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05/13/2017 09:51 PM 

baby shower

Now at six months pregnant Sammi had decided it was time for her to have a baby shower for hers and Jackson's triplets that she was carrying. Taking a deep breathe as she finished decorating the dessert table, making sure that all the cupcakes were decorated and displayed the right way. There was a combination of both pink and blue frosting, Sammi knew exactly what she was having and had only told Jackson and her sister Mattie who was now living with them to help and support them when the babies came along.


Looking around Sammi moved over to the drink table and made sure there was a combination of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks available. Just because Sammi couldn't drink at the moment didn't have to mean that everyone else couldn't drink either. "Perfect" she mumbled to herself as she poured herself a drink of lemonade and then made sure that there was some hot food for lunch as well such as, roast chicken, vegetables, salads, roast beef, pasta and some garlic bread.


During the baby shower Sammi had planned on announcing to everyone the sex of the babies, the names that her and Jackson had picked out as well as who they had chosen to be God Parents to each of their babies.

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