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About me:

The name's Viper,it is a name that I gave myself long then you wish to know my story? Alright so be it...

I was born on a simple planet full of forests and life, we never had any wars to fight and we lived in peace or so I thought when I was a child any way.

Growing up I had a good life and caring parents,though I never knew anything of the outside world because I never left my home planet...don't ask me what it was called that has been forgotten long ago along with much of my past,but I shall get to that in a moment.

I never was good at following orders and so I always went to explore the planet when I could never caring what dangers i might find and when I was old enough to learn to fight my father showed me how.

I was an only child and so I always was with my parents and they never showed anything but love for me. All that changed in one night when I was 17 and my life changed forever from that moment as well.

I remember my parents telling me to hide and even though I was old enough to protect myself the look in their eyes scared me and so this time I did listen to them, but I was in a place that I could see everything.

That is when the truth about my parents and their enemies came out as they both took out Light Sabers. My mother had a purple saber and my father had a silver one as they fought men dressed in black with red sabers.

They fought hard but then were killed by the leader of the Sith and it took all my energy not to cry out in shock and anger. I ran from the place I was hiding but they found me and sensed my anger so they took me with them.

I was then taken to their master who showed me how to use my anger and turn it into power and for many years I was a loyal Sith, though I did not hold a red saber instead it was purple like my mother's used to be and I went by the name Viper.

One day I was out looking for the enemies of my Sith Lord and came across Yoda who saw something in me that others had not and as such he had his Jedi capture me and take me to their temple.

It took them a very long time but eventually they were able to show me the ways of the light and how to let go of my anger and so I became a Jedi and over the years I rose through the ranks becoming a Jedi Knight.

I stayed with the Jedi for many years but then decided to go out on my own as I found a forgotten planet where there was a cave and inside I found Saber Crystals and so I took my Sabers and remade it into a double bladed saber with one side that is red and the other golden to remind me that I have had a taste for both sides of the Force.

I have no doubt the Sith are still searching for me but I keep to myself and wear my hood most of the time to hide my face in case I am wanted by those who have now become my enemies. I still harber much anger in me that is true, but I have learned to not let it control me and so I guess one could say I am both dark and light.

Well now you know my story,so come and get to know me if you think you can.

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Quinn Mallory

Nov 2nd 2020 - 2:12 PM

They watched her closely as they spoke and then they listened to het with a slight raised eyebrow, with a confused look on their faces. "Most things? Sounds more like a lot of things are hard to explain. And what do you mean by most things are guided by one thing,  and that it is the force? What are you talking about?" Quinn said as the others wondered the same thing. They listened as she spoke again. "You think? You really think? What could the reason be? Is is possible to find that out?" Quinn asked as the others wondered the same thing too. They looked around  and back at her, as Rembrandt by accident bumped his hand into one of the sabers she held as it lit up the second his hand touched it by accident as he, Quinn and the others noticed it and watched it confused. "What did you press? Why is that thing glowing over sudden?" Rembrandt asked as Quinn and the others wondered the same thing too. They tried to find out what was going on.  None of it made any sense to them. They exchanged looks and then they looled back at her and sighed to that, not sure what to think or believe.

They watched her and then looked around as they spoke and tried to understand it all, as everything confused them a great deal. No matter how long had passed the more confused they had became. The longer that had passed the more they tried to understand what was going on. There was no doubt there, and they didn't bother to hide it as they were definitely new there, that was for sure. They sighed ad they looked around for a while and then they looked back at her and sighed to that once more. They weren't sure what to think or believe. Not anymore. None of it made any sense. Not to them at least, as it was all rather nee to them as they were definitely new in that world, whatever world it was. They weren't used to it. The more they learned about it the more confused they were about it. Which was rather to tell.

