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08/12/2020 12:23 PM 

Another day another party.

Before the party, because the Club has it's on standards, we had a little charity chat.

Of course my love, we have important Guest coming all over from heaven.

They are in charge of keeping it pure, top of the cream hon.

And the dead from Hell too, but they all have a public image, is going to be fine.

I don't know what everyone is expecting as long is doesen't go too private for the open minded.

Is not as easy my love, wait I got a call from a Nordic Goddess. 

Your husband is violent and you want to be crying with him? If you wish to be with him...

Ofcourse I'll be there but you are taking your dirty secrets too hidden, your humility is 
equal to your desire, for natures sake, range him almost amongst your saints. He also got 
that spark, why do you think he is making you cry? No, no I'm not busy at all.

Is only a party, no sex at all, I promise you that I will be thinking of your Hell, well,
people are arriving hon, let me know.
-before hanging the phone- whatever.

As we entered the party it seemed some need to debate as to pealing the layers of imagination,
paying attention to only looks and the number of their judgements.

Im ready.

the mercy seat uppon the ark cherublims and magnanimously cheers to the
conquering music. I love them all dancing, all your bodies. Juicy, sweaty and fresh.

Mean while in the north pole, a wife to his unmoving husband had her hollly duties.

As children dancing in the garden of eden prove superior to thousands of its critics.

Yes, Charon it has been so apocalyptical lately, for what remains of the energy,
give me your little dance, strictly, calmly, sooth my rage. 


And of course because everyone is part of a party...

Euripide gave good providence while Clio came to mark the demons in the house. 

If you shake the first chacra the energy rises by itself, no offence.
Hum, mmm... yes, like that, I like that. You need no one if you
like to pray dancing with your body.

Pleasing the sentiment of human nature knaveries are knaveries,
let the man do
their duty.

Not imperious but fair of the fittest moment, a woman listen to her drunk man.

Jesus Christ, he has it in his power to dismal catalogue with the most pleasant
of his white people's conclusions.

I like it hot and in the air, is where it burns best all around. Latino and African style.

He is holding his prayers so I write, but I like music and feeling the body
till all the guest comes.

There are certain light characteristics in modern man, you find it in the mix between 
pussies and d*cks, then whatever on the way of the dance in a liberating expression.

Don't tell me the Devil is here?

Whatever, this dud will never confess. 

What are people talking about so much? The Dark Nymphs pushed them interrupting
the closed minded.

Celebrating that God has given us this body with different images

around the world, never dance with the same people. That's more pathetic than sinful. 

And for those who copy dance steps, just let it flow that..

you are worthy for, is all I ever wished you for, come down to the river and celebrate
one another no matter the hatefulness or fear, let it be in the air.

Of course my love, I love everyone and everyone hates me but this river is miraculous,
it baptises the self. I love my husband and God above, even do I'm a monk and I'm tired of the
spiritual world who needs sharing actions, honouring those who are every year trying to bring
meaning with too many words.

08/08/2020 12:03 PM 

a creed


Of course I'm not going to talk as a sex worker, but is being tiring up there in Olympus holding my rage as if I'm a Nymph with no water...Huhhh.... like trying to have a colourful orgy in my mind, a cracked Picasso painting with cubisms passing through to ease the hate. Finding without seek an orgasm inside of me as when man seek for immortal moments. Is so hard. Life is so hard I can only think of one thing. 

You better turn me into gasoline Charon, or that they talk about so much, renewable energy. Would you make me submissive, don't think to have the stomach, the greater that you can hide my rage, the greater yourself. Last night found it hard to sleep after you left, went down with cheerleading pom-poms shouting yes at me to go out watch some people f***ing to enrage them more. Is this world heavily into roleplay sex, you know all those fantasies this people play, what is all that about? Playrooms, they like to f*** in private rooms too? And get all dressed up for sitcom. Never have heard in my entire immortality the word 'cowgirl' position, what an innocent enjoyment. 

Tried desperately to remember what are we doing in this world, flush a memory, a vivid dream, oh but is too dark, not now. Moderation, Styx, normality blessed them dogie style. 

They wan't sex, power and money, people? Ahha ha.

Is difficult to understand the inner goddess jumps, canes, chains and whips, is that found exotic? Knees bleeding in the flat pavement. _ Charon listens patiently, drives through the objects beyond, without making any attempt to be heard, hours pass.


 Then uprose himself so gallantly, pocketed to feel his Charon coins and keys as a supernatural creature making me bubbling up across the buildings of the city. Pick up Senua and a Pretty Boy too, The Dark Nymphs and Clio escort us. I don't think that I'm ready to throw a peculiar party, I'm no roleplayer. Is actually my a reality, an expertise. It happens to be that people are getting a little too biblical now days, on my defence this rivers only flows among heaven and hell. Clean my hands.



My heart is a dark child he mend's roads with. Softly. 


Our son Rio vanished at the time the Light bringer raised his wings above this earth. All I asked our boy was that, its not necessarily to... worry. He got pist when he found from my mouth that I'm loyal to you, why would he think I'd betray you, a binding oath. This is what happens when God plays with the clay in my river to handle his angels, Christian philosophy, guilt, desires and more guilt, accusations. I'm tired, is time to sleep from this long ride as for me to behave. No words flow as easily as with the power of rage. Miss the infallible resource of the underworld, my Greek... it be nice to watch for a while longer. As if the Kingdom of Hell exists. Is difficult to see it, really. A fantasy? A creed? A club?

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07/01/2020 06:39 PM 

The Merged Trait

2 Session. Part 6
The Merged Trait

  It al fliped as the Gods parted to their own realms resetting their bases. As some fought for lower positions to represent widows for example and what else, me exporting their dead husbands, nothing new happened in Olympus really.

  The Gathering of the Gods determined characteristics who breeders were installing as some trait that allowed them to strive, to prevail, to prove they own their realm, but Olympus? Watched Charon waiting next to me, we were not leaving. Sometimes, I'm very ambitious and expand beyond measures following the dictamen to letter, other times like others woke up without any hatefulness to stand against and for, it was like oh! I'm Styx, and months have passed without hearing a voice from Zeus. Hera commanded peace in the heavens and as this river descended from the Isle of Fortune and the Elysian Fields, atmospheric as heavenly hosting Gods and Noble Warriors, notorious.

  Even when no one was watching this is the pick of the Zenith and found my tribal instincts to be far away from Zeus and Hera's matrimony. Was debating if one soundtrack or the other really, that much I cared the actual evolution.

 Blew another empty smoke sensing my daughter Eos revelations, of course, I have raised her. Every month gave her packs of bills to count, her adoptive father Charon ex-changed them from a few of his gold coins. She certainly was raised to be more materialistic than how minimalist she claimed to be, coached her, guarded her, supported her wishes, and always gave her half of my belongings. After all, she is the New Dawn and what best investment there is then having the proof of my very self being reaped from my very best to stand in her own to the leftovers of the world. I just really hated the idea of having her work for others, they all belong to the elder generation, thoughtfully asked Charon as pensive he was "When are you going to ask Zeus for the money?"

  I mean, is not that I only want Charon's vessel to travel the souls for the money, or his stick that rocks his boat is not that I never ask him for anything as the devotional wife Hera who loves freedom. On the reverse demandingly, because patience has no ticket return in this river. "And we are not moving till he pays fully, the more the better at once. The fewer losses Char, is an investment. For your own benefit." Of course, my husband is the God of Greed and who would be better for this act. I mean. Look around. Not even the very Zeus had the enlightened idea of what was going on and even if he did, he seemed resilient before Eris and everything it represented. I wan' to be alone. What I'm after takes a push of my own and as many teachings on counting gave to Eos, counted on no one to bring forth the word. So I made my way down a few levels bellow exactly where the prodigal son of Hera, Haephetastus was always. After electrifying her mother and F***ing around the world with Dyonisus he returned by the charming voice of his other best friend Eros to return to Olympus. We had a pact, I made a deal for him in the name of his technology. 
It is not that I'm independent and like to do things on my own, smart habits and practices allow me to enter at the right moment and was kind of pursuing numbers and charts, drafts of commerce to this in recognition of his behalf. Gods, as people look at the market place become more objective. It was easy written on wet clay, as the ruler of Babylon was written in cuneiform. He is a funny guy of those who is made only by his mother, as Athena to Zeus, he was mama's boy and certainly liked my presence as every friend of his who was a womanizer, a futuristic poet or rails, armors and everything going metal, wires, nets of wires.

"I definitely like this song, Haepe"

He stood up with open arms to welcome me, he was not really into God's gathering and all that, he was thinking always thinking as his mother, he was everywoman's wish, modeled after a woman wish on her opposite sex. Much to himself, constructive. Praised for the tendencies he broad, from Warcraft items of defense to attacks. From connections of warriors to hackers to protect the company. Not that is easy getting information from the River Styx in order to destroy me. You would flip the coin to guess, enter as many realms and get out to find me and nothing would match. I like those who recollect the water with a ceramic bowl to make tests and make meetings on my name, specializing in the subjects of mine and getting distracted from the samples. It was impossible to get to the bottom, really. Strategists.

