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cold case drabbles

This will be where I place all my cold case drabbles, for now I just have one:

Little Girl Lost:

Cold Case Drabble by Melissa (Aka Ashley)

Disclaimer: I in no way , shape or form own the rights to Cold Case, or its characters, I just like to use them for my entertainment, I promise to return Danny Pino and Kathryn Morris back when I’m done with them, as well as Taylor Swift, who I use for Ashley’s play by.



Fall of 1989 Outside of Wayfare Mall:


“And you promise to keep a close eye on your little sister?” Young Katy Benton asked her oldest daughter as she parked outside the mall.

17 year old Tamara Benton held on tightly to her little sisters hand, things were safer at that time, No one would dream of taking a little girl but she appeased her mom anyway “Yes Mom I promise”


About an hour or so later Tamara was looking at some clothes , eager to pick something out for her prom, She promised her sister Sophie that they would go look at toys a bit later on, She left her underneath the dresses, she was less  then five feet away, she was safe or so she thought “what do you think Soph, do you think mom and dad will approve….” Her heart began to race when she saw that her sister was gone “Sophia!!! Sophia!! This isn’t funny Sophia!!” She screamed panicking…



Present time Precinct station.


Scotty Valens smiled as he watched his wife enter the room, he wasn’t sure how he ever got this lucky, He’d known her for years and he still had to pinch himself, That first day he met her he never thought they would become an item, but things changed that night he helped her rescue her sister in New Jersey, they began to date , at first they were just having “Fun” nothing serious but when Lilly fell pregnant that all changed, they ended up falling in love. He spoke as he looked at her blue eyes, he was lucky their little girl ended up looking like her “did she do okay?” He asked her., sending her to preschool wasn’t an easy choice but after Christina relapsed they realised they couldn’t trust her with Ashley anymore.


Lilly flashed her pearly whites at Scotty’s handsome face, Still to  this day he made her heart rush, She would deny it until the cows came home, but that first day she met him was the first time she fell in love, when they had their “Fling” It wasn’t to her, Maybe she got.Herself pregnant on purpose ,maybe not, all she knew was she loved him, “.. Nah, it was a whole tearful goodbye” She answered him, this caused Scotty to chuckle a bit “you or her” She shook her head and playfully shoved him “her.. and maybe a little me, but I really do think this is what’s best for us at least until we’re sure Christina will do well this time” She said reaching up to kiss him, That Kiss cut short when their boss walked in to the room.


Lt John Stillman was use to this, He was probably the happiest when he found out about Scotty and Lilly , plus he wasn’t one to say  “keep it out of the work place” he shook his head as he began to speak them “Heard of this little girl?” He asked Lilly as handed her the photo of the missing Sophia Benton “I was a kid myself but I think I remember the news about it, young 5 year old turns up missing, , watching her older sister try on dresses one minute, vanishing the very next” Lilly mentioned.

Scotty spoke as he looked at the picture Lilly held, her little blonde curls reminded him of their daughters “Did the detectives on the job question the sister, were they close? could she be the doer?” He asked. Stillman shook his head “That was what the original detectives thought at first, but  Tamara was close to her, she said she would never dream of doing anything to hurt her and she had an alibi., at any rate its your new case, your first stop speaking to the mother.. A Katy Benton”


Lilly nodded as she spoke “This case is from 89, surely by now the girl is dead? A cold case yes but not a good out come” The thought of losing Ashley terrified her , she couldn’t imagine what this little girls parents were going through.


Scotty looked over at Lilly and nodded, losing Ashley wasn’t in the cards for him either , perhaps his motive for looking in this case was his own daughter, he knew the same could be said for Lil “Yeah boss what’s the new direction?” He asked.


Stillman looked at the two quite serious, He showed them a video from his cell phone “see this?” He asked “It’s happened again, little girl vanishes from Taco Bell , standing next to her mom as she orders some food one minute, gone the next”


Scotty’s eye’s forrowed as he spoke “So we think this is a serial, Definetly worth looking in to…” He said grabbing his jacket and waiting for Lilly to follow as he walked to their car.



Part two

As they had been heading in to the scene Scotty took advantage of the red light they had stopped at, one hand on the steering wheel, the other reaching for Lilly’s hand “You okay Lil?” He asked her, A lot had changed since he first met her, they were no longer just colleagues they were husband and wife.

Lilly looked at him as she answered him “Yeah, I mean why wouldn’t I be Scotty” She was trying to hide what she was really feeling but she should have known better , he knew her better then she knew herself.


“Come on Lil, Don’t lie to me, I know you , besides.. this case is getting to me too, That little girl Katy.. the one we’re looking in to, she looks a lot like Ash, and she’s not much older then she is either” He offered as he let a tear fall from his eyes.


She wiped her own tears away “Yeah?” She said with a shrug  as she continued to stare out the window.

“Lil, It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to let cases get to you, and I know it’s horrible of me to say but if that were Ash, If .. If I found the guy who did that to her.. I… I don’t know what I would do”


His compassion was something that Lilly had loved about him “.. But it’s not Ash, Scotty, that’s the thing, that’s what is hurting right now, I feel selfish, I want to help but I don’t even know where to start, It’s the Job Scotty, what if we never find the person who did this? Worse still what if we did and he did horrible things to that little girl.


He continued to hold her hand as he spoke “we will find who did this, we will before he strikes again, and when we do we throw his ass in a cell, hope to God he gets the needle”


Lilly frowned as she let another tear fall, she wasn’t even sure why this case was getting to her, was he right? Did the little girl look like Ashley, was this all fear of losing the one thing she never knew she wanted until she had her.


As if reading her mind Scotty lifted her chin turning her gently to face him “Lil, look at me okay” He said as he softly fingered her cheek “I won’t let anything happen to her, to you, I love you both.. More then you know” He said, he would have said more when Lilly smiled a little and said “Scotty, the light” The light had turned green indicating they needed to drive once again.









To be continued.

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