They watched her as they spoke and picked up an eyebrow at her reaction as they listend to her. "Yeah, that is how things usually work, don't they? Boats on sea are real, aren't they? Aren't you familiar with those? WHAT? Starships? What are you talking about? What are you trying to say? Haha, you are funny, we almost fail for it. Starships? Space? That is funny. Wait what? Are you serious?" Quinn said as the others thought and wondered the same thing as they all fell backwards but got back up and sighed to that. "No Earth? What do you mean by it? What happened to it? What happened to Earth? And no way, how is it even possible?" Rembrandt said as the others wondered the same thing too. They looked around again and back at her, as they sighed once more and watched her closely once more as they wondered what would she say or do next, as they hoped that it was all a bad joke, but somehow they seriously doubted that as it didn't seem that way at all. They sighed again.

They watched her as they spoke and then they listened to her again and sighed to that. "This is strange. How did we get here if this isn't isn't earth? Where in the world are we? And really? A war against whom?" Maggie said as Quinn and the others agreed with her and wonderd the same thing too. They watched her and sighed to that. "Krogmeggs?! Mutated humans?! You really have no idea who they are? As what? Sitch? The new order? Who are they? Wait you have no idea who is your enemy now?" The Professor said as the others wondered the same thing. "Sounds like the Krogmeggs," Quinn said as the others agreed with him about it. They looked around once more and back at her as they sighed once more. Then theey watched her for a while as they wondered what would she say next, if anything at all. "Are you sure it's not the Krogmeggs?" Colin asked as the others wondered the same thing as they all watched her closely and waited for a reply, curious what would it be. Then they exchanged looks and then they looked back at her as they still waited  for a reply.

They watched her as they spoke and then they followed her. Then they followed her inside as Quinn locked her door as much as he possibly could. Then walked around the room that they were at, at that moment and looked around. Then they stopped and went back where they stood before as they watched her, and then they listened to her. "Thank you, and are you sure that it's an issue for us to stay here?" Maggie said as Quinn and the others wondered the same thing and agreed with her about it. They smiled kindly back at her as they watched her closely lost in thoughts. They were about to speak as an explosion could be heard over sudden and then the ground stood as they froze terrrified by that. They exchanged terrified looks and then they looked at her terrified. "What is going on?" Quinn asked as the others wondered the same thing as they were all rather terrified by that.
Quinn Mallory

Oct 24th 2020 - 11:11 AM

They didn't know where would they end up at next but where they ended up was definitely not where they expected, or planned to end up at.  Not to say that they ever ended up where they planned but still. Especially since they never planned where to end up at but that was besides the point. They looked around confused as they watched someone walk over to them.  They noticed it was a woman as they watched her closely, and then they listened to her and sighed to that. "Well, that is rather complex. It is hard to explain, even if you saw us arrive," Quinn said as the others agreed with him on that. "We aren't from around here, that is true," he added as the others agreed with him about that too. "It doesn't look like what we expected, not that it is new for us but still," Maggie said as Quinn and the others agreed with him on that. "We don't even know where we are now," The Professor said as Quinn and the others agreed with him on that. As all they said was in fact the truth. They had no idea how to explain any of it, that was for sure. It was more complex than complex, if that was even possible.

They tried not to think of that as they sighed to that. Then they exchanged looks as they looked back at her once more. They knew that might sound and seem confusing but all of it was pretty much how it was. It wasn't something that a few words or such could explain it all. It was more like something that could take forever to explain and they didn't have that long at all. Not there anyway, that was for sure. Then again they serioulsly doubted that no matter how long they explained it, it would still be hard to follow. Then again not many could follow what was going on, if they were told about it. In fact they would be lost too if it was explained to them and they didn't go through that themselves. Which was why they weren't surprised by that at all. That was also why they had no idea how to explain it all.