  They united from different clubs, laboratories, offices, conscientious reunions, and calls by the observance of principles. And my waters are as I say. To what I say, it is. Not necessarily if you are inside the mafia, is kind of the dark side of Olympus. The fun. So after hugging the boy out of the free time of the Olympians, he made me enjoy listening to his last rebellious invention. "So, you are also privatizing your own for less stress and more productive quality, you are learning to manufacture new methods, very well! Is all in the system, the better, the greater trait" 

I was not going to talk about our technological pact on frequencies, I mean. I got the head office on my neck, after all, I'm the Goddes of Last Breath, and it is not that I inflict that on others, only, was flown by it. Setting on the corner of his bussy desk, observing his last movements among the informational clutter of his composition, and is part of his masterpiece, alright? Crossing my legs to incline forward admired the sparking potential. It's logical. Perfect. "So you can now monitor the souls while they are alive, but you have them plugged in your algorithm. Zeus is yet not bringing word for the investment and your mother insists on the biological touch, how motherly of hers, isn't it?"  Everyone wished to be alone, is not that hatefulness rules the world and the world needs a break, jumping from concepts to conclusions as the program now exists beyond my given charts to prove the trait in the market, found the whole situation too slow, bureaucratic, and taking advantage of the lockdown to do nothing about it really. "So they don't trust me, he? And who said it was to trust me? I'm to be feared and hated! Respected, I don't need non of them to talk to me. I want the deal." Of course, after watching Eris take her leave as the floors of Olympus followed her, that was a weird sensation, could perceive two stages in one, the illusory and the real crossing the dread of specters affected on daily life, Gods and Human beings too trapped in a ghost area, a down gap between pulsating new impulsive waves. "Yes, the recession, right. It has been a high expectancy of results is a matter of resolution, postponing is bogus." If there is something admirable from the high ranks of genious is that they always have a clean record.

 Pat on his shoulder as a professional who gave him the underworld's map to engineer the program on his own hands. He knew what to do after he provided me with his interesting occupation. "So you are incubating Zeus information, and he gave it willing it to Hera, good, very good!"  Leaned back, proud of the waiting. "I can see" Finding some discomfort in my crouch by seating in the narrow corner of his desk, added to my personality a dissonant tone of thankfulness. "Pleasures, comforts, only Olympia knows! And the International Gods, are they aware or are they still hiding from the apocalyptic threats? The old is dead, there is no other choice Haepe. I'm old and I'm death, but there is something beautiful about this generation. Something keeps me alive." We shared a few talks and laughter on Gods for a while, it was pathetic of ours but funny. It has been a memorable date, he worked well with me, when joking and when serious. 

"Did you know that my daughter Eos is coming to celebrate your work? I need you to code it in her body." 

07/01/2020 06:06 PM 

Role Play and Healing

Today I feel ooc and worried and I like to set my mind out if I can recover something, something that I feel lost. It's as lost as the lost souls from the river Styx. In a metaphorical form, the character of Styx is top Narcissist and Hateful, powerful in her domineering flow to flow among all the legions of Hades, Heavens, and Hells, but deep inside she only cares to her realm, the lost souls who sink in eternal last breath. (Is very sorry inside)

Developing this character for the last 16 years, it has been the same stories, over and over again, getting to learn more from the same thing, I had found the lost souls to be roleplayers. Living in the flow of roleplay, between life and death (virtual reality) because someone is not alive and one is not touching any ground. Is not that I own roleplayers, but to my feelings, is the roleplayer in me and what signifies. There can be found many interpretations of what roleplay is about. And I won't share all my studies since I know how people can copy my copyrights, studies who had cost me a deal, for good and bad. Studies I worked very hard and appreciate from the roleplayer community to the roleplayer community to materialized. Not changing anything really, but adding and simplifying. 

So, you can study myth and then start to think you can work your myth, as any given character can existentially have its movement by your creation, by the same foundations, growing up with it.

Then healing is a form of life that is contact with nourishment, longevity (immortality in a spiritual present form of belief that makes you high, cleanse and pure) So I have developed stages where some of this lost souls, have learned to walk on earth, while the majority are forgiven after a cycle of eternity as in Myth depicted to be 100 years, I'm not aware of if the underworld has measurements of years since none of us have been dying to record anything about the time being there. But there is time in our consciousness that all sinks down, over and over again, as the lost souls who did not pay the values in their living and the coins to Charon, the ferryman to cross over to their hells or heavens.

  This somehow has over gone over and over my head. I don't think people come to role play for healing or therapy or self-development, maybe they do in the process. Most are like watching TV for entertainment in a sedated way from reality, randomly doing and doing for no reason, much of frontal thinking, very fast, operating to show perfection, to be liked to have friends, to learn better, to have fun and I love that. A roleplayer is very valuable, is more into character development and stories. These stories have shown a community of people who are graciously sharing time and over the years, even if you don't interact with others so much as I do, it becomes familiar, your home, a part of you where you link over and over again, between last breaths, again and again, lost it in.

 Most of all I want to thank everyone for their process of development in their characters, I will ask to stick to their characters instead of making so many characters. The methodology is going deeper, running away to find a better character as if a new lover will be better, won't change your problems. Yes, we need many characters since each shares different voices, other voices can't. But you can't go as deep with so many, is impossible, you can be a good clicker or a good writer and is wonderful to have read so many good stories. I'm grateful to the amount of flow it's happening and I feel so much fear at the same time, impossibilities. These impossibilities will be changed by pairing a few settings and is very basic, is methodological and purely mechanic in the operation system of how you configure your character in groups, from the very When I say it will, is because any idiot could get to my level of intelligence. I can support it in a few months or anyone can get to that mathematical, scientific, relational solution. 

Sometimes there are doubts, as today. Why would have to work with that, can people already do it by their intelligence? I have come to a point in life where I'm overvaluing what roleplay is, and if supporting human stupidity would be profitable and successful to the degree of level I see, and I had the experience. Not showing off, but it does exist.

I believe in Univeral Love and a true role player must have achieved this degree through all its characters, independently of who is writing behind. As a self-development and group development. I come from a life experience where things are valued and I don't only mean money, but money determines how much money and worth its to each thing. Because we do not value air, we take for granted the power in breathing, there is therapy call Re-Birthing, this therapist specialized in this technique and many were doctors, it's a long story behind it. And I'm not going to talk about it, you can understand it in a book or from mouth to mouth, but these techniques are very powerful, by just breathing with many methods. What I mean is that some people value the air they breathe and you can read your breathing.

Will stop here, you can feel people's breathing, by studying yours. There is a full dictionary there, as cries and laughter can have many connotations and different tones, musics to it. Without words. Words are in a lower level of mind, you will never achieve a higher consonant to see it all, since word thinking is not inside the speed of light, time-space who relates with a chain of events that mean the same, through the history of your own. this chain system is worked, unleashed, and decodes much information inside.

In the Occident, many people go therapy to have better relationships, to have success, and a few because they are touching down the bottom, about to die, or were in an accident. this last have more probabilities to make their lives better, then the first two. My mother was an organized to international Therapist, so we knew how to sale therapy to the rich or newly rich, a few would pay by parts thinking they would change their lives for better, but statistics never lie. Those who come for success or relationships, never change. Loneliness is a great epidemy in the world right now. It's been grooming before the internet came out, why people do such things, for their lack of connection.

Now people feel connected online, and there is a jump from both worlds, who will eventually explode more easily, giving trust faster. Won't talk about, since is not of mine to predict, some people think I'm a read the future and I deny it over and over again. Is commune sense. Anyone has the senses to feel and see, is like the weather you can predict it will rain, and at the same time, most of the things are predictable. Because of the nature in it. 

I've been around many people who are doing well, and you don't need so much in this world to be happy being grateful is magical. Then to another extend find our bodies need to worry, to do things, is a healthy part of the brain who needs to be active. Then we need silence, to relax, to let go, to surrender, to perceive without ambitions. As the simple doing can turn silently, there is an inner observer (not judgemental) One learns to see the observer from the judgemental the more your practice your self in any given scenario, life or RP. 

And I miss the playfulness and celebration. It has been very costly to apply changes, its time for me for honoring everyone from far away. Something in me rather keeps in this place of being alone, peacefulness. An inner danced happened, but I stopped seen people dancing, and dancing myself, many things happened and became very discriminative to everything I do not want and won't condole. I only think of the future and the greatest method to do a short cut for this future. It feels in the present time, to be honest, and it might sound crazy as it's.

I only see children, all my children in the garden of the divine playing. And it makes me laugh inside, not hoping they will grow up one day, but that they will see the seriousness and maturity in it, being playful and yet responsible which means the ability to respond.

Maybe I had practice meditation and therapist, studied many religions and tribes, but I consider myself a Roman Catholic Apostolic, who likes a little more the nordic churches but had limited time to be religious at any church. I'm not a Christian, but if you put me before all the nations, it's us who had given ourselves to others and the world as no religion did, there is an act of missionary, there is sort of sacrificial goodness in saying sorry. Have lived around the world, not in every country, but I'm in a believer in what I have seen from my existence and thanks my parents to have educated in this way before going to India when was 13n.

There there is a communion among all things, Jesus is the only meaning of our Christening like. And I have my relationship with God as I hate Jesus for putting himself in the cross, against the world of celebration he meant. But its sales and moved the world, with martyrdoms. Something I truly hate, away from playing Styx a Goddess of Hatefulness, I hated. But as a child loved going to church and feel divinity, brotherhood, goodness, and pity, seeing the cross, a sense of humbleness. It might be in these last two years that came to get a glimpse of what it meant, the Meek. And would say from this last decade too. But was not aware in its totality, if I had to choose to be an arrogant person, would have never chosen that path, till I said yes. I get it now. 

