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04/30/2014 10:28 PM 

These are my Mains
Current mood:  accomplished

As of right now I have these People up as my Mains, I will have 2 of each  Cannon Character and I may Add more as time goes by But seeing as I have quite a few people asking to be Mains already these are who I have

the Family:

Sister Emma Number Two: White Guardian (


04/26/2014 02:34 PM 

Obey the Rules and You Get Free Coffee

first and Foremost I am not  Bridgit Mendler, I highly doubt she'd have time to be on a site like this and if I was her I'd be filthy Rich, that said it should Be noted that I'm not Sabine either, The idea of a Charming Second Child Belongs to the Powers that be of OUAT and the AU Sabine stuff comes from the beauty that is my mind.

1. no One lines, because most of you don't know the meaning of para I will not rp with Anyone that one lines me Anymore , WHATSOEVER AT ALL, I am MULTI/NOVELLA ONLY if you do anything less then that then Perhaps Rping together will not be a good idea.

2. please have proper grammar and spelling,I understand we all make mistakes but please no computer lingo (LOL,ROFL etc that sort of thing) its too difficult to RP when one does typing like that I also don't like when people spell easy words such as "Haft to" instead of Have to, "Shush" for Such and "Toda" for Today COME ON people we're all adults we should all know how to spell 
ALSO huge thing Punctuation Don't give me an exclamation when you really Mean a Period something like "the two girls went to the mall." should be seen like that not like this "The two girls went to the Mall!!!" Also when speaking in Character quotations should be used not Asterisks  I've never read a book any where that have characters speak like this *Lily went Shopping* NO the Correct character speaking should look like this: "Lily Went Shopping".

3. I understand we all have lives but please give me some kind of notice if you have to leave the account and please No ditching me what so ever Its been done to me in alot of other accounts and I really hate it 

4. If I send you Pic comments please send some my way I enjoy PC4PC

5. if I add you I'll try to send a starter (even though I suck at them) if You add you send me one

6. Keep drama off my Page or I will not only Delete you but I will block you as well bare in mind that Sabine is a one LI kind of Girl

*So Far I have a Main Melody,Silver Mist and Alexandria they will get first Dibs on Replies and Starters sorry folks but that is just how I am.
7. Please do not steal  Sabine's Pro or pictures, Mel has worked painstakingly on all of it for me However if You ask for anything that hasn't been made for me I will probably give it to you That said  stealing it is not cool and it has been done to me on my other account a few times
. As far as where I got my PicsI got most of them from Tumblr and Mel resized them for me as well as tagged them.
*If Pics are made for me I will NOT give those away Just sayin.

8.Sabine is a One LI kinda gal once she finds one she'll be faithful to him and only Him.

9. I am NO longer accepting Twilight,Vampires or any other Super Natural shit, as a christian I do NOT like any of that and I refuse to RP any of that sort of thing not to mention A Sabine is  a human she will ALWAYS be a Human and B the Majority of the Twilight,Vampires,Super Natural shit Rpers that I Have come across are Drama starters Or they Rudely Block me after adding me without even allowing me to introduce myself . I will make an exception, if I know you and we are good Friends and You make it so that our characters can interact without Killing Sabine off then Yes I will RP with you other wise Sorry Folks if you are a Super Natural/Vamp character don't bother adding me  
*I have a few exceptions to this Rule mainly because I have very close friends that RP The Realm.
*I'm not sure how easily I will allow people who Rp in the VD realm to RP with me mainly because I've been ditched by people in that Realm time and time again and I REALLY Hate that show, so again if you RP in the VD realm don't bother adding me.

10. I will Not Adopt a child Sorry folks, Unless you are a good friend of mine (and she knows who she is) I won't adopt you.

*Plus Sabine is 16 and has Morals she would not have a kid sorry folks.

11.. I Delete My Comments after I reply, Why? well because I've had drama on other accounts because of people who snoop on my comments, You don't like it don't add me simple as that and DON'T ask me to NOT delete your comments because well it just isn't gonna happen 

12. DO NOT start shit with me on my Statuses,comments, Bulletins etc if you have issues with me Message me we'll work it out DON'T ATTACK me because You don't like My Statuses or what not Hell Delete me from your Friends List I don't care and don't let the Door hit you on the Way out , I assure you that You will NOT be missed.
Breaking any of these Rules will find You not only Deleted from my Friends list but more then Likely Blocked as well sorry if this sounds Bitchy but I'm Rather sick of People disobeying me also I should add  that My Real friends have my Back so if for some reason You cause Drama with me they will all stick up for me and if they are on your Friends List Not only will you lose me you'll lose them as well.
*I can't Stress this Rule enought due to what happened before, I am a nice person and would not cause drama for anyone, If for some reason I find you are Harassing me I will report you to Rper
13. I am Not a Number if You add me TALK to me or you will be deleted.

14. OOC is for Messages and IC Is for Comments, I will accept Welcome Comments and some OOC Chit chat But Bare in Mind that I WILL NOT RP IN MESSAGES and if You don't like it then Don't add me simple as that.
Lastly , this isn't really A Rule as it is just a notification But I do have a life So My Replies usually happen Late at night over the Weekend so please be patient with me.

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