They sighed as they exchanged looks again and then they looked back at her not sure what to say or do next as they continued to watch her closely. "It is a very long and complex story. For more than one reason! Which is what Quinn here said that is complex," Rembrandt said as Quinn and the others agreed with him on that. "Especially since there is more than one answer to that," Maggie said as Quinn and the others agreed with her on that, given that it was true as well. All what they told her were answers that definitely fit the question and were true. As there was no other way to describe it. Which they knew rather well and understood rather well. As they accepted it. Not like they had a choice or anything but still. They wondered how to explain it all better but the longer that passed the more unsure they were about how to explain any of it. Even if they wanted to explain it all or not, it didn't change anything. Not for them or at all. They doubted that there even was a way to explain it all. As far as they could tell there was no way to explain any of it, at all because it was all that complex. Very complex.

They watched her and sighed once more. They looked around and back at her and watched her once more. "You have seen what you have seen but it is complex story," Quinn said as the others agreed with him about it. "We pretty mucg fell here. Without planning on it as we never plan where we end up! And no we don't have a ship of course...,  Wait what? A ship? What ship? Why is a ship needed? Unless you mean one with sails and such," Quinn said and the others agreed with him on it. "Wait a minute. Where exactly are we? We are on earth, aren't we?" He added as the others wondered the same thing. "Yes we definitely could use a meal and a place to stay," Maggie said as Quinn and the others agreed with her. They tried to be careful too but for some reason they felt like the person they spoke to wasn't an enemy which was a good thing or they thought as well as believed. That was for sure. They just hoped that they weren't wrong about her. Yet, they weren't sure about it. However, it seemed to them that they could trust her. At least they had a feeling that they could in fact trust her, anyway.

They tried not to think of that, as they watched her closely. They wondered about her and where were they at. It all confused them. That they were where they were and that where they were at wasn't earth. That was all new to them and they had no clue how it happened that they got to where they got to. It definitely made no sense to them at all, and yet they knew it was real. The longer that passed the more sure they were of that. Yet, it also confused them more and more by a minute. That was for sure.

Quinn and the others watched her and sighed to that as they listened to her confused. "It's not. I guess not many safe places are left huh? Wait a minute, are you dealing with the Krohmeggs too? They got here too? And alright, that definitely works out well. Good idea," Quinn said as the others agreed with him. Also they were concerned but tried to stay calm and have faith. As well as they tried to hope for the best as they watched her closely. "Lead the way," Quinn said as the others agreed with him on that too. They exchanged looks and then they looked back at her. "Anywhere safe would be better than here, right? So lead the way," Rembrandt said as Quinn and the others thought the same and wondered the same, as they agreed with it as they watched her and wondered what would see do or say next as they watched her closely.
Quinn Mallory

Oct 3rd 2020 - 4:01 AM

Quinn and the others left the Dominion hotel after they all paid for their stay. Then they walked and tried to find a place to slide from as they talked while they did that. They hoped to find the earth where Quinn and Colin were born on  soon but they didn't held theit breath on it as they doubted that it would happen. At least not any time soon. They tried not to think of that as Quinn checked the timer  and told them how long they had left to be there, the moment that they asked him about it. They haven't stopped walking as they left the hotel. They couldn't stop and they refused to or they would miss the slide and that wasn't an option, not to them.  Not even close. That was for sure.

They tried not to think of that either as they walked. They crossed a couple of streets, carefully right after they waited for the vehicles to pass. Then they turned to the opposite direction from the buses and cabs, as well as the streets and began to walk in that directions as they continued to try and find a good place to slide from. They had no doubt that they would find a good spot to slide from that was for sure, as they couldn't give up and they refused to, no matter what. They didn't even think of that, as they weren't to give up either way.

They saw no reason to think about it because it wasn't like they considered giving up or such. At least not at that moment. Instead they thought about the moment and nothing else. Quinn checked the timer from time to time as before, as they all did that when they had the timer. They did that without thinking much about it. They continued to focuse on finding a good place to slide from, no more nor less.  Once they finally found a good place to slide from they had 10 seconds left for the slide. They waited for it to hit zero. Once it hit zero Quinn pressed a bottom on the timer as a portal/vortex/vorpex opened as always. Quinn handed the timer to his brother, Colin and jumped in.