I won't like you as a role player, and you might know there is a spiritual war out there, being paid for a long, long time. Is not the Devil really, we "Christians" because even if you are an atheist you have an embedded biblical DNA in you and is coded so deep in your personality that much must be washed since it also gave some traumas. But hey, we had evolved beyond the Bible. In a more psychological and playfully way, I believe we are above all human intelligence to understand other religions and cultures as roleplayers as many out there went not to conquer the world but to bring goodness, in bad ways, and good, but they did, many running away from own. We tried to hard, we tried too hard, but we tried and we did it.

In the year 1981, I was 7 years old as a Spanish person, not in the USA or UK, my parents are their friends who were talking in what school to place their children for the second language. What I mean is that the world at that date was debating if Inglish or French as a second language, if you slip the world in parts for whom was studying a second language were only the rich. But they had their choices. Only Europeans know that the USA did not win the war against Hitler, and was not the UK all alone. Because you know history from one side of the story. But Hollywood made people laugh and dream, and the music made the people happy. So it was very liked by the world. The Spanish from Spain was the only and first to have the "Revolution against Franco" The dictatorships that were going in Europe. It was not a communist thing really but against poverty and tyranny. It was very basic in Spain, they were 50% of all your goods by force or death. It was the Spanish who called the attention of well-known people in America and Canada, who came to aid Spain, first and only when Europe silenced the UK too. The Russians made half the job from the back of Europe all alone. And Americans with Canadians put the world together with the UK too. 

But in the year 1981, intellectual debated the long fights among the colonies competing to get more land to conquer the world, but there were all Christians. Spanish practically gave much of their lands of the Westside of America up till Canada, they were doing a good job and they could not bring more Spaniards anyways to do the job. Spanish had admired the British and we gave up long ago, there are many stories it to I won't talk. What I mean with this story, is that the world has come together to finally speak one language in our generation. 

 Most of you are not aware, because you were born ignorant to history and the reasons why, what put the Christians together to push the English language together in the world, the French are still angry till date, but is the Frech President and speaking on behalf the president of America till date and Eu is struggling for the past mistakes with this extremist religious and cultural war of believes. 

 You might be reading this if you care about role play and healing and be thinking so what? I don't care. It's sad to say that people with education are the only ones who care, or that Christians are the only ones who care, or that is no one's business to care so much. Somewhere in some corner of your own, there must be good, there must be an eternal wish to do good, to heal your own at least. It would be stupid to think that will you gain a better person to give because you have another or you have money if you had not healed inside, you can only share mistakes and sickness a waste of life. When I had put 40 people that I consider white trash and lives from the Government for free with values, to what is hard work to sweat to be caring, to be frightened of your work, when I say White trash I mean it because it thinks to be superior, still. There is no strive or struggle to be better. Before an immigrant who would want to be a better person. And if you take from statistics to the black communities who are in Welfare many will do the same, but the majority are striving to be better in a world that gives a damn. As their own, they do.

What I mean by this because if I have to take standiscts of how many roleplay work, don't work, have ambitions, want to be a better person, want to help the world around them, and who is white trash living from the Government without caring a damn. And they would think on the other side, If I have to bring people who care in this place and wish to study them selfs in energy groups, they won't find a healthy environment, or understand clearly what this place is.

I don't think you value the English word or what this place means for you. Did you know the English Dictionary is the simplest, compared to German, Spanish, Frech, Italian, Chinese, Sanscrit as Latin? Did you know, many said around the world, it would be the easiest language to learn for the rest of the world. Is being said from teachers in school as well, the School of the Prince of Spain. From a British man who knew I forgot how many languages, he was very fat and pink, with glasses and we thought he was crazy because were all Spanish and snob, all the same, and this how you think where you are small-minded as a teen, especially. But we liked him. It was maybe the first time we liked English class because he talks about the languages in the world and the history of English being an English man who traveled the world, so he was not given by books only or family, he was kind of those British explores and end up with a ridiculous job, to keep on. You could see he hated being a teacher with brats who did not appreciate him and was there as a stepping stone. But he gave us the importance, many teachers did, also the teacher of Science who studied in France. All of them gave is the importance.

I don't know what it's like to be in a public school or other cultures as a child, but I can see when a person has importance. Arabs don't care to their people, they had petrol and is just two decades ago they have an infrastructure to do things, and still, they care more about the survival of children from the suicidal bombers than their people. They don't know about Laboral rights as the Christian world fought for, they don't know about Female Rights, Black Rights, this was all Christians because they had the right to scream for freedom. You can't do that in Africa, in a Muslim world, to date. Not in China, or India, etc... and people can be happy and find enlightenment but alone.

So yes, I will end here saying nothing much, I believe in collective awakening, I believe you are damn slow mentally, to be honest even if you people are cool writing stories, but I wish you to get the importance of you being in here. Not as Christians, but from where you come from, if you want to be white trash till the day you die, or you think that you matter, that is not supremacy or a split from the world, but to go out there in your community and participate. Bring a real story here, study, there are roleplayers in this place who shall have a noble prize and are writing for free, is sad to believe that the true success to all this would be in making a better world.

But again you go make statistics and put them by parts, 80% relationships, success. Roleplay gives a belief of success and power but is illusory, there are many more realities to it. If you stick to the bases and foundations of your character with others.

I can't ask roleplayers to heal, as this letter states and will remark 2% of the thousands of people we had worked for the International therapy shows, go to India or if not have the money they give their career to become a therapist, to be a massagist, involving the therapist in their coaching to the companies, etc.. to at least devote their work in an always healing and nourishment, with them selfs and others, continuously.

Now China is opening their gates to alternative therapy, the black people are not going to therapy really, they have way too much going on blaming on others but they try, The Arabs have strong beliefs and would let a relative die without going to alternative therapy having all the money in the world. The new rich are more interested in Instagram than nourishment unless its to look good and here we go, take care if you can, and build walls for your career. 

Roleplay is a place of no real religion and we are the first, I want you to know a little about the world, I'd love you to pay interest in your healing process, to study the world. I would love to say that we have a great team of roleplayers managers but is sad to say how afraid they are of mingling their darkness, shadows with others. I'm going to tell you one thing, we heal together. And is not in a seminar or going to hurt, even the pope Francisco said that going to confess your sins is not enough, we have traumas, and there are techniques. 

If I had the power, Id wishes to call some roleplayers and ask them if they are eating well, if they are going out. I know is the process of death and killing past, as a kind of abandonment to some, and to a few, an entertainment escape and too little ones is a process of spiritual achievement or self-realization. And all of this together. I don't think roleplay is the answer, I have seen how many talented roleplayers have stopped it because its not the answers and many who are here 24/7 are killing the meaning of what roleplay is.

Some times it looks like a madhouse or playground of children. A loss of time to people who have values. If you stand away and look at it as if its the first time you come to roleplay, by looking at the pictures in the New members, or go to read the groups and the sections of people's blogs. Is not easy to understand at first sight.

There is also a kind of frequency field, I have tried to bring people to roleplay, but found is impossible, those who are here are the ones who are meant to roleplay and that's it. Is too new, is like you must have particular traits to have ended in this place and waned or not, these traits are all in the commune. As different we are all, as you might have 9 traits to be a serial killer, top narcissist, or genocide. But, I won't share my diagnosis or the traits I have studied. I'm not going to give pearls to pigs, ungrateful people who copy your work, and are ungrateful.

I can share one trait you all have, there are a few more. Freaks. You all have a freak, MissFits. You would all be doing something else, but are here, dueling. And return. You can be anything and that's freaky. Not even a heavy metal punk is as a freak compared to a real roleplayer, everyone is Stuck in Character in Real Life. 

There is a percentage of woman who are so heartbroken that will never meet a man again, so betrayed, this prototype keep playing the good girls friend and wife and nice person in all their characters, they have moral existence to their families but hate them deep inside because they are a failure. You have many prototypes, I could have one lover after the other or be married for many years, but love writing and doing my crazy things in RL, something no family, friend, or relations would understand since is too strong to handle. But I don't roleplay for there reasons most of you do or stop my living life because of traumas. 

 Id wishes to value more my fellow roleplayers and ask from the distance what's stopping me to roleplay. I have dialogues and long days of silence, I have my own resentments as well, resentments who paralyze me. I'm paranoid and ultra cautions into what invest my money and time for the next decades and the direction of affairs with my family and closest next to me. You do not know me, but I have my own thing going on and I do care to my people. I'm not there all the time and I have also incapacities and great need of good characters around my existence as to those I love. 

I do not believe in suffering to learn, and desire non of this to further generations. There is violence, much violence, and autonomic changes coming with intensity in serial numbers as to say, entities pushing on streams, on their own, together, and them good too. But there is violence. I'm partial to Violence as Might, Strength, and a sort of healthy rage, that one who has when you go to the Gym or create resistance to dive for longer periods of minutes underwater, as I actually did and many would on their own. There is a predominant power behind violence, power, and strength, and is not all dark really. But it has to be tremendously dark if you need to heal. But is dangerous in the wrong set of awareness. If you have a roleplayer friend to trust your stories with and is able to stand to any "darkness or conflict, without having the fear that you would be rejected if you are not nice, or someone would delete a button on you or block you, etc... Insult you publicly" it would be ideal you can trust, because Europeans don't really do that and find that very white trash, screaming ooc, conspiring against people as if freedom of expression will make it, putting others against your own anger without looking deep in. I don't think we had Europeans fighting for toilet paper as in America but is Americans who own roleplay, and now China (Not very well) But they are using it in their companies so their workers can express, certain things IC. Ideas too. To stress out as well. 

