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02/08/2013 09:38 PM 

Jemini's repair bay (Meggie's sparkling appointment)
Current mood:  blessed

*The always busy medic femme was in rare form and high spirits, not only was she seeing her best friend for the first time in quite awhile but she was also going to be taking a peek at the little one Meggie was carrying. No matter how many times Jemini saw sparklings at this stage it was always amazing to her, although worried when meggie warned her that the sparkling was not developing as quickly as it should, she knew she would find out the reason and be able to help the little one along on it's journey into life. Jemini had made sure earlier that morning to be completely set up for Meggie's arrival, she paced a bit as her cpu went over the possible reasons for the small size of the sparkling while she waited for Meggie and Sunstorm and anyone else who they might bring along, to get there*

02/08/2013 09:33 PM 

Jemini's repair bay (TC reunites with the twins and meets Eclipse_
Current mood:  nervous

*Jemini was just finishing Tc's repairs and as they discussed Tc wanted to see the twins and meet Eclipse, although hesitant for fears of her younglings safety Jemini agrees and sends a comm to the twins, Eclipse was never very far away, just in the next room, Jemini steps back from Tc looking over her work for a moment and then walks to the front of him. *

Your wing is back in working order.....I will comm the twins and go and get just stay here and try and relax....that wing might be sore for awhile....but I will be right back...

*Jemini then walks to another door and punches in a code  and goes to another room, the door slides closed behind her, while she gets Eclipse she sends the comm to the twins and then again punches in a code to enter the main area of repair bay once more, this time she was holding Eclipse's hand as Eclipse walked shyly behind her but peeks around to look at Thunder, Jemini looks down at Eclipse and smiles to reassure her*

Eclipse.....this is the twins father Thundercracker...he wanted to meet you.

*she looks up at Thunder*

Thunder this is Eclipse....

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