Then Maggie jumped in, and then Rembrandt, then Wade, then after her Colin jumped in, then the professor, aka Arturo. 60 seconds later the portal/vortex/vorpex closed as always, as luckily like before, even this time no one stayed behind, which was a good thing, or so thry thought and believed, not that they thought about it much or such but still. Especially not that moment as they were nothing but mulecules inside the portal/vorpex/vortex, like they always were when inside it. Not that they cared or such much about it, as it was the only way to slide, not they thought much about it, especially not that moment but still. They heard things and saw things as well as felt but they couldn't do much else but they were used to that too, so they didn't think much about it either, as they waited to see where they would end up next.

Some time later the portal/vortex/vorpex opened on the other side, as they fell out in the order that they got in as always as soon as they got there but by then they were themselves again, also as always. Not that they thought about that eithet but still. They stopped each other from falling over and then they looked around themselves as they tried to find out where they were and if anyone saw them slide in or not. They also tried to find someone who could help them figure it all out. They were confused about the location that they ended up at, that they needed all the help that they could get to help them figure it all out.
Like A Riot

Mar 13th 2020 - 4:31 PM

"Yes that's true every planet is important and every life within it as well...It is a noble thing to want to help things get back to the way they once were before the war hit everywhere."  War always had a way of hitting the world in various ways and in various places. It all depended on where the soldiers decided to take the fight for the day. Or where they were forced to take the fight for the day. 

"That is how to do it but I would be careful if I were you because not everything is as it seems here and things can be deadly" The hot shot fly boy couldn’t help but smirk at the girls worlds. Statements like this were the reason that Poe and Finn had their research done before going to any new planet. Or just any planet in general. Something that Leia always taught Poe to do. So in return after becoming co general’s, Poe taught Finn what he was taught by Leia. 

"Nice to meet you Poe my name is Sara."  Poe smiled politely once this new stranger introduced herself to him. “Well It’s a pleasure to meet you Sara … You seem to know this planet best .. Maybe you can show us all around this planet… Show us where all these supplies and resources can be used best around here?”

Like A Riot

Mar 11th 2020 - 12:55 AM

"What brings you to my planet stranger? You wish to use it as a base to help others around this place? Noble cause but there is nothing on this planet to be human life as it were" Hearing a voice from behind him , Poe simply smiled at the girl's words. Setting down a box of supplies on one of the tent tables before turning around to face the source of the voice. “ And who said we were just helping the humans… Other creatures need help too.” 

The hot shot fly boy simply smiled at the girl before opening up each of the supply boxes. Revealing that each supply box was catered to this planet’s needs. Along with a few basics that every planet should have for resources. Once each box was revealed to the stranger , Poe smiled once more before taking a seat on the end of one of the supply tables. His eye’s on the stranger once more before continuing to speak. 

“Each planet we go to, we try to cater each supply base to their needs… You know do our homework before stepping in front of the class.” he smirked before lightly holding his hand out to the supply boxes for a moment. “You seem like  someone who knows this planet well so take your pick first… And if we get anything wrong I can message for the right supplies to be sent here as soon as possible.” He said before jumping off the end of the table onto his feet. Poe holding out his hand to the stranger. “I’m Poe Dameron by the way. … It’s nice to meet you.”

Like A Riot

Mar 4th 2020 - 2:38 PM

Image result for Poe dameron gifs

After a war comes a time of peace. Sometimes it’s in the form of serene calm. Sometimes it’s cleaning up the aftermath of each battle. All for the sake of hope that life will be okay again. And sometimes it’s just healing your state of mind. Especially after such a dark time. It all depended on who the survivor of war was. When it came to the infamous hot shot fly boy that everyone knew and loved, it was all about getting used to his new position in The Resistance. General heir to Leia Organa. Everyone’s warrior princess. A legacy in her own name and right. How could you not be nervous about following that kind of a legend?