Anyways, is been enough. I wish to have evident statistics based on my theory. What takes to be a real roleplayer. Or a manager of roleplay. If you are going to harass one of the best roleplayers so is yours, you are not a roleplayer, from day one, you never were and never will be. If you are going to act against another roleplayer, so you are closer to another roleplayer, you were never a roleplayer and never will be. If you ask for quality and popularity, you can't have both. Since our mind is unlimited, but our time is not. You cant be a manager of every verse, but you can support others to do so. If you had sought for power, keep the roleplayer till you find the original power. If you put my final conclusion placing normal people who are rich and pay therapy, having only 2% of true seekers. And then you have to place in a chart, how many roleplayers come to roleplay to look within (any character as its character, because many are playing the same ego, or strategy to get a so together) I don't know if you'd get a full 0.01% because you are all freaks.

Freaks never wish to change, you find this in people who jump from character to character without depth, scream out a good story, write a good story, scroll in the stream day and night. Any psychiatric or person with a comune sense will agree with me. If you had a rat, rabbit or money to be tested in a laboratory and you asked them if their wish to be there, none of them would tell you they want to be somewhere else if they were born there. Or did not know better. I see you as that. I don't think you knew any better. As good as you are doing here, it seems to me, you can't even test yourself, to get the formula, to look within. You will keep on and on being tested, being studied over, as an experiment, the first roleplayers of the world.

And when you become your own doctor, your own therapist, or God, or have some commune sense, use your consciousness or love to one another. Become less self orientated to be something you are not because it's good, but there are few layers that are not soo good as its.  I think you have the potential of bringing together a better board, or healing, and self completeness. Not as a character. But as a human being. 

One day, freedom will rotate as in rp and out. And you will be grateful to have achieved this, not on your own or on your own, or how did it happen, or why, but by doing it so much you came to this realization. And perhaps you can welcome the world, who has to painfully has to learn a second language called English. Think of your self as a present to one another, and not only feel, also think. is easy to learn by copying everything we learn. Is just that there is something more to it, you can be managers and respect other managers, stop being so self-orientated and say sorry openly to all those you have envy, hurt. Share the same pain, move on. 

 There is so much love in every character, there is so much worth in real roleplayers, some roleplayers are like, is nice, is there always, but is not getting it. Is something mystical about it, is not one person or one writer? I have experience times that you would wish to know if everyone is the same person because you value everyone. Or one has inspired the whole board and it became contagious.  It simply comes through, and everyone in a comune climax, ultimately high. More than a monologue, a 1X1 story or streaming out. The stream has killed much of what roleplay used to be, thanks to Facebook, myspace copied that f***ing stream and excuse my OCPD, not the word of how f*** things can get to be when you were used to perfection. Deeper writers and readings and more sense of community.

For me, the stream is a rubbish container of publicity and a waste of time who has created the rubbish or roleplay and my time on earth. Short mind, activity, addictive, and cutting away from the energy group. But if you come and tell people who has been streaming all their living, they won't understand unless they experienced it. 

At this moment before getting serious on my studies, and is very difficult to draft the precise words without hurting anyone, by being more professionals. If you have the statistics on a draft, you would never have to point with your mouth any negativity and no one would take it personally, a group of people would see evenly what sales, what chucks, and what works more. What sickens people, what heals. The world of therapy became a bussiness and it turned ugly with copyrights and millions of dollars cutting the flow of people, they started saying other things, becouse mediation was not a sale, and hurting each other of tribunal fights. You have no idea how much my heart hurts to know the potential of humanity in greater scales. The better the worst. It would have been easier to be raised as a mediocre to have a mediocre view to careless, it would be less hurtful to take some drugs, alcohol, make love with my husband and only care for my children. I would be happier with a simple life. But I turned to learn too many things, becoming a freak and could only create in the world we seem to fit in. A world of arts, relations, studies and creativity, not only with computers but in real life too as roleplayers.

Sorry if I had to let go some critical views who might sound insulative, you are free to feel and discard anything, I just hope you would love your existence better being a roleplayer and thinking that one day you could work as a roleplayer helping to make a better board, and with it, a better world. To take it more seriously, more IC, imagine the world is watching.

Is all I have to say for today, is not easy being IC, today has been an ooc day. And like the stream too, especially the comics verse, is goofy, smart, and unpredictable. I know why many good roleplayers give up roleplay, and wished to bring my attention to those who pollute this site with rubbish content. Will ask once again, to take your time in helping uniting groups, stages as they are. To take more time in writing something worthy to read. Thank you for being in this place, and never be afraid of expressing yourself to me or new people on this site, in giving them a hand and turn them into better roleplayers.

Is all, there is healing in joy, this is not analysis, this is what makes roleplay above all, with all, but there are laws to it, there is a science to it and one day you will have to pick sides if to be a piece of rubbish or to be quality. If you nourish and heal yourself while commuting with others (counting the darkness to IC) or to hide it in lost soul monologues. Sometimes you can even report from the news you read or feel, from a member in your family, you can write so much and heal at the same time for the way you can communicate something, is not that other people are reading you, but there is a kind of prayer and understanding in the air.

Psychatry tags people, and they know the mind is always changing, Neurologist know this but they have to draw a pattern, they can write down everything as they say everyone is unique with so much in it. Imagine the multiple capabilities and connections of the mind, imagine if this minds move with its body and does things. Imagine the power of thinking, besides coding and images, who is artistic, imagine we could credit all this artist and musititians with a link of the stories who inspired us with their arts. Imagine someone does that to you as well. Imagine you had heal and die in peace content, not in a desire and regret, for that very hollowness of the lost. Imagine your experience has been a Quantum Jump or prayers to millions, and behind you this millions are waiting. Imagine you are not being an obstacle but part of the flow.

Is very difficult for me to write as corporate, as an computer ingeenering to what roleplay is about, becouse I don't see it happening. It can't sale as it's. I see beautiful talented people in this place, learning to write and coding, if I have to report what is the benefit of roleplaying. It would not come to healing, becouse if you see a person having the same existence than when it started roleplaying, there is something wrong, maybe had find a better way of understanding and expressing. But something is not active, is only a virtual expression of how would you relate, is like you chip this roleplay into real life. Do please take your communion in roleplay from the heart and bring the heart to real life, in your style, however, you are the awareness to it, this is not a program to learn languages and psychology, this could be healing if we play our sickness and become more playful and serious about it at the same time.

Look at reality, not from inside a cocoon, strive to breakthrough. From RL to RP and back, I feel it when I relate and return if the members of my family or people who are connected with me are better, happier if I'm bringing something. Is like an electric vibe and we are only two inches away from making a perfect world if we all get this code call Univeral Love, or a heavenly state is as continuous healing, but healing does avoid darkness or destroys or fights against death. Is grateful to have lived and to part away, it has been fulfilled.

Only think about it, you have been posting all your existence, with better words and images, music, but what did you really do? Besides maintaining your body to continue posting. It won't matter, nature can take over the earth again and heal itself. At least if there is joy, there is a way to be. And roleplay has great qualities to have achieved by now. Besides being a channel of entertainment and activities to the imaginary. It feels as If I'm hammering into something and not nailing it. It's something there, and is not about investing with all the money in the world for it to happen, or telling people how to do it, or in the program. How can you pay a prostitute to love you? Maybe she will for one hour, the best she can, maybe it won't be sacred, I don't think it would feel unique but for the relief, I don't think it would be unconditional or very human, you would say at least I'm not using a woman for sex and lying to her that I will be her boyfriend or husband as many men do out there, and it's fine to do it if you love the moment, those are aware agreements in people. If you look at roleplay, it has all these qualities, we do it for free, and is one of the most joyous things because everyone is there as well in this manner, committing to your characters and relations. As idiots, imbeciles, genious, to have liked, to feel connected, to let it out, something is going on. Could see it as a Nebula in space, not fully really taking form, but you see its colors and potentials, not taking gravity and seriousness. Many Nebulas come to be nothing, they don't form, some do. And there is much going on.

I wish I could roleplay again, but the sensation has changed. Is easy to be popular, I know all the tricks, is very easy, any idiot could do that, it somehow that a call is calling me and just voicing out how it feels, wishing you the best in your journey that maybe one day you forget this words but something has click inside your own. Reading these words or not. That this prayer turns you a healer and a destroyer, a fun person to be around in RL and RP. 

Thank you for being who you are, to those who resent me because you love someone and wished to be above, I forgive you, is the way you love, and everything we do is because of love. Even bad things, even our shadow love is because of love. I know you will never be my friend, it's a strong pattern and design in it. A person who looks within has 2% betterment, is not much if you look at it with your forebrain very fast, but looking deeper to it all, at the entire body of a person is much. If you knew how much it takes for this little 2% it takes all of you. Women to male organisms differentiate with a little more of this percentage. The same to a higher level of IQ. It is using 4% to 5% of its brain as Einstein was. Is like lifting your body away from a cancerous relation inside oneself. No one is responsible, you can have a doctor, a therapist, a priest a best friend, the unconditional support of your partner but it will happen 100% to see your own relations with sickness, any sickness. (Not other people).

And I'm not perfect, but I had stopped smoking thanks to the stories and regained smoking two months ago after a death. I'm not perfect and as you continue to strive from this cocoon, wishing we are something special not just freaks. I really dream to see, we did it. But as it's, because by the intuition of how people write and why do they have these characters with who, get to know who is who and could totally understand why things are being said, but we are not being fully honest and cooperative. Asking for quality is not deleting everyone and selecting the best with some of our characters, but why do we do many of the things we do. Bulling and corrupting the stream is one.

