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What can go wrong when you team up with your sworn enemy?
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02/19/2021 05:09 PM 


I'm seeking these storylines, so if you're interested, I'd be thrilled to write with you. 

Caroline x Klaus;
Upon turning off her humanity after the death of her mother, Caroline’s bad habits and worse attitude gets her on the wrong side of a werewolf resulting in a bite thats going to kill her if she doesn’t get the cure from Klaus. Without the inhibitions, she makes her way to NOLA to get healed and decides to stick around, what trouble could she cause without Elena or Stefan on her heels. Would Klaus like her better this way? Would he try and force her to turn it back on?

Caroline x Katherine;
Kickin’ it back to when Caroline was turned into a vampire, besides just using her to spy on Stefan and Elena, Katherine realizes that the baby blonde vamp isn’t as annoying as everyone makes her out to be and takes her under her wing. Without Stefan being the one who teaches her to be a vampire, Katherine is. Bonus points for sire bond mentions, Katherine’s blood changing her instead of Damon’s. Caroline x Stefan;
Complete AU, Caroline meets Stefan in the 20’s, he’s taken with her and she’s the reason he ends up turning his humanity back on. Rebekah gets jealous of the new blonde in Stefan’s life, and compels her to forget ever knowing Stefan. As fate has it, Caroline is back in Mystic Falls, friends with Elena, and meets Stefan all over again. He doesn’t remember her until Klaus allows him to remember all the twenties that was compelled out of him. Angst. Heartbreak. Chaos.

Caroline x Rebekah;
When Caroline is running from Rayna Cruz, she makes her way to NOLA to find Klaus. Instead of finding Klaus, Caroline finds Rebekah. Even though Rebekah isn’t Caroline’s biggest fan, she understands Mom!Caroline, and wants to help her keep her children safe

feel free to comment on this bulliten and i'll contact you, or shoot me a message. discord friendly as well, @ crystal visions, #0238

also just because your character isn't listed, that doesn't mean I don't want to write with you! These are just ideas that have came to my head as I do a rewatch and I'm sure more will come. I would love to write with anyone who's down. ~

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11/18/2015 11:18 PM 


To make sure that I'm keeping up with storylines, I'm going to post them here. 
If I have forgotten you, please do remind me. 
If you'd like to be added to this list feel free to message me. 

Lecherous Heart 
Santa D*ck
Troubled Hunter

Sword and Stone
Little Lottie 

Active storylines; 
Serpentine- Caroline gets kidnapped and is used against Klaus
Angel Magnet; Catfish 
Little Lottie; Caroline comes to NOLA with a plan to stop Klaus from using Hope's blood to make Hybrids, and is under the assumption that Freya is trying to protect her. 
Sword and Stone- Caroline has a werewolf problem and calls Dean whom she has a past with. 
Roger Rabbit; Caroline's pregnancy. 

Starters sent out; 
Roger Rabbit 

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