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Banner Image Requests

To request a custom group member banner for your character read and follow the instructions below carefully or your request won't be completed. These rules are being posted in order to help keep things organized both for the members and for the moderators of this site.

In a message include the following:
  • Title the message with: Desolation-Banner request.
  • What size you need the image to be in order to fit your layout in pixels (WxH).
  • Which group your a member of in order to be given the correct group image.
  • A link to either an original (unedited image) or an edited image of your character that you want included on the finished image, or request that we pick an image for you either that you have posted or that is found elsewhere. If you request that an image be found from a source other than your own page you must include your desired playby name in the message.
  • What character name you wish to appear on the image.
  • What color font you'd prefer. If you want the font image to be doubled then you must list two colors to be placed overlapping one another.
  • The default background color will be black unless you specifically request a different color. If you request a different color please include what color you'd like it to be.
  • If you need a gradient overlay for the image to fit in with your layout theme please include what gradient style you'd like as well as the two colors you'd need it to be.
The more complicated your image request is the longer it will take to be completed. A sample of the final image will be provided for you for final approval. This is when you can decide if you need any further tweeks to the image before its final rendering. Keep in mind that images will be done as time allows by the moderators listed above (changes may be made to this as time goes on.) A final render image will be sent to you in a message and will also be uploaded into the verse page's album for all members to be able to view and comment upon as well as to use as ideas for their own requests. You may request more than one banner image should you wish but no more than two requests per message per character. This will be changed should it become abused by anyone asking for a ridiculously high number of final renders per character.

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