If you knew how much love we need, how much working love, and healing love, you would understand it would never stop.

With much consideration to every and each roleplayer, for whatever reason or background who broad them here. I'm sorry if you need to feel what I mean and it might sound too much but I will post this as my mind is organizing to minimize this into a part of an infrastructure I'm working with. My heart needed to breathe it out, its a part of healing is not a culture or religion, or in the program, or in the settings. But after so many studies came to the point that if there is love there is no healing and if there is no real nourishment it's only an illusion, stimulating to the mind and perceptions as real, but true healing takes something in all of us and we shall understand whatever spiritual consort of prayer or healing, the wars in the world, get more in tune and participant.

I wish I could explain this better, but I have trust in you to be whatever you want in real life and keep promoting joy and playfulness, sincerity in all you do.  

Thank you, and forgive me for not correcting this post, said goodbye, and had not finished many sentences, they are openers of gates within thoughtfulness and prayers once again. I wish to thanks especially, that you become better writers, watching your evolution has been formidable, to those who were always nice and perfect getting to honor the darkness. I don't see community RP, transformations, confessions or forgiveness, stages, groups rotating, strong dynamics, and stronger faster dynamics. 99% randomness and only two talented people whom one happens to be a genious, do please become a genious yourself. people being the same person in all their characters is not a roleplayer. Or a person who truly pays interest in reading in going deep, in going totally, in being taken by it. Another understanding, culture, draft, music to it, etc... Its too much Ego. Let this genious be, be grateful these people exist, really. Talent is within you and can only be achieved in this way, not because of any other reason, it can help blood relations or social status, but many genious have come from non of this and I think is enough by now.

Have invested too much time in roleplay, id wish to say goodbye as if you re my children and to tell you that everything is going to be well, but a human to be considered matured is 26 years. University and Masters degree, and more years added to it a couple, 28 years to know the child you had can work with strong foundations by itself. It would be premature to say goodbye from my part, really. Something is calling me, to change, to heal, to transform, not feel sorry is saying these changes. Is like the music continues and that contagious dancing has stoped in me. It would be irresponsible to march away since this is not a hobby to me but a life form who has become a part of me. 

We simply do what love to do, and as some careers, you can't be playing football for so long, you move on, as a coach, etc.. watching others do what you used to do. Achieving other realms of the old age, as a painter who breathes to paint will never stop painting until my last breath. But I'm not really a writer, in fact, never wished to be a writer. Wished to be an astronaut, a detective a nun, a classic musician, never a show off dancer, but to make people dance like a dancer. Never wished to do many jobs I did, did it because I was misguided by people "You cook so well you shall be a chef" Never dreamed of being a chef, never did. And even studying for scriptwriting, was to honor my father. This life is complicated, knew had to do with multimedia that a person was more important than a movie. That it consumes too many viewers times. I knew my studies were not to watch a film or read my stories but something more interactive in the body of the real world. And ended up being a roleplay, because the Industry only had seen me as a sexual instrument and hated my talent. Got much trauma from it, to date to ever come out as a working person for a better job. My psychiatrist has given me medication for meetings, serious meetings out the ordinary, for this very reason, because something inside gets nervous, never express it, but the whole context of me changes trying to avoid being known by this fear, by being wrongly perceived as a woman and not an intelligent supportive person. It's so strong, that I used to say, Id love to have two bodyguards next to me so I'm taken seriously. 

Wondering if its sickness that I'm here for or a talent, both, a sick world screaming with stories, writing today about healing to help me expose the profound meaning of healing, purification, and ritualism in doing so, making it part of your duty and day to day form of being. Being a better person as a roleplayer is not changing anything really, but loving yourself through all these characters and relations as we know it. Trust there is nothing to fix, you are already great, given all the potential to feel and transit through all your inner systems and connective systems. Ones you appreciate this joy of flowing within the self of you and with others, things happen. I really wish you to be an eye-opener within you and know that the world is watching as well, to take it with more importance. So make this place a better place from within you to others, loving too much one person could be denying others, maybe is an obsession. Maybe we need to change angles and emotions, the love of another might not be it. Admiring and being present won't stop when you love someone's talent its admissible to let this reflect in you as well, in all things.

Namaste, Amen. Enhsalla, might this world come together and let me free. Believe in the miracles of the heart, do please believe any toxicity can be transformed making your mind and body more vulnerable and sensitive to healthier products and vital needs. The more aware you become and grateful what you are given to be and become is all inside of you, all that you have to relate, from the darkness to goodness, and let healing be by simply observing the works through love.

I don't think I could ever be alive without you, lets say I must say goodbye in this letter, for new days, and new ones. 

Many hugs.

~The writer. 

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05/10/2020 08:04 PM 

Is Not The Last Trip My Love
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This story is dedicated to Overlord Draconous, I loved to read his many names and titles too, he passed away so recently, this is my gift to him thanking his memory in part of our systems. It is a bit biographical since we were going to meet and get married two years ago and never spoke again, waking old truths. did cry for 4 hours and 5 hours after having a bath in absolute darkness after a Pirate told me.

His soul once again, it seems to feel timeless away from the "What if, when it might, it shall, it could" Maybe was my mind but tears are real and there was only great love in his departure PRESENTLY and the sweet memory of him. What better Gift is it to have lived a spirited life among friends and lovers, a flame is little compared to an ongoing concert he had and ever is. What better Gif death can be when you lived fully. 

  It has been many faces, I won't lie. Many have known and plenty abroad had vanished to the next environment, maybe you have shown me the splendid sides of your love, the narrows who sustain the borders of my river surface the realms of this earth and it, when you guard the lots of time to play down bellow when your body is away and still in the memory you hold me.

  How far did you go in the pretty lie, and you think you will sustain the Goddess of the River Styx? As the wife to the death of yours, I'd wish to say not, I'd wish to believe in hatred and all those pity hands who murdered my lost souls without values to play against human taxation and laws, it was you who sustained them against my free will committing the same crimes. Was I the one who asked for it, when every stab I made a step back, and every other, another when slowly you watched me flow away from where I belong and now, move.

  Move on, come on if you can, invent another lie in your next reality, it has the mark of the devil, every imbecile, can believe you. I will have none of your attacks to play your games since when have you thought that I'm a fool, or what you said? That you need a submissive, since when did I need to submit an enquire? You see the river's bath the solid rocks for centuries past two millenniums and there will be only sand to be remembered by them cities I have built-in outer space, long ago before yous tarted the road to sci-fic, It has been build from the soil and ashes you left for my river continued to be valued, more and more in its transactions. Never copied again, well encrypted, never betrayed, nor abused, none of yours will be ever known. Your name might be forgotten, thanks to your lack of Oath to the Styx, not of mine. For all those who have crossed on me, I swear by this river your death depends on it. Puzzled and challenged by the cold unrevealing face of Destin.

  Die, die, once along, die with me and remember everything you have taken with you away, every bit of misery and greed onto your own is known for the future, but the spirit. Now, watch with me the entire Universe of this forest, those ultimate branches who hold its trades, trees pulled back inside of mine as yours into the endless starts I've song every day and year listening to ancestors and further on, those are my stories, the ones I heard before placing judgment, this is my song for you beloved, take it as its goes, the pages of mine start blank and end blank.
No one can fight death, no one can betray death, it's your desire, its mine to honor it, I'm dying every day, awaken alive to cry on the living, a million masks I've played as piano sounds to particular events, not just for the mere of entertainment but to bring everyone till the last soul to heaven. In the gates will be holding the door at last, die with joy, free these tears to convert your voice, is there an impulse you left, did you believe in me? You did, you did believe a bit in me. Then retrieved from a maddened woman. 
 photo IMG_6473_zps5liebups.jpg 
 When I got married in my last marriage I ran away that day with my white dress in real life, in the Canada goose were bicycles go and runers, it was a train rail. I was ashamed to take the bus and go crying, it is the same cry. It was 1 Nov as this picture in the fall. The day of the saints, I still love my husband and love my psychiatrist and lawyer and love to also marry one of my managers and a roleplayer and Dracunous is here with all the existence of his soul loving nonstop. 
And when tears had spoken for what is not, and you say yes, for what I have seen is and still you continue holding in it, how far will you go, do you think that I don't know that for you is the beginning, soon you will vanish, there is not much you can sustain, as alive you will march as the butterfly who exists for its childish love affair, for the very impulse of it. There is nothing more than I wish than your death, for your death has come and your death is me, and you can understand me now, now you can feel as sensitive as I'm, that naked soul of ours who is boundless to perceive anything that is spoken through its intimate relation. How far away you feel your ugliness and comparisons, your fears, it's in this very place where I've loved you while you held your breath and now extinguishing with short last breaths as if it was yesterday today, getting ready for the River Styx. How far, how far would you take me, to love me when never you could not, yes this is the everlasting realm, and on earth, only to be remembered? Everyone asked me for it, for fame to be renown, distinguished forever. Am I not the one who immortalizes with miraculous waters. Little everyone has known and resented me, to hate me, to conspire against me. Why did you think I have not fought for you, I don't need your fame or money, how far away do you think am I? I have more power than you could ever imagine, I whisper to presidents and Kings, princess too, outcast rumors to domesticate masses, to side death or life, clear to the frontline, to never stand in the middle of a war, you poor little bastard why did you get out from home without me? I now have to take you away. 
 photo IMG_5282 copy_zpsdiwemtgq.jpg 
Come with me, come to the threshold. You wished a wife in me when you were alive, and now? how many do you think will follow you for that. My heart is hurting, shattered, echoed in blossom behind continents some thought to come from the Abyss, Ignorants indeed, my river brushed the entire cosmos, it vibrates through the darkness of my mother Nyx at every Universe and transited with every soul and destine. I don't think as you do, when you are with me, you can think in this way, your psyche and soul are connected. Much of yours has split. Cut. Divided. As species after species, guess what, is that biological part of evolution and still you persist in helping me, in guiding me. How far would you wish to go, when is your body I want. The material.