Poe Dameron was always one to dive right in. Take on any challenge head on. He had a tenacious fire in him that would give any First Order soldier one hell of a run for their money. Leia always saw this in the hot shot fly boy. It was one of the reasons that she named Poe as  acting general in her passing for The Resistance. What Poe didn’t expect was that The Resistance wanted Poe as their general. He was stubborn headed at least ninety five percent of the time. But one hundred percent of the time Poe Dameron would fight through every inch of the galaxy ten times over just so anyone in The Resistance, and anyone he cared about was safe. Doing anything and everything to make that possibility an actual reality. 

So after the battle of Exegol, Poe helped everyone get settled before setting off with a small crew to go to each planet in the galaxy. Both wars scanned over the mappings of many planets. While keeping an eye out for any surviving First Order minions , as Finn and Poe liked to call them , Poe set out to offer refuge and supplies to any planets. Especially the planets who were really hit hard with the last war. 

On the newest planet that Poe and his crew had arrived to  , at first everything was normal. Poe had been leading the charge in setting up a small camp so they could provide the planet with supplies. This particular planet had not been affected by the last war. But after talking to the leaders of the Planet, they had given Poe and his crew permission to set up a camp to offer protection and various other supplies to their planet. Poe walking around and making sure everything was set in the set up camp.

ᴅᴇғʏ ᴅᴇsᴛɪɴʏ.

Feb 17th 2020 - 4:30 PM

A Jedi without a master – a mentor with which to share in the journey of discovery – was lost among the dust in the stars. While Rey had not entirely grasped the concept of what it meant to be a Jedi, she had resigned herself that her destiny was, indeed, to preserve its legacy. The Jedi name had been tainted by the likes of the Darth Sidious and his Sith movement, and even by members of the Old Republic, who blamed their failure to sense a betrayal among their ranks as the leading cause for the collapse of democracy.

Rey had seen both sides of the Force and both were equally as terrifying. Power without restraint was at risk to be abused, whether one’s cause was just or destructive.

It was with this notion in mind that she set off in search of solace; of a place where she could train and come to terms with her duty without risking harm to anyone else. Her quest for such a habitable place came to an abrupt halt when the speeder she’d liberated from the remainder of the Resistance decided to all-but fall apart mid-flight.

An emergency landing saw Rey stranded where she was, at least for the interim.

She exited the craft with a grunt of effort and landed in the dirt on her back, knocking the wind (and the remainder of her humility) out of her. When she was able to breathe again, she rose to her feet and appraised the situation.

“…This is fine,” she told herself, “a few screws probably came loose. I’ll be able to find parts enough to put it back together, and then I’ll continue on my path.”

As if to mock her, smoke began to billow from the speeder’s engine. The smell of burned fuel and oil was offensive to her senses and caused her eyes to water. Rey, now unable to contain her disappointment, let out a cry and repeatedly kicked the hunk of junk. What was she supposed to do now? This planet was habitable, yes, but sensors didn’t indicate the presence of cities… Masters Leia and Luke were dead, as was Ben Solo—anyone she would be able to contact through the Force had already passed on.

What if she was truly alone?

Rey glanced over her shoulder at the early evening horizon. The sun began to set and Rey knew that she had to make preparations for shelter before night fell. She did not fear darkness in any sense, but she did not know what sort of creatures lingered upon this planet.

Blaster at the ready, she entered the speeder again and set about suppressing the flames. No sense in drawing additional attention to herself.


Dec 27th 2019 - 11:32 AM

Just Kerra
They're worth more warm.

  There was a short moment for introductions, but when the woman made the claim that she wasn’t going anywhere with the bounty hunter, Kerra laughed behind the helmet. Little did she know that the facts were wrong. Kerra always brought her bounties in for the reward.


