return and guide them back home. Each portal leading to the same place in the celestial realm. A special place that God himself just for this purpose. A new place within the realm, a room that was a mixture of a large church yet sprouted many plants and trees within the ground of various odd-shapes and colors. The flooring amixture of grass, aside from the middle of the room. Flooring that sparkled a bright gold. Which led to a huge beautiful tree, which was as tall if not taller then a skyscraper.Birds of all colors and types, some even a mixture of two or three different birds in one. All singing sweet melodies, in enochain. Singing heavenly praises about God Almighty. It was no doubt that this place was sacred, a major construct by the holy one himself. But despite all the beauty in this place, the large tree was the source of it all. The main purpose of this place to even exist. A place that really gave this place life as it glowed it's bright holy white amongst the place. Such incredible power, emitting from it. Which why even this room was heavily guarded by at least twelve more seraph, making sure to keep this place protected and make sure no angel tried any funny business. While in this place and rightfully so. Because this tree wasn't just a tree. It was also a power source, which was why it glowed with such intensity. A power source that was filled with all of the holy grace of every angel that had fallen because of the acts of Metatron.

With just one simple touch of the hand by the fallen angel in question, it could fully restore their former angelic status. It could also give the grace of another, if touched for more then five seconds. Which was why this place was so heavily guarded. Which only grew more as fallen seraphs regained their grace and was expected to remain in this place. Until every angel in all of creation was restored or when he, the almighty, one said so. He knew that there would be some angels that would refuse to go back home and prefer to live amongst the mortals and he didn't know how to feel about that. Though he couldn't say, that he didn't blame them. After all he did basically abandon all of them long ago, because he was sick of all the fighting. Instead of taking charge. Hardly a candidate, for father of the year award. Though it did make him feel a lot better, that there was angels that were just happy that he was back. Some never loosing their trust in him, even during the darkest of times. Believing that someday he would come back and came back he did. At long last. Never ever would he leave his creations ever again. Leaving them to defend for themselves, had to have been one of the biggest mistakes, he had ever made. It was time to step up and be the nearly-all powerful being, he knew himself to be. But for that he needed to reestablish not just the angels lives, but the entire heavenly hosts as well and for that he needed one particular angel in particular. The one angelic warrior, he could trust the most with such a job.Yes his beloved prince, Michael. The first archangel. The very first angel he had ever created, to be exact. The only one he could trust with such a position. The only angel he had ever elected as leader of the hierarchy. His most powerful warrior and his right hand man.

A son who was so loyal, he continued to be loyal to God to the very end, despite the almighty creator's abandonment. But sadly, that caused his fate to reach a tragic end. Causing him to be pulled into the hellish cage along with his brother Lucifer, during the events of the Judeo-Christian apocalypse. A tragic event that really had a toll on the eldest angel's mind. Causing his mind to finally snap and have a mental breakdown. God could sense his son's pain and suffering evennow. Which caused quite a few golden tears to drip down hiseyes. He just hoped his son would forgive him. As he couldn't tell if he would for sure. Despite being a nearly-all knowing being, the creator couldn't tell for sure if he would. Seeing as the savage wasteland known as Hell, wasn't a realm of his creation. Despite what the religious followers believed. Only being able to gather his power to construct, a cage down there. Though he had a tremendous fear, that his son wouldn't forgive him. He knew liftinghimup from perdition and healing him to full power, was the right thing to do. His means of love, being stronger and purer then his darkest fears. Though if Michael did deny him out of his life, he wasn't sure what he would do. Sure he could use his power to force his son to follow him no matter what, alter his thoughts for Michael to trust him. But that wouldn't make it all natural and real. Not to mention that wasn't who he was. The powerful being believing in the concept he created known as free will. Always trying to be, true to his word. The word of God, which was held as sacred law to him and his many celestialchildren. So here he was now, in a black endless void in the realms of the most high. Except for in the middle of it, that glowed a large bright holy white light. A light that seemed to hold a divine incorporeal being within.If one could look closer enough. Past the barrier of light. Which nearly any human couldn't. But all angels could.