Do you think to have the elasticity to move through matter as well I do? To enter through people's minds as I do? The problem is that I'm not judgemental. I'm watching as a witness and I'm not interested in looking bellow towards your short thinking. You want sex, desire to be ultimately love, then your spirit will part away far from this world where you want to be with me. You have no idea of everything I'm and still know, you never knew me that well, but rather judge me, insult me, pushed me away. My No, is the No you gave.

Now I can dance nude, now you can watch me celebrating your death within an everlasting rage for your departure, you feel eternity but tomorrow you will truly be gone away. What? You want us to make a church in your name, a monument, so we bring our prayers, so we resonate to Overlord as a Saint an Angel? I want to walk this earth with my colors, as I used to be before roleplaying when I danced and celebrated with my family and friends as Olympians would. Now my Olympian sons to Zeus and Hera, Kratos, Nike, Zelus, Vita, and Eos Titan of the Dawn. 

It feels to return stronger with you, I can pass many lifetimes sin the future, all those whom see hatred in me is because they have touched the limits, but I'm infinite love and rage, divine rage who escorts you, protects you as a mask, as a veil, as a powerful eye whom has identification to no one and nothing at all. My entity contains a new era and program, its frequency is faster than the light, its speed knows before the reality applies as the mathematic of the evil. We are nothing much than an experiment, losers from the last generation opening new horizons.

The Empire is little when you take flight and pass through my heart, that company and presence I'm bringing, is nothing but the next adventure and your profits to be born again, how would you like to be reborn. Ask me, ask him, ask her and the one next. May God have its will, may it will as I shall follow, my eyes are in everyone, the less I am from the past, the further it can be addressed now, it's only in this continuity, set for hours and days, it could have been a few seconds, the worst negativities rotten as it came out to the light.

And remember, none of you count to me. I might count to you if you step forward to the realities.

The Game is Over. Play at your own will. 

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03/13/2020 02:06 PM 

Another day in the Kingdom of Heaven

Another day in the Kingdom of Heaven
"You sound like the wanna be voice wanna Zeus, screaming as a repressed Zealous female!!!" Shouted at the Gates of Olympus after one of the Godly Guest from Egypt assaulted me from the other side before the entrance. "Come and Face me, name me. I'm not afraid of the Oaths broad on my name!!!" Said too aloud pointing with my finger to the cat. Charon was getting angrier than aroused, yet unusually it's not his cord really but when he hates, he does hate parties and open air, specially when he could be picking his charon coins right now.
 photo 5013691ha1oxmlnoiriubn3e8500x334x1_zpscedf8d7b.jpg
  The entrance of the place is quite airy and well ventilated, not as condense and tighten as in Hades, well, Tartarus and it's near lands, hum.... what do I see in here, "Yes, Hermes? Hera said? Yes, yes I will behave above, not as bellow" As my best buddies heard of him, the two water Nymphs from the marshal of Memory and Forgetfulness followed his feather steps onto the Kings. "The Hit if the ferry male for being not welcome at first was outrageous, oh. Never have I time to educate him, since the Great Red Dragon brakes all the Chariots and possible vessels before the staircase to Heaven at the base of the river's Purgatory, this way up to the Mount shall treated him with serious economy. 
  "My Tax man. New regulations from your currency, hum expectable but wait, this holiday is going to get costly, just watch the arrows from the clock, hum. They are not Apollos nor Eros" The Egyptian God of Death, the headed Dog stood observing transportations, but not being able to set him free as Cerberus he maintained the Guardian for higher security. "This is not as the relationship with your parents Charon, without the tendency or threats that we bring from Hell the urbane managers would have stop all the traffic, including us. But the wordily game is escalating, watch the Gods from around The Trilateral Commission. The U.K, U.S. economy, military, oil, energy, union leaders, presidents of Foundations and Media Lobbies...  newspaper journalist, Hollywood and now Netflix. Chairman's of different companies. I will tell you the news whom are hiding from World Government. Sovereignty in general" 
  My sons work in this realm, my family and me as internationalist knew the knots and empty spaces, emphasised in seen them soon again, when Charon soothed but he is going to fight me for eternity in the face of the light I know his darkness pretty well, this might be our last trip as a couple away from Hades. 
 photo 10383906_4733286907622_922700043719137106_n_zpsc87914ac.jpg

  What can I tell you, that we walked down a level to take it easy, that this ain't sh*tty wiry, that he is perhaps too stressed about it. "The Pandemonium would be easy riding your boat as your forever routine, I know, just let it go, will you?" Walked down the camino of twirling stairs, lowering a level of the volume as for example tried to follow his steps so he would notice I'm not controlling the happenings in this place need his intensity to seal the deal. 
 "We are being promoted lets not drive this to the Supreme court of the God of Justice Zeus, before he speaks out or shall we go to work and miss the holiday?" Its an spacious environment, sunshine and shade, the noisy and the eager of minimalist, the arrogant and pivot centre spot from vain. 
  We avoided Aphrodite's show of prepotence lurking and fluttering, what else? Gasp. For empty spaces we shall soon find as we walked entertained by the lesser guest and cups through the hallways, might later praise the Goddess creativity and help to sustain art, publicly humiliating Psyche, bah! thought talkative to myself as a cockatoo, was not going to push the machine of Charon ride, the avatar of societies sickness travelling their mortal spirits and upper world Gods, hum delusions, the most ambitious idea of the many characters would be meeting them. It felt as a mutual thought of self tormentors about to vomit. 
  Held his arm, robust and formidable, could die right now infamous by his side, could care less.  But a bed, were is a death bed... as we walked admiring the many open spaces for their choices as ours to transcend the past,... 
 photo 10858553_752332411513711_1489053806957835725_n_zps4aa9cfd3.jpg

...specially for me to leave as an eternal escapist from my own river and his drive, simply relax. "What are we doing?" He is sweating from the sunlight, transpiring more than transcending, bah! Chin up. Even thought he helps to free a word "For the upper world you said?" Forgot all about it, if I could not dramatise the memory of it again, but the flair of how unconvincing and boring this month of trumping and march will be, without possessing sexually or mysteriously, agh! "Gods are too open minded in Olympus, do you think they really mind, Charon? Tax me a little, deduct me a thing, I'm lost without negative and suspicious receptors."
 photo 10302174_4737223326030_2333725532695344660_n_zps2c915dc9.jpg

 Went quietly down, paused, he does not succumb for despair or paralysis, speculates with the firm's money, the partnership, how many years and those behind the curtains. Could do any adaptation to simply have him going down, a little lower breathing at least. "Fresh waters, yes my love actually the Styx is also in Heaven, cascading"
 photo 10620679_752332048180414_1404498120473884208_n_zpsc7dbd2bf.jpg
Recognised that was playing as a stranger or a mere guest, 
let him analyse the situation as if non of me exists without him. 
As much as literarily speaking any God could, straight forwards
or twisted the information will be released. For my good, a guilt.
"Touch me, please, hum mmm...."