The electricity that moved from her hand caused a shock, moving quickly to avoid the blast. They didn’t tell her that she had powers of old. The eyes behind the helmet narrowed, eyeing the sabers igniting, illuminating a soft glow around her target. The audible sound of forest burning in the background as she met her match.

“Pity you, it won’t last long,” she called out, the blades of her staff igniting to throw off any pulses that came her way.

Like a true Bounty, she put one foot in front of the other before making her move. Her staff moved, swaying from side to side while the soft hum of her weapon gave her power. There was one blow, then the other, balanced with her opponent's swing. She was right, this bounty would be a small bit of fun. The way the two moved was almost as if it were rehearsed, flowing with the natural motion of the hunt.  


Dec 24th 2019 - 12:00 PM

They're worth more warm.

To live in this era was almost a nightmare. There were no neutral sides. You worked for either side of the force and if you could not keep up with it, you were someone else’s prey. This was a lesson Kerra learned long ago. To be the hunter, she had to continue to hunt.

Since the passing of her father, Kerra earned her name in the ranks of The Guild. They trusted her with mundane jobs and even offered higher-paying jobs. It wasn’t the life she wanted to live, but the credits earned helped her enjoy the galaxy while earning her spot respectfully within The Guild.  

While it seemed that all life was connected by The Force, Kerra paid no mind to it. What she did trust was the tracker with coordinates of her next target. She was warned that her target was not to be taken for granted. The Bounty Hunter continued her trail, her helmet shielding her identity and the visor homing in on her target. “She’s here,” she mumbled to herself, switching the tracker off. Anyone who was sensitive to the Force would be sense her presence.

Carefully, she reached within one of her pockets and pulled out a timed detonator. It was not large enough to wipe out an area, but it was big enough to cause a distraction. Kerra was careful as she lowered her body, crouching down to her knees to set the detonator to detonate. It would be the distraction that she needed. The odor of freshly killed meat was in the air, she wasn’t expecting her. Kerra slowly moved to reach for her staff, a blaster would make too much noise, and let the weight of the staff rest at the palm of her hand. There was a small sense of her being watched, Kerra could feel it. Was this what people meant when they felt The Force? If it was, it was a cheap shot. She had to be prepared for whatever came her way. The target was a high price, and the loss of her could be the cause of her losing future opportunities.

Kerra waited for the final click of the detonator before the hiss and a quick explosion went off. The surrounding tree branches caught on fire, Kerra making herself visible to her target. “You’re coming with me,” she stated, jolting her arm in front of her to ignite her staff.


Oct 9th 2016 - 9:44 PM

He wandered through the corridors that led to the generator room, the occasional slash and hack of a lightsaber took down several stormtroopers as alarms rang throughout the inside, finally he reached the gigantic blast doors. Blue eyes looked it up and down, left and right, before he brought the hilt forward, activating it at the center, metallic gray glowed cool orange as the lightsaber continued to chew through chunks of metal, melting the slab. Soon he had broken through, the sound of the whirrring blades of the generator rung through Sy's ears as he inspected it carefully.

This would be harder than he had thought, no charges, just a simple lightsaber, however what he did find was a computer terminal, moving over towards it. Typing in commands, the generator began to set itself to auto destruct, the command took a while to set in as sparks flew from the computer terminal, causing it to explode and sy to step back and shield his eyes as it exploded.

The deed was done finally, and now it was time to withdraw with Raven, beginning to head back in a sprint, several stormtroopers approached opening fire without hesitation, the blue blade bounced several bolts back as Sy dashed forward relentlessly into the fray, slashing apart the three stormtroopers he had encountered. As he approached the entrance again, that was when he felt the looming darkness in the force, the sith were definitely here.

He exited finally, as he heard the sounds of a lightsaber battle not to far off, the Sith Lord? Voices of stormtroopers shouted in the distance frantically as Sy made his way towards the lightsaber sounds.
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