A being with glisteninggolden skin. Witha mixture wave of light of white and gold, upon his head. Which appeared to be an incoperarl-energy form of flowing hair. His hair. The form also seemed to have some slight eleven-like features. Having large pointy ears. Not to mention those piercing eyes, which seemed to flicker every millisecond with every color combination of the rainbow. Definitely was quite the magnificent sight to behold. A form that seemed to surge with so much intense power. A form that was known as the true form of God Almighty. Within the golden skin, one could see the veins popping out of his large chiseled chest. Having the body that was greater then the fittest of body builders. Patches that scattered not just from his chest, but to various parts of his body. In celestial patches, each one having a different effect. Some flickering in and out, the ones on his chest, seeming to take form of a tidal wave. Below him, was a large altar made out of his bright light. Having just brought it into being, by picturing it in his mind and snapping his divine fingers, to bring it into being. An altar his son would be teleported to, once God brought him back into being. Though his true form didn't show it. The Almighty Deity was indeed nervous. Nervous how all of this was going to turn out. As his eyes stopped flickering through every color in existence, plus ones that nobody's mind could comprehend. Settling on piercing holy white light, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As he flexed his fingers of his right hand, like a claw-like fashion and slowly brought it into the air. As an aura of holy-white lightning surged through his arm, as he slowly brought it into the air. His eyes piercing with such intensity, as he kept a clear mind and focused his power. Picturing the effects of his holy power happening in his mind.

Below him on the altar was a body, an empty human shell that he had created to suit the celestial-energy of his oldest son's essence.Aform that would indeed look familiar to theeldest angel. A form of ayoung-adult John Winchester. He was telekinetically pulling, Michael from the cage in Hell. Something would take quite the drain on the major aspects of his power. Temporarily of course. But it was all worth it to him,in the end. He would do anything to look into that beautiful magnificent form that was his beloved son. As he started to pant with such intensity, he was beginning to sense his son's presence and with a quick snap of his fingers, he caused the celestial essence of his son to surge into the body, the bright holy lightening shooting into the sky, merging with his son's essence for a brief millisecond, before shooting into the empty human body. Making theempty human body and Michael's essence, once.As he felt his entire being started to sweat, he continued to pant as he looked at the sleeping form that was his son. Nearly out of breath from using such major power. To free his son from a horrid realm, he had no control over. To make his drain of power much easier to handle, he decided to morph his form into one, that he could relax in, until such major power was restored to him at least. So as a bright light surrounded him, he quickly changed from his true holy presence, to that of a human man. A human man that Michael would indeed recognize as the prophet who was around during the events of the Judeo-Christian apocalypse. The prophet known by the name Chuck Shurely. Who in reality, was really him. All along.Having concealed his true self from, all of creation. Oh how he had so much explaining to do. Oh how would even such a loyal son such as Michael, ever forgive him? Caressing his son's cheek, he felt his holy aura, to ease away until he willed it completely gone. As he took a few more breaths, as he closed his eyes for a second. As he started to feel a bit more relaxed, in a more simpler state. As he wiped his dripping forehead. He took his hand and kept it hovering in the air, as he hovered it down from his son's head down to his body. As his hand emitted a bright holy glow, healing all his son's injuries. Both mind and body. Once that was done, he gripped his son's hand and took a deep breathe. Here it went nothing, it was now or never. Clearing his throat, The Almighty Father spoke in a voice mixed with that of his true self and that of the prophets. Two voices speaking in unison, as one. "Michael, my son. Wake up. We have so much catching up to do, my precious prince."

❧ Vivacious Red ❧

Aug 12th 2016 - 3:02 AM

● A Spy ● A pretender ● A fugitive

 photo Hello_gif_zpsat4cuf1e.gif

Hello and thanks for the add, Michael. My name is Tara Lee Jones. Or is it? You see the CIA burned me some years ago so now I live my life on the run pretty much. Each day is a new adventure and you never know who I might be or what I might be doing. I do love to create epic stories with other writers. I do hope our characters can interact or perhaps even do a storyline and/or form a connection. So don't be shy and drop me a line here or in messages if you wish to discuss writing together. Of course at your convenience and when it's best for you. I also have aim which is where you can reach me the fastest. You can find it listed on my page.

 photo http-__signaturesmylivesignaturecom_54492_86_91BF2BAFFF61CC7C519EC26AB4767CB6_zpsa1c1efbf.png
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