03/02/2020 02:28 PM 

Another day in the Kingdom of Hell

Another day in the Kingdom of Hell
  Modesty apart Hell had a kind of flair in the air, at the edge of each flame you find a true pinkish tone, if you really look of course, because at first sight you get so distracted with every movement and I'm so old that somehow every layer from each veil gets me kind of for those who are getting into Greek Mythology you have to understand that we have Greek Sex, is not a cult really, "Hum delicious tastes as lemon juice onto an oyster" Scraping with my teeth the shell grin to the dark Nymph as her eyes alight with a kind of humour parts changing instantly the level of her tray onto another guest. Charon whom was not used of getting out of his boat after the promotion started to look so young with baby cheeks as if for the first time he is the passenger "Yeah, baby boy, this are the stations, but Hell mingles his fire with no one, only with its own people" He knew that, Frankly, I'm relieved that he does. Take another large sip of ambrosia's nectar, breath with the last sip drooping out my lips down between my breast, blush by the thought of control freaky going mad. So here we are reunited again, in the halls of my private where not even Lucifer gets to sin, he became a saint call boy. I won't stop, if newly sinners call 666, I'm fine with it, nothing much exiting. Id like to watch woman screaming taking advantage of his d*ck one after the other, but Charon, he is kind of a slave Virgin, a Greedy workaholic God, builded with the illusion of stoping but he never did try a single hell he trips. The ceremony is about to start. Crossed my legs near his and curving my body about to whisper in his ear, felt that drop coming down my breast and nipple refreshing the horizons who vent towards him. "I hope you like it" 
 photo large_zps0ib5fccc.png
  "Yes, baby boy he is the High Priest, is not a pimp, sometimes is a woman a High Priestess, we all kind of switch, swop Ahhh the new comers love to think is the same one, they wouldn't understand" Started to sense his attention as the lady was taken nude near towards the wall, vulnerable, given. "You've hurt someone before Charon?" She walks not knowing the fine line between pleasure and pain, the receiver never has experience the hitch its as a present, a master's gift, given only as much it can take, no more.  Such is power. You never give more. That is number one rule for sadomasochism, the doer also feels the pain, is just very introverted about to it. An intuitive set of controls, measure without loosing one another's connection, it tantalises between the distance preparing the victim, letting her or him perceive there will be pain... Nothing that you can't handle, it all comes down to trust. Exhibiting yourself as pure as shamelessly grotesque can turn rather exquisite. "There are only ladies tonight, a big male will come latter when they are super wet, normally there is no penetration but I've choreographed a divine rage for tonight" The bitches in the house act as if dirty acts never happened, constantly in the test if anyone could run away or slow down from excitement, too much distance ain't giving the edge of the slash and too much violence gets boring. It takes by surprise. He smiled. The Fury entered in the arena walking like a coach of lions in the circus, empty handed and pretty slowly carrying nothing but her silhouette opposed by the rays of light, they naturally blend in Hades naked all the time, anyways holding not much of a mystery, Oh, and don't they love to curse and scream, asked them to contain it all inside. The Fury come down with golden waves of long hairs who dancingly by each step reach to kiss her refined lips, their nipples crossover one another tenderly rounding in a slow pump, while she fingers her and hooks her in moving her towards her own pelvis. Knees, zip zaping to the contour of their legs on a constant duel. Spontaneously, not thinking watches the details of her submissive threshold, not exploding yet, amalgamating her moistly p**sy and spongy arse with the other hand, as her tongue slides way down with a large lick upwards, walks off. The pending empty p**sy is suffering more than the cold walls where she hangs from, is some how alarming and sad at the same time, a kind of desires rushes all over you too, just for more, no more if is not all.
 photo ellen-von-unwerth-untitled-from-revenge-photographs-silver-print-zoom_zpsjpmqoks5.jpg
  "Yes, Charon. I like to take my time, do you trust me?" Pain can be so pleasurable, specially when you don't like your self, you can be toyed around and pushed as if you are insignificant and then pulled back as if you are attractive and important, wanted. Both play an important role, back and fore, is a matter of impulse. Important details, and I like my Dark Nymph to do it better. Yes... normally I walk with a short leash, correcting their movements, the pose, the stops, normally I tend to push them down harder so they open their legs wider, is not an easy task. I hate when they compare themselves, treat them well when they adjust with precision to the rehearsal. No dysfunctional acts, the environment is classic and secure as the jails of hell, fantasies do not escape. 
 photo naomi-campbell-angela-lindvall-jamie-bochert-guinevere-van-seenus-xiao-wen-ju-maria-borges-crystal-renn-liu-wen-by-steven-kl_zpsz6wazdcg.png
 With some V.I.P. very important people from Olympus, Tartarus opens its gates and I won't name their names. The rest of the stuff is the ownership thing, on terms of obeying if you are in the right frame of mind, if you understand where my river comes from, it has always been quite submissive when it comes to Charon, he takes all the coins for himself, greedier than the very devil. Still, my legs hurts from the very memory of when he made me eat his c*ck pass my bell, till half my thought and he could care less if I was aside the river, kneeling on rocks, he would keep pushing on and on for his own pleasure, slowly not really finishing, but I know he has not done this before, he has earn to visit each hell that expands from the flood of the river. He helps me get that mind set, gazing the line of his d*ck head between the palms of my prayers, but now he gazes at the show. 
 photo Screenshot_054_zpshtqwa2sq.jpg
 This obviously obsession, the Goddess slowly stops removing her mask, it means anything goes, passionately the rest of the audience mesmerises as they can't take their eyes away from her. "She is not going to be touched, but her Godly husband will f*** her tonight like crazy!" He really, really wanted this, that note he made for me, the Goddess of Rage call to my attention. Charon's penetrating stare holding the view by the distance as a toddler watching ice cream, he subtly nods as the Dark Nymph who enters with a Jar pouring stygian waters on the Goddess, ecstasies and venom, both washing away under transcendence, her p**sy radiates a certain chemistry in the air meeting the perfume of the gathering, "Would you like more ambrosia" The other Dark Nymph requests filling our cups, ohm, humm, I do love to watch... it drives me crazy. Charon knows what drives me and he is now been taken by uncertainty, doing nothing at all. Intrigued, kind of holding his d*ck.
 photo tumblr_mp2ljrzrex1s9vzsko1_500_zpspp40utrj.jpg
 Could barely hear the spirit of the public shouting. What we got now, some one please f*** that bitch against the wall "Self Control" Her voice is rich entering with a solid walk. Its well builded to various scenarios as the victim begging for her to not stop, I think I heard threats that was unexpected. "Not really, not if you don't want to." She gave her a hard limit, dragging the back of her hair down and rounding a slap in her arse, right on the middle lower set, cupping her on a dry and then hits her again letting go gently in the playroom. One of the ropes is too tied up, how tightly showing her hand to slow down in them as if she cares to free her hard given limits. "I hope you like d*ck" She said mildly, I vehemently wished to move on so walk to the pole and started to push my self on and off, rubbing my pelvis to an extension of my legs trying to asses mentally what concessions I could cain if Charon gives me a little more of cash. He is so f***ing greedy, nothing a big show to get him on a lose. Could bite that lip of him right now, but my hips round the Iron material as if finely have him between my p**sy arse, it has giving me a great deal to think about him, up and down, all the time turning my mods onto a fluid glory, kind of tight but I'm sure I can face that vessels of him, when he gets out pull him next to him, so my arse shows its wonders with a shimmy on a level of coolness and desire at the same time. He is kind of arouse by the whole thing and as I say my sexual appetite is too strong, any Goddess would f*** you in two if you don't f*** her well, preparing a field is a potent weapon, used against the very predator to be eaten. Is how I like to murmur quietly, the ecstasies is assured. 
 Feeling the pull down in my belly, it some how the energy starts to fill not to a level of madness, it builds up slowly, more acquainted clenching in the pole, immediately he understands as his mouth drops an invisible saliva that it's all of him, touché, conceded all for him. The Gods who like to expose their wife, too, even I've figured this out earlier but not before composing, he is so good at sex that he deserves a healthy sexual diet. God damn Charon, so sexy. Not every day you get to seat in your vessel and watch The Kingdom of Hell at it's own mercy. I waned to give it all for you, and I hate it that Evil having it when you broad all the Gold. He knew, the river will work with the condition of having you and well he lost his deal after centuries thinking he'd take my ferry man away from the Styx. 
 photo ellen-von-unwerth-revenge-sexy-country-girls09_zpsvmjxydxu.jpg
  The very three Furies in Hades are the very Three Faiths in Olympus spooning the caldron of destiny. So you have a variety of leashes, the hard ones are short, and the long ones softer, mainly the work is between the handle and the tip, you and not the other but the propulsion to make it meet. Not too hard, never too hard, your spirit tastes the atmosphere around you, swallow it before spiting, sense the flavour to snap on it, its a sort of visual fantasy before it comes to reality, the very idea of touching her legs before slashing in a hit. The violent bit spanks harder between passive acts, and then when warm, non stop. The man enters because who want's a dildo when you can have the whole body pushing it in. The girls hold the one against the wall, caressing her lower cheeks as he pronounces himself to the docile creature, incapable of moving, taking it in wholly with a final satisfaction that perhaps hurts if he leaves her alone, she want's more but he is giving it. Maybe she has a trauma and screams for the agony of not having him, while having him. Poor little thing, how torturous, her eyes flipping in white from an irradiating pleasure as the Furies dry the sides of her p**sy opening more her legs. 
 Breathed at last. Charon looks quizzically at me, yehh, so many wars, so much fun "Are you ready to ride me towards Zeus? Humm... with your gling, gling" All I could think if is of his shinny d*ck, he was free to f*** around anyways when eternity hits the bottom, the waters in the lowest pit peal you out from whatever you are dressing or masking, as acidic it gets you fit in your bones and flesh by a miracle whom exhorts from the foundation of your soul to see there is no tomorrow. "Why wait? Baby boy, a deal is a deal. One for me and I'll give you..."
 photo agent-provocateur-naomi-campbell-05_zpsduino4jo.jpg
  He knew I was ready, I'm now more ready than a cucumber chopped in a salad ready to be eaten. Being a vegan is terrible, the muscles in your mouth chew the green but you have to be cooking for hours to get the appetite of a production. It's not fair waiting for Charon, murmured, after he'd seen me changed my clothing atop one of his vehicles, in the living hell you use what you best own, eyebrows calmed down, eyelashes blinking, you use sex as a weapon and end up looking directly at him to have him in Olympus. "Come on that Zeus is outraged, it has storm rushing in an apocalyptical clash of titans, compelling the Gods to clear the zone for his ruling to do so, but he needs to see how much you got, without you Hades is not going to be able to make it in the upper world." He knew my p**sy was crying as my neck tighten my voice asking for it in short words, play this God at his own game, and my rage is his as the deal moves on. He gets it, the show is quite entertaining but he is sooOOooo Greedy that he comes with more. 
 My hitting blood rushing while I pose, he is so sexy when he carries his thing along his legs, I need some boundaries on this trip, so broad my favourite friends my two Dark Nymphs the mother of the Muses, marshal of memory Mnemosyne and Lethe, river of First Breath Oblivion whose waters normally mingle. 
 photo vogue-paris-october-2010-90th-anniversary-bal-masque_zps0nzg9g1z.jpg
 After an intense conversation in the ride "When are we going to get there, Charon?" The Dark Nymphs asked, we where horny as sh*t, this meeting will only end one way if we stay for longer, I mean working in the upper world as if I don't exist to avoid myself from enraging the craving bodies of humanity is already exhausting, only in Hades I can be myself, my mind is rebelling for a world that is more spiritual, the distance to think we creatures of the Underworld are cream apart will remain forever. Charon presses his eyes, he holds out his hand in the handle of the car silently, could listen to his blood pumping, the pulse, between repressed and accelerated, I think he might burn the engines when he pulls the gears to 5 and the accelerator to the max. We all kind of back holding our lower legs, palming up towards an upper belt in the car to assure position, he peeks faster through a complete different kind of orbit, above the earth, passing the clouds onto the mount, it all happens very quickly as he drives around in a laps of seconds and we slide banging to the right side of the back seat "Charon!!! Aghh..." He looks through the rearview, driving mirror and chuckles a bit giving a last turn which pulls us more together kind of facing the window, "Oh we've landed, oh f*** is so bright in here" Said politely as we fit our hairs back getting out of the car. We follow him, for some reason we walk behind him, well we wan't Zeus to see how his brother Hades and his wife are not involve on this deal, since is a Mafia, well, an inside job, a contribution to the one who resembles a respect to the powerful and almighty before his brother. "King of the Gods the prophecy has arrived." Hermes announced gesturing a hand in welcoming manner. 
 photo The-Collection-Hero-Collector-Mask-2_zps2g7ylcgk.jpg
(...It will continue) 
 photo 5575639008_210eb064a9_zpsureujsrb.jpg

02/14/2020 05:57 PM 

Valentine Vibrations

  It's been 15 years since we opened the new Hell... Charon? What are you doing? You stoped for me? Please carry on, I know I haven't been paying much attention to you lattly, this snobish Goddess only thinks of rage and divine rage, one without the other make no sense to me, but humm.... mmm..... when you turn my river into a psychotrip my ferry, don't you like to be my driver, driver of madness, driver of all my waters and still nothing you know from the realms of Hades big baby boy? Non from Willian Blake or Dante's Path in the Divine Comedy, please get the mortals more energy with the soul the Styx is moving in the upper earth. The mortals are opening their eyes to the soul.

 photo GENOS.jpg

 Speaking at the worlds economics for my God of Taxes Charon, what are we going to do with it today? Millionairs are hosting parties in our honour, for the sinners to pay redemtion a shorter cut to champagne making cling, cling. Drafting my hand along the skirts of my dress for the charity reunions, glamour and spiritual nations gather to hear the stories of your many travels as I pose gallant beside you, on record those Iron Chains, heavy as unnavoidable for the human burden of having to share this world with the unevolved, wish them some education pay for them to get cultured please. From the supermarket to get the check to the sofa, please. Google knowlledge. Non have dance as Gods, nor exploid slaves in Orgies to simply agreeing everyone is having a communal exctasis, of course I love to watch, always did, observe them carefully so they move better with the postures, feel the intesity of multi medias, multi chanels. 

 photo TOCLEO.jpg

The Phantom Gods had reunited from all the corners of the Universe counting the elven and nymphs who control the geographical enviromental politics in the Parliment against other's weather. Campaigners hit out the signatories as if mounting a blacklash to for the horses to run wild in gallop for the attenders to pay counts on the new legislations on taxation and climate change.

"I'm The Goddess of Hatred, who is going to take a company public if they are doing the work ahead as they claim. I'm a miraculous river!!!" Shouted for pleasure while we walk though the corridors of power, Charon gave me power to stand still in my body for longer. The audience could feel the flooding Styx, the blody drawning of loosing friends and votes in sacrifice for the enviroment as laughted grantly to their newly last breaths becoming addicted for more violence and hostility sharp sparks of doing a work with an end point. 


 "It's funny Charon" As we walked past night extended not my hand onto him as he took a little run he left me speaking to myself wich is nothing wrong with me, becouse I'm also a writer and can't stop compossing. "Why do they think I'm the bad guy?" He was on the hunt with one of the souls who attained to move away from his trip, he was very reserved when it came to keeping it all inside his vessel. No one has seen the dark side of his Greed, but me whom still exist after the primal was created. "You are not going to die, hon. Is only a little more loving to extend your heart for his Valentine" Do it my man, take her towards the spiritual freedom, convert her from the agony of wishing to have you. Liquefied racing track to the juices who drop inside my brain, it squizes the grey matter expanding the infrastucture of the river to it all with all the drops. "You have served in the maximum security jail of Hell, and you still wish to burn there, oh well, what will she scream for now, after having two thirds of the board missing for them continued rubish reposts? F*** of and die bitch, get the trash you broad to where you came from."

 photo newhalloween.gif

 Ofcourse you have to be druged to think bad and good won't exist, that evil and god aint as they seem, you have to get people to split their brain from their heart, so they create a reality called Illution, so your spirit serves them and you keep being sucked as a cow for others to drink your babies milk, when you can have a party of your own in reality, a lover, partner, husband, many deals and wake the realities of the realm of Hades. But Allas, let them pay as they wish and you Charon guide them to the higher source, my river is still poluted with the souls who don't pay you the values whom Zeus needs for the evolution of human kind, the other Zeus, Hades, the Dark Zeus, the unkown Zeus would wish everyone to have a happy weekend if they can valued. How is it that mortals call it, greatfulness to value over matters. 

 photo haveagrateweekend.jpg

Love, San Valentines day, all the significant details you take in your heart and soul, psyche too? How do you call that? Love, is it love... yes I love you too, and I love you not and it seems that word is kind of Lov enough for too much chocolatier get gross. 

How will it? You pick me up and drive me, even when you drive on your own and could care less of whom are you transporting, becouse you never stop babes, lets face it, give me a brake. I don't know what is all that work you do, so intense, so fanaticly, you continue the marshal and march through it as if there is always a location to stop next and here again on another port and airport, tube station and taxi!!! Where are you going now?

 photo serpentposter.gif

 Is funny how the world goes around making a copy of my logos, becouse the reflection of the dimention many belong are bypassing turning the focus forward onto top mannagement possition and is all about power and greed the love I have for you is kind of dramatic and dry so, sorry I let you flow so much. The Goddess Psyche asking to see Eros, that was so long ago, all desires are filled by man and woman. Bring the noblest of the married couples, the ones who have achieve self steem onto planetary goals. 

 photo will-I-see-your-face.jpg

 Long time ago the mother of Achilles bathed her baby in this river, her devotion for her son to conquer and fight in what latter came the war of Troyis nothing compared of the problems we run today with so many people on earth. No one is dead from the coronavirus? I've tried for 200Million now in quarenten, but who needs products from China please give me a brake, like if it's the end of the world to make with your own hands something with better quality and less rubbish vs a brilliant gold, shimmer it to me, feel it. Make it real when you open and close the door. If again won't work, do it again. If is not working, becouse you do it again, maybe you are doing it for pleasure. The pleasure of inmortality perhaps has conquer you? 

 photo welcome.jpg

Disillusionment, no one had died mean while let me rest for a beauty sleep, right here, the mansions in nature. Drive me away Charon that I can't have licence for going to fast, stop me to admire the station between your rides.

 photo relax.jpg

 Anyways, I think I got board here, I'm not very romantic, giving it away is like exploding a balloon till the air is gone, a matter of seconds so take it as it's flappy, rippling in seemingly straight nonsense. You will have to give the coins you collect to me one day, with no one to notice the loosen ends who meet, this river needs to invest in the upper world to prevent the pollution on my beautiful rich waters, my submarine creatures can't take it. You shall be ashame to have let it happen, in first place. Why would you need trash, Charon? What kind of nature could be so greedy to destroy my realm, do you think I will serve you and allow you, give you power to ride for the trashing. You will have to educate those who party on the shore of the river and on board if you like the job you got. 

 photo partybirthday.jpg

 Is the birthday of people who die, when the souls wake up, when the spirit enlightens beyond the psychal, turning page into the new, now with me and you above earth because who wan'ts a fake picture in the front page of a magazine, for everyone the famous have lied for desire for the so called love of being wanted? The Light Brigher is helpless to commute the travellers into a higher destine Charon, Tartarus will keep as Ignorant as white trash witch is the lowest degree of human nature, their sensation fo superiority without even having money for the bus to shop food in the middle of a miserable winter, eating desintegrated goods given from left overs, what animals on earth would chosse such a destine given the choices? 

 photo birthday.jpg

 Yes Crossing over hurts, you go to another neighboarhood, sit inside other decorations, shake hands, shout or not, dance and mayne stay still at least you have return home to know what home is in the world of travelling Gods, transformers. 

   I have no symphathy for black people either blaming on others, have not they known the 1.200 years of torture and discipline, in Europe. Is any white blaming on that, no hon, everyone has to work, whom the f***ing slave do you think to have been, you come from the empty dried fields of Africa say thank you some vissionaries went there to build causes for water to flow. I hate you all blacks and whites, I hate you till last breath, become Universal or walk down on your knees. Who gives a sh*t about your passaport when you don't even know how to pass Visa regulations around the world not even in your own country. 

 photo 265C754C-52DF-4C70-91EA-D4ED3C6AB44B_zps88nwq67k.jpg

  My Valentine, look at me, hate me. Educate your self in as many realities you can, not just sub-realities. Do you really think I came to please the eye of the viewer, you judge my exuberant joy for my looks, reject me, copy me, hate me, go back where you belong and shut the f*** off. Love is multidimentional and never stops, you ignorant mortals, upgrade